WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner - 16oz
WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner - 16oz

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Lavender Cleansing Conditioner is enriched by the calming, soothing, relaxing and invigorating properties of lavender that also stimulates the scalp to promote healthy hair growth. While the creamy formulation wont weight down hair, it is rich in moisture and works exceptionally well on dry, dehydrated hair to create body and volume. May be used as often as necessary or as a leave-in conditioner to aid in strengthening hair follicles.

Customer Reviews:

  • Good but not worth the frieght
    It's a good product but in this time it's not worth the frieght charges and if you have long hair this product doesn't even last a month. Too expensive. I can get the same results with salon products that I pick up here in town....more info
  • 57 and Beautiful Hair Again
    I am 57 years old and always had beautiful hair all my life but it was getting old looking and too much time was spent on it because it is long. I also have to get it colored every 3 weeks because I have lots of grey. I was ready to say it's time to cut it off until I tried this product!! Wow, it's beautiful again and looks so heathly. I read the bad reviews and know it is because it is not being used correctly. You must use alot and rinse for at least the amount of time recommended if not longer. I slept with it last night per the instructions. The smell is nice too per my co-workers today. No more harsh shampoo for me and we will see how long I can keep my long hair. ...more info
  • From Frizzy to Smoth and Soft
    I first purchased the 16oz just to test it. I immediatley feel in love with it! I didn't realize just how frizzy my hair was till I used this product. My hair is smooth and it doesn't seem as thick now, which was due to the frizziness. I work in a popular bar and everyone I know keeps asking me if I dyed my hair or if I've had it done recently. All I have done is use this wonderful product. I think it is cleaner so the color is lighter. I just ordered the 32oz bottle and the cost is definitley worth it!...more info
  • GOD's sent
    I have used almost every single top of the line hair product possible, and I have never felt satisfied with my hair until I used WEN by Chaz Dean cleansing conditioner. It takes practice to achieve the benefits of this product: rinse your hair thoroughly, add enough pumps (follow directions), massage your scalp, keep adding more product, and place hair in a shower cap. The key is to rinse your hair very thoroughly and when it's dry, you will feel the healthy, clean hair that you desire!

    GOD bless......more info
  • Just ok for me :-(
    I was very excited to try this product on my dry frizzy hair. I purchased the Lavender one, and it smells pretty good. The first time i used it, i did not notice a difference in my hair, but i did have a little more volume, which was great. The second time i used it i had the worst hair day ever, my hair was very flat and weighed down, all i wanted to do was re-wash it. I also felt like i lost a lot more hair then i normally do, after rinsing it out. I will try it one more time today, and if it makes my hair flat and weighed down, i will not use it again....more info
  • I finally like my hair!
    This stuff is absolutly amazing! I have very fine hair and not alot of it. This product makes me look like I have an abundance...not quite Meg Ryan but....hey! The instructions tell you not to use it everyday, but I usually do. I will on occasion just wet my hair without using the product and style but by the end of the day, my hair is just not as nice. I have wavy hair and not quite shoulder length and this stuff works whether I straighten my hair or leave it curly. Check out the Chaz Dean web site to figure out which is best for your hair type....more info
  • It does work!
    I have read all the reviews posted on these products. I purchased the 3 pack variety of lavendar, cucumber/melon and sweet almond mint about 2 months ago in the 6 ounce size.

    A little background -- 2 years ago I had major surgery which left my once fairly thick hair very thin, especially on top, and very dried out. My hairdresser had recommended many types of shampoos, conditioners, leave in treatments, etc (very costly stuff to say the least) and still every time I would go in to the salon she would talk about how damaged my hair was.

    I saw this product advertised on one of the TV shopping channels and thought at first "I can't pay that much for something that might not work." Then, I started adding up what I had already spent on products that didn't work and thought "What the heck; let's give it a try." So, having now very fine hair I opted for the 3 variety pack for fine to medium hair.

    Once I received the items (quickly too), I first tried the cucumber/melon. I followed the directions that come with the product to the letter. Two months later, I no longer hear from the hairdresser that my hair is so damaged I must try yet some other product that she recommends to the tune of so much more money than this product costs. I am still using the same 6 ounce bottle of cucumber/melon, so needless to say this product last a long time. I also put about 5 pumps of the lavender in a spray bottle with water for touchups between shampoos. I even use this on my 2 and half year old granddaughter after we've been in the swimming pool to comb out her hair which is very thick. She likes the way it smells and doesn't mind "nani" combing her hair out anymore since "it doesn't hurt."

    My hair is so much softer, has more body, and although it is still very thin on top, I no longer have to endure comments about how damaged my hair is.

    I am a believer! I can't wait to try the Sweet Almond Mint and Lavendar. Keep up the good work Chaz! ...more info
  • Wen Coniditioning Cleanser is a great product!
    I ordered this product after seeing Chaz Dean on TV. I was inspired to order it, hoping that I would be able to cut down on the number of products I use in my hair, especially conditioner. I have fine thin hair and conditioner weighs down my hair.
    I was amazed that it worked as well as it did! I would agree it takes some getting used to, since there is no lather. I use the lavender scent and plan to continue using it, though I might try a different scent. I use Wen everyday, as I am used to cleansing my hair every day. I only use 2 deep pumps of product rather than the 14-16 recommended, (I think products sometimes recommend you use more than is really needed.) and do use a little extra on the ends. Massaging the product into my scalp releases more of the scent. I rinse my hair very well, til it feels "squeaky clean".
    How my hair looks is much more predictable day to day, it feels great. I no longer have to use conditioner on my hair, so one less product!...more info
    I ran out of my WEN while I was visiting family in TX and I couldn't imagine using another product in my hair -- so I ordered it and it came in 2 days (thanks for the quick turnaround). I left the remainder for my daughter to use - she fell in love with it. My natural curly, somewhat frizzy hair has calmed down and I actually have been able to have my "dream" (all my life I wanted this style) haircut - an inverse bob. Thanks to WEN my old lady hair looks GREAT! You have to give in to the different technique (all those pumps of a product that feels like conditioner) and give it a chance (and follow the directions). My hairdresser was ready to chemically straighten my hair - but has been shocked at the difference in my hair since I started using WEN products in April. Thanks CHAZ DEAN - your products are AWESOME!...more info
  • Works as advertised!
    I have only been using this product for a month and can see and feel a huge difference. My hair looks thicker and healthier. I would definitely recommend this product....more info
  • This product is great
    I love the Wen cleansing conditioner products. My hair behaves better than it ever has. You don't need to use as much of the product as the directions say so even though it is more expensive than regular shampoo, you don't have to buy any other hair products (except maybe hairspray)and your hair stays clean longer. I only have to wash my hair two times a week instead of 4 or 5 times....more info
  • best of the best!!
    This is the best shampoo ever. The fig one is nice too. Leaves my hair so soft and so clean and is great on the skin too....but make sure to follow the directions to a tee....more info
  • Very "heavy" product
    This product is horrible. I have thin hair and it weighted it down so much it did not hold a curl as it usually does. I can't understand the positive reviews. Maybe on long, straight hair it might be ok, but on hair that is curled with a curling iron, it was not good....more info
  • Love it
    I have thin curly hair just below my shoulders. Lately my curls have been losing definition. I heard about Wen on Monday. I conducted a thorough review online. I decided to try the product and ordered it on Thursday. It arrived on Saturday (today) and I immidiately opened the packaged and used it exactly as instructed. I dried my hair with a difusor and I instantly noticed a difference. My hair feels the same as when I use the deep conditioners that require you to leave it in your hair for 1 hour under heat. I am really surprised since it was only in my hair for 5 minuties. I love it and I'm a believer. ...more info
  • ok, but smell not high end lavender
    This product pretty much delivers on its promise to cleanse and condition hair, leaving it soft and moisturized. I was so looking forward to it having a real, true lavender scent, instead it has a tell tale, lavender hybrid smell. It's easy to pull this one over on an undeducated public. I was disappointed.

    DF ...more info
    I will never use anything else!!I admit it takes a few times to get used to it ie-the first time I used it I did not rinse long enough. The second time I tried it as a leave in conditioner as well-too heavy for my hair type. I only wash my hair three times a week now and it looks fantastic. The best thing is how it feels and gets rid of all my fly-aways. Try this product!!...more info
  • Fine hair
    The Lavendar product made my fine hair dry and frizzy. I also noticed a dry scalp. The Sweet Almond formula works better....more info
  • Exciting product line
    I love this product line. I was just on vacation and since I have very long color treated, baby fine hair - I just cannot shampoo every day. However, I needed to get the salt water out of my hair so I just used a small amount of the cleanser and my hair felt good as new. Very strong scent, so make sure you love the one you purchase. I will definately be trying the other products from this line....more info
  • Meh.
    So, yes, this product is okay. It does condition the hair and leave it softer. But frankly, the time it takes to properly use Wen (three minutes of massaging it in, combing it though, five minutes to soak, etc.) in my eyes doesn't make up for the marginal improvement in hair quality or the cost.

    Yesterday, I jumped into the shower and used my old shampoo and conditioner and was just as happy with it.

    I had high hopes for Wen. As a review though, I'd advise shoppers to save their money....more info
  • Not worth it..
    I was very UNimpressed with the product. My hair did not feel clean and I found it difficult to distribute the product through my hair. I expected to get some sort of lathering effect which I did not get. ...more info
  • Crazy about Wen!
    I started using Wen 6 months ago after seeing the infomercial at about 4am! I have baby fine hair and not a lot of it, and this is the best product for my hair that I have ever used. I just found that I can order it on Amazon directly from Chaz Dean, and am hoping to get better service than I do from the infomercial site (which I am told is run by someone else). I swear by this cleansing conditioner, and absolutely panic when I'm running out. I had to sign up for tri-monthly home delivery via the other site, and don't receive my product soon enough, so I'm looking forward to the quick delivery promised through this Amazon site! I highly, highly recommend this product, especially for fine hair. My hair looks better than ever and I have a whole lot more good hair days than I used to!...more info
  • Not a miracle worker, but...
    I read the reviews for Wen and thought it sounded like a miracle solution for my unruly head of hair. My hair is very thick (so thick some stylists have actually refused to cut it), dry, and unruly. It has just enough wave not to be straight and not enough wave to be curly. I usually wash it about 3 times a week; any more than that and it gets even more dry and frizzy. Although my hair sounds scary, I have occasional shampoo commercial hair days, so I didn't think it would be impossible for Wen to live up to its reputation and fix my hair! So I've been using the Wen for a month now, sometimes as a leave in conditioner and sometimes not, and all it has done for me up until this point is make my ends dryer and my roots oily (and I have never, ever had oily hair). I've used it EXACTLY as the directions state, without fail. Tonight, I had enough and decided to go back to my good 'ol Dove shampoo and used the Wen as the conditioner. Ta da! My hair looks better than it has all month. It looks like, for me, it works better as a conditioner. But I won't be buying more...kind of expensive for conditioner that doesn't work any better than Pantene or Dove. ...more info
  • blond&proudofit
    I have used wen for three years now it is all i use,just tried the lavender fig & lavender my favorites! I have very long hair and it is never dry or frizzy,always soft and shiny because of wen!...more info
  • I Don't Get It
    I have lots of curly, frizz prone hair. The first time I used the Sweet Almond Mint product I had the very best hair of my entire life! I styled it on hot rollers and it stayed perfect for 4 days. I hated to wash the magic out. Used it again with high hopes and ended up with my same old hair. Did it again and used a little as leave in conditioner- greasy, no magic. It was amazing the first time- stayed clean, didn't frizz even on a rainy, windy day, felt and looked spectacular. If you know how to get the magic back, please enlighten me!...more info
  • WEN Lavender Cleansing Conditioner
    Very happy with results from product, alittle spendy, need to use quite a bit each time you use it...more info
  • Medium OK
    I was excited by the prospects for this product, but after a month I am medium lukewarm. Positives: The lavender smells absolutely wonderful, and it really does clean my hair. Not-so-positives: My hair is certainly soft and clean, but it has the texture of lambs-wool batting, like we used to stuff into ballet toe shoes. I adjusted my routine with it after a couple of weeks, using the Color Treat conditioner from Clairol as a finisher instead of using the Wen as a leave-in -- that improved matters a lot. But I still had to use the Dove Smooth & Soft anti-frizz product after styling to get over the batting texture. It was also much more difficult to style my hair, although I have to say that once it was styled it stayed that way until the next time I used it. Bottom line, after a month of using it exactly as directed (to give it time to "take"), I couldn't stand it any more and couldn't wait to use real shampoo again. I did this morning and my hair suddenly looks clean, looks and feels like hair and not batting, and is much easier to style (took 5 minutes this morning as opposed to the 15 from using Wen). And I don't have to use the anti-frizz product. I still have about a quarter of the bottle left but I won't be buying any more. (So I'm glad I purchased one bottle through Amazon, rather than signing up for the introductory package on tv, which comes with auto-renewal every month!)...more info
  • Lavender versus Fig
    I have tried all the ccleaning conditioner From Wen. My favority of all is the Fig. I think is the one that has the most moisturizer in it there for leaving my dry, curly hair soft and with hardly no knotts. I tried the Lavender recently and I have to say that this would be my second choice.
    I really enjoy using his products....more info
  • Love It, Love It, Love It!
    I have very fine, long hair that comes down to the middle of my back. I have tried many different kinds of shampoos and conditioners on the market (Avaeda, Redken, Nexxus, Pantene, Loreal, Dove, Garnier Fructise, etc.) and they have either made my hair greasy, flat, knotted or dry. The Wen Lavender shampoo/conditioner is the first product that I have tried that gives my hair some body, makes it nice and soft and that allows me to comb right through my hair without chunks of it falling down the drain in the shower. Even the color of my hair is brighter and has more shine! This really is a great product for fine/limp hair. I absolutely love it!...more info
  • WOW! Love this stuff.
    I had purchased the mint shampoo elsewhere and wanted to try a different scent. I do enjoy the mint scented shampoo better buuut the quality is still there. This product makes my hair super soft and it is in the best condition it has ever been. I am 47 years old, recently underwent a radical hysterectomy. I tell you this because it made drastic changes to my skin and hair, not for the better. This product brought my hair back to me. I won't use anything else....more info
  • WEN Lavedar Mint Cleansing Conditioner
    I love the WEN product line but this one is very heavy for straight thin or fine hair- it would be perfect for thick course hair. I much prefer the Cucumber Mint which is much lighter for my hair type....more info
  • It was terrible!!! I wish I could return it....
    First off, it took almost a month to receive the product, (it was sent to the wrong address at first) I was patiently waiting since I was very excited to try it.. I tried the product after I finally recieved it, it was terrible. It made my scalp and hair smell funny. I wonder if I could return it even I used it few times?? ...more info
  • good
    I have used this product almost a month and I really like it. It makes my hair look and feel better....more info
  • Love it!
    I bought the sweet almond mint after watching the infomercial. I really liked it, but it does not last as long as they say it should (washing every other day on medium to long hair). I then bought the lavendar from Amazon and love it. It does not weigh my hair down, my hair is soft and it still adds shine....more info
  • Great shampoo
    This is a unique product, it has no detergent, so be prepared to get used to it at first. I have very long thin hair that tangles if you look at it sideways, (especially in the cold weather)this product keeps my hair essentially tangle free and you don't have to wash as much. Good bye Biolage! I really see a decrease in the amount of hair that gets pulled out while brushing when I use this product. I am very pleased. I prefer the lavender and the fig variety, the tea tree is also good if you have dandruff. ...more info
  • All you need
    I was not sure about this product. But when I used it. It was great you really dont need any thing else. I have never used a shampoo with out a separate conditioner. Just great....more info
  • Absolutely Awesome
    Not only does this have a strong and wonderful smell of Lavendar, this is the perfect ingredient for Naturally curly hair. This conditioner will fill your head with tons of soft curls. It is amazing. My hair looks completely different. I love this stuff....more info
  • not as good as other kinds
    I tried the sweet almond mint first and loved it. The lavender made my weak and break. It also did not have the other properties that I loved about the sweet almond mint - silky, looked soft, and held curl beautifully without product (except the instructions indicate that after turning the shower off you should add an extra squirt of conditioner and a small dot of the styling gel, which I did and was definitely necessary)....more info
  • Wen review
    expensive but very good for my hair, it is shinier and healthier, but seems to get oily quicker...more info
  • Wonderful product!
    As a hair product addict, this stuff has my approval! Wonderful product. Does what is says it will. Great for ethnic hair, I am black with long texturized hair. The lavender smell is nice and really hydrating. Hair is immediately softer, shinier, less frizzy and more manageable! I "wash" hair once a week with this product, and then spritz down (with water/lavender cleansing conditioner/styling creme concoction in a pump) or simply wet hair and apply 1 pump of Lavender cleansing lotion and 1 pump of the styling creme the rest of the days...my hair looks and feels awesome. Try this product, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • AWESOME if you use it correctly!!
    OK, so I am the skeptic of skeptics because I have baby fine, shoulder length hair that has been highlighted for the last 10 years. Shampoos for dry hair weigh it down, but the stuff for oily hair dries it out. THEN, I tried WEN.. wow!
    The trick with WEN --- make sure your hair is completely wet before you put it on, use enough of the cleansing conditioner and really massage it into your scalp for a minute or two, then LET IT SIT on your hair for the remainder of your shower (5-15 minutes), and rinse thoroughly with cold or lukewarm water! If you do it right, WEN will give you the healthiest hair you've ever had. Full of body, shine, and no fly aways. I will never shampoo again! Thanks WEN :-) ...more info
  • best ever hair product!
    When i first saw the infomercial for WEN, I was immediately drawn in to the amazing results, I had to try it for myself. . .my hair has never felt or behaved better! I now have 7 of my friends hooked on it, too! It works on ALL hair types and is so much less hassel! I have ethnic, thick and curly hair, and i use it to wash and as a leave in for styling and my hair is never greasy or weighed down, and it feel and smells great! I highly recommend this product to EVERYONE! ...more info
  • Best shampoo ever!
    I love this product. I won't use anything else. It leaves your hair really moisturized and shiny. Its perfect for fine, dry hair!

    ...more info
  • just what my hair's been waiting for...
    I have very fine, curly, highlighted hair - medium thickness. My hair is now incredibly soft with not a trace of fuzziness or dryness - and I've only used it twice so far. Don't know what the magic ingredient might be, but it does indeed live up to the hype in my opinion. It feels really good as a facial mask too, has mint in it so it tingles! I think I'd use it all over if it weren't so expensive! I was dreading the thought of having to use as many pumps per wash as they recommended - have lonnnnng hair - but it worked just fine with 6-7 pumps on the top/front, same for underneath, then after I got it massaged in I added a few more mid-shaft and worked it through to the ends. I take baths most of the time, so I just twist it up and lie back on it for a few minutes - good time to relax and decompress. I'm lovin' it so far...will post again if I change my mind or something goes South!...more info


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