Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container Sets
Rubbermaid Premier Food Storage Container Sets

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Rubbermaid Premier 12-piece Set #7J11 includes: (2) 1.25 Cup (2) 2.0 cup (1) 3.0 cup and (1) 5.0 cup. Featuring Easy Seal: Flex & Seal lids that lock in freshness and are easy to seal & remove. Rubbermaid Premier food storage containers are easy to clean featuring durable shatterproof plastic that resists stains & odors for lifetime of clarity. Rubbermaid Premier is exceptionally easy to store using Easy Find lids that snap to the bottom of the container and to each other. Another great storage feature is that the Rubbermaid Premier base and lid nest inside each other. With Rubbermaid Premier one lid fits multiple bases. Rubbermaid Premier is guaranteed for life. Microwave, Dishwasher, Freezer Safe.

  • Resists Stains and Odors
  • Premium Seal Locks in Freshness
  • Easy to Seal and Remove Lid
  • Base and Lids Nest Inside Each Other
  • One Lid Fits Multiple Bases

Customer Reviews:

  • Concerned about the #7
    I recently purchased this set. I love the clear plastic to see what is in them and the way the lids attach to each other an the bottom of the bowl. My concern is the #7 recycling code and the health scare issues over #7 plastics. Apparently baby borrles made from the hard clear plastics are no longer made??? I realize these Rubbermaid containers have the NSF rating but could not discern if this specifically covered the safety of the plastic in this product. Would love to feel more confident in using this set and buying it as a gift in the future. Any helpful input anyone??...more info
  • Great containers, better value
    For years I have used the Gladware/Rubbermaid re-usable "disposable" containers. They are supposedly re-usable, washable, etc. The lids got all misshapen, they had baked-on starches, they leaked all the time in our lunch bags and needed replacing every six months or so. When I went to replace them last time, I found these, which for a comparable number of the disposables, were not much more. They are great. They seal great, even with soups and sauces, tomato sauce cleans right off, no orange residue, and they are made to last. I have been using them about 6 months and will probably buy a second set, I use them so often for lunches and leftover storage. Would make a great house-warming or wedding gift, I think, these are very useful. No more disposables for me....more info
  • WOW what a value!
    This is a great set---10 separate pieces each with lids---and a stunning value! They stack so that storage is easy---they come in a 9" x 8" x 11" box, so they fit into a very small space. This is a great all-around set, with items of all different sizes, a good starter set, too.

    I have other Rubbermaid Stain Shield items, and I really love them. They are made from a very hard plastic (polycarbonate) which is made to last forever. The lids fit well and seal very tightly, but aren't too hard for me to get off at all. They don't stain even with tomato products and are really easy to clean.

    This product looks like it will last a long time. Some reviewers have occasionally mentioned cracking and breaking; however, I can't imagine this as a potential problem for me because these items are really sturdy and we're not overly rough with our containers. Our other Rubbermaid Stain Series items have lasted for months with no problems. They definitely are not made of the same material as typical Rubbermaid plastic, but that's because polycarbonate is not porous, not made to absorb stains or odors. I love the polycarbonate material, and have never had anything ever made with it break or crack, only cloud up a bit with age and heavy use (I also scrub them with steel wool sometimes, though, which is probably why).

    This Rubbermaid Stain Shield set comes with a Lifetime Warranty which is printed on the box. They say they will compensate you for any product defects and will not charge you for labor, service, or parts, and then give you an 800 number to call to make a claim. The warranty does not cover damage due to accident, misuse, or abuse of the storage pieces, which they say includes melting, warping, burning, or scratches. So...don't stick these in your oven, or drive over them with your car, throw them in your woodstove in the winter, or try to hack them in two with an ax, and I think you'll be just fine. If you have any other type of problem, you get your money back (even plus the sales tax, they say). Hey, I'm totally satisfied---not many products are this great and then have a warranty like this to boot!
    ***** ...more info
  • More Rubbermaid products
    Absolutely wonderful! Can easily see what is in the containers, microwaveable, dishwasher safe! Awesome....more info
  • Overreaction to health concerns about BPA in plastics
    I initially came here to get some feedback from others about the new set of Rubbermaid Premier containers I've purchased recently. In playing around with them before actual use, opening/closing, etc., I've noticed that the seal doesn't seem to be very tight or strong. I am able to open and close the lids with almost too much ease. My fear is that these containers will leak liquids too easily, especially as time goes by as (perhaps) the lids loosen from wear.

    Unfortunately, this question hasn't been addressed by anyone yet, not in any depth anyway.

    Since I didn't get the answer I was hoping for here, I went and sealed some water into a few of the containers, shaking them, turning each container upside down and rotating them around. Apart from a slow 'single drip at a time' leak on one side of one single container held upside down, every other container I tried did a reasonably admirable job locking in liquids. Certainly better than the apparent lack of tightness of the seal on my set might suggest.

    Again, things could loosen up over time, but with these containers passing this initial liquid "vigorous upside down and sideways shaking" test, coupled with the other aspects that reviewers here have been raving about (lack of staining, storage efficiency, etc.), I'm going to keep them.

    One final but important point, related to my review title. Reading the user reviews prior to mine, there has been some concern raised about the chemical composition of the plastics used in these containers. After doing some further research, including both the pro/con arguments on this issue, I've settled on the viewpoint reflected in the sources I've linked below. In short, I think the user reviewers here have dramatically overblown the dangers. It's understandable. It's nearly impossible for the average person to navigate the murky waters of science, public health and the politics of science and public health, which tends to distort reasonable analysis of these issues.

    Check out the sources below and decide for yourself if you think the "DANGER! DANGER! .. toss them out!" recommendations are warranted here (DON'T worry, short reads and not too difficult to understand!):

    Note that the following one has been cited a couple times by another user reviewer here to justify his fear. Does a careful contextual reading of this information lead you to draw the same conclusion?: ...more info
  • rubbermaid stain shield containers
    I had tried this product in the past and was extremely pleased, so I bought a set (actually 2). They do not stain or blister in the microwave (which makes me think they are healthier and not leaching chemicals into the food). I would definitely recommend them....more info
  • Poor Over-Bulky Design
    I bought several of these because I was looking for stain-resistant food storage ie. something that could handle tomato sauce. These monstrosities are ridiculously too bulky. The lids are unnecessary thick and large, and certainly not for you if you wanna space-save. I also don't like the design it self of these containers. There are so many unnecessary edges and crevices that make it such that water does drain off of them in the dishwasher, making for pools of water to be found on them at any angle or lots of water in the crevices of the lid. I'm storing food here, not plutonium. I'm going back to my Take A-longs....more info
  • Rubbermaid Premier-WELL WORTH the $$
    As Many know it is Hard too cook for just 2.Especially for me,I Love my wifes cooking but with some stomach issues.Left overs IS the Norm.

    With Rubbermaid Premier we can EVEN save Tomato sauce.Microwave it warm and wash.With NO Red permanent stain that commonly goes with Plastic.

    The Lids Not only lock into each other,of same size.Making storage easier.and Loss LESS likely.They Lock to the container so tightly that My favorite Double Garlic onion spread does NOT send it's aroma through out the refrigerator.Yet My SEVERELY arthritic hands can open & close.With ease,nor flip & spill opening.

    We were given a set a couple years ago when we got married.Now even on a small fixed income we HAVE found.the Rubbermaid Premier Storage set is the ONLY way to go.

    My wife has been slowly but surly tossing my warped and stained 99cent store special miss matched,and slightly melted Storage containers.

    Saving storage Space & increasing food storage time.Thanks to the Rubbermaid Premier storage system.Iam Just a tough customer Very satisfied with a worthwhile products.
    for your shopping ease,The premiere Links:
    Rubbermaid Premier 20-pc. Set
    Rubbermaid Premier Containers 24-piece Set!
    PREMIER 14 CUP**
    Premier Square Food Container, 1.2 Cups
    Rubbermaid Square Food Container, 2 Cups
    RUBBERMAID 7H7400WBKMCLR, PREMIER 1.25 CUP, Case of 12

    It will Take a while BUT when we have totally switched over to Rubbermaid PREMIER containers I hope to add a Video review.Showing the ease of storage,Sealing,Heating in,opening & finally Cleaning.

    ...more info
  • Amazingly wonderful containers
    I can't tell you how much I love these containers! They're absolutely wonderful. They keep food super fresh, without any lingering smells or staining. I used mine for a while, then bought sets for my mother, sister, and sister-in-law. Everyone loves them as much as I do... and you can supplement your set by purchasing additional pieces at Target or Walmart.
    Overall, a great set of food savers which far exceeds all others! :-)...more info
    I was looking for containers to warm up leftovers in the microwave, so after much searching, purchased 18 of these expensive containers as a set plus some extra large ones. I wasn't worried because Rubbermaid has always been a quality product AND this had a lifetime warranty. It's been several months now and two of my most used large containers have cracked and are unusable. Also, two of the tops have bubbled and warped. I called Rubbermaid to get replacements and they told me no one has EVER had a problem with this product, EVER! They couldn't understand why I did. They want me to ship the products back, at my expense, so they can look at them. That will cost almost as much as these containers and they will not say if they will replace them. Also, their website says I need the receipt and tags, for each item. So you can forget their lifetime warranty! Who keeps every tag and receipt for every item they ever bought? Why would you need it for a lifetime warranty on a product that is clearly marked? And as for not cracking or having problems, search Amazon's reviews (and other places on the web), see what others say. So do yourself a favor, buy a different brand. ...more info
  • From a tupperware novice!
    My girlfriend and I have struggled with tupperware, always purchasing the stuff from the local grocery store. The picture to me is a bit decieving. Since I just started cooking a year ago, I thought there would be 2 big peices in there, however, 5 cups (the largest) is just not that big. So I guess I'm going to have to purchase a few in the 7-9 cup size. Aside from that they wash well in the dishwasher and the plastic seems good - def. not as cheap or flimsy as the stuff we got from the super market. We also decided to purchase it directly from Target, since despite the 8+% CA sales tax it was still cheaper than amazon (which FEW items are). All in all, for 30 bux I don't think it was a bad investment... the small ones are pretty useless, the only thing they can fit is about a decent sized burger... however, there are plenty of other ones that will server their purpose. The lids snap the bottom which is great for not losing lids, but not great for space. I also thought that 20 peice set meant 20 full peices of tupperware, but it doesn't it means 10... but I guess I should have known better. The only reason I give it 3 stars instead of 4 is b/c I wonder what the 48 peice set (24 actual peices of tupperware) is like - I would imagine it's pretty simmilar from the reviews I read and for about the same price - but I could be wrong.......more info
  • Good for nearly two years--then the cracking started!
    I was so taken by Rubbermaid's Stainshield containers after I received a set about two years ago that I ran out and bought a bunch more a la carte at Target. During the first year, I found that one container had a large crack, which I wrote off to something I might have done by accident.

    Now, I've thrown away four more over the last month--now five including the one I found cracked about 30 minutes ago after heating up my lunch! These containers are touted as being **shatter-proof**, but they crack like nobody's business. I've been very careful with them--I don't throw them around, heat them up too hot, or freeze them.

    The combination of the fact that Rubbermaid's Stainshield containers got a poor review for keeping food fresh from Consumer Reports and my personal experiences indicating that they are not durable, means that I'll be trying another product soon. I've always been happy with Rubbermaid, but this particular product just didn't provide the durability I expected for the light use I put on them.

    A note: I bought mine about two years ago. It's possible that Rubbermaid has strengthened their Stainshield technology since then.
    ...more info
  • Nice Except for Recycle symbol #7
    There is news out stating that some plastics are worse than others.
    Info below from "the green guide" web site link at the bottom.

    Risky Plastics--#3 PVC, #6 PS, and #7 Other (Usually Polycarbonate)

    Sometimes found in clear food packaging, #3 PVC, the second most commonly used plastic in the world, is a toxic plastic dangerous both to our health and to the environment. Its manufacture and incineration releases dioxins, a potent carcinogen and hormone disruptor. Vinyl chloride, the primary building block of PVC, is a known human carcinogen that also poses a threat to workers during manufacture.
    Polycarbonate (marked as #7), usually found in baby bottles, 5-gallon water bottles and the epoxy lining in food cans can leach BPA into liquids and foods. A study conducted at Prefectural University of Kumamoto, Japan, concluded that polycarbonate bottles containing hot liquids leach more BPA than new bottles.

    Since 95 percent of all baby bottles currently on the market are made of polycarbonate, parents have a right to be concerned. The National Environmental Trust recommends switching to polycarbonate-free baby bottles, like those manufactured from glass or from #5 PP.
    Plastics in the Microwave

    While a "microwave-safe" or "microwavable" label on plastic containers only means that they shouldn't melt, crack or fall apart when used in the microwave, the label is no guarantee that containers don't leach chemicals into foods when heated. The USDA also warns on its website against microwaving in single-use containers not intended for that purpose, such as takeout platters and margarine tubs. According to the FDA, microwave-safe plastic wrap should be placed loosely over food so that the steam can escape and should not directly touch your food.

    For safety's sake, it's best not to heat foods in plastic and use ovenproof glass or ceramic containers with covers. Never use plastic storage bags, grocery bags, newspapers or aluminum foil in the microwave.

    Check out this web site for additional information.

    [...]...more info
  • Very nice tupperware
    Great sizes, great lids, easy to organize with only a couple lid sizes and everything stacks nicely. We got rid of all our other plastic containers once we got these. And we'll probably get another set....more info
  • Rubbermaid Premier storage set
    What can I say. Love them. Don't want any other type in my kitchen. Love the new lids. What a space saver. Took them to a BBQ and was able to take the lid off turn it over and set the dish on it to serve. Didn't have to worry about the lid getting lost. Clean up is great. No Stains and they look so nice. Got to get them. You will love them....more info
    I came on here to write a review because I absolutely love these containers! I would say probably one of the best kitchen purchases I have made recently. I was one of those people who had tons of cheap, crappy, stained containers with lids everywhere. I bought these and threw everything else out. The lids snap together beautifully and the containers stack together to save space in the cupboard. Now I can find the containers I need and their lids so easily and get things done faster. Love these and I am sure these are the only food storage containers I will ever buy....more info
  • Beware BPA's Rubbermaid has other,safer products
    The following is copied from the Rubbermaid web site regarding which of its food and liquid container products contain BPA:

    "Contains BPA:

    Stainshield Canisters,
    (#7 type plastic) Measuring Cups, Endurance beverage bottles,

    Polycarbonate Chug beverage bottles
    (#7 type plastic) Polycarbonate Sip beverage bottles
    (#7 type plastic) Elegan Steamer,
    Elegan Cake Keepers,
    Elegan Pitchers, & Mixing Pitchers
    Elegan Water Dispenser,
    Elegan Cheese Tray,
    Elegan Dry Storage,
    Elegan Bulk Storage"
    ...more info
  • Great starter set!
    We received this set as a wedding present and we couldn't be happier with them. This is just a perfect size for a new couple to start out with. The containers stack together nicely and the tops click together as well, making it easy to store and keep the lids from being lost. We have used several other container systems before these, and always had trouble fitting them into our cabinets in a neat way. This set fits perfectly and takes up almost no space.

    We haven't had any problems with cracking, staining, etc but we've only had them for about 6 months. We also only use them for storing leftovers in the fridge, so I don't have experience with freezing them. We have washed them on the top shelf in the dishwasher and no problems.

    Overall, we are very happy and plan to purchase more if the need arises....more info
  • So much better than the OLD Rubbermaid...
    The plastic cleans so much easier and does not yellow like the old containers did. They look nicer overall and I am very pleased with this updated set. ...more info
  • Unsafe Plastic for food consumption
    These seem great compared to the semi-disposable, however they are made of #7 polycarbonate which is not safe for use with food items. The semi-disposable are #5 which are considered safe. ...more info
  • Rubbermaid Premier
    I love the fact it goes in freezer, microwave and dishwasher. I purchased it specifically for "red stains" and my home made sauce does not stain it. My husband has trouble getting the lids on tight. And the fact that it has unhealthy plastic are my only complaints....more info
  • No complaints here
    I have had these for a year and I love them. I don't lose the lids since they snap to the bottom of the containers. They seal up tight so they don't spill even if they are tipped upside down. A reviewer said that their containers cracked. I have had mine for a while and I haven't seen any cracks or had any problems with them. I love these containers and would highly recommend them!...more info
  • Rubbermaid Premier 20-pc. Set
    Rubbermaid makes a good product, This is my second set. I much preferred the lids on my first set. These lids are much less attractive and not as easy to seal....more info
  • Love these containers.
    I have had these for a while now and I think they are great. Now I can keep track of the lids as well as being delighted with the product....more info
  • Would be great except the BPA
    I owned and loved these until I read the most recent report from the National Institutes of Health outlining the health risks that come with BPA. After doing a little more research I threw out all my BPA plastic and have reduced how much plastic of any kind I use for food storage or prep.

    I have to admit that I used to think the people who were avoiding plastic were a little nutty, but as it turns out they were right.

    To Rubbermaid's credit they made the switch easy - their web site has a page that clearly shows which of their products have BPA. Fortunately most of their products are BPA free. I switched to the "Easy Find Lids" line which is almost as nice as the Premier. The "Durables" line is also BPA free.

    If you really want the "Premier" containers the safest way to use them is to hand wash in warm water and avoid microwaving with it (especially with liquids). If you have small children or may become pregnant you probably want to stop using it altogether.
    ...more info
    I love all the different sizes in this set! Perfect for a 1st tupperware set....more info
  • pleased with product, disappointed with amazon
    Amazon should not promise they can get you an order by xmas, you then order it, you get a notice saying you will get the merchandise after Jan 5, 2009. Very disappointing for amazon....more info
  • review of reviews
    I have reviwed the various reviews about this product. Almost all negative comments, not surprisingly, come from the "left coast." When one purchases a product from Rubbermaid, he/she will receive plastic or "rubber" in the product. Get over it guys! (especially "Dave.")
    Get into your "plastic-free auto" after you leave your "plastic-free home" and go to your "plastic-free work site" and bemoan your Rubbermaid storage containers. Get a life!...a REAL life.

    This product is excellent in every way.

    Bob, Mokena, il. ...more info
  • Great stuff
    This is the rubbermaid set to get and to continue to buy over time. The stuff is indestructable and while I preferred the stain saver line, this is truly an excellent product. The lids do snap together for space saving, and since the pieces stack, the entire set takes up very little room. Freezes well, defrosts well...all around, and excellent, no stain product. Highly recommended!...more info
  • Has BPA, but.... fantastic for dried food storage
    I am sensitive and aware of the BPA in this product. If this is something that is a concern for you (and you probably should look into the effects of it if you haven't) then you definitely won't want to use this product for storing leftovers and reheating in the microwave. I won't use it for that, nor will I wash these in the dishwasher.

    However, I buy my grains and nuts in bulk and needed storage for those items. This line is AWESOME for that. The containers are completely transparent and the lids fit snugly and snap on/off easily. The lids are designed to snap together so not only are the lids easy to store, but the containers with lids snap together for easy stacking, too. The containers are rectangular in shape, not circular, which maximizes volume capacity for storage area utilized. I have tried several storage methods for my beans, grains and nuts, and this one is by far my favorite for all those items that I buy just a few cups of at a time. I use them in my pantry for the dried items and in my refrigerator for the nuts and seeds....more info
  • Just wait untill the cracks start...
    I WAS very happy with these until the bowls starting cracking, one by one during normal (Microwave, dishwasher, fridge) use. Rubbermaid was not very helpful, you need to return the bowl for them to evaluate it (shipping cost is more than buying a new bowl). My 15+ year old Tupperware is still going strong....more info
  • My Everyday Storage Containers
    These Premier containers are the ones I reach for first when I need a storage container. Like the Stain Saver line they replaced, they simply do not stain, even when holding tomato sauce or chili.

    These are made of thick polycarbonate, and unlike the Stain Saver line, they have not cracked or broken. (Stain Savers were known to split in half in the dishwasher even w/unheated dry cycle.) The Premier lids fit snugly and the containers stack securely in the fridge. The covers fit the bottom of the containers and nest nicely, and the containers nest nicely as well. The only complaint I have is they don't make the small size (1 cup, I think) anymore.

    I plan on buying more of these....more info


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