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Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 07/22/2008 Run time: 230 minutes Rating: Nr

To demonstrate the stunning beauty and overwhelming power of the Earth, Dr. Iain Stewart climbs into the crater of an active volcano in Ethiopia, jets into the stratosphere, climbs the frozen crests of the Alps, races the tide at the Amazon basin, dives into underwater caverns in Mexico, and generally enjoys himself to no end. His infectious enthusiasm is hardly necessary, though; Earth: The Biography (formerly The Power of the Planet) is five episodes of phenomenal images and fascinating information about how our planet formed and the potent yet delicate balance of life. Stewart, the program's host, seems destined to become the Carl Sagan of geology; his cheerful Scottish accent (he sounds like he walked out of Trainspotting) is just waiting for a catchphrase like "billions and billions" to make him a household name. Earth: The Biography juxtaposes things gigantic (tectonic plates) and teeny-tiny (plankton) while gracefully explaining the crucial role each plays in making the world habitable for life as we know it. There's even surprising humor, like demonstrating the ocean's currents through the movement of 29,000 plastic ducks that were swept overboard in a storm, or how the first thing jet pilot Joe Kittinger does, after successfully parachuting from the highest point in the stratosphere anyone has ever jumped (including 15 minutes of free fall), is light up a cigarette. Add in some CGI models of prehistoric beasts and volcanic activity, and you've got a completely addictive examination of the Earth in all its majesty. --Bret Fetzer

Customer Reviews:

  • Too much on ecology, too little on geology!
    I like the title, no question about that. But, I prefer to see more comprehensive coverage on geology, the true Earth biography, than ecology. For example, there are three types of volcano: Cinder Cone, Composite, and Shield. There is no mentioning of that in the Volcano section. I watched the entire Weather section, didn't see rock cycle or cloud types. The hot spot underneath Yellowstone is the same as the one under Hawaii. A type of its hot spring bacteria helps the explosion of DNA application and human genome project through something called polymerase chain reaction. It would be more exciting to include that. All the 3D computer graphic images and animation are great! I love them! If this series would added more formal science such as geology, meteorology and paleontology, offers more comprehensive presentation on major subjectives of each discipline, it would become more useful to students than just the general audiences....more info
  • Excellent biography
    This is an excellent documentary if you want to know more about the origin of earth, its formation, and nature forces that rules the weather, topology among other things. It's a must-buy after Planet Earth.
    ...more info
  • Earth the Biography
    This was an amazing documentary and to view it on Blu-ray is just eye candy. My wife and I became quickly addicted. I recommend this product to everyone....more info
  • the excellent educational documentary
    Watched it with my 10 year old son who told it is one of the best documentary he ever watched
    5 episodes focused on different themes: ocean, atmosphere, ice, the Earth's development, the uniqueness of the Earth , excellent videos of landscapes and animals, the best narration. Highly education
    Must have in your DVD library, especially if you have elementary school age kids.

    ...more info
  • Earth: the biography
    its the best dvd documentary until now, beside the planet Earth,special if you do have in blue-ray, must have it.It shows you places tha the planet earth has never been shown before....more info
  • Spectacular look at our rare and beautiful planet.
    Unlike the BBC series "Planet Earth", which is a stunning series in itself, "Earth, the Biography" shys away from lifeforms on the planet and looks at the Earth herself; in all its glory and complexity.

    While I strongly disagree with one reviewer claiming this is proof we are ALONE in the Universe (C'mon, we can barely see into our own galaxy, let alone the billions of other massive galaxies in the Universe!), there is no doubt that our planet is rare amoung celestial bodies. Requiring all the right components to support complex life; like human beings. To believe the Earth was created by some super being is naive at best. This series proves we weren't here before, and we won't be again some day in the future...but Earth will still go on. Ian says, "forget save the Earth, she will survive, how about save the human race!"

    Beautiful to watch, deeply interesting and thought provoking, and slightly frightening with it's dire warnings of global warming, I highly recommend this series to all who love our planet....more info
  • Liked this one a lot
    Watched it in standard definition, then went out and bought the blu-ray version. Love that Scottish accent and enthusiasm....more info
  • Getting to know Our Planet
    Since we spend our whole life time on this wonderful planet, why not learn about its origins and events that have led up to its present shape? This excellent, high resolution DVD provides most of the answers by actual photography and understandable graphics and gave me a new perspective and insights into our own world. Highly recommend it - it does not conflict with any other recent info DVD's - rather, it complements it for a well-rounded understanding of our part in the universe. Iain Stewart's narrative is clear and understandable - an important element for an info DVD....more info
  • Earth: The Biography Myth
    This would have received 5 stars. The photography, animations & presentation were masterfully done. Too bad that it had to be ruined by intertwining the "Global Warming" hoax throughout the series. As soon as the whining rants began I had to shut it off. But, the photography was so beautifully done that I had to finish watching it and endure the lies that were being spewed out.

    What a pure waste of fine photography & film making.

    ...more info
  • Interesting documentarty featuring good HD quality
    More than a simple history lesson or eye-pleasing jaunt through the fire and ice that shaped the continents, the documentary digs into the ever-evolving forces that thunder below our feet, taking the time to investigate both our dependency on and indifference to the world we inhabit.
    colors look amazing -- lava spews out of volcanoes in a vibrant display of vivid oranges and reds, deserts team with natural-hued rock formations, and the oceans glow with a healthy blue that allows the white ice to pop off the screen. Contrast is solid and comfortable, only undermined by some minor wavering, black crush, and blooming .It'd be a mistake to avoid nabbing the Blu-ray version of `Earth: The Biography' simply because its DTS track isn't given enough sonic bombast to stand out from the crowd. As documentaries go, `Earth: The Biography' has an above-average audio presentation.
    This Documentary does a fine job exploring the fascinating and hidden geological face of our planet featuring good HD quality. ...more info
  • Earth: The Biography [Blu-ray] is not Hi-Def, only 480p
    "Earth: The Biography," is an interesting BBC documentary follow up to "Planet Earth." However, shame on the BBC for false advertising.

    It's a disgrace that the BBC would put out a 2008 "Blu-ray release," with Blu-ray packaging that falsely claims "1080i Format" on "2 Blu-ray Disc 25" on the packaging, with two enclosed DVD discs marked with the "Blu-ray" Trademark, when what you actually get is a giant rip-off.

    You get 2 Standard Definition, 480p discs in the Blu-ray package, that are marked with the Blu-ray Trademark, which are only capable of 480p up conversion to wide screen viewing. This is NOT High Definition!!!

    The BBC even has the nerve to use the same BBC - HD promotional introductory video, as was used in Planet Earth, which falsely suggests that you are actually watching a High Definition video!!

    BBC, for all that you do right, your Marketing Department, and whomever else may be responsible for this fraudulent "Blu-ray" release of "Earth: The Biography", undermines the BBC's credibility and does a disservice to your loyal audience and clients.

    The BBC should recall this fraudulent "Blu-ray" release of "Earth: The Biography" immediately, and continue to only release "Earth: The Biography" in Standard Definition....more info
  • The Best Earth documentary EVER!!!
    Simply-put, is the 'state of the art' in documentary development. The technique used to explain complex stuff about our planet is just amazing.

    Here you can learn about all the FACTORS that absolutely had to happen the exact time and in the exact order, that they occurred for the Earth to become a perfectly BALANCED habitat for higher fantastic life-forms.

    Every content is presented with very precise scientific data and with Bleeding edge, nice Graphics even being watched in Standard Definition.

    Overall, is the BEST (for me) BBC documentary, hosted by one of the most important scientific, Dr. Iain Stewart. I recommend this Blu-ray to all.

    Aramis Veras
    Santo Domingo...more info


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