Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator
Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator

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Wake to Your Own Personal Sunrise. Naturally. Why Waking Up is Hard to Do: Traditional Alarm Clocks wake you with a sudden jolt of noise that interrupts you final stage of sleep, causing a condition known as sleep latency that makes it hard to get out of bed. The effects of sleep latency can last all day. A Better Way to Wake Up - Naturally. Your body knows when to go to sleep and when to wake up from the light/dark signals it receives. Unlike the sudden jolt of your alarm clock, your Daybreak provides a natural sunrise that wakes you gradually. By gradually pulling you from the final stages of sleep into wakefulness, you'll wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go - no jarring alarm, no feeling like you just woke up. You'll Sleep Better, too. Your Daybreak can help you get more from your sleep cycle in two important ways: First, waking up gradually to sunrise simulation allows your body to fully complete its final sleep stage. This also sets your body clock's sleep timer so that you fall asleep more easily at bedtime. Is it any wonder that many of us have a hard time sleeping? We have all sorts of lights on in our homes, then quickly turn them off and expect to fall right asleep. Sometimes it can take 30 minutes or more before our bodies are ready for sleep. The second way your Daybreak helps with sleep is by providing a sunset simulation - a gradual decrease in light that tells your body clock to slow down. By replicating nature's sunset, you're giving your body clock the signal it needs to know that it's time to go to sleep. Get Up on the Right Side of Your Day. Begin every morning with your Daybreak, and see how easy it is to get going. Research has shown that getting the right amount of light before you wake can get your body clock started properly, and start your morning refreshed.

  • Sunrise Mode - Set your wake time, Daybreak does the rest. Adjustable Sunrise from 15 minute to 2 hours.
  • Sunset Mode - Signals your body clock that it's time to fall asleep (great for putting children to bed!).
  • Dual AM/FM Radio Alarm - In case you'd like some music with your sunrise.
  • Orange Backlit Touch Screen - Ultra easy to use and won't disturb your sleep like white, blue, or green displays.
  • Adjustable Screen Intensity - Bright during the day, auto-dims during sleeping hours

Customer Reviews:

  • Why did it take decades for someone to create an "alarm" clock like this?
    This is a sunrise simulator rather than an alarm clock, and as such, it can be said to be something of a sleep assistant or even a sleep management system. This thing might well change my life.

    It's easy to set up, easy to adjust the settings, all the buttons -- both physical and touchscreen -- work. My bedroom lamp came on over the course of 45 minutes and woke me up smoothly, like God intended. I can say that, because God created sunrises, to which humans have awakened for eons, rather than having their sleep shattered by obnoxious alarm clocks.

    The brightness of the display has exactly two settings, and is either manual or automatic, but not adjustable. Meaning, you can have the display be either bright or dim by way of a button, or if you have the sunrise simulation set (and who is going to buy this thing and NOT set it?), the display autmatically dims eight hours prior to the set wake time so as not to disturb your sleep. I think that's good in that it encourages people to go to bed eight hours before they plan on getting up. And the bright setting is quite bright and the dim setting is very dim, which is good. The thought and engineering that went into this is obvious.

    The buttons on the touchscreen are actually responsive to being touched, and give a satisfying beep when used. The 9-volt battery back-up is one of the more over-engineered things I've ever seen. Usually, installing a battery involves merely pressing on a piece of plastic before sliding it out of the way, and then inserting the battery up against something spring-loaded, and then putting the piece of plastic back. You know what I'm talking about and it's no sweat. This thing, man, I wrestled with it for 15 minutes nonstop. It demands that the battery be inserted just so, and requires a screwdriver, for crying out loud. But once you get it done, it's done.

    Gone are the days of not being really awake. Gone are the rude awakenings 5 days of the week, every week. Gone is the night owl lifestyle because of marathon sleep sessions due to sleep deprivation on most days. Now I can get up early, because I won't have the blaring of the alarm clock in the pitch black darkness pi**ing me off and needing to be silenced.

    Blue-tinted, natural light incandescent bulbs are highly recommended, since they give off light more like the blue/white of sunrises rather than the yellow/orange/red of sunsets....more info
  • Great clock so far
    I used to struggle to get out of bed every morning despite 4 different alarms, and then I felt like a zombie all day - totally exhausted. As the sunrise started to occur later and later each morning (but I still had to be awake and out the door before it got light), I got really desperate to find a sunrise alarm clock. I researched several different models and finally decided on this one. I liked that I could use my own lamp, as with other models, but this one also had a radio. I listen to the radio while I get ready in the morning and really didn't want a separate clock and radio in the bedroom.

    I was nervous about ordering this clock since it had just come out, it was expensive and there were no reviews - but I was desperate! I am very happy with it so far, but like another reviewer mentioned, I wish there was a "sleep" function for the radio. That is my only complaint after a month. I am no longer exhausted and groggy all day at work. I still use the buzzer (light beeping describes it better) at the end of the sunrise, but many mornings I wake up a couple minutes before the buzzer just from the light - and my current lamp is just 40 watts. I also use the sunset every night to fall asleep. The backlight doesn't bother me at all, as another reviewer said. It is also very easy to use and set the times.

    Overall I am pleased with this clock and recommend it to anyone who wants to wake up more naturally using your own light source....more info
  • interesting concept
    The packaging for this clock leaves something to be desired. The front plastic was a little dirty and scratched, which left me wondering if this clock was new or used.

    1. nice touch screen with audible beeps
    2. nice orange color, very soothing
    3. great fine tuned control of reading lamp
    4. sturdy quality of build
    5. nice digital radio tuner built in

    1. expensive!
    2. no built in CD player (for this price..)

    Some people complained that the display is too bright during the night? I thought it was just perfect. I really love the orange color, it feels really soothing!

    Waking up to a light is a really novel idea. Of course, this goes without saying that it works best if you wake up before the sun rises. If you wake up late, after then sun has risen, then this alarm clock kinda defeats the purpose.

    The sunset simulator however, Initially i thought it would be just a gimic and useless, is surprisingly soothing and relaxing. I was up playing with my iphone while I set this clock for sunset, and as it got dimmer and dimmer, that really made me feel surprisingly sleepy.

    I definitely do feel more refreshed in the mornings.

    I think of this clock of the cadillacs of clocks! It is finally nice to have a clock that actually works/built like it is part of the 21st century.

    I would be dreaming to say, it would be great if this had an iphone charging port to it too. =)...more info
  • Has some flaws
    I am the most difficult person to get awake in the morning, I didn't expect this clock to help, but figured it couldn't hurt. Well, sometimes it does seem to help get my eyes open in the morning, but I certainly don't feel any more awake than usual! But there are a couple of serious design flaws that I think should be addressed by the manufacturer. First, all you have to do is touch the lcd screen to reset the alarm, and as you can see from the pic the lcd is about 1/4 inch away from the snooze button. So if you accidentally touch the lcd when reaching for the snooze button, you will be late for work! The second thing that is annoying is that most alarm clocks have a slider switch that turns on and off the alarm. This one does not, so to shut the alarm off for the weekend is kinda confusing. And third, there really should be a way to adjust the volume for the beep alarm, it is way too quiet, I find myself sleeping right through it, in fact I have been using this new alarm in conjunction with my old one as a backup!...more info
  • Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator
    Best alarm clock ever! I use the sunset function to help me fall asleep (I use the 30 minute setting). The sunrise alarm is awesome! It slowly wakes me up instead of jarring me out of sleep (I use the 90 minute setting). With the gentle wake-up, I feel more relaxed and energetic all day long. I was not tempted to use the snooze function like I did with my old alarm clock. The unit itself is easy to use with on-screen programming. I had everything set up in about 10 minutes. The backlighting auto dims at night or can be set manually. The three radio station presets are really nice. I like that this unit is fairly small and works with my existing lamp. The black one goes with the bedroom decor. I highly recommend this to anyone that has problems falling asleep and problems waking up....more info
  • This product makes such a big difference!
    I recently ordered this product and have been using it for about a week. It is simple to set up and has two alarm settings with choice of light only, alarm beep and/or radio, and a dusk simulator which I really enjoy. The one recommendation I would make is to use it with a 150 watt lamp with a full spectrum light bulb. This made the product much more effective for me.
    Since using the product I have yet to roll over and go back to sleep in the mornings. I wake up easily and am much more alert. I don't feel the need for coffee to get me through the morning. In the evenings I use the dusk simulator and it seems as if I go to sleep much more quickly.
    The only con I can find for this product is that it's face has two backlight settings, one for night and one for day. I would prefer to see it's nighttime display be a bit more dim. Other than that I can't think of any issues that would prevent me from recommending this product....more info
  • Great Simulator
    The Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator works well. I am starting college this year, so it was necessary for me to find an alarm clock that could actually wake me up on time and have energy throughout the day. My psychiatrist recommended Apollo Health, and I couldn't be any more satisfied. I hook it up to my desk lamp positioned towards my bed to help me wake up in the mornings without bothering my roommate. The two alarm settings are useful as well. Overall, I am satisfied with the quality of the Apollo Health DayBreak Duo Dawn/Dusk Simulator....more info
  • It's almost enough to make me a morning person!
    It's such common knowledge that most people hate alarm clocks, right? Most of us are sleep-deprived, need coffee to feel somewhat human, and are only semi-functioning for the first few hours of the day. Why? Blame it on alarm clocks, jolting us awake mid-sleep-cycle and leaving us cranky.

    Enter the DayBreak Duo. No, it won't replenish your 401k or make up for your dad not showing you affection as a kid, but I've never felt more peaceful waking up, and that's worth a lot. We've set it for a variety of different times--everything from 4 to 9:30 am--and it always feels gentle and natural.

    The one interesting thing to get used to is that if you're extremely anal retentive and want to wake up at 6:19 on the dot every day, this will not work for you. Since your body will awake depending on when you went to bed and where you are in the sleep cycle (lots of research went into it, turns out), I've found that I'll wake up anywhere from twenty minutes before to fifteen minutes after the time we set the alarm.

    ...more info
  • use it everyday--dawn then radio!
    I've been using this for about 6 months now. I use it everyday with the dawn simulator and then follow that 30 minutes later with the radio. I personally wake up very easily with light and not so well when it's dark. This makes all the difference in the world for being able to wake up early.

    It's nice to have 3 dim settings on the light--it's spouse friendly. Often I'll use it at the lowest setting if my wife's asleep.

    It works very consistently and looks great. It was easy to set up. I love waking up to light!
    ...more info
  • Almost as good as being able to sleep in
    I used a dawn simulator from another manufacturer as my primary alarm for ten refreshing years. Then, the inexpensive components on the device failed, and I returned to jarring awakenings with a more conventional alarm clock.

    I wanted the dawn simulator again, but buying those same failing components didn't appeal to me. The Apollo promised even more functionality for not much more money.

    Pros: a lot of them. I'll just mention the dead-simple time setting, the built-in radio, and the option of setting two different dawns, with not just light waking you up but also a backup of a chime or radio sounds.

    Cons: about the only one I encounter is the bright orange display which dims somewhat eight hours before your scheduled "dawn," but never dims totally. The remedy for this is to face the clock away from you as you sleep....more info
  • Works surprisingly well
    I've used this for two nights now and I am amazed at how well rested I feel--I haven't felt this good in years. Who knew such a simple concept could make such a difference. It's well made, attractive, and very simple to use. I'll be a fan for life!...more info
  • Flawed but nice. Lamp control benefits are overrated. Only works with incandescent bulbs.
    This is a nice alarm clock, but the price is too steep considering its imperfections.

    The main selling point for this alarm is the wake-to-light feature. I am a heavy sleeper, therefore I'm a bit of a sucker for alarm clocks that promise an easier time waking in the morning. Personally, I really see no benefit from having a lamp slowly increase in brightness next to my bed before the alarm sounds. I've tried different "sunrise" time lengths (it's adjustable), and it really doesn't help me much. I have also tried three different light bulbs of various wattage (60, 100, and 200watt full spectrum bulbs) with no real help. The 200 watt bulb, although deemed acceptable by the manual, made the entire alarm clock get very warm to the touch. There is obviously some benefit to the wake-to-light feature for some people based on other reviews, but if you're a heavy sleeper like me don't expect much. The lamp strictly warns not to use any CFL or LED bulbs, even dimmable CFLs. Only energy-wasting incandescent bulbs can be used with it.

    Another big drawback for heavy sleepers is that the volume of the "buzzer" is not adjustable, so if you need a loud alarm this is product definitely a bad choice. Volume is adjustable for the radio, but it doesn't get very loud either.

    There are several things I do like about this product, and I think it might be a decent choice for people who wake easily. It has a nice easy to read display. The touch controls work well. Setting various alarms and times is easy and intuitive.

    The sound quality of the speaker is decent. The digital tuner on the radio works very well and even brings in weak stations without extending the attached wire antenna. The only drawback to the radio is that it only has three presets and it is difficult to manually tune very far across the dial quickly (you need to press the tune-up and tune-down button once for each 0.1mhz change in frequency).

    The nap timer is a nice option which is lacking on a lot of cheaper discount store units.

    I like the sunset feature that allows you to press a button and have the lamp slowly dim over 30minutes as you get ready for bed.

    If this device was 1/3 the price I'd probably award it 3 or 4 stars. Taking the absurd price into account I would not recommend this at all. A simple appliance timer would allow you to switch on a lamp a few minutes before your alarm sounds and give the same benefit as this clock does for 1/10 the cost.

    ...more info
  • Not a cure-all, but good
    I've had my eye on an alarm clock that uses light to help me wake up for quite some time, but I always imagined it would be an all-in-one unit. Each unit that I looked at that I could afford seemed very cheap, and the reviews weren't so hot. The devices with the good reviews were always expensive, and I would consider this device to be in that category.

    I hesitate purchasing higher-priced items because if they don't work as I think they should, the disappointment is even greater. In the few weeks that I have this device, I have not been disappointed.

    Here are some recommendations and caveats:

    1. Use a lamp with at least a 60W bulb or two. You'll appreciate the brightness.
    2. Do NOT use compact fluorescents (CFLs), even if they're dimmable; dimmable CFLs do not have the required dimming range for this product to work correctly.
    3. DO use a full-spectrum or daylight color-temperature incandescent bulb. As the bulb turns on, it will have that yellowish color of the morning sun, but then turn into full daytime brightness.
    4. If you do NOT have a REGULAR SLEEP ROUTINE, this device MAY NOT be for you. I've noticed that if I set it for an unusual time, I have a harder time getting up. If your body is used to a regular sleep cycle, you'll respond better to this product.

    The LAMP button on top is nice because if you press it once, it turns on the lamp at a very dim level. A second press turns it to about half brightness, and a third press turns it on to full brightness. But you have to do the multiple presses within a second or so of each other; otherwise, the next time you press it, it turns it off. This is a great feature because when my wife hits the button once when she goes to bed, it's not too bright for her to sleep, and when I come to bed and press the button, the light goes off instead of going to the higher brightness levels.

    The MSRP of $200 is way too high. My purchase requirement was that it be under $100, which I was able to do because of an Amazon Lightning special. Four (and a half) stars because it's a great product, and if the regular selling price was $100, it would be a 5-star product.

    PS: walking into a dark room with the clock face at full brightness, the face looks like a setting sun. I doubt this is a coincidence, and while I'm not fond of the orange face, it is a clever idea....more info
  • Wake up refreshed
    The Daybreak Duo is fantastic.

    I'm an evening person who normally hates mornings. That's changed now because I use the Daybreak to wake up. It makes a HUGE difference to wake up to a gradual sunrise vs. the jolt from an alarm.

    I use a 60 watt bulb and it's more than enough to get me out of bed on time. The sunset feature is great too, especially when I put my kids to bed. I leave their door open and my door open, then set the sunset for 30 minutes. I can hear them talking but the chatter dies down as the light slowly dims. No more "can you leave the light on" discussions and they fall asleep quickly.

    Fabulous. It makes a world of difference in the mornings.

    ...more info
  • Expensive!
    I really thought, after researching this clock on Amazon and the manufacturer's Web site, that it would come with some sort of light to help me wake up. But all it has is a two-prong plug in on the back for a desk lamp. The sunrise/sunset feature does help me get up in the morning and is more reliable than other timers I have used, but the audible alarm is very quiet and cannot be turned up as loud as the radio....more info
  • More Than Expected
    I was excited to try this out as my new "alarm clock". It was heavier and sturdier than I expected, with an "outlet" in the back to plug my lamp into. I love the touch screen. It made it very easy to set the clock, alarm, radio station etc. There's a button that dims the backlight almost all the way off, but a nice feature is that when the alarm is set, it will automatically dim the backlight 8 hours before the alarm is set to go off. Even in the middle of the night, on the nightstand right next to the bed, the dimmed backlight doesn't bother me. (I used to block my old clock with a postcard because the single LED backlight was too bright) This one was the most expensive one I saw. I opted for it because I like the option of waking to a combination of light and radio and the other one similar to it didn't have the radio feature. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I am glad I did. It is so much nicer to wake up without that tired groggy feeling. The light makes the most difference on really dark days. ...more info
  • It's got a few problems
    I had to return the first unit because the battery backup did not work at all, and the sunrise (low dim) flickers like a disco when there's a 200 Watt bulb.

    The second unit flickers as well - if you plan on using a 100 watt bulb or less the Daybreak Duo seems to work.

    A couple other negatives in my book
    there's no sleep mode for the radio
    Unless you're looking down slightly on the screen, you can't read it. My dresser is slightly higher than the bed, and I can't read the time at all....more info
  • malfunction from get-go
    I just received my daybreak duo dawn/dusk simulator. For the setup only 1 of the touch screen items worked, setting the wake 1. Forget being able to set the actual time. That touch screen item doesn't work. No other way to set the time. I'm so disappointed. BTW, I had to download the instruction manual from Apollo, as it wasn't included in my product!...more info


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