Bumkins Waterproof Junior Bib

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  • PVC, Phthalate, BPA and Vinyl free
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of Bumkins' proprietary waterproof fabric
  • Features Velcro closure and catch-all pocket
  • Machine washable, stain and odor resistant

Customer Reviews:

  • great non-bib bib
    This is easy to put on my often squirmy toddler son for breakfast so that we can now go to school with clean clothes! the pictures of cats and dogs make it even more appealing and it gets the job done, is easy to clean, etc. ...more info
  • Waterproof Bibs
    I have two of these and should have gotten three - they are always in use when the grandkids are here - no complaints on this end!...more info
  • Fantasic bib!
    This bib is absolutely fantastic! I've used other Bumkins bibs and have LOVED those too. However, my 14 month old daughter was able to pull them off and throw them on the floor while she was eating. This Bumkins Junior Bib gives more coverage and my daughter is unable to pull it off. This bib is a life (and clothes) saver! ...more info
  • Love it!
    Great bib! We have three of these, for both home and travel. Compact enough to stuff into my purse for restaurant meals. Easy to wipe up small messes. I really appreciate that I can rinse it out thoroughly after a messy breakfast and it is air-dry before lunch. ...more info
  • Best bib ever!!!!!
    I love love love this bib. Very easy to clean. I use it on my 6 month old ( it's made for 1+) and it is a little big around the neck. Best bib ever!!!!...more info
  • Best bib ever!
    Completely waterproof. Large enough to cover from neck past hips (my toddler is 18 months old). Her clothes never get food stained, thanks to this bib! Huge pocket catches everything. Machine washable or you can wipe clean. Very durable. I own two, and that's all the bibs I need!
    ...more info
  • Very thin, sleeves are a pain!
    This bib does provide pretty good coverage. It is very thin material and easy to clean up. It says it won't stain but I've had mine less than a week and wash it off immediately after my toddler eats and it already has a few stains on it. The sleeves are kind of a pain, my son hates them. But overall it is a pretty good bib!...more info
  • cool pattern & worth the price
    cool pattern for our little man. . .but it leaves me wanting something a little more durable and thicker. and it's not very stain resistant. Tomato sauce made it's mark on the first use. We will most likely get enough uses out of it that it will be worth the money in laundry and bathtime savings. . .but I feel this item could be alot better made. ...more info
  • great bib
    Super bib for meal or art time. Totally waterproof and will keep the clothes clean....more info
  • Nice Bib
    We had this great bib with a pocket and then we found out it had lead in it from Babies R Us. I have been looking for a replacement ever since. This BIb is not as thick but it still does a good job. I like that it goes over the sleeves and has a catch pocket. ...more info
  • Best bib
    Tried many, but Bumkins makes the best. No pvc or phalates. Easy to clean, light and breathable. The super bibs are great at catching all the food that used to fall down into the chair and the baby's lap. We now only use the cloth ones for drool....more info
  • works beautifully
    Cute grinch pattern and is easy to use and clean. The pockets are handy as they catch spills, keeping baby's lap and the floor much cleaner....more info
  • It works for us
    I would have given it 5 stars but it has some stitching in the middle of the pocket, (I guess to hold it up), and it doesn't seem to catch as much food as our other bibs. I love the waterproof feature but it does take a little longer to dry than our nonwaterproof ones. I guess you have to choose the features you need for each meal. I like the sleeves because it makes it harder for our 15 month old to pull it off. Overall I like it better than my other bibs....more info
  • best bib i've used
    I'm only giving this 4 stars because we never use the sleeves even though we need them. We definitely need the sleeve area of protected from food stains for our little one but it's just too much of a hassle putting the arms in. Besides that, this is the best bib i've used, and I've bought a lot of different bibs. Save your money, buy this one from the beginning. I bought cheap ones which would be hard to clean, would get stinky, the plastic would tear and scratch the baby and his clothes would still get dirty. Also, because this bib is not made of harder plastic, i can quickly slip it on my little guy before he has a chance to protest. And the patterns are so trendy! Just beware, these things are quite long. They come to my son's knees (he's 16 months old)....more info
  • Great product
    It's a nice size so it keeps him clean, it's a perfect bib. At first I was worried that he'd be able to rip it of (like every other bib) but it stays on! Highly recommended. ...more info
  • Absolute best bib, period.
    Best bib I have ever found (and I have tried a lot). Soft but waterproof, pocket catches most crumbs, clothing is totally protected, velcro strap is strong and does not pull off. You can throw it in the washing machine to get it good and clean, or you can just rinse it off and wring it out (dries very quickly). This is a superb product. Buy it....more info
  • Great Bib
    I love this bib. It has great coverage, easy to wash off, and dries very quickly. My little girl loves it too. The pockets don't catch quite as much stuff as some of the other pocketed brands I've tried, but it still catches the majority of stuff which helps keep messes to a minimum....more info


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