Miele S5280 Pisces Caniser Vacuum Cleaner w/205 Turbo-Brush

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Product Description

The floorhead provided with the S5280 MedicAir vacuum cleaner now features the Allergotec hygiene sensor, a device which automatically detects particulate contamination levels. The heart and soul of the hygiene is a small metal sensor plate located above the floorhead at the connection to the suction tube. Allergens, which adhere to household dust particles, impact this plate on their passage through the air duct, releasing tiny electrical impulses. As well as ensuring superb levels of hygiene, the Miele Active HEPA filter also guarantees odour-free room air, thanks to its layer of activated charcoal. Electronic suction control allows the vacuum cleaner to adapt with ease to different floor coverings. The Allergotec floorhead adapts to both carpeting and smooth floors by operating a footswitch and can be changed from the one to the other. 4.5 Litres Dust capacity Bagged Dust collection Dusting nozzle Active HEPA Filter type Floor head with hygene sensor Hard floor tool 1.75 m Hose length Mattress nozzle Metal tubes 5 filtration levels 2200 Watts Power Surface adjuster Upholstery tool Variable power

  • 1.09 metre extendable tubes
  • Allergy filtration
  • Carpet & hard floors cleaner
  • 6.5m Cord length
  • Crevice tool
Customer Reviews:
  • Best vacuum EVER!
    I have a dog who sheds (a lot) and my children and I have allergies and asthma. My allergist recommended that I vacuum every day. But the problem was that I *hated* vacuuming - my old vacuum got stuck under my kichen cabinets, had a short hose that couldn't reach high enough to do any dusting, and (although it was a 'hepa' model) it was dirty and dusty. Vacuuming was frustrating and irritating.

    It was time for a new vacuum cleaner and so I went to an actual vacuum cleaner store to try out different models. Prior to that visit, I had never even heard of the Miele. After trying out several Dyson models, it was love at first sight with the Miele Callisto! I came home and vacuumed with my old Hoover wind tunnel, then immediately vacuumed with the Miele and couldn't believe how much it picked up! I'm not the type of person who could have ever imagined myself paying this much for a vacuum cleaner, but I'm so glad I did!! It was worth it!!

    Here's my summary:

    What I like:
    * It's so easy to use that I don't mind vacuuming and dusting (as much!).
    * The Miele picks up dog hair from all floor types - carpet, linoleum, tile, and hardwood. Yeah!
    * I don't sneeze while I'm vacuuming because it's not spitting out any dusty exhaust.
    * There's a special setting to use (with lower suction) for cleaning curtains.
    * The hose is powered, so the beater brush is powered (I didn't care for the Miele models with air-powered brushes).
    * The attachments (except for the hardwood floor attachment) fit on the unit so they won't get lost.
    * The turbobrush head swivels, which makes it very easy to vacuum around tables, couches, whatever.
    * The Miele has really good suction right up until it's time to change the bag. My Hoover would have great suction for a few times, and then went downhill fast!
    * This Miele has a telescoping wand which makes it super easy to clean the tops of paintings, ceiling fans, and chandeliers.
    * It's small, and light, and doesn't take up much space in my closet. My old Hoover was a tank... big, awkward, and heavy!

    What I didn't like:
    * The power cord is too short. If it was about 5' longer, it would be perfect.
    * The consumables (bags, HEPA filter) are expensive.
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  • Miele S5280 Pisces- great for hardwood/tile, not great for carpet or lots of rugs
    I have used this vacuum for 8 months now and I love it. My house is 1200 square feet and all tile throughout. I have two dogs; one is non shed, and one is a light shedder. The parquet floor attachment is awesome at picking up all dog hair, dust and debris and it turns and angles easily into tight spaces and around corners. This canister vaccuum is very light and easy to pull around the house. I do wish the electrical cord was longer. I don't like the turbo brush at all; I use it on my 5 x 7, non wool, carpet type rug; it does clean the rug, but is very difficult to push on the rug and hair gets caught in the brush easily. If you have carpet or lots of rugs there are other Miele vacuums to choose from which have different carpet/floor attachments, but also include the parquet brush for tile. For me, the Miele suits my needs; definetly keeps the tile floors clean. The suction on the vacuum is very good and the parquet floor brush has a nice large surface area. It doesn't scratch the tile. I imagine it would work just as well on travertine or wood floors. A few times a year I look after a large, heavy shedding dog; I vacuum every day when she's here and the Miele Pisces pick up all of her hair easily. Highly recommend if you have mostly or all tile/hardwood floors. I used to have a Kenmore Progressive canister vacuum; I would use the little hardwood floor attachment on it. I enjoy the Miele so much more and I feel it keeps the house way cleaner and is easier to use....more info
  • Best Meile we've owned
    We had a Miele Flamenco (entry model) for 10 years that finally weakened due to 10 years of Collie hair. The dogs are now gone (RIP) and we impulse bought a Dyson, which was possibly the worst move of my life (negative review in my review section.) Whereas the Miele is light and powerful, the Dyson is clumsy and powerful, twice as heavy, cheaply made (wheel fell off, hand extension won't retract fully), and the attachments were always falling off. I love that the Meile has a foot switch to suck up the chord (Dyson's are old-school, wind it yourself.) All the attachments are in a little cubby in the front of the unit, and the bag is twice the size of our last Miele. It was worth the money loss to get a Miele again. It can get under practically anything, it's powerful but not too loud, and it's looks pretty cool to boot. I expect it to be around 20 years from now, 15 if we get more Collies....more info
  • Great Vacuum, no thrills.
    This economy level Miele model, as all the same cleaning ability as the more expensive models, Aquarius, and Capricorn, just without the electronic controls. The machine comes packaged with their mid-size power nozzle, the 217-3. This nozzle is great for medium-low pile carpets, and cleaning bare floors. This nozzle is so versitale you won't have to switch cleaning head going from your rugs to your bare floor, just simply flip the switch on the hose. The only surface this nozzle struggles on is the thicker carpets. You will feel like you have just worked out in the gym for 30 minutes, if you have to vacuum thick carpet with this nozzle. If you have thick carpets, or substantial pet hair, you'll want to move into a machine that comes with the larger 236 power nozzle. We have sold Miele's for long time, and we don't hesitate to put our name behind them. The best canister money can buy! Expect 25+ years of use out of this vacuum.
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  • Tools are annoying
    I have had the Miele Pisces S5280 for several months and I have found the turbro brush and floor brush equally are annoying. The turbo to begin with takes a lot of muscle power to push it which I could live with but after doing one rug the brush is so tangled with hair and dirt I have to cut it away. I live alone so not much traffic, have a dog that is a non-shedder but does leave puffs of "wool", but I have had Electroluxes and have never had this problem. I would try to upgrade the brushes but I found this model one must go to battery. Talk about digressing. I would not recommend this Miele if you have a dog, long hair, a hairy husband, and don't take shoes off at the door. ...more info
  • Made my wife happy.
    I purchased this for my wife. She says she loves it because it is so light and yet so powerful. It is not cheap, but we have purchased three other vacuums that don't work as well. Their total cost is more than this one. So I guess it is not that expensive....more info