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US only 2 CD edition includes a bonus disc with five live tracks,Right as Rain [Live], Melt My Heart to Stone [Live], My Same [Live], That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On [Live] and Chasing Pavements [Live] . 19 is the debut album from the singer/songwriter. Citing her influences as diverse as Etta James, Jill Scott, Bjork, Dusty Springfield, Billy Bragg, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, The Cure and Peggy Lee, Adele is a truly unique new artist. With her mix up of R&B and Soul served up with a healthy dash of feisty London attitude, she spins beautiful dark stories of loves won and lost and sometimes just daydreamed about. XL.

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome CD!
    I LOVE Adele!! This CD was great and I will definitely buy her next one :)...more info
  • Adele is an artist in her own right, beautiful and endlessly talented. MUST BUY!!!!!
    I first heard Adele on You Oughta Know on VH1, and i loved the 10 second sample of the song that played, unsure of the title. I went online and downloaded the complete album through a torrent. I fell in love it, enough said. I could not wiat until June 10th so that i could hold the rela copy in my hands, and I loved adele. I completely fell in love with her. She's a breath of air just seconds before dying of suffocation from the disgusting and unbelievable state of the music industry now. You msut get this album, one of the ten best albums of the year. No lie!! You will not be dissapointed. THe live set that comes as a bonus is terrific as well.
    In my opinion, the album flows beautifully, showcasing deep emotion and jaw-dropping arrangements. If you're tired of the southern rap that has seized the charts, or sick of stupid, no talented singers singing songs that were produced in 5 seconds, than adele is for you.
    I highly recommend:

    -Best for Last
    -Chasing Pavements
    ...more info
  • Addicted to Adele & 19
    I am addicted to this album, I love it!!! The best album to come around in a long time. She draws comparisons to Amy Winehouse & Duffy but to me Adele stands above them, on her own. Tired has an upbeat tap your feet groove and Hometown Glory mesmerizes. The whole album is great from start to finish. Love to Love Adele & 19!! ...more info
  • 19????
    Is this girl 19 years old?? If '19' is what she can do being 19 years old, I don't know what she's going to do as she gets older. Amazing vocals, songs, lyrics... really moving...more info
  • Only 19?!?!?
    CDs are awesome. The live tracks on the bonus CD are worth the cost. Bluesy and raw. Listening to Adele it's hard to remember that she is only 19. Sounds like the old jazz and blues of the 30s and 40s....more info
  • 4.5 Stars... Impressive debut album
    Adele seemingly came out of nowhere in 2007 with comparisons to Amy Winehouse, Norah Jones, and even Feist with her soul-searching songs. After touring in a supporting role for various artists in 2007, Adele released her debut album in January, 2008.

    "19" (12 tracks, 44 min.) is a stunning debut, presenting songs all written or co-written by the 20 yr. old Adele. Starting with a sparse "Daydreamer" that immediately spellbinds you, the album shifts from moving track one after another. "Chasing Pavements" (1st UK single) is a standout, but just one among many: "Cold Shoulder" (2nd UK single), "Right as Rain", and the pensive closer "Hometown Closer" (3rd UK single) are just highlights. In all, this is a fantastic album from start to finish, with no weak tracks. The limited version of the album comes with a bonus live CD (5 tracks, 16 min.) which was recorded at a tiny venue in Los Angeles in March, 2008, and brings 4 tracks of the album and 1 Sam Cooke cover ("That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On") in a stripped down setting, just great.

    I saw Adele in concert at Bonnaroo in June, and she put on a terrific 50 min. set, bringing most of the "19" songs. Her backup band equally was great. Adele's widely used comparison to Amy Winehouse and lately Duffy is frankly understating Adele's merits. I can't wait to see where she goes from here....more info
  • Sure to be a classic...
    Adele is a true artist. I can't stop listening to this CD. Every song is different and fantasic. She sounds years older than she is. I can't wait to see what she comes out with in the years to come......more info
  • fabulous album
    i love this album. she has a fabulous voice, and the dylan cover is great....more info
    this woman can belt out the tunes. so FRESH and exciting! i cannot wait to see her live. she seems like such a beautiful soul with a great spirit. the voice is incredible!! i have not been so excited about a british singer since alison moyet! comparing her to alison is one of the highest compliments. i hope to be graced with adele's presence in chicago soon. i cannot get enough of this cd. i bought it on itunes, then bought the cd for my car for the long commute to work. she sings me into a good mood. let's hope she is recognized during grammy time. she is far better than amy winehouse, whom i must say is also a great talent, however adele seems to be smarter than winehouse in regards to focusing on her craft instead of drugs. i think we will see more of adele in the future. LET'S HOPE SO! adele, if you read these reviews, keep on doing what you do, putting out quality music with an amazing voice of an angel. shine one adele!!! you are a BEAUTIFUL person with a true talent for writing and singing great music!...more info
  • Perfection
    One of the best artist out now. Everything was perfection from her incredible vocals, to the songs and lyrics, and how the cd was put together. She is incredible and even better live than what is on the cd. I can't believe how amazing her vocals are. Absolutely worth it....more info
  • adele adkins- hero for real music
    yes she is young, but adele adkins knows how to sing. interestingly, she also knows how to write a song so we know that she is not just another record industry puppet. the record, her first is a very solid album. she definitely knows where she is as an artist. 'chasing pavements'- great song. the thing is, there are a lot of great songs on this album. the cover version of the bob dylan track (track 9 on the album)is incredible. full of feeling and a testament to adele's ability to interpret another artist's work. i hope she has a long career.......more info
  • God Save the Queen!
    Amazing sound comes from this Brit! Never thought so much soul could come from across the pond! Definetly a must have, as soon as i heard her first song I pre-ordered the cd! There are other songs on the cd that are really bluesy(Crazy for You,DayDreamer)So if your into blues you'll love it! My all time favorite is Melt my Heart to Stone. I can really relate to that! Just keep on singing Adele!...more info
  • wonderful voice
    I'm so glad I bought this CD. Even though she's young, Adele sounds like she's been singing forever. Her voice is unique and her range is impressive. The songs range from bluesy to jazzy to soulful. The first time I saw her sing on television, it stopped me in my tracks. Some voices have the power to touch your heart. Adele's is one of those voices. Her version of "Make You Feel My Love" is particularly lovely. This CD will make you smile and cry....more info
  • BRILLIANT!!!!!
    I LOVE this cd.
    I love the Live tracks on the bonus second cd even more!
    AWESOME!...more info
  • Love it!
    I love this album. I play it at work on the surround sound in my model home & it makes everything more beautiful. Adele's voice is hauntingly lovely! ...more info
  • Loving Adele!

    Since I purchased this CD I have listened to it repeatedly. It gets better each time! Adele is a fresh new voice on the music scene and she is fantastic. Sometimes it seems like I'm listening to a combination of Nina Simone, Ella Fitzgerald and Adele! Chasing Pavements is one of my favorite tracks along with Hometown Glory. She is headed for stardom and it is so welcome! So many new stars in music can't really sing and she stands out because her voice is a rare blend. I saw Adele on an episode of the View and bought the CD the same day. There is a lot of talent coming out of England and this young English Miss will be a superstar!...more info
  • Soulfull Young Talent
    I'd heard about Adele and how her style was soulful and bluesy, and was not disappointed with this album. She has a really unique, deep and low voice that really goes with her style - I can just picture her in a smoky hall, burning up the stage. I didn't like all of the songs on the album (some are a little too slow for my taste), but there are several real gems ( "Right as Rain" is upbeat and cheeky fun). I'm enjoying this influx of neo-soul/blues from across the Pond, and I totally recommend this album....more info
  • Pure Expression...damn good...
    Sure, there are similarities to other newish, neo-soul Brit girls like Duffy and Amy Winehouse, but Adele Atkins seems effortlessly able to take her own corner in music...she's bluesier than the above two, and seems not about having hits but pure expression...not unlike Laura Nyro, or even a modern quirkier Alison Moyet, or a bluesy Lisa Stansfield...

    I really like how some tracks are just Adele and her guitar (or bass), and some are beautifully orchestrated with glockenspiel on top...it's like the choice and amount of instrumentation and arrangement are just as important as the song itself (she wrote 11 out of 12...the other is a nice cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love")...nice variety and track order, so much so that it flows perfectly and no tracks get old...there is a timeless quality here..."Chasing Pavements" is a total stunner...sounds like a classic lost Northern Soul track...just lovely.

    Oh yeah, the 5-track live US bonus disc, that's awesome...her expression here is pure and true...plus her positive attitude and exuberance between songs is infectious...please never lose that quality Adele...I love that blues cover of "That's It, I Quit, I'm Moving On", and her rapport before the song...like "This is a cover, it's the blues, it's all good, we love playing it"...in a giggly way...

    If this is just Adele's debut, at just 19...wow...it's scary what she will come up with next...hopefully it's no fluke...

    This record just proves that there is room for all British females here in the States...next up...Amy McDonald!!!...more info
  • Why all the hype?
    I really don't understand why everyone likes this album so much - there are a few good songs but overall it is just a repeat of a style of music that has been so overdone. I really am not into this CD at all....more info
  • Nice Debut Album
    Adele is a young soulstress from London, England with a voice that defies her youthful years. On this, she delivers possibly the best debut album from a UK artist in 2007. Best tracks 'Chasing Pavements', 'Cold Shoulder', 'Hometown Glory' and 'To Make You Feel My Love', all make the entrance fee worthwhile. I have a feeling that this young lady will be around for quite a while. Not just a fad but a quality artist at work here....more info
  • Good CD
    I really like this CD. I listened to the entire thing on a rainy saturday afternoon and was quite pleased. I buy music based on what I like and I don't care if she sounds or doesn't sound like somebody else. I think her music is good on its own and that is all that matters. I am not really sure how to classify her music...it is kind of earthy. So forget about comparisions to other people and judge the music on its own merit....more info
  • Great artist
    In a day and age where all the British music artists sound like Amy whinehouse, Adele seems to break the mold and try something new. I heard alot about her on the grammy's so I was def. up for listening to her CD. I was pleasently surprised at how much i recognized some of her stuff. She's a great music artist, and she really tries to be true to the singer song writer feel. Chasing Pavements is really my favorite song on the album. I really liked the first couple of tracks compared to the last. She's really going to be around for a while and very respected. She's a good mix between Amy Winhouse and Sarah McLocklan....more info
  • Excellent
    I love this cd! Its one of the very few cds I own that I can listen to all the way through. I did not skip any tracks. She is very talented, yet humble....more info
  • without words
    ive never written one of these reviews...but upon hearing one song from 19...i was an still am...without words....truly a classic vocalist...a voice u feel in your soul and is hard to ignore...I wish Adele lifelong sucess...

    peace...more info
  • Amazing Album
    Adele has amazing talent! I absolutely love this album! It is fresh, poignant, and simply the best album I've bought this year....more info
  • in the words of my 5 yr. old, amazing
    saw adele features on a music channel as an up and comer and loved chasing pavements. for 10 bucks i thought what the heck and bought it. i am so glad i did. she is bluesy, charming and it just a nice change from what is being out out there in the music world. i highly recommend it....more info
  • Fantastic!
    Adele has this wonderful quality to her voice that reminds me of smoke in a jazz club. It's fantastic.

    It's very rare to find a CD that I can listen to each and every song without having to skip a single track. Wonderfully done!...more info
  • I <3 Adele
    I first heard Adele perform on SNL and was really impressed with her vocals (especially since we had seen Kanye West perform on the same show a few weeks earlier and it was absolutely the worst!) My husband surprised me with the cd and since then, I seem to always have it playing in the background. It gives me the same type of feeling I got from John Mayer's Continuum- with it's throwback vibe and moody undertones and fortunately, it doesn't push towards depressing. I haven't been this excited about someone in a while. It's easy to like Adele.

    Where I do understand the comparisons to Amy Winehouse, I'd have to point out that she's more like Amy Winehouse without all of the rehab. It makes me happy that I can play this cd without having to cover my children's ears!...more info
  • It has been a while
    I have not been this excited about a new artist since hearing Jill Scott for the first time. And I loves me some Jilly from Philly! I've been rocking this cd for a week now and I am loving it. Great debute!...more info
  • unexpected
    please do not compare this young lady to any other.
    she is in a class of her own.
    what an amazing artist.
    wow...more info


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