Royal Sovereign ARP-4009 Portable Air Conditioner 9,000 BTU

List Price: $400.99

Our Price: $400.99

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  • Self Evaporating Technology - No buckets to empty
  • BTU Performance certified in accordance with ASHRAE 128.2001 standards
  • 3 speed fan with adjustable louvers and auto-oscillation
  • Sleep mode for comfort and savings
  • No additional accessories needed: Window Kit and Remote Control included

 Customer Reviews:

  • Most functions work fine but...
    I ordered this from Costco. It arrived and I set it up without much trouble. I had to trim the window insert for the vent. it was a few inches to long. No big deal.

    Noise level is acceptable. It's a Air Conditioner after all, it's going to make noise. Cooling ability is good. Even comes with a remote! Allows you to change what it does and at what temperature it kicks on. Only thing is you wouldn't be able to see what temperature you changed it to, since you are probably on the other side of the room.

    Nothing exciting. It's all I expected it would do.

    Now the problem I'm having with it is actually changing the temperature on the unit. Remote or on the AC unit itself, it wont change the temp. the ac comes on at. Which isn't good since it's constantly running. I would have to shut the whole thing down. I visited there website for support but it's rather annoying. You can get to the FAQ just fine. Although once you set your account up and go to submit problem/question, it goes to that page but before you can click on anything, it redirects you to the FAQ. I spent probably 10 minutes with the Stop and back page button on my browser in order to get that page to stay. I would have to say that is pretty shady. Luckily I got in but I doubt anyone would have as much patience as I do....more info