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Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Diapers keep your baby dry and comfortable and contribute to a safer world for generations to come. That's because our diapers combine premium performance and comfort with the important health and environmental benefits of not contributing to dioxin pollution. Our diapers feature a unique blend of unbleached and totally chlorine and fragrance free materials, resealable tapes, stretchy leg gathers, premium absorbency and soft, cloth-like comfort. They are hypo-allergenic, dermatologist tested and, latex and TBT free.

Customer Reviews:

  • Great diapers
    We have been using these diaper since our daughter was a couple months old. With other diapers she would get diaper rash a lot, but with these diapers she rarely gets diaper rash. I really love these diapers and recommend them to anyone I can....more info
    These diapers are wonderful. I highly encourage anyone thinking about trying them to do so! We have been using them since my son was just a couple months old (once all the diapers we had been given as gifts were used up). They are incredibly absorbant. I have never had to use special "nighttime" diapers like a lot of people do. There have been a few occasions where I have run out before my next shipment arrives and I have boughten a package of Huggies.. my son ends up with a rash within two days. I've also seen huggies and Pampers bleed coloring from their diapers onto babies skin. Seventh Generations diapers are so gentle and very high quality, and how could you pass them up? They are really no more expensive than Huggies or Pampers, especially when you purchase them on Amazon....more info
  • Better than generic, but much worse than Huggies
    My wife and I use the spectrum on diapers. We usually buy the cheap stuff ourselves and receive fancy Huggies as gifts from family. In regards to leak protection, these fall in the middle. They are not as bad as the cheapest of cheap generic brands but they are not near as good at leak protection as Huggies. I would say they are comparable to LUVS.

    Their leak protection also seems to get worse the larger the size. Like I didn't notice them leaking as much in the 1-2 size but 3 and up seems to leak both pee and loose stool regularly.

    I feel like a lot of the environmental benefit of these diapers is lost due to the increase in laundry we have to do because of all the leaking. To be the most environmentally friendly, it seems we need to stick with our Motherease cloth diapers....more info
  • work for us
    No complaints other than that they are not totally biodegradable. I wanted to like the d diapers but didn't. These work well and don't leak, so I am sticking with them.
    My child never has diaper rash and I feel good that they are chemical free....more info
  • Newborn Size
    This review is in regards to the newborn size (up to 10 lbs).

    I have an 8.5 pound daughter only a few weeks old and we recieved a package of these diapers as a gift, along with three other brands. This was great because it allowed us to try them all out and see what works. Unfortunatly these Seventh Generation ones were the worst of the four brands we tried.

    The bottem line is they leak, badly. Not every time (thankfully) but often enough to be a huge hassle. Whenever they leak that means a change of clothes for baby and a change of whatever they were on at the time (my cloths, the crib sheet and pad, changing table pad cover, etc).

    Since keeping the mess inside the diaper is the main purpose of diapers, I had to take at least 2.5 stars off for that.

    I also took a little off the rating because of the four brands, these just felt rougher. The other brands were considerably softer feeling. She would also fuss a lot more while in these diapers, but got better when we switched to a different brand.

    Every baby is unique, so some diapers will work better for some than for others. For me, these did not work out well at all....more info
  • redesigned
    These were redesigned from a few years ago and I don't think provide as much coverage and leak. I called Seventh Gen. and they recommended I try to the size 1 instead. They had sent me some coupons for a free box and the size ones are much better, even though slightly big, they can be adjusted....more info
  • Great diapers
    We love the diapers. We have been using them since my baby was born and will never consider changing them. We tried another earth friendly brand twice because this one was not available in size 6 in the store and realized that it was not as desirable. This is why we turned to Amazon and actually we save money now by ordering online, and the delivery is usually next day even though we use the Free shipping... Such a good deal!!!

    Thanks...more info
  • Sold on these diapers
    Not as soft and comfy as other diapers, but worth the trade off. I found them for the same price at our local grocery store, so I don't necessarily need to buy them on Amazon. Of course, I use eBates to shop at Amazon, so that is a bit of cash back that I don't get when I buy from the grocery store. ...more info
  • Love these Daipers
    Love Seventh Generation Daipers. They are absorbent and my daughter is very comfortable in them. Have used them since she was 6 months because she kept exploding through the other brands! We have never had a problem with leaking with these daipers and as she is starting to go through potty training, I am sure we will be getting Seventh Generation pull ups too....more info
  • great diapers...
    The only issue I have with this order... is how it was processed. I was shipped three shipments at once, and told that I was responsible for returning them... to get the money back... and then my next shipment was screwed up to be sent 3 months later. I love the diapers.... fyi-they are known to run a little smaller than advertised on the package... but we love them!!! Amazon has however been very good on getting things worked out via the online customer service.... THANK YOU....more info
  • Softer than huggies.
    These diapers work great and are softer than the huggies we have been using. But you may want to order a size bigger at 20lbs my little one now needs size 4....more info
  • Seventh Generation Diapers are Great
    These diapers are a great alternative to typical diapers as they are more environmentally friendly. We've had no problems with leaking or blowouts....more info
  • Bought in error but was pleased
    I have been using the Seventh Generation training pants and wasn't paying attention during one order and bought the diapers instead.

    I have one son who uses the potty all day but can't hold his bladder yet at night. My youngest is actively potty training but is still practicing. These diapers worked well for both of them.

    I was pleased with these diapers. It's been awhile since we used diapers and I had no problems with leaks or odor. I find these run a bit bigger and that might explain some of the leakage problems others have had.

    I find Seventh Generation better overall for absorbency. However, if my kids were the slightest bit wet, they'd have a fit. So, I think these would be good to use for potty training challenges. My youngest is 26 months old and was running to the potty so he could avoid wetting the diaper. We did go through these faster than the training pants because of this.

    I would recommend these to others though. Great product.

    ...more info
  • great diapers
    I purchased these due it being latex-free, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free. My daughter does not break out in a contact rash with these as compared with other commercial brands. They are a little stiffer, but absorbs well without leaks. She is now 6 months and it can hold overnight urine (9 hours). ...more info
  • it's good for the baby and good for the environment...
    i have used pampers and huggies diapers but i don't like their sent... and my baby gets lint on his body...
    seventh generation diapers are a little stiffer than others but they do their job done and it helps the earth.......more info
  • 7th generation diapers are good
    I prefer 7th gen to pampers and huggies that I've tried. The inner fabric feels better than these brands. These diapers fit well on my skinny baby and do not leak! I really like them....more info
  • Earth friendly diaper, but needs to be changed friquently.
    Because it's an earth friendly product I give three stars to it, but you really have to change this diaper very frequently for not letting your baby's butt get rash. For me, I have to check and change my daughter's diaper each time after she pees, and her skin is not sensitive at all. It's such a waste for the earth and our money. I just wish the 7th Generation could come up with a better diaper. ...more info
  • Best I Ever Used
    These offer a wipe without a residue feel! I bought a whole box, and after they were gone I used another comparable brand and they just did not measure up. They are thin but don't let that fool you, they are great!...more info
  • Great but expensive...
    I never thought I'd buy these diapers because I thought they were ridiculously expensive. But every other diaper brand causes my son to break out in a rash. 4 stars because they fit fine, are absorbant (no leaks yet!), and are hypoallergenic. Not 5 stars because they are so much more expensive than other brands....more info
  • Good for babies with sensitive skin
    Both of our children suffered from diaper rash constantly until we switched to these Seventh Generation chlorine-free diapers, at which point the problems entirely went away....more info
  • Awesome diapers!!!
    My child breaks out in hives from head to toe when he uses any other diaper but Seventh Generation. It took me forever to figure out what was causing his hives. I tried, all varieties of Huggies, Luvs, Pampers, and even generic brands. If you have a child with very sensitive skin I highly recommend this product. Also, buy them on Amazon like I have just recently started doing. You can get them automatically shipped to your door once a month. These diapers are hard to find so that makes it a lot easier on you and it's also a lot cheaper that way (free shipping)!...more info
  • Better for baby, better for earth.
    I have been using Huggies Supreme Natural Fit since my son was about 9 months and found everything else a poor fit, leaving leaks during explosive moments. So I stuck with them, and used them on our daughter who followed. Worked great. But looking for less chemicals, I discovered these were actually less expensive and tried them. Haven't had any leak issues at all, and less irritation. Plus better for the earth. I am happy with the purchase and the kids don't care that they are plain brown. Love the wipe refill packs too. The tubs are annoying, and you don't need them with the clever refill design....more info
  • Best fit
    The Seventh Generation diapers seem to have the best fit for my infant. I've tried other diapers, but they just don't work as well. Every once in a great while there will be one with a defective tab, but that is pretty rare (maybe one diaper for every 4 or 5 packages). ...more info
  • Very pleased - no problems!... wish were "greener"
    We've used these diapers since day 1 for our now 11 month old and have had zero problems with leaks or anything else. Diaper fit seems to be very child dependent - whether you are talking about disposable or cloth - but for us these work perfectly. My only complaint is that I do wish they were greener - couldn't they use the "corn plastic" that actually biodegrades quickly rather than the plastic that they are currently using? ...more info
  • Great diapers
    I really like Seventh Generation diapers. I have used them since my DD was born. They fit her well, I don't have any problems with leakage, & I like that they are not bleached. ...more info
  • Happy
    I have been using these diapers for at least two years, They consistantly do the job, we have tried many of the well known diaper brands and have found that all around Seventh Generation diapers are the best....more info
  • Love them!
    I have used 7th Generation products for the past 2.5 years and love them. I haven't had any leaks with either of my kids, a boy and a girl. I love that they don't "gel" like other diapers, are unbleached, and feel a bit more natural. I highly recommend them....more info
  • Works great for free Diapers!
    We became aware of these diapers through their now expired baby registry promotion. They are great for us. My daughter was a preemie and they appear to fit her perfectly, so I think they might run small for full-term babies. She has had a few "blow-outs" and these did not contain it. She is breastfed and poops maybe once a week, so that may factor into their capacity to hold. All in all, I like them....more info
  • Happy with Seventh Generation Diapers
    So far, I've been very very happy w/ the 1 and 2 size diapers. They work better or as well as the other name brands, but it's better for my baby's behind. And it doesn't have that strong perfume smell. The newborn ones don't fit many (or any) babies in my opinion. It's just so square! But, try the Size 1 and 2 (yes, they are not as soft and supple as the other ones out there), but work well and your baby's skin will thank you....more info
  • horrible for my laundry!
    i was given these (in size 3) as a gift and i was so happy to be trying something out that was good for the environment. but, i hate these diapers. they're very stiff and they didn't hold any of my baby's poop! sooooo much unnecessary stains to deal with! will be happily returning to pampers......more info
  • We love these!
    We love these, and have no problem with leaks. As a matter a fact these work better at night than the leading non-eco oriented diapers on the market. Also was alot less irritating to her bum!...more info
  • Better for your baby, not for the environment.
    These diapers work great and are better for your baby because they are chlorine free. But, they are not biodegradable, so you aren't doing too much for the environment by using them. Still, a good product....more info
  • A better choice
    My husband and I decided to do cloth diapering before the baby was born. When she arrived full term, she was still too tiny for the washable diapers that we bought. So when no 7th Generation Newborn diapers were available at the store, we ordered a case from Amazon. In the meantime, we had to use some major name brand and were bothered with the scent (the same used in kitty litter) and the fact that we were spending money to promote Big Bird. Getting these 7th Generation was great: Chlorine-free and absorbent! Plus they are convenient for traveling so we can leave the cloth diapers at home :)...more info
  • better than expected!
    little more thicker or bulkier than pampers or huggies but it defenitely worth more than ordinary diaper. First of all, closure part is very soft and wide. and never have gels on baby's skin, which i always had problem with it!...more info
  • probably ok for girls
    our twin grandson newborns were able to urinate right through these diapers. Three years ago when our grand-daughter was a newborn we had no similar problems??...more info
  • seventh generation is a wonderful product
    I have used Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Diapers for all of my children and I think this is a wonderful product that does not irritate baby sensitive skin or have any smell when you open the package or when your baby is wearing it. I highly recommend Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Baby Diapers and all of their products.
    ...more info
  • paper towels or diapers?
    These diapers are great on intent but still harsh in design. Feels a bit like wrapping a recycled paper towel on the baby and can't imagine it's all the comfortable. The tapes also seem excessively large compared to other diapers. Not sure why they can't create a softer diaper as there are other chlorine free diapers out there that do? They do hold well and haven't had any problems with leaking. ...more info


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