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Product Description

Lavender Cleansing Conditioner is enriched by the calming, soothing, relaxing and invigorating properties of lavender that also stimulates the scalp to promote healthy, hair growth. While the creamy formulation wont weight down hair, it is rich in moisture and works exceptionally well on dry, dehydrated hair to create body and volume. May be used as often as necessary or as a leave-in conditioner to aid in strengthening hair follicles.

Customer Reviews:

  • already did this
    i already wrote a review and amazon fixed the problem I had with the order...more info
  • Love it, and I'm picky!
    OK, let me begin by saying that I did not give the styling creme or hair oil 5 stars, but I definitely think this product is a winner.

    I have very curly, fine hair and, quite frankly, my scalp "sweats" a lot, so I usually feel like my scalp is dirty even when my hair isn't. Since using this product, I rarely feel the 'dirty scalp' sensation.

    I was concerned about the time involved, but if I do the 2 minute scalp wash then comb through at the very beginning, by the time I've finished the rest of my shower it's been 3-5 minutes. This product rinses easily.

    Also, I stopped washing my hair every day (per my stylist's instruction) and have gone to every two to three days. Since using Wen, my hair always feels clean, even on "in between" days.

    Overall, I do think my chemically highlighted hair feels better since using this product. The smell is OK, but I haven't noticed that it stays once the hair is dry.

    I will continue to buy Wen cleansing conditioner.

    ...more info
  • Wen Lavendar Cleansing Conditioner
    Wen is the first hair cleaning product I am not allergic to. My hair stays clean longer and has more body. I love it!...more info
  • It's worth giving up shampoo forever!
    I love my lavender cleansing conditioner so very much! i condition every day now. Before I couldn't shampoo that often, my hair just wasn't happy that way. Now it always looks great!...more info
  • win with wen
    I have been using Wen cleansing conditioners for almost 2 years now and I wouldn't give my hair anything else, especially since I only wash it every other day or two, on occasion 3. My hair responds wonderfully to it as if it were younger than 50. The tub drain takes its non-chemical natural ingredients down better as well. I find that using Wen on all body parts with hair makes the hair softer so I hope that a "body soap" is created by Chaz Dean one day soon....more info
  • Lavendar is my fav
    I really do love this product. I have used the Almond Mint and really like that one too. I used the Fig and HATED it!
    I have caucasian hair, that is really curly. I do dye my hair. This keeps my hair soft and smooth. I do still need mouse or gel to tame the flyways. My hair always feels and smells clean....more info
  • smells increditble
    This stuff works great, feels great on your hair and smells incredible. I've been using it about 6 months now and have much fewer split ends and my hair holds curl better now....more info
  • Wen Delivers!
    First, the fragrance is like a lavender field in Provence. The product doesn't lather like conventional shampoos but when used as instructed, the sensation is tingly and unmistakably clean. My usually fine and limp hair was noticeably glossier, softer and more manageable with no flyaway friz. My scalp which can feel tight and dry especially in the winter felt simply refreshed. I was skeptical about the hype, but Wen delivers on its promise. ...more info


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