Miele S4210 Carina Galaxy Vacuum ( Yellow )

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Miele's S4210 Carina Galaxy Vacuum will keep your floors spotless and your carpets and rugs fluffy, with much less work than any vacuum before. Built-in Super Air Clean Filter Dustbag change indicator light Automatic cord rewind Thermal indicator Safety shut-off on overheating Space-saving storage bracket on side of vacuum Accessories - carpet/smooth floor tool(SBD450-3), non-electric hose, stainless steel telescopic wand, bristle dusting brush, upholstery nozzle, crevice tool Color - Melon Yellow Uses Miele Type-I bags

  • Rotary dial suction control
  • 1,200 watt high-output Miele-made Vortex Motor System
  • 29.5 foot operating radius
  • Sealed Filter System construction
  • 3.5-quart IntensiveClean Plus dustbag with flap for dust-free removal
Customer Reviews:
  • Miele S4210
    After reading all the positive reviews, I purchased this product. Could not be happier: the Sears repairman was so impressed when I started using it that he took down all the information for his daughter to purchase the vaccum. He was fixing my washer, but had experience with vacuum cleaners and had never heard such a quiet motor. In addition, it is compact, easy to use and feels better than any vacuum I have touched since my Rainbow. Been a long time since I have been this happy with a product....more info
  • would buy again
    bought this vacuum to replace my eureka mighty mite HEPA canister vacuum which finally died after 8 years of service.

    the only drawback is the slightly shorter cord, which is still acceptable and has the big benefit of automatic rewind (something I really wanted in the new vac). it's also somewhat heavier than the mighty mite, but does a better job and looks to be built to last forever.

    we are using it on wood floors and short pile carpet and it's more than accurate without the power head.

    attachments are a little cheap, already broke the duster, but i would buy it again. we've had it about a year now so plenty of time to test it and find flaws....more info
  • Very disappointed
    I purchased the Miele Carina vacuum to replace a Kenmore canister vacuum that is falling apart.

    The Kenmore, even in its dilapidated state is a better vacuum for the same price as the Miele. The controls for the Miele are on the canister itself which requires the user to bend down every time he or she wishes to change the setting. The floor/carpet switch on the head is hard to switch and again requires the user to bend down.

    It is OK for use on a floor, we have saltillo tile and it works OK. But on low pile carpeting it was incredibly hard work pushing the vacuum around.

    I'm sticking with my old Kenmore....more info
  • Small, light, and it really sucks
    First my requirements, I live in a 3 story house with a basement, have a cat, hardwood floors, stair runners, and oriental rugs. Oriental rugs should not be cleaned with a beater bar attachment. Wow, this vacuum is fantastic. Usually I only have enough ambition to clean one floor at a time. This weekend I did two floors and the basement. It was almost like a new toy. The vacuum is so light, 14 lbs, about half the weight of a quality vacuum. The suction power is remarkable, as strong as my husband's Fenn (German) shopvac. And it is very quiet. It is very good at picking up the cat hair from upholestry. Of course, a beater bar attachment would be better but it doesn't make sense for me with the oriental rugs. It cleans hardwood floors so well that I'm giving away my swifter duster. I will definitely make Miele my first choice for any new appliances....more info
  • Quiet and strong
    The Miele Carina vacuum is a great machine. It is light, yet has powerful suction. The machine is well thought out and easy to use. I highly recommend it....more info
  • Great vacuum cleaner, heavy wands
    This is the 4th (!) Miele I have bought in the past couple of years, 2 for myself and 2 as gifts. (The others were similar but with power brushes, and came in blue and in red). The Carina is yellow, not a great color, but it is above all quiet, and this is very important to me. I bought this as a replacement for an old Eureka Mighty Mite in our house in the country and it fits nicely in the small closet and does a great job on our new tile and hardwood floors and a good enough job on our carpets. If you have lots of deep carpeting you should get the turbo brush. The major pluses are: Small size, quiet operation, efficient cleaning, excellent maneuverability, well-designed bags, retracting power cord. The negatives for me are that it takes thumb pressure on a button to release the wand sections from one another and a little arthritis in the hand can make this uncomfortable; the steel wands are much heavier than the (cheaper) plastic ones that came with our old vacuum, and thus harder to hold up in the air to vacuum window frames, etc.; the on-off control is an odd panel on the body of the vacuum that you have to hit with one foot and I often need to try more than once to get it going; the cord reel failed on one of the gift vacuums I sent; you have to pull the cord all the way out when you use the machine to avoid overheating the motor, and it is about 15 feet long; bags are pricey and not available in ordinary stores (I haven't seen any generic ones). In all, however, the quiet, efficient operation and small size win out. I'd buy a 5th one....more info
  • Miele is the best
    The Miele S4210 carina Galaxy Vacuum i bought recently on amazon is an amazing powerful machine , It cleans my carpets perfectly and is on top of all very beautiful. I am german and know about the Quality of Miele Products since ever , but this is the first time i have one in America . I am very happy i broke down and paid the high price finally to have a vacuum which works perfectly ., not only o Carpets but also on wooden Floors. ...more info
  • Best Vacuum Ever!!
    We just got this and are thrilled!! This I guess is how a vacuum should work! Wonderfully easy and light! Picks up everything!! We have a 7-800 sqft. apt with some rugs. It is perfect and small enought to store in a small closet. It was also extremely easy to get started. Sent by Witbeck's and just had to plug in and go!...more info
  • Very pleased
    Got this for my wood floors. It's wonderful. Needed something that was as good as my central vac in my last house. It's great!...more info
  • Great Vacuum Cleaner for a house with ALL Bare Floors!
    This vacuum cleaner is an excellent vacuum if your home has all bare floors. The attachments that come with the vacuum are only designed to work with either wood floors, tile floors, or linoleum floors. You will be very disapointed if you buy this vacuum thinking it will clean carpets. If you have just a few oriental rugs and minimal carpeting, you might consider going for the Miele Antares.

    If you have all bare floors, you will love the Miele Carina for years to come. There durability are the best in the industry. Customers tell me that you can even listen to music when you are vacuuming, it's that quiet!...more info
  • Great vacuum, couldn't be happier.
    I love this new vacuum. I was a little skeptical about the price, but upon assembly, I could tell the value was in the design and construction of the unit. The pieces slide together easily and snap into place. A well constructed product, to be sure.

    If you hate to have a canister vacuum that bowls over when you need it to go sideways, you'll love the fact that the Miele simply slides out of the way. It's doing a number on my dog's short hair in the carpet.

    The retractable cord is nice too. I'm one that hates to have to replug in several different sockets, so I usually pull out a utility power cord extention.

    I highly recommend it, if you can affort it....more info
    I purchased this vacuum based on the great reviews; however, I wish I hadn't. Terrible on carpets even with the special carpet attachment and will only pick up the smallest items on hardwood floors. If you have a leaf or a penny, forget it. I have to sweep my hardwood floors BEFORE I vacuum because even the smallest little piece of paper or other household fluff gets left behind. The bag is the tiniest, very expensive, and only fills 1/3 of the way before the machine tells you it's full. ONLY good thing is the retractable cord. As soon as I get this thing paid off, I'm buying another brand as soon as possible...more info
  • Fabulous except for one thing...
    I love this vacuum. It is perfect for bare floors. The only downside is that the cord isn't long enough. Those of you with big houses will have to keep unplugging it and moving the plug to another outlet. Not horrible but inconvenient nonetheless....more info
  • Well-worth the extra cost!!!
    "I just received and tested my new Miele office vac. Even this lowest-end Miele is FANTASTIC! It's as quiet as the one I have at home, it's similarly designed, easy to use, and works terrifically well. I am so pleased that I spent the extra money and got a really good vacuum."...more info
  • Super quiet!
    I have all hard floors and lots of pet hair. This machine does the job...and it's quiet too! It is light, manuvers easily. Wish it had a longer cord but that is it's only short-coming. Love it....more info
  • exellent product, exellent company
    the product is great, though i haven't used it to vacuum anything extraordinary, so really i can't say whether its really strong or not. but it has an excellent design. its light weight, the wheels swivel such that it never gets stuck.
    the company - Witbecks - is great, as i didn't even realize that the vacuum was being sent overnight DHL at no extra charge (maybe it was 2 days, but i got it much faster that i expected)...more info
  • Amazing Vacuum
    I like to clean. I don't like a lot of noise. This vacuum cleans beautifully when it's not even on full power. I have bare floors and rugs, it handles both with ease. I did purchase the brush head for rugs, although I'm not sure I needed to. However, I am happy I did, since I like a thorough clean. I've used shop vacs in the past, more inexpensive run of the mill vacs and for tough construction jobs, I'd use a shop vac. Only beacause I wouldn't want to ruin the miele. The miele is very powerful however and very quiet. We have a 2 month old and she is soothed when I use it. You can't beat the design as well, it's really pretty. Anyhoo, I read some review where the person was upset they had to buy the brush extension for their rugs. Well, I'm glad I did and I don't see myself getting another vacuum for years, which will end up in an overall savings....more info
  • A Consumer Note...
    Amazon's listed dealer would not ship to Vermont where I live. A little research shows that there are a multitude of estabished dealers who carry Miele as official dealers. Almost all offer free shipping to all 48 contiguous states. The price is pretty much fixed at $379.00. Most provide 2nd day free shipping.
    ...more info
  • Great Vacuum and Great Company
    I gave Witbeck and the product 5 stars. Witbeck offers exceptional customer service and it is a pleasure doing business with them. The vacuum arrived within a short period of time and with a follow up call from them. I'm very pleased with the product. This small, lightweight vacuum has tremendous power.

    I will definitely be ordering from Witbeck again....more info
  • the best vaccum - you will never go wrong!
    Aesthetically designed, yet a space saver, the Miele S4210 Carina is the best buy for a vacuum cleaner. Its suction power is endless and its ease of use makes vacuuming an enjoyable chore. I could not be any happier....more info
  • Perfect vacuum cleaner for small apartment overrun by cat fur or other similar things
    This baby assembles in 2 minutes so you'll be vacuuming in no time. The user manual is clear and concise. The vacuum is lightweight and easy to move. The 4 attachments - floor, upholstery/curtains, crevice, dust - are well-built and sufficient for most homes. It's very quiet - so quiet that my cat didn't run from the room! It picked up everything:

    Kitty litter in the carpet - check.
    Cat fur on the microsuede sofa - check.
    Hardwood floors in the corner of the room - check.

    Plus, it's absolutely adorable. I've used several vacuum cleaners before, including a Dyson, and this one's my favorite. Cleaning was so fast, I'm looking forward to next time. I don't know if this is typical, but I received it the day after I ordered it!...more info
  • Wow!!!!! What a vaccum.....................
    Well I spent 3 months researching all canister vaccums out on the market and kept going back to this miele. Yes it is very expensive (about twice the price of its competitors) but it definitely out performs them hands down.

    My floors have never been so clean in the 16 years I have lived in my current home. I have mexican tile, pergo floors and carpet and the two attachments that come with the machine are incredible.

    I have had machines break bits off themselves in the past because of my mexican tile (very uneven surface) and with the parquet floor head it is just a breeze to clean and it also does my concrete patio floor. Amazing and then the head can be washed and away you go again.

    Your oriental rugs with fringe are no obsticle for this vaccum because you have so many controlled settings to clean with.

    For the first time ever I was able to clean my valances without taking them down, what a huge time and energy saver.

    My husband thought I was completely nuts spending this kind of money on a vaccum cleaner but I am here to tell you that I will have this one for years to come and the service I will get locally is wonderful too.

    So treat yourself you won't be sorry, I know I'm not. I always hated vaccuming my house because I have a injured back but with this very lightweight model I do not have pain afterwards....more info
  • Great product!
    I have owned a Bissel and a Dirt Devil before deciding that it time to stop fooling around and get myself a REAL vacuum that would keep the house clean and not lose suction completely in less than 2 years. So I decided for a factory refurbished Electrolux, thinking that I can get away with both minimum pay and a great product. I was wrong. Later I went to Lowes to try a new Electrolux Oxygen and make sure that my disappointment was not related to the mere fact that my order was factory refurbished. It wasn't. The Electrolux was bad because it was bad period. I decided for Miele - my last hope. If that wasn't gonna do it, nothing was going to. Despite being the least expensive among the Miele models, this vacuum is an absolutely great piece, better than any other vacuum I tried, including more expensive ones from other brands. It is sturdy, it is very well made, it screams quality and it does the job as an excellent vacuum should. All other brands look like garbage compared to this one. The only downside may come for those who have really big houses and would need to step up to a larger model, which in Miele terms can be a bit pricey. Otherwise - superb product!!!...more info