SterilAir 5 Model 500 Air Purifier System

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Product Description

The secret behind the SterilAir5 TM Model 500 is the BioSmart Gas Absorption Membrane. It removes pollutants as small as 0.0002 microns -- including hydrocarbons and other deadly gases such as Formaldehyde, Radon, Hydrogen Sulfide and Ammonia. Other air purifiers on the market DO NOT EVEN COME CLOSE to removing pollutants this small! Furthermore, the BioSmart Membrane ability to absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) sets the SterilAir5 apart from other air purifiers. VOCs come from paints & lacquers, paint strippers, cleaning supplies, pesticides, building materials & furnishings, office equipment (such as copiers & printers, correction fluids & carbonless copy paper), graphics & craft materials (including glues & adhesives, permanent markers) -- just to name some of the sources of deadly air pollutants...Other air purifier filters quickly absorb moisture from the air, decreasing their efficiency at removing pollutants from the air. The BioSmart Membrane is manufactured in a proprietary process, making it hydrophobic (water-resistant). This allows the SterilAir5 to absorb contaminants in the air while repelling water, extending the filter life and efficiency...The SterilAir5 Model 500 is designed for rooms or areas up to 400 square feet. Compare with other models -- the SterilAir5 provides the BEST PERFORMANCE FOR THE BEST PRICE!

  • Removes what other purifiers leave behind, including 99.9 percent of dust particles
  • BioSmart Gas Absorption Membrane removes polutants as small as 0.0002 microns
  • Enhanced UV emitter designed to eliminate & prevent breeding of bacteria, viruses & molds
  • 8 million negative ions per second revitalize & increase mental alertness
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