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Although New Brunswick, NJ's Gaslight Anthem have only been around a couple years, they've become one of the punk underground's most celebrated acts. They've toured with Against Me, The Loved Ones, and The Bouncing Souls. Their Side One Dummy debut reconciles their love of classic rock and soul icons Bruce Springsteen, Otis Redding, and Tom Petty with their NJ punk roots to create a unique musical amalgam.

Customer Reviews:

  • A mystery to me
    I heard this CD on a story on NPR.

    I loved the clips that I heard so I bought the CD. It's one of the best that I've heard this year, and that includes Fleet Fox, Bon Iver, and Conner Oberst.

    The lyrics are great, and the music is very catchy. Why is this group not more popular?

    And if you like this CD their first CD, Sink or Swim, is as good or better than this one....more info
  • No Great Shakes
    I guess how much you dig these guys depends on how many great bands you've seen in your life. I bought this from Amazon after reading the raves on iTunes. Once I got the disc, after three quarters of the way through, I chucked it back in the stack, and I probably won't fire it up again. So I went back and reread some of the more critical iTunes reviews, and they were right. No great shakes. ...more info
  • That 59' Sound!!!
    I have never heard the Gaslight Anthem before but i was immediately enticed by their song The 59' Sound. The cd is a solid in the lyrics. It should really appeal to anyone who has listened to classic music like Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, so if you like rock, alternative, punk, and folk this cd is definately worth listening to. Some of the songs are very catchy. The only reason i give it a 4/5 instead of a 5/5 is because i wish that there was a little more variety in the vocals and it sounded a bit repetitive at times.

    This band is something that everybody should be excited about!

    *4 out of 5 stars for a great record its worth the buy*

    Songs 1,2,8,9,12 are the strongest tracks on the cd! give them a listen!...more info
  • As good as it gets
    In my humble opinion The Gaslight Anthem are the most exciting band I have has the good fortune of hearing in the last 20 years. The raw emotion, the fantastic storytelling and excellent music combine to take you to another place. The mix of rock, punk, blues, country (you name it they have it here) creates a sound that is just addictive. Their previous releases were simply sublime and the 59 Sound just makes their passage to greatness all the more certain. If there is any justice left in the music industry they are going to be huge! 5 stars, no question!...more info
  • A new classic
    Alright, to start with the Gaslight Anthem isn't a punk band. They're on a punk label (more or less) and tour with punk bands, but don't think you're getting a straight up punk cd. This is a classic rock record that falls firmly in between some of the classic songs of Springsteen and Tom Petty. Bouncy, catchy rock tunes about teen loves and '50's culture. It's good. It's real good....more info
  • The Best CD in a long time...
    I would like to echo other reviewers here and say that this is the BEST CD I have heard in a long, long time. The Gaslight Anthem are super catchy and they have stories to tell. It's a healthy mix of Bruce Springsteen, The Cure, The Killers, Counting Crows, and even a little splash of Rancid, all in an Americana Punk sort of way. Very different but highly enjoyable. The first four songs (Great Expectations, The '59 Sound, Old White Lincoln, & High Lonesome) are near perfection and when I have a 15-20 minute drive, these songs get me through the drive along with "Meet Me By The River's Edge." Superb songwriting and I can't wait for their next album in 2010!...more info
  • Dont miss out!
    Saw them a while back live when going to a Loved Ones concert and instantly became one of my favorite bands.

    Solid CD, I haven't decided if I like this as much as Sink or Swim or Senor and the Queen yet (just got, need a few more listens). I am already very pleased.

    You should buy this CD!...more info
  • Going far
    Friend of mine was playing this at their house and it really caught my ear. Definitely reminded me of The Killers. But when I got the album and really listened to it (not in the background of a party), I saw it wasn't a clone of anyone, even The Boss. They definitely share a certain vibe with bands like The Killers, but Gaslight's their own shark and if they can follow through on the next album, they'll go far.

    I really like their taste for nostalgia; every song bleeds with a love for old movies and music. The music and lyrics are clever and catchy. Rhythm and notes are used so well and you can feel every bit of it.

    If you're on the fence about this one, I say go for it. It's one of the rare albums that I loved from beginning to end. If you've heard any song from this album and liked it, I'm positive you'll like the whole thing. Oh, and if they come to a town near you, see 'em. They're great live....more info
  • Best Music I've Heard in A Long Time
    I have been a music fan for many years. I grew up in the 80's,90's,00's and this is the best band I've heard in the last 10 years. Seriously every song on this album and the previous one is just amazing. Plus their EP is not bad either. I recently saw them play in NYC recently and afterwards was completely sold on this band. I have been waiting for a band with this much heart for a long time. Seriously if you like this style of music you cannot go wrong. Buy the cds...more info
  • Amazing!
    ONe of the first cds in a long time that I have loved every song. I don't know why this band is not one of the biggest bands in rock but they really should be. The lyrics are amazing and very thought out. I just ordered their first cd and I heard it was good, but I hope I won't be let down after this cd. Buy this cd, it will be worth every single penny....more info
  • This band is going to be huge
    In 2007, New Jersey's the Gaslight Anthem became a hugely buzzed band in the punk scene, owing in part to their fiery live shows, and in part to their fantastic debut record Sink Or Swim. Now, a year later, following an interim EP (Senor and the Queen) released earlier in the year, the band returns with their sophomore album, The '59 Sound.

    This album lives up to all the hype it garnered in the wake of their previous two recordings, and then some. For this album, the band turned down the distortion, threw some reverb on singer/guitarist Brian Fallon's vocals, and composed a love letter to their friends, the girls they loved and lost (Maria makes some return appearances, yes), family, and the music that got them through it all. The songs here manage to rock without trying to blow you away through speed or volume. For an example, check out their live show; even slower tracks like "Even Cowgirls Get the Blues" set the club ablaze.

    Rating each song individually would be tedious, and frankly unnecessary; this is a front-to-back album. The whole thing flows, and is extremely enjoyable and listenable throughout. (Admittedly, though, the iTunes-exclusive 13th track provides the album is a far more appropriate closer than "The Backseat") The best way to listen to this album is on vinyl, of course, lyric sheet in hand, and letting yourself drift into the songs and stories. One of the best of 2008....more info
  • Great driving album
    Sure, you'll find The Gaslight Anthem categorized as a punk band, but they draw from so many influences in the history of American rock music that they're much, much more than that. It's like they've taken the base of punk and polished it with the best of the 60s, 70s, and 80s. It's catchy, it tells a story, and it sure goes well with a drive down the highway....more info
  • Purely amazing. Music with so much heart
    This album is made of the songs you would hear the band play in some bar and get lost in the sway of the music with some other aimless soul or just get lost riding into the lonely nights with a pack of cigarettes and a half tank of gas.

    This band has amazed me from my first listen, always inspiring the hopeless romantic in me. It's just as well suited to night drives as either of their other albums and continues to deliver exactly like these guys do. I can't say enough for how good they are. Their Sink or Swim and Senor and the Queen albums were my top two albums to listen to both this and last year. I can't get enough.

    Trust me, it's worth it. I recommend them to everyone. Three thumbs up!...more info
  • It's All Here
    I'm seldom moved to offer reviews since I will only do so when I have unusually high praise to offer. In this case, I really do. The Gaslight Anthem is a terrific band, and this is one of the very best albums I've heard in the last five years.

    It's all here; the song writing and the musicianship are top notch, the production is exciting, and the music ... well, there are lots of obvious influences here - The Clash, Springsteen, Lou Reed, Tom Petty - but the result is an instant classic filled with rhapsodic passion, edgy toughness, and rock poetry. Really, you can ride this one all over town. It really doesn't get better.

    They should be stars - they're already my heroes.

    Joe Strummer is smiling....more info
  • I can't believe nobody else hears this influence
    Though I can only comment on the 4 songs I've heard off of this album (in their entirity, the rest just 30 second clips), I can't believe that not one reviewer has brought up comparisons to the Replacments. They have that same, hard working, reckless, bar sound from the 'Mats mid to late eighties stuff. Plus, I think this guys voice sounds a lot like Paul Westerberg's (not a knock at all). I really like what I hear and will have to check this album out. They sound like a breath of fresh air in today's music scene. Nothing wrong with showing who you're influenced by!...more info
  • gaslight anthem "the 59 sound"...
    well, the release date for this album was set back earlier this year (maybe march/april), and i'm glad it's finally out there. i believe i read about these guys in a music magazine earlier in the year and everything i heard/read about these guys was positive. so, i figured i'd give them a chance so i bought both their debut from 2007 "sink or swim", and their recently released ep (senor and the queen) for both reasonable prices. instantly, i fell in love with the band. their heartfelt lyrics about lost loves, second chances, and living life was what i needed to hear at that time in my life and it really hit home with me. it seems that i could relate to what they were saying in their songs and it feels like they're talking to me (except for the references to specific names). that's why this band works. this is why this band has a cult/legion of fans. this is why the band are getting all types of buzz about their new album. this is why this band could be the next big thing in rock music.

    the stories, the references, the lyrics, the honesty, the emotion, that are coming from a real place is what could prepel them to rock stars. it seems like rock critics have been trying to find this decade's "nirvana" and some bands have come close but never panned out all the way. i know, i know...nirvana are legends and i'm in no way comparing gaslight to nirvana. no way, their music and message are almost completely different. or is it? i remember back in the early part of the decade three bands were tagged on being the next big thing or movement in rock. they were at the drive in, jimmy eat world, and thursday. all bands are excellent, amazing artists but they never panned out for some reason. maybe the message wasn't right. no one knew what the heck ATDI were talking about in their lyrics, JEW were considered to safe to make a statement, and thursday's dark, depressing lyrics were probably too much for some people. then once again, you had the explosion of fall out boy in the middle of the decade (but that's a whole different story) but they were just some fun pop band who are now celebrity's. then last year we had the stellar album from against me!, "new wave". it was THE record of 2007 according to many critics and fans years end list. a lot of people were calling them the saviors of rock music and the next nirvana. they're a great band and that's a great record but it seems like the lyrics are too politically charged for most people.

    with that little back story behind, people need music they can relate on a personal level that's accessible in some ways. that's where the gaslight anthem could take over the world if they wanted to. the hooks, the sincerity, the relatable story-telling songs, the lyrics, do just that with 100% passion and heart. also, this band reaches and hits almost every genre you can think of...blues, soul, rockabilly, punk, alternative, rock n roll, classic rock, pop, folk, and so on. plus, hand an older music fan who listens to springstreen or tom petty a copy of this record and tell me they won't like it. impossible. give a copy to all the hardcore punk elitists and tell me they won't like it. impossible. okay, now for the real challenge...hand this album to someone who listens to classic rock or radio rock like nickelback, 3 doors down, etc. and tell me they won't like it. i highly doubt it. now, hand this album to someone who loves country/western music and tell me they won't like. probably not going to happen.

    this band is capable of such a large appeal to a huge audience of music listeners, this band could easy take over the world. so is there a chance of them being the next nirvana for rock music? all the ingrediants are i would say there's a good chance.

    i mean what more can i say about this band/or album? these guys are hard-working humble dudes from new jersey who play passionate, heartfelt lyrics in the vain of old legends like tom petty, bob dylan, bruce springsteen, and dare i say elvis pressley?...they also have strong punk roots tied in with their music from the likes of modern acts such as alkaline trio, against me, hot water music and even jawbreaker from the 90's.

    there's really no need for me to break down the album song by song, cuz they're all classic songs which in turn makes this album complete from start to finish. the recording quality is something like you'd hear from the 50's or 60's (hint: the 59 sound) and it really adds nice texture and depth to the album as a whole. i suggest you listen to this record on vinyl to get the real listening experience. it sounds like something that could easily fit into your soul and blues rock collection from the 60's. all i can say is that it would be a shame if these guys don't get huge in the next year or so. this record is one of the best i've heard in a long time and will be on many year end lists. i am now a fan for life after hearing this record and i will support these guys whereever they go.

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to anyone regardless of what type of music you listen to...

    thanks for reading

    ...more info