Miele Aquarius w/ SEB 236 + One Years Worth of Supplies

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This kit includes a one year supply of everything you will need for your Miele vacuum. Included with this purchase, is the 5 box bundle of Miele GN Bags, 25 bags total. You will also receive 1 HEPA filter which Miele recomends replacing after the first year. Also included with this package is a 10 year extended motor warranty. There is no need to purchase these items seperately as we have packaged them all together in a convenient package, saving you $$$. Perfect for those seeking top air hygiene standards, the Miele S5580 Aquarius canister vacuum cleaner comes complete with Miele's famous sealed HEPA filtration system for maximum allergen protection as well as offering a host of top of the line features found in the S5 series, including the 1200-watt Vortex Motor System, an automatic power setting feature and a fully electric wand and hose. What puts the Miele S5580 Aquarius Vacuum apart from all other Miele canisters is the Automatic feature. The automatic feature when turned on is ideal for people who have multiple users (cleaning ladies). This feature takes the guess work out of what suction setting should be used for various types of cleaning. The machine when set on automatic, will automatically adjust suction power to the type of cleaning you are doing. No more fighting with oriental rugs, trying to straddle the rug and hold it down while you are vacuuming. The Miele Aquarius will automatically turn the suction power down when cleaning delicate rugs, or even draperies. Miele vacuums have the best filtration systems available. They are the only vacuum cleaners that will show a "0" rating on our Air Particle Scanner. CJ at GV

  • Miele Aquarius Vacuum Canister Vacuum w/236 Power brush
  • 5 Boxes of Miele GN Bags (25 bags)
  • 1 Miele HEPA FILTER (replaced once a year)
  • 10 Year Extended Motor Warranty
  • One years worth of supplies included

 Customer Reviews:

  • Buy the Miele CarClean Kit Too!
    I live across a small street from a city park, in an apartment that acts like a syphon for every eddy, whirl, and blast of dust and pollen that passes over its playing fields and grass. My rooms are filled with books, luggage, computer equipment, tools, and colorful kitchen gadgets tucked into every imaginable corner and space between pieces of furniture.

    Every purse and pair of shoes I owned had to be stored in gallon, plastic Zip-loc bags, and/or stored in Rubbermaid boxes. Everything else that I owned or wore had to be kept in closets, pieces of luggage, foot lockers, packing boxes, legal-sized file storage boxes, Space bags, or the colorful packages that various gadgets came in. Blankets stored in Space bags, and table leaves battled for space with the dust bunnies under my bed, as my old vacuum wasn't powerful enough to keep them apart.

    Those storage efforts didn't protect me from the book mites, dust mites and ragweed pollen that plagued me, but it kept my things ready for use when I needed them. I was so embarrassed by this ungovernably dusty warehouse "look" that I was too ashamed to invite anyone into my home. At my age, that's mentally unhealthy.

    Therefore, I bought a Miele Aquarius With the SEB 236 Power Brush, Plus a year's worth of Supplies (GN bags and Filters). This Miele vacuum is a giant motor in a small, pretty canister that holds thick, efficient bags and simple and Hepa filters, with Miele's most powerful electric floor brush. I received it the day after I ordered it. Free shipping here meant super-fast shipping.

    Why did I choose the Miele Aquarius, instead of the Callisto or Capricorn? As my apartment is small and cluttered, I chose a canister vacuum. As I believed that I would be using the cleaning tools more often than I would be using the electric floor brush, I decided that this model would give me more control of the power from the canister when using the many tools that I use, which each seem to need need different power levels. I believe that I made the right choice. I do prefer to use my toes to control the suction rather that having to bend down to move a power nob, as is true on the lower-priced model.

    What would I like to be different in this unit? This vacuum cleaner is best stored with the canister sitting alone in an upright position, facing away from the wall, with the wand, electric hose and electric floor brush standing all together as a unit with the hose looped in the handle. This balances best when the front of the floor brush faces the wall, causing the wand and hose to lean towards the wall. This safest and neatest way of storing this vacuum cleaner leaves a gaping hole in the face of the canister, where dust, dust mites, book mites and pollen in the vacuum bag could drift out of the canister.

    Therefore, as part of its standard tools and equipment, Miele canister vacuums at this price level should come with a solid, removable port lid, flat or gently rounded, with a "cuff" that can screw into the hose attachment hole in exactly the same manner as the hose cuff fits into the canister. An open cuff which fits the Miele Aquarius, Callisto, and Capricorn canister vacuum cleaners already exists as standard equipment in the Miele CarClean Kit. (The CC Kit also contains a second open cuff that fits into other models of Miele canister vacuums.) One of these already-existing cuffs, with a separate "hat" that could be attached to it to create a closed port lid, could be produced in little time and for little cost relative the the current price of this vacuum.

    Until I used my new Miele Aquarius with the SEB 236 Electric Floor Brush, I didn't think that the colorless, thin, wall to wall carpeting in my apartment HAD nap. I was wrong! I can now tell where it's worn and where it still has a perky bit of nap... BLUE nap!

    If you use the Miele GN bags and filters designed for use with this Miele Aquarius vacuum cleaner, the hot air coming out of its exhaust vents is clean, clean, clean. The vacuum's motor and electronic equipment depend on these bags and filters to keep the motor running smoothly for years, which was one of the reasons why I made this relatively large vacuum cleaner investment. I also bought Envirocare bags, as a test, as they cost a fraction of Miele GN bags. But they are thinner than Miele bags, and will not work as well with its electronic pressure-measuring programs as do the Miele bags.

    I was advised by the person that sold the Envirocare bags to me that if you use this Miele Vector motor at full power, there is "little chance for a bag blowout, (allowing harmful dust into the motor -CJG), if you use them only until they're almost full". Hmm. That means that the "savings" are risky, and not as money-saving as they seem.

    In the same [...] purchase through Amazon.com, I bought a Miele CarClean Kit which increased the usefulness of this vacuum tremendously. The Miele CarClean Kit comes with a hand power brush that can be used for hand-vacuuming cat or dog hair from upholstery or rugs, (not one of my vacuuming problems), or can be used with the heavy extension wand for vacuuming rugs in tight places, (one of my worst vacuuming chores).

    The CC Kit also comes with a non-electric handleless hose that's useful when you don't need and/or can't use the handled electric power hose with the SET 210 Wand, which together have the combined weight and length of a Revolutionary War Kentucky Rifle. When you're splayed out on the bedroom floor trying to catch dust bunnies, by sliding that heavy wand around the floor at full extension flush with the floor, this is a big plus.

    The CC Kit also contains a useful 12" crevice tool, and also a cunning hose/brush/crevice tool for use with electronic equipment, so this kit is well worth the [...] that it costs.

    [...] included a $5[...]online coupon with this purchase, sowent online and bought a Miele Universal Vacuum Brush, (a long, soft, thick, natural-bristle brush for dusting books, my computer printer, TV, Boombox, hard disk, etc. and nick nacks), a Miele Matress Nozzle, and a Miele Radiator Brush (fits on the end of Miele Crevice Tools to brush instead of scraping walls and base boards).

    As coats, suits, sweaters and dresses that were stored on hangers in my closets had to be vigorously dusted before I could wear them, I went online to buy a generic Vacuum Drape Roller attachment, so that I could vacuum my clothing safely. I also bought a generic extra-long Extension Vacuum tool to get under my low-slung sofa bed and my refrigerator. (I might get a flexible extension tool later for dusting the inside of my air conditioner and other really weird places).

    I bought a Chevy Malibu with bucket seats, a racy shift lever, and stereo radio in 1967 for only twice what I paid for this Miele Vacuum and all of the tools that I bought to accompany it. However, I know that I'll live a longer, healthier life because I chose it, and a more social, less messy one too. My apartment clutter is getting thinner every time that I vacuum, as my packing boxes now land more frequently in the dumpster for recycling.

    Note: Also at Amazon.com, I bought a North American Healthcare BACK STRETCHER, to aid me in my full apartment cleaning routine, because after years of using the wrong vacuum cleaners and letting the problems pile up, it's my answer to backaches that I've given myself reaching and bending while dust-chasing. This Back Stretcher has helped me to vacuum in a work, stretch, rest, work again rhythm....more info