Royal Sovereign ARP-5012X Portable Air Conditioner Dual Hose 12,000 BTU

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  • Self evaporating technology - no buckets to empty
  • Dual Hose design will cool the room more quickly and conserve energy
  • Auto restart will restart unit when power resumes after a power failure
  • BTU Performance certified in accordance with ASHRAE 128.2001 standards
  • Cool, contemporary design

 Customer Reviews:

  • Does the job
    Previously had a 9,000 BTU unit with one hose which couldn't keep up. This unit has 2 hoses and 12,000 BTU. It does a nice job and is no louder than the old unit. The air which comes out is ice cold and during the dog days of summer I run it all day long. It keeps a giant living room/ dining / kitchen comfortable....more info
  • Fantastic Unit - Portable Units Must be Dual Hose to Work
    Consumer Reports latest article on air conditioners does not mention this, but their previous article on a/c's said that only portable units with dual hoses would work. Single hose units simply did not work. This unit is equally powerful to any window unit, it is a dream. As far as space goes, it is designed efficiently, but it does require a decent amount of space. The thermostat works perfectly as compared to a separate thermometer I have in the apartment. I have medium sized studio in New York City and I must set the thermostat otherwise it gets entirely too cold. It was easy to install. My window is 50" wide so the installation kit did not reach the full width of the window. The noise that the unit makes is what I would label white noise - I can talk on the phone just fine, but I probably make the TV a little louder. It's just the noise of the blower. It is not silent, and for my studio, I can't hide it out of the way, but it does not cause me any impairment by its operating noise.

    I want to be clear that I am just trying to cover the points about this air conditioner, and my overall review of this product is that it has FAR FAR FAR exceeded my expectations and this is the most amazing unit I have ever owned. Particularly for how extremely well the thermostat works. Also, the ability of this unit to dehumidify the air makes the room EXTREMELY comfortable. This item was the single best money I have spent on my apartment for anything, ever. I cannot say enough good things about it. This company makes the same model with a heater if you can use that. (Also, this unit operates as a dehumidifier by itself, which I look forward to using.)

    May I say that occasionally I see Amazon users complain about damage to large and/or heavy products. This is the type of item that you seriously should buy Amazon Prime Membership for. I bought the membership for $79, and I got this item overnight for $3.99. When you get the item overnight, you do not have to worry about all that time the item spends on a truck risking damage over the several days it takes to get to you. And of course that $79 lasts you an entire year of the benefits of Prime. I have had Prime in the past and I signed up again to buy this A/C. The box arrived in perfect condition. I don't think people realize that this is a benefit and saves them so much trouble and aggravation so I thought I would suggest it here....more info
  • Not very effective...
    I purchased this from Costco just recently, and I have the problem that I have found is with the vent. No matter how you position it, the air is pretty much directed straight up. This is great if your standing right above it, but doesn't really help to cool the room down by circulating the air horizontally. ie I'd stand like 5 feet away and the air there would be somewhat warm. I think the design is lacking in regards to this. I had to modify things a bit by placing a thicker cardboard sheet in the vent in order to direct the airflow a bit better so it blows across the room. Granted the air that it generates is very cold, but if only it could direct it well! I think I will end up returning this to costco and buying the Danby 12000btu model, as looking at the design it appears the vent is located more towards the front of the unit rather than right at the top....more info
  • Elegant and convenient, but not sure about poweful
    I purchased this from Costco for $[...] shipped. It is replacing a 8400BTU Everstar AC Unit. My living room is 15 x 16 or so and this thing takes some time to cool it down. I live in san Gabriel, CA so it's about 95 degrees outside. This unit has been blowing for over 2 hours. When it went on it read 80 degrees and two hours later it fluctuates between 79 and 80. It does feel cool, but not sure why it can't cool the room down at 2p in the afternoon. maybe it's just too hot outside and my insulation isn't good enough.

    I have to say it's much more powerful than the Everstar 8400 but I can't say I'm impressed. At 12,000 BTU and dual hose you'd think it be better. Maybe it's just my house. It was also supposed to come with 8 screws for the window kit but only had 4 and the screws are small and don't fit the purpose well because the kit can come off and it's annoying. Otherwise no other gripes....more info
  • I have this same model except mine has the heat pump.
    I have a 15x16ft room I'm using this unit in. Yeah, the square footage is a lowly 240sq ft., but my other 10000btu unit from royal sovereign couldn't cut it. My apartment is on the 3rd floor with large windows and close to non-existent insulation (early early 1900s building).

    I had the royal sovereign ARP-1000EX, which is 10000 BTU's, but that thing couldn't keep up with my apartment. It would create cool air, but wouldn't cool the room. Besides that it was HELLA loud.

    With the ARP-5012XH unit, it is about 10 times quieter on max fan speed than the other unit on the lowest fan speed. I can watch TV at a normal volume, and I can have a conversation on the phone with this unit on.

    Also, this thing cools very effectively. I don't know what is different than the other unit, but it works. The air that comes out of it is VERY cold, and cools my room very effectively. It even cools the room while the door is open the whole time! That's how nice it is.

    I highly recommend this!! It works very nicely and it looks very upscale and expensive also. It is easy to use, and if you get this same unit with the heat pump, it will heat up your room too! (It heats up my apartment up nicely in San Francisco, but I doubt it'll do the job in say Minnesota)...more info