Amaircare XR-100 Auto Air Filtration System

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Authorized Amaircare Dealer. Recommended For: Dust, Pollen, Cigarette smoke, Bacteria, Odor, Gases, Fumes Used In: Home, Office, Travel, Hotel, Automobile Coverage Area: 300 Sq ft Filter Type: VOC, Media This sandtext black color Amaircare XR-100 Auto Air Filtration System removes dust, fumes, odors and gases that come from the road, other vehicles and the surrounding environment. Its three stage filtration system cleans air in prefect way. Mounted safely behind the seat, this XR-100 Auto Air Filtration System takes up no passenger space and its handsome design looks great in any automobile. It conveniently plugs into your vehicle s cigarette lighter so the power is there when you need it. It includes cigarette lighter adaptor and car seat mounting strap.