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Product Description

Great for closets, storage rooms, nurseries, bedrooms, and other locations where humidity is a problem 1 year manufacturers warranty from any manufacturer defects UL and CE listed Boxed

  • Detachable tank that holds 16 oz. of water
  • Whisper Technology (no compressor) which makes it light and quiet
  • Small and easily portable weighs less than 5 lbs.
  • Automatically shuts off when full
Customer Reviews:
  • Worked okay for a year
    This little dehumidifier worked pretty good for about a year before the fan started making a loud humming noise. Anytime the unit was unplugged or turned off for more than a moment it would start to hum again like something was hitting the fan. I took it apart, looked at the fan but could find nothing wrong. I finally had to throw it out. I had this sitting under the toilet and it couldn't keep the toilet tank dry. This small unit would be better suited under a sink in an enclosed space. ...more info
  • EDV- 1100 Review
    The EDV - 1100 Mechine Works ESP. WELL" The Mechines tank holds about a quart of water , it removes for your room @ a time before you have to empty it. I have it set up in my Gun-Ammo~Loading Room , The room is 12 ft. wide & 24 ft. long and this little mechine has already removed almost 2-quarts of water from the Air in that room in the 35 days I`ve been using it , It sit`s on one of my Reloading tables and run`s 24/7 REAL Quite and does it`s thing QUITE WELL" . I also use Two EDV - 500 Dry units in one each of my 2 Gun-Safes , Since I`ve installed the 1100 unit in the room , The two in the safes have only been Recharged Once in that same 35 day`s , I use to have to recharge those units once a week to keep my Weapons Compleatly Dry" in the Safes..... Dehumidifiers Are Common Thing you HAVE" To Use In Gun Safes" . The Mechine is WELL" Worth the money I spent for it ! I love my mechine and it has a removeble little Clear plastic tank so you can see how much water it has removed from the room , And it will Automaticly Shut down if it get`s Completly full , also has a yellow light on it to aleart you that the Tank needs to be emptyed . The Co. I got it from was a coupla days SLOW" getting it on a truck and shiped to me , but other than that, No" other problems with That" Co. I give the Co. 3 ***`s for slow shipping and the Mechine 10 **********`s , a Great Little Mechine, People ........ David C. Oldham , Mesquite, Texas

    PS: ..... I Also bought one of the EDV - 1100 mechines and had it shiped to my Father n law in Forth Worth Tx. @ the same Time"..... Same Co. , Same Slow Shipping..... But never the less, His mechine is Working VERY" Well in his Loading Room where he has it as well , His room is about 1/2 the size of my room , but his is Working Wonderfuly Also & HE" Love`s it as well ..... He Also Uses One of the EDV - 500 unit`s in his Gun Safe in that Room , And for the Last 35 day`s , That unit has NOT" Been Recharged and doesn`t need it .... Prob. for @-Least another 2 -too 3 Week`s I would guess after looking at it today . The EDV - 500 Unit`s Work VERY" Well Also..... 10 -********** `s for those unit`s as well ! ...more info
  • don't buy this product
    i saw the reviews, and i trust the review and buy the product. however, this is the worst product i never have before. i turned it on and ran over 24 hours in the first day when i got. only one drop in the container. finally, i have to ship the product back, and i need to cover the shipping by myself $11. this is mean i pay $11 for nothing but a lot of time.

    don't buy this product. ...more info
  • Eva Dry 1100
    This dehumidifier has made my son's college dorm room much more comfortable. It is the perfect size & they hardly know it's there because it is very quiet. I highly recommend this product for a small room. ...more info