Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)
Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24)

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  • pop and tart
    In the crowded field of orange soda pop beverages, a relatively new product needs a niche to succeed. Izze's schtick is 70% fruit juice, no sugar added.

    In this formulation "Sparkling Clementine" is actually a blend of grape, apple, lemon and orange juice concentrates. I was disappointed to find that it didn't seem to contain clementine or even mandarin orange.

    The can is very attractively slender shaped and looks good enough to serve to guests out of the can.

    The taste is tart and fizzy along the lines of european citrus drinks (think Orangina), but with a slightly sweeter finish. It does grow on you.

    All in all, a recommendable product, but somebody should probably get some clementine juice in there, or change the name.

    Disclosure: This review was written for the Amazon Vine Volunteer Review Program. The product was provided for the purposes of the review....more info
  • Only one itsy bitsy little thing missing...
    So I got a case of this stuff because I was curious as to what clementine juice might taste like. I got it, took a swig...and found it to be OK, if a little odd...I then looked at the side of the can to see how much clementine juice is in the can. Here is, verbatim, the ingredients list:

    "Pure juice made from white grape, apple, lemon and orange juice concentrates, sparkling water, natural flavor, citric acid, sodium citrate, gum arabic, beta carbotene (color), ascorbic acid (vitamic C), glycerol ester or rosin, niacinamide, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitimin B6)."

    See anything odd about that ingredients list? Look carefully...What's missing? How about clementine juice?!!? Not a spec of it. Talk about smoke and mirrors. "All natural"? Maybe. But lots of cheap juice and none of the namesake? Give me a break. I've been had. Don't make the same mistake....more info
  • delicious drink, my whole family loves it
    Great product, absolutely wonderful, I buy them by the case for my husband, they are healthy and taste unbelievable!...more info
  • good stuff
    not too sweet, not as many calories as the same amount of straight juice, smaller volume, so less likely to waste it....more info
  • Izze in cans
    This product is great but I can only usually find it in bottles. The cans purchased through Amazon are perfect for the beach or pool. I lucked out with a free shipping offer. Without free shipping, however, it could too pricey. ...more info
  • Refreshing, sparkling, healthy drink
    This is a great drink and the calorie intake is great! I had been pondering purchasing this for a while and I am glad that I did. I also bought the blackberry and it is actually my favorite. You will not be disappointed with either of these purchases....more info
  • Adore Izze but expensive...
    I must confess to being completely taken by this juice. I adore the packaging, the name, and even the story behind its birth.

    The taste is delightfully refreshing and different. And while it does nothing in aiding the diet or lowering your sugar intake, it does make you feel better about drinking it since it is not a soft drink per say.

    My husband who hates all things that could potentially be healthy would allow me to put this into his lunch. It was a huge deal that he liked these. Again, it's better than the Mountain Dew he constantly drinks otherwise.

    Fun, fruity, and unique... we do buy this juice occasionally. However, it too is hard to find and expensive when we do to carry it as a regular grocery staple....more info
  • Seven Thumbs Up
    Besides trying it myself, I let my wife, three sons, one daughter-in-law, and one soon-to-be daughter-in-law try it, and all seven of us liked it. It was sweet enough, but not too sweet, and the flavor was very good.

    watziznaym@gmail.com ...more info
  • IZZE is refreshing
    The first time I tried IZZE it was the Clementine flavor in a can. I had just spent several hours near Lake Michigan and was very dehydrated. IZZE tasted great and it was not overly sweet or overly carbonated. I found it quite refreshing.

    Since then I have had the opportunity to try the blackberry and pomegranate flavors and they are also quite tasty. I now prefer them to soda since they do not contain high fructose corn syrup. I highly recommend trying them if you are trying to break the soda habit; you still get some fizz, but not too much....more info
  • very tasty
    One of the best flavored water products I've ever tasted. Very grapefruity, not overly sweetened and not bitter in the least. A great beverage alternative....more info
  • Light, Crisp, Refreshing. Tasty!
    I received my case of Izze Grapefruit Sparkling Juice on a Tuesday, and it was gone by Friday. My wife and I sampled one can together, and immediately put the whole case in the fridge, pushing aside other juice beverages to make room. For the next two and a half days, my wife and I eye-balled each other every time we went to the fridge, keeping tabs on how many cans were left. And on Saturday, the day after the last can was gone, we felt like Izze addicts, jonesing for another can. Just one more...

    If you are a Fresca fan, you will more than likely love this beverage. It has a snappy, zingy body, light and refreshing, perfect with ice. This would make an outstanding summer drink in a tall glass with ice, out on the deck, reading a book in the sun. I dare say it wouldn't be a bad mixer, either, if you wanted to spike it ;^)

    The nutritional content of the drink is what you make of it. With 70% juice and 30% sparkling water, it's 8.4 ounces are going to have some calories (90 in a can). It's also going to have vitamin c and niacin. I've noticed some reviewers say that you'd be better off taking a multivitamin, but if you're drinking it strictly to get vitamins, I think I'd have to look at you with my head tilted slightly to one side and make a Scooby-Doo noise at you. :^) No one should get all of their daily recommended vitamins from a drink like this; what Izze is going to do for you is be a tasty, refreshing drink that's a much, much better option for a health-conscious person than a diet soda or most other drinks that you enjoy as a treat.

    If you're ever in a convenience store and notice an Izze drink in the cooler door, pick one up and try it. Don't buy a case because it might not be your thing... but do try it. I loved the Grapefruit version, and I will certainly try the other flavors as well....more info
  • Izze drinks related to Fibromyalgia type pain
    I was drinking a bottle or two of these per day to help me lose weight (these got me off Pepsi). I began to have very bad skin pain and muscle pain in my side and arms, wrists after about 2 weeks of drinking these. I was going to the doctor for the pain and was about to be diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I started an elimination diet as a last resort because I had not always had this pain (only recently). After stopping the Izze drinks just by chance because I ran out and the store I was getting them at did not have the flavors I liked, the pain went away. This pain was very bad. I was becoming a person who could not have my children or spouse hug or touch me. My clothes hurt where they touched my sides. It hurt to sleep and lay on the mattress with my side. I may be the only person to experience this and realize it may be some kind of allergy to some product in this drink....more info
  • Love the taste, hate the size
    I love the taste but wish it came in a larger size... I find myself drinking two back-to-back as one isn't enough for me. Besides that, I love the actual 'drink'....more info
  • great soft drink alternative
    At a recent party, we served Izze along with other drinks, and everyone kept coming back for Pomegranate Izze. It has a delightful tart taste (not too sweet) and is just the right size. It's not an overwhelming can of pop. There actually is very little pomegranate in the drink; it's mainly fruit juice. But it is a wonderful alternative to colas and a lot more healthful.
    ...more info
  • Absolutely delicious and refreshing.
    Izze is one of my favorite drinks. When I cut sodas out of my diet, I looked for something to replace them. Ultimately, I ended up drinking a lot of sparkling water. But when I need something a little sweeter, I found these and I adore them. It's real fruit juice and sparking water so it still has sugars in it - just not added/refined sugar. So it's a lot better for you and a lot fewer calories than downing a coke.

    I do have a couple of very minor complaints (but they're so minor, the product still gets 5 stars from me). I feel like the drink could actually have a little less juice and a little more sparkling water. Sometimes it's just a little too sweet for me. Also, these cans are a little small (smaller than a normal can of soda). However, I've found a really easy way around both of these. I pour the can into a glass and top it off with some plain sparking water. Perfect!

    All the flavors are good, but pomegranate is my favorite (however, I'm a huge fan of just about anything pomegranate). ...more info
  • Better Than Soda Pop, Not as Great as Water
    These little cans of Izze sparkling grapefruit juices went into a big ice chest for a recent party, and I was stunned to see how popular they were among the tween-aged kids. Parents had no objections to the caffeine- and processed-sugar-free drinks, and they taste refreshing and crisp.

    That said, nothing beats water if you really want to have the perfect health drink. And I was frustrated to have chosen grapefruit flavor, which I had forgotten was off-limits to a family member because of medication restrictions. For those who want soda or energy drink, this won't be a replacement, in spite of those who would call it a healthy soda.

    Overall, however, these sparkling juices are a great summer choice. Refreshing, relatively healthy and super popular from kids to adults -- we'll be adding them to our future shopping lists for sure....more info
  • Great summer beverage
    In general, this stacks up pretty well compared this to the well-known, similar drink Orangina. Orangina seems to take its inspiration from sparling water, while this one seems to have Orange crush as its point of reference. Izze is slightly sweeter and slightly "heavier" than Orangina. Is this bad? Not at all--it's still refreshing and a perfect companion for a cookout. And with its vitamins and such, might stick with you a little longer. Enjoy!...more info
  • refreshing
    This is a rather refreshing take on apple juice. It has enough tart taste without being bitter or acidic. I especially like the size. Perfect size to throw in a lunch box, purse, brief case, tote. The serving size is just enough as well. I like the narrow design of the can. I don't think the "health" aspect is plausible however....more info
  • Not so yummie
    This drink is okay. I thought it would taste more fruity. It tastes more carbonated and more fizzie. ...more info
  • Izzes are great
    Izzes are relatively low in calories, no added sugar, and are natural. They are basically sparkling natural fruit juice. Pomegranate is a great flavor, harder to find than some of the others. I also really like grapefruit, blackberry and clementine orange Izzes. Pear is great but I haven't been able to find it for quite some time....more info
  • delicious, inconsistent and spendy
    i am a fan of izze beverages. i will occasionally pony up the $1.50 to $2.50 that a 12oz bottle costs in my area. but i am poor and that is rare. so, when i got a rather good discount offer from amazon for the 8oz cans of the "fortified" izze's, i bought three cases. one each of pomegranate, clementine and blackberry. my signifigant other thought perhaps that i had lost my mind when case after case of "soda" began to arrive at her office. first, 8oz seems to be about the right amount. i'm a glutton and really i need the help with portion control. so, serving a beverage in a container that is actually 1 serving is nice. seems almost responsible. likely it's also a money making move for the manufacturer but that's fine- long live capitalism. second, it's a damn chic little can. this probably matters to no one who matters but it's an observation: the packaging is nice. third, i'm finding the 8oz cans to be sweeter than the 12oz bottles. this might be that i've had far more experience now with the 8oz can. perhaps my exposure to the bottles is infrequent enough and such a treat that i am overwhelmed, like a whelp with bargain chocolate, with the treat and don't notice the sweetness overload. it could also be that they are sweeter. finally, or 'fourth' if you're counting, i'm finding the cans to be inconsistent. some seem far sweeter than others. some just right. in the end: izze fortified naturally flavored juice beverages are delicious. and i will contiue to enjoy them. and i will buy more when my three cases run out. though i will seek out deals as they are spendy (8oz for about $0.60 even with the discounts). they are primarily juice and spakling water with a little vitamin A, B, C and some niacin thrown in for good measure. low calorie they are not- 90 calories for 8oz.- but no refined sugar and no caffeine. if you need caffeine fix don't bother- you're probably weak anyway and should probably get a little fresh air and exercise instead of ingesting more calories or hunting for your next caffeine fix... well, my (correct) opinion about caffeine addicts aside- enjoy some izze's sparkling beverages. they are delicious. try the blackberry. ...more info
  • Delicious!
    This is a delicious alternative to soda. All-natural, lightly carbonated, and a delicious grapefruit taste. Highly recommended!...more info
  • It's NOT Pomegranate Juice and Tastes Bitter
    I've enjoyed Izze drinks in the past and for the past year and a half have been drinking pomegranate juice whenever I get the chance. When I learned about Izze's FORTIFIED ALL NATURAL SPARKLING POMEGRANATE JUICE, I was rather excited at the prospect of tasting some. I was rather disappointed. To begin with, even though this product is labeled as pomegranate juice, it's a misnomer because this is not real pomegranate juice. Instead it's a hybrid containing juices from concentrates of apples, white grapes, pineapples, lemons, cranberries, pomegranates, and a few other added vitamins. The other vitamins don't bother me so much, but when a product is labeled and marketed as pomegranate juice, that's what a person should expect to get, not a mixture of a bunch of juices only one of which is pomegranate. Besides the false labeling, the drink is quite bitter and hard to drink. Drinking the beverage straight from the cans doesn't quite cut it (it tastes a bit metallic) and I've had to pour the stuff in a glass with ice. Perhaps the absorption of the ice takes away part of the bitterness, but I've found the drink tastes much better this way. But, overall, you'd best just avoid buying the stuff altogether....more info
  • Sleek and Drinkable
    Before you even crack open an Izze, you can tell it is pretty cool with a sleek, almost 70's retro design in a slim can which is good for me because I always fine even 24 ounce obscenely too much for one sitting. 8.4 is perfect for drinking with my lunch. The drink itself is pretty simple, 70% pure fruit juice with 30% sparkling water. Great for those that like carbonated drinks but could do without all the sugar. The taste is decent and exactly what you would expect it to taste like. Not sure if it is good enough to become a permanent fixture in my refrigerator, but definitely a nice change of pace....more info
  • It Grew On Me!
    I admit I did not like this at first (I ordered the Apple) It didnt have the strong tangy taste of apple juice that I was used to. It's also carbonated. Reading the label, I saw it also has lemon and grape juice added. But after a few tries, it has won me over. It's different than your regular apple juice, but I like it. Nice pick me up and not many calories. Keep in mind that it will taste different than your usual apple juice!...more info
  • Grapefruit juice with a kick...
    I love grapefruit juice and consider myself a purist when it comes to juices, so I was a bit apprehensive about taking a great taste and adding a sparkling water fizz. I had some expectations that this wasn't going to be a hit with me. Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice was a pleasant surprise and a kick in the pants. I love it. I still get the pure taste of grapefruit juice and the sparkling water doesn't overpower the taste. In fact, it enhances the experience. I thought by ordering grapefruit (which I'm the only one in the family that likes it), I'd be safe, but the kids have discovered it and I find empties every morning where they can't help but have a can. It doesn't have a can taste like some juices in a can either. Overall, I'll buy this product whenever I see it. It tastes great, has a special kick which doesn't take away from the pure fruit flavor and is an all round great compromise between a fruit juice and a fortified energy drink. Bravo!...more info
  • Amazon please bring back my favorite juice drink!
    Izze blackberry is my favorite juice beverage. It's naturally sweet, only a little tart, and is SO refreshing. I like to buy the stuff by the case, but Amazon has run out of stock and isn't posting anything about future availability. I'm so sad... I know of no other sparkling juice with NO sugar that tastes so good. Healthy, and makes your mouth and your thirst really happy. Come on, Amazon, bring it back!...more info
  • very good! kids love this drink!
    i wish i could give more than 5 stars! my kids love this,drink to.refreshing,not to sweet like some sodas,will buy more....more info
  • Long live Izze!
    My whole family has turned into Izze addicts. My teenaged daughter loves apple and clementine, I love grapefruit, and my husband is torn between pomegranate and blackberry. Now Izze lives in our refrigerator beside our trusty Diet Coke and bottles of water.

    Why do we like it so much? It's not too sweet, not too carbonated, with a rich fruit flavor. It's never bitter or harsh.

    I only wish it was available in more places. Only a few grocery stores carry Izze. But I guess that's what we have Amazon for!...more info
  • Not Too Shabby
    Izze's Pomegranate Sparkling Juice tastes great. The cans are a bit smaller(8.4 oz)than your usual soda can(12 oz). The pomegranate flavor is there, but there's another fruity flavor in there somewhere that I just can't really identify. The drinks are good but from the can it looks as if it would some sort of "health drink". I got the impression that this would be a low-to-no calorie beverage but each little can packs a pretty decent 80 calories. So, if you are counting calories, Izze's might not be for you. Otherwise, they are pretty good....more info
  • Fizzy Sweet Apple Juice
    Like many Americans, I am addicted to soft drinks. I have been on a quest to find alternatives to these unhealthy drinks, and find replacements that offer great taste and the carbonation that I enjoy. I tried both the Apple and Blackberry flavors of the Izze Fortified Sparkling juice, and was very impressed with both. I enjoyed the crisp, fresh apple taste of the drink and found that it had just the right amount of "fizz". The taste could be compared to some other sparkling apple ciders that I have sampled in the past, but I feel that Izze offers more of a tart, green apple flavor. Of the two, the Blackberry flavor was my favorite.

    The juice has just the right amount of fizz, and is not overly sweet. The only negative is that I wish the cans were larger...I enjoyed it that much!

    If you are looking for a healthy alternative to soft drinks for you and your family, you might want to give these a try. Enjoy!...more info
  • Very tasty! Izzy Good!
    This beverage is more than curiously refreshing. It packs a wallop of taste and quick energy. I would highly recommend it!...more info
  • I was skeptical ... but WOW!
    After reading some of the other reviews here, I decided to give Izze Pomegranate a try. I wasn't expecting too much -- I knew it would be relatively tasty, but I had tried another brand of "carbonated fruit juice drink" and found it too sweet.

    My fears were unfounded. Izze Pomegranate has just the right balance of tartness and sweet, with a nice amount of carbonation. The flavor is crisp and bright, with a hint of cranberry.

    Izze just feels like an "adult" drink -- and I'll definitely be trying some of the other flavors. This is seriously good stuff....more info
  • Pleasing Izze
    My son and I each start our mornings off with a can of this delicious, low-cal fizzy drink. It has a great fruity flavor and is better than a glass of juice or soda! ...more info
  • Light and refreshing
    I've been drinking IZZE for awhile now, albeit in bottles, not these cute little cans. First seen at Amazon, I have since found them at my local grocery store. I really enjoy the lightness. I don't drink soft drinks, mostly because I don't like them and actually prefer water. But sometimes, especially when eating something salty like pizza, I really enjoy a refreshing drink. Izze is perfect!
    TASTE: Definitely fruity, not overpowering.
    EFFERVESCENCE: perfect. Too much carbonation would overpower the flavor. Not enough and it would not be refreshing.
    HEALTH BENEFITS: sweetened with fruit juice, there is no high fructose corn syrup, just natural fructose. But don't be fooled, sugar is sugar and does contain calories. This is not a calorie free, or even calorie reduced beverage. But in the spectrum of sweeteners, if you are going to ingest 80-100 calories in a beverage, this would be far superior to soft drinks, straight fruit juice, or beer. I can't stand the taste of any artificial sweetener and far prefer this.
    So, why "fortified"? From their own website, I discovered that in order to be sold in schools, beverages now have to meet the National School Beverage Guidelines, which require drinks to contain a minimum of 10% of the RDA of at least 3 vitamins. (BTW, I think the Guidelines are an excellent idea, check out their website.) IZZE fortified meets their standards in both calorie and vitamin content.
    There's been some talk around here about drug interactions with pomegranate, so if you are concerned, use some caution. Recent studies have demonstrated that pomegranate does not inhibit enzymes involved in the breakdown of medications (i.e., no problem) but previous studies likened it to grapefruit juice, which does alter drug metabolism. There are a few things to consider: the actual amount of pomegranate juice (I can't find this information anywhere, but suspect it is quite small), how narrow the therapeutic index of your particular medication (will a tiny change in the level of your medication affect you?), and in the case of warfarin, how stable you are. While I personally don't think (and I am a pharmacist) there is a problem here, if your condition is unstable, or you consume large amounts of pomegranate flavor IZZE, or if you just don't want to worry, then skip the pomegranate flavor.
    FLAVORS: Blackberry. My personal favorite, if I were able to make a drink out of blackberries, this is what I would want it to taste like. Clementine: Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice, Clementine, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) refreshing, but a reminds me a little bit of Berocca. Might be the addition of the vitamin C, which I didn't notice in the other flavors. The fortified Clementine tastes very slightly different than the bottled Clementine. Grapefruit:Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice, Grapefruit, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) tart and fresh. Great in hot weather. Apple:Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice, Apple, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) granny smith in a can. Pomegranate: Izze Fortified All Natural Sparkling Juice, Pomegranate, 8.4-Ounce Cans (Pack of 24) not as sweet as blackberry, not as tart as apple or grapefruit. Tasty.
    Looking for an even lower calorie IZZE? Try IZZE-esque. That is for a different review, but it is out there.
    Overall, I love these. Highly recommended for all ages....more info
  • Great drink for parties
    I had a party recently and, since I had lots of Izze's on hand, I put them out. The guests totally ignored the Cokes and Root Beer, etc. and when the party was over there were NO Izze's left. Everyone raved about them and they were better for the children who attended.

    Glad to see I can get them on Amazon, since I can't always find them at the store, or the flavors are limited. Clementine is my favorite followed by Pomegranate. It would be nice if one could get a crate which had a variety of flavors rather than just Blackberry.
    ...more info
  • Healthier alternative to Soda pop
    I love Izze's Apple sparkling juice beverage. Instead of drinking soda now (which is loaded with high-fructose corn syrup), I'll drink Izze every now and then. It's just juice with some sparkling water. The price you pay with Amazon's Subscribe and Save is a better deal than at most retailers. It also tastes great!...more info
  • enjoy IZZE very much...
    I've enjoy'd izzes for a long time, and thought this was a good deal. I was right....more info
  • Izze Apple
    Not the best one of the Izze drinks to me, but a good refreshing change....more info
  • Tastes too sour!
    I had ordered grape and pomogranate....grape had a sour after taste and pomogranate was too sour..

    Its good from calorie and health perspective and also price is reasonable.

    IZZE needs to work on reducing the sourness....more info


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