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Sweet Almond Mint is the perfect balance of nourishing herbs and natural ingredients designed to hydrate and replenish hair that has been damaged due to shampoo and other harsh elements. May be used as often as necessary, it thoroughly cleanses hair and scalp without stripping them of their natural oils, providing it with added moisture, strength and sheen.

Customer Reviews:

  • Not as expected
    I had great expectations for this product, but it fell far,far short! This may be fine for really problem hair, and then only once a month, because the product, though thoroughly rinsed out,does build up on your hair and weighs it down and dulls it. It's very expensive and not at all worth the money....more info
  • Ok Product...not hydrating enough for my curls
    I really like the idea of this product, and before I declare it a stinker I will say that the Fig all in one may be a better fit for me. This almond mint cleanser hydrates satisfactorily but not to the extent I would have expected. I have shoulder length corkscrew curls that are color treated.

    If you have dry hair, I'm going to say try another version of this, while the product will not dissapoint...I'm willing to bet...like me, the Almond Mint will not WOW ya....more info
  • Overpriced and doesn't clean your hair.
    I really had high hopes for this product. I wash my hair everyday and was looking for a product that would be less drying and that would smooth my medium-thick asian hair.
    I actually tried the sample pack with the three different varieties (cucumber, lavendar and sweet almond mint) hoping that I would find one formulation that I liked.
    The verdict - my hair never felt clean and it was no softer/shinier than if I had used Pantene (my normal shampoo and conditioner). I tried to follow the instructions properly - you have to use alot of product - but my hair always felt like it had a thick residue on it.
    For the price, this product should be life-altering and it's far from it. Actually I would not even recommend it as a leave-in conditioner because it is quite heavy.
    I do realize everyone has different hair types so this product may work differently for you. This has just been my experience and I hope it helps!...more info
  • Star struck...at first
    I tried a small bottle of this product after hearing so much about it and loved it. So I forked out the big bucks for a giant size bottle and 1/4 of the way into it it seems to be losing its magic. The instructions say the longer you use it the better the results, but that's not happening for me. Also a big thumbs down for the company behind the product. I was so excited about the product at first that I told EVERYONE about it. I emailed the company a couple of times asking if they had some kind of referal program (since I own a womens shoe store, meet lots of women every week and know that referal business is what drives success) but never got a reply one way or the other. Oh well WEN, you're a falling star!...more info
  • Wen
    Awesome product, I was sceptical but this really works, I am hooked. Wish it was not so expensive as I am going to have to buy more!!! My hair is soft, full and healthy after using this product, and believe me, my hair was stringy and dry beforehand, and I was having problems with breakage. No more!!!...more info
  • Awesome Product
    I absolutely LOVE this product. I was worried at first that my hair wouldn't feel clean, but it does and my way over-processed hair has come back to life!! This product smells great, it cleans and conditions and my hair isn't as dry and frizzy as it used to be! I've actually gotten more compliments on my hair then ever. I definately recommend this product. ...more info
  • Like this product very much
    I ordered this product off of the TV commercial and liked it so much I came onto Amazon and purchased it. Be careful if you have bought the product off TV first because what they don't tell you is that it is a "membership" therefore you get three monthy deliveries of the product and they charge your card three seperate times. I had used up my frst batch and decided to ordered more on Amazon; then all of a sudden I am receiving two packages of Wen Hair Care. One from Amazon and a "surprise" on from Chaz Dean....more info
  • Delivers gorgeous hair!
    I was up late one night and ran into the infomercial for this from Chaz Dean and I was sucked in! I ended up ordering it from their website and got the "kit" and the membership like the other reviewer mentioned. WATCH OUT for that!! They send it to you every three months unless you cancel and it's rather spendy. They don't just send you the cleansing conidtioner either, they send you the mask too, which I have yet to use.
    I do love the comb that the kit came with and the styling creme. I think it's best to order the kit, then cancel the membership right away and just reorder from Amazon or HSN what you like best.

    But onto the product and the results. My hair has NEVER been more beautiful! I LOVE this stuff!!! My hair is naturally a little oily at times, flat, and lacks volume. It can look frizzy sometimes too. The Wen makes is so smooth and silky and not oily at all. I have longer hair, past my shoulders and I don't use the amount as directed because I found it was a little too much for me, as my hair is pretty fine. You just have to try and find out what amount of product works best for you. Once you get that down, you'll LOVE IT!! I got my sister hooked on this product after she came and stayed w/ me for a couple weeks. She now uses it too. I asked my hairdresser about it and she said she personally hadn't used it but had several other clients who raved about it also.

    I wash my hair with it like directed as far as it's the first thing I put on and the last thing I rinse off. I also use a pump or two of it as a leave in conditioner. It smells HEAVENLY!! So does the stlying creme. I love that stuff too!

    ...more info
  • Wonderful! Makes hair manageable without damage
    This product is great. I have naturally curly and highlighted hair, which means that it also tends to be quite dry. I have used it for a month now and have decided to let my hair grow out a little because it is so much easier to work with. So the last time I went to my hairdresser for highlights, I said just to trim off the ends because I am letting it grow. She said I could skip a trim this month, because there weren't any split ends. This is a first.

    I also use the "sweet almond mint body, bath and hair oil" after towel drying. Probably about 12 small drops. It makes my hair so soft. Just don't put too much on. Experiment, but I guarantee if you have dry hair, using the oil, mainly on the ends will cure it!...more info
  • Cheaper way to go
    I also ordered my first batch through the TV add. It works pretty good. It seemed really great at first b/c it was new on my hair. Now I would say it just works pretty good. I'll continue to use it b/c I like not having to use the damaging shampoo on my hair. I ordered by next bottle through Amazon. The same thing happened to me as the previous reviewer. My orginal order from TV signed me up for a membership (something that you don't need to agree to - it's just written in the fine print). I didn't appreciate that so I ended up cancelling my order and had to pay to ship what they sent me back. Because they signed me up without my consent I took advantage of their 60 day money back guarentee and sent my original bottle back in with the new shipment. I received a full refund for all bottles, less the shipping. I now buy from Amazon. I think this conditioner is WAY TOO EXPENSIVE so I've come up WITH A CHEAP TIP. I use just 2 pumps of the Wen conditioner and add in my Enjoy brand conditioner to make it last longer. After conditioning my hair, I use one more pump of the Wen conditioner as a leave in conditioner. I don't see a difference in adding in my own conditioner vs. using just the Wen. I think the 2 pumps of the Wen do the job to clean my hair so I'm happy to save the money. ...more info
  • Wen hair care Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner delivers what it promises.
    I saw the commercial on TV for this product. It does exactly what you see. I used it once and will never go back to shampoo again. My hair is soft, shiny, and healthy looking. I absolutely love it!...more info
  • jajaken
    I bought this product for my granddaughter and myself. Her hair is problematic and this product has brought shine and manageability to her otherwise drab lifeless hair. It has also helped bring the natural shine and body to my thin and fine graying hair with so little care. Though the cost seems high, the products I don't have to buy have made it a bargain and afforded us both with beautiful results as well as ease of care....more info
  • Amazing
    This stuff is fabulous! The ends of my hair aren't brittle and crunchy anymore and my hair is always clean and soft. It's not weighed down or greasy and smells pretty good. Try it. You'll like it. ...more info
  • I Love this Product! Never Switching Back to Shampoo
    I have to admit I saw this product one evening on an infomercial. It intrigued me, but like any infomercial I was skeptical so I read many many reviews to see how well a cleansing conditioner worked. I found mixed reviews. I hate buying straight from infomercial sites, because 9/10 times there is usually an automatic renewal shipping which I hate (and WEN does). So I was thrilled when I found this on Amazon, like everything else I can find on amazon. I am a die hard amazon fan and devoted customer. :)

    Now on to the actual product review. It took a little getting used to and I did see improved results after about a good month of use. Meaning it took that long to adjust to how much I should use, technique, etc. I was a die hard Burt's Bees shampoo / conditioner fan before I switched over. I have finer hair that never really could get enough moisture from conditioners. The ends would always feel dry, no matter how often I go for trims. My hair would also snag and tangle easily also, as well as being really really frizzy. This cleansing conditioner calmed my hair and really moisturized it. It doesn't feel heavy, doesn't look greasy, and I have no more fly away hairs.

    My routine. To give an idea of how much I use. This is according to the 32 oz tall bottle (I found one pump from the tall bottle is about equal to 2 pumps from the small bottle - if you are pumping slow). It is true, more is better. I have medium to fine hair that comes to the bottom of my bra strap in the middle of my back. I will wet down my hair thoroughly and apply 5-7 full slow pumps to the top of my head to start out. I will then apply 3-5 slow pumps to the sides of my head by my temples, concentrating by my ear (which tends to be a grease spot for me if I do not clean there well enough). I then apply about 10 slow pumps to the ends of the hair, working up to my scalp. I will then pile my hair on top of my head and message while adding 2-3 pumps to the pile and work to the back of my head and nape of my neck. I will then cup my hands to catch some water and splash it to the top of my head. It may sound a bit ridiculous, but it does really help with promoting the lather (it doesn't foam though). I then let my hair down and take a fine tooth comb and comb through my hair once to remove tangles and dead loose hair (starting at the ends and working my way up). I will then apply 2-3 more pumps, quickly message, and wind my hair up and clip it. I leave my hair soak while I wash my body, face, shave, etc. I then rinse my hair thoroughly. This is so important - rinsing thoroughly.

    The directions do recommend to give a 1-2 pump and message into the ends after showering as a leave in conditioner. I do not leave any in. I found that did make my hair look a bit greasy afterwords. I would probably do that before swimming though, haven't tried it yet though.

    Once I exit the shower with thoroughly rinsed hair. I will blot my hair dry with a towel, wet my hands, then apply two pumps of the WEN Sweet almond mint styling creme, concentrating at the ends and length of the hair. I stay away from my temples, but what ever is left on my hands I will then run through the top of my head. I do not blow dry my hair, I leave it dry naturally.

    I think the most important thing that helps eliminate my fly aways is I do not comb or brush my hair when it is wet anymore (except while showering with the cleansing conditioner in it). I just use my fingers until my hair is completely air dried, for my hair does not tangle anymore after using this cleansing conditioner. I have noticed my hair is slowly becoming more wavy with body and I am finding less and less hair left in the drain of the shower.

    I hope this reviewed helped and is a bit insightful.
    ...more info
  • Good substitution for shampoo
    When I washed my hair everyday with shampoo (no matter what brand and even when advertized as "moisturizing") it left my hair dry and frizzy. And if I didn't wash every day I could only go maybe two-three days at most-just rinsing and conditioning before it was too dirty and limp to stand. WEN cleansing conditioner does what its name says. It does clean the hair down to the scalp (I'm not sure how?!) and leaves it with lift and body, and smoothes down the frizzies. I was skeptical that it would leave the hair oily and limp, but it doesn't.
    Unfortunately it is much more expensive than an equal amount of shampoo - which I would call its only major drawback. ...more info


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