Turbo Jam Maximum Results DVD Set - 6 Workouts with Weighted Gloves [DVD]

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  • 6 Turbo Jam Workouts [DVD] - Learn & Burn; Turbo Sculpt; 20 Minute Workout; Ab Jam; Cardio Party; and Punch, Kick, Jam
  • Turbo Sculpting Gloves - get ripped even faster!
  • Turbo Results fitness and nutrition guide; "Elite 11" flash cards; Turbo Slim? diet plan; Measurement Tracker & Tape
  • Segment Timer

Customer Reviews:

  • Turbo Jam
    I love this Lady Chalene. She is creates happiness inside of me and enthusiasm for exercise and myself!!!! I always feel invigorated and happy after the 20 minute video exercise much like many do after their morning coffee lol:)...more info
  • Jam it Up!
    This is a GREAT workout! You will see results. You have so much energy when you are done and you know you have done something good for your body!...more info
  • Good product but Beachbody will charge you for items not ordered
    My wife loves the TurboJam DVDs. But, a year after buying them on Amazon, Beachbody decided they would charge our credit card for some vitamins that we didn't order and then make us pay return shipping to send them back. We have not received a refund yet after returning the vitamins at our cost.

    If you order anything from Beachbody, use a temporary credit card number (offered online by many bank website) so Beachbody cannot charge you for products you did not order....more info
  • The *BEST* workout I have ever owned--and I've had MANY!
    First of all, I would like to think of myself as a workout video expert:0) Over the years, I have had close to 100 or so.
    Really though, when you don't/can't go to a gym, I would highly recommend TURBO JAM or any of Chalene's videos.
    She starts out doing a "Learn and Burn" instructional portion, followed by a short cardio workout that is optional. You can do these until you are comfortable doing a bit longer ones. She also has videos that include using weights, weighted gloves and bands.
    They range from 15 minutes to almost an hour, so if you are on a time crunch it's nice to have options.
    It's not only that, but she is VERY INSPIRING and has SO MUCH ENERGY. I love her spunk and motivation, I really think that is the best part. The music is pretty good but also high energy.
    She also has suggestions doing lower impact versions or if you are feeling your oats, higher impact.
    I have the complete Turbo Jam collection as well as the new ChaLean Extreme. Even when I try to do other videos, none compare....more info
  • Turbo Jam Maximum Results DVD Set
    This is an awesome workout!! It is extremely motivating and keeps you moving! It really burns the inches! Thank you Turbo Jam!...more info
  • good for people that like to dance......
    this is a very good workout over all. has good combinations of strength training and cardio. Most of the trainers act cheesy and the "lead" trainer is the corniest of them all. But, this dvd series wasn't meant for entertainment, so if provides what it advertises. It was good for my wife, but after about the third time i decided all the dancing and corny music just wasn't my type of workout. Very good workout though! ...more info
  • I LOVE Turbo Jam!
    This "Maximum Results" set was my first experience with Turbo Jam. I was desperate for a a way to lose some weight, after hitting a major plateau from my walking routine. I purchased this set and got to work right away. FYI, I am definitely not a "dance" type, and tend to be quite uncoordinated, so I took it very slow and did only the "Learn and Burn" segments for a few weeks. When I had that down to a T, I moved on to the 20-minute quick burn workout. After mastering the 20- minute routine (about 3-4 weeks), I started doing the 40-minute cardio party. Eventually I added in the Turbo Sculpt and the Punch, Kick and Jam routines as well. By doing it in a progression this way, not only did I keep myself from feeling overwhelmed learning the moves and choreography, but it allowed me to build up my stamina and endurance as well. I strongly recommend this method for anyone who is out of shape, or who, like me, is slow to learn anything that requires physical coordination :)
    So, the result--it's now 13 months later and I'm still a hard-core Turbo Jammer. I have ordered some of the other sets and love them too. I have lost about 50 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size 10/12. I haven't been this small since I was 17, and I'm 32 now with 2 kids! I have a very slow metabolism, so this hasn't been easy--I workout (mostly Turbo Jam, but sometimes jogging) 5 days a week, about an hour a day, and I changed my eating habits as well. Not dieting, but just eating what I should be--fresh fruits and veggies, lean protein, light dairy, and whole grains. The thing with Turbo Jam is not that it's a "magic bullet", but that it's effective at working the whole body, and it's fun enough to keep you coming back for more. I actually look forward to Turbo Jamming (most of the time anyway!). Turbo Jam has been an awesome tool for me to utilize to achieve these results. The people in my life cannot believe how fit I am, and how dramatically my appearance has changed in the last year. I feel great and encourage anyone to try Turbo Jam and really be dedicated to making a healthy lifestyle change....more info
  • A Great Buy
    I bought this work-out program and I love it. It is fun and doesn't feel like exercise. I recommend it to anyone who needs to lose weight and have fun while doing it....more info
  • Ouch!
    I very much wanted to love this DVD set...but every time I tried to workout with Turbo Jam, I had to stop less than 10 minutes in because my back hurt so badly. There's too much twisting and gyrating for this to a safe workout for your back. BE WARNED: all consumers with back pain, or a weak back, this is NOT a good work out for you. Try something more like pilates or yoga.

    I will admit that it would have been a good cardio workout if it hadn't been so damaging. ...more info
    I absolutely love it!! I have so much fun doing turbo jam and I told all my friends that they should get it!! Martial art and dancing!! It's great! everything came in perfect condition and I am very happy with it!...more info
  • Feel the burn and SWEAT
    Very fun, upbeat, heart pumping workout. A great workout mixed with kickboxing, dancing, and karate all in one. works your entire body. Great workout with or without the gloves. I can tell a difference already I have been using for only a week but i have used it for 6days with a day break. It doesnt even feel like your excersing. You get plenty of diffrent excerise options so you dont get bored. I highly recommend....more info
  • It is worth the money!
    I ordered this product off the tv several months ago. I must say that this workout has really changed my body. First off I'm athletic to beggin with and I was looking for a workout that would take off those few pesky pounds from my waist. It WORKed! I highly recomend. You just have to keep at it and it will work!...more info
  • Lost 20 pounds
    I have already lost 20 lbs. thanks to Turbo Jam. It has changed my life. There's no stopping me now!...more info
  • Meeting My Expectations
    I first heard of Turbo Jam on a late night infomercial. When I went to BeachBody.com, I learned a little more about the product but I didn't want to pay the advertised price. Then I went to Amazon.com, where I found this great deal! I was a little apprehensive at first, but Greatbuyanddeals is a fabulous reseller. I got my Turbo Jam package a week earlier than I expected WITH everything that was supposed to be included. I absolutely LOVE Turbo Jam! The best part is that I get a great workout... that I can tailor to the amount of time I have to dedicate to exercising each day AND I don't have to pay a gym membership fee!...more info


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