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Product Description

RIGHT? Light Nutrition Shakes are new health foods developed by Bill Phillips, founder and former owner of EAS and developer of Myoplex. RIGHT Light is sugar free, fat free, and 100% naturally flavored and sweetened. With only 130 calories per serving, it is an ideal meal for those looking to reduce calories and become lighter. And with 22 grams of pure whey protein isolate and 23 vitamins and minerals in each satisfying RIGHT Light shake, it helps ensure you're getting the quality nutrients your body needs to become stronger and healthier. Now available in drink mix powder and coming soon in nutrition bars and ready-made shakes for added convenience.

  • 22 g Whey Protein, 11g Carbs, Fat Free and Sugar Free
  • 23 Vitamins and Minerals - Supports Well Being and Health
  • 150 mg Green Tea Extract - Proven Effective Natural Anti-Oxidant
  • Naturally Flavored and Sweetened - Free of Aspartame and Sucralose
  • Only 130 Calories - Feel Lighter and Leaner

Customer Reviews:

  • Right Light is Fantastic
    You will not find a better meal replacement product anywhere. It tastes fantastic. No sugars no fat only pure nutrition from the Master of nutrition Bill Phillips.

    With this product I have loaded a ton of new muscle on my body and I feel 20 years younger. For anyone following a diet and exercise program this is a key to great new health and vitality......more info
  • At last, a chemical -free nutrition shake
    I love the fact that these are all natural, easy to blend either in a blender or in a shaker and taste great. I've searched for a natural nutrition shake for a while and could never find one that tasted as good as these. It took me a while to find the right amout of water to mix with it that would allow me to digest it without too much issue, but I have a very sensitive stomach, so it could just be me. I just blend with 1.5 times the water indicated and have experienced perfect digestion!...more info
  • The "RIGHT SHAKE" for ME!
    I have sampled many protein shakes over the years including a well known brand. I was using this brand until I was given a sample of Right Light. I have found the perfect shake for me. Right Light Shakes are all natural and keeps me satisfied. It is great as a recovery drink after a hard cardio workout when eaten with a banana. I don't own a blender; just add water to a shaker. It blends beautifully; no fuss, no mess, and no clunks like other protein shakes that I have tried that require a blender. I am an on the go person and don't have time to pull out a blender and add fruit, etc. If I had to pick one the Vanilla is my favorite but the Chocolate flavor is my afternoon pickup to reduce the cravings of wanting other chocolate. It is expensive but worth it to know there are no "junk" ingredients in this protein shake including cholesterol. Thanks Mr. Phillips. Will there be a Strawberry flavor in the future? ...more info
  • Tastes GREAT!
    I absolutely LOVE Right Light Vanilla! Low calorie meal replacement - tastes a lot like yellow cake batter! YUM! Every day I have a Right Light Starbucks coffee: 12 oz water, 1 instant Starbucks coffee, 1 Right Light Vanilla packet and 1/4 t. Cinnamon. Mix this together with some ice cubes and you have a cool summertime coffee TREAT! I'll be back to buy MORE soon!...more info
  • Great Shake! Nice balance of protein and carb concious
    If you're looking for a solid nutritional meal replacement shake then RIGHT is an excellent choice. I like this vanilla version best because you can alter the flavor easily with just an extra ingredient or two. This instant shake packs in 22g of protein along with a lower 11g of carbs. That is perfect for those who want to have protein and low carbs their diet - anybody doing BODY FOR LIFE will appreciate the ease of this. Bill Phillips developed these shakes for his own personal use, and you can tell the ingredients are truly top notch. The taste is good, and these are the right size for a meal replacement. These are certainly a great value and a superior product.

    Oh, and did I mention that the Right Foundation does charitable work? Yep, buying this shake helps fund gym memberships and nutrition for those who need assistance in harsh times. So not only are you helping yourself, but you're helping out someone else simultaneously!

    Some say the flavor is like cake batter, but it's not quite that heavy or sweet. I like to add a banana to mine to give it a tropical flavor. That certainly adds some carbs to the mix, but since the Light only has 11g of carbs to start with it makes sense. Overall it has a nice consistency, and should please fans of nutrition shakes.

    Can you find cheaper? Sure. But you will be getting a lot of fake sweetner and run the risk of it not delivering what it promises. What I trust is the name, Bill Phillips. He has always stood behind his products as pure and uncompromising. That's a big deal for me when I consider I am trying to build a better body along the way. ...more info
  • Excellent Product
    This is a very good product. I have used other nutrition shakes for years and this RightLight product surpasses them by far. It does not have artificial sweeteners. It has a great balance of protein, nutrients and vitamins. Oh by the way, it is easier to digest than other popular brands in the market....more info
  • Loooove these shakes!
    This is the 1st vanilla shake that Ive found that actually tastes YUMMY! (They are not super sweet like so many other brands I have tried..they are just RIGHT!)Since adding 2 Right lights shakes a day to my meal plan, I've dropped inches and they are so fast & easy! Thanks Bill..I looove these!...more info


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