Fuijitronic FH776 Swamp Cooler, Fan, Humidifier, and Ionic Air Purifier

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Product Description

What?s better than getting a great deal on your portable cooler? Getting the benefits of four machines in one! The Fujitronic FH776 Whirl Wind evaporative swamp cooler functions as an air cooler, fan, humidifier, and ionic air purifier?everything you need to guarantee a comfortable living and working space. You?ll enjoy the comfort of energy-efficient cooling, relief from dry skin, and a healthy, clean atmosphere. Smooth-gliding wheels give the Whirl Wind evaporative swamp cooler easy mobility, and the remote control lets you adjust settings effortlessly.

  • Cooling Power: 45/48/52 Watts
  • Heating: 1,350 Watts
  • Noise Level: 52 DB
  • Power Source: 120 V/60 Hz
  • Humidifying Capacity: 1/10 gallon per hour
  • Water Tank Capacity: 2 gallons
  • Negative Ions: 300,000 ion/cc
  • 7.5-hour timer
  • Airflow (Cooling): 200/250/300 CFM
  • Airflow (Heating): 94.5/108.8/124 stere/hour
  • Fan only function
  • Includes: remote control, 2-pc. ice pack, and ice compress
  • 3 fan speed selections
  • Water sprinkling cyclic system with cold compress for extra cooling
  • Oxygen bar with negative ions releases fresh air
  • Washable filter for maximum efficiency
  • Adjustable air vents
  • Trendy silver plating
  • Features:
    • Fan, air cooler, humidifier, and ionic air purifier in one
    • Negative ions purify air for a pure, clean breathing space
    • Smooth-gliding wheels make the FH776 highly portable
    • Unit Weight: 30 lb.
    • Versatile unit contains four functions in one!
    Customer Reviews:
    • Works well, but watch the hose!
      I'm giving this 3 stars because of the water stain on my carpet!

      The cooler works well the few times we've used it. It doesn't seem to need super-low humidity.

      When we received the unit, we read the instructions thoroughly. We added water & we turned it on. We were pleased at the cool air it generated.

      About 1/2 hour later, we checked the unit & the water was almost empty. It turns out that there is a hose that circulates the water back into the water tray. That hose rests (on the right side of the unit) on a flat tray with a small hole in it, and it was supposed to drip back into the water reservoir. However the water flies out of that hose so quickly it overwhelms the flat tray & then leaks out of the bottom of the unit... and onto the carpet!

      Once we readjusted the hose so that the water actually went back into the water reservoir, it seems to work fine & no more leaks....more info
    • Excellent Service/Machine
      The Fujitronic Cooler came in perfect shape and operates great. The service was quick and responsive, I would definitely buy from these people again!...more info
    • Excellent choice
      I bought this for my mother. She loves it! She was very pleased with the performance. But remember, it is not an air conditioner. If you are looking for something cooler with winter type temperature, get and air conditioner....more info
    • Terrific Air Cooler
      I live in a dry, desert region in Southern California and the summers can get over 100o easily. The cost of running your AC here in astronomical and the fact that this unit uses only 57 watts on the high setting is already saving me tons of money.
      The air purifier aspect seems to be working well. The air quality here is horrible, but since I've been using the FH-776, I've noticed it's somewhat easier to breathe.
      Fan and air cooling ability? Very, very good. The fan can be set to swing mode so it'll get more coverage. The ice packs it comes with are somewhat useless(I just add ice cubes to the water tank), but the cold compress helps(it sits just above the water tank to help cool any evaporating air and cools it more before being blown out).
      I mostly use it in a room of about 450 sq ft and it does ok during the day. To feel its effects during the day, you need to be sitting right in the air path, which feels great. I run it the most at night in front of a window(to pull in cool air) and the whole room is nice and cool by morning.
      It's very portable: four wheel casters and side handles for easy moving and it can be put in a corner when not using it. The removable filter can be cleaned quickly and easily. The water tank is very accessible and will shut off if you open it to fill it up.
      The modes you can run it in are good: nature, breeze, sleep. Nature has a consistent flow of air. Breeze will change just like actual breezes: strong one second, weak the next. Sleep mode automatically changes from off, low, med and high at varied intervals.
      Finally, the 7.5 hour timer is great. I've set it right before going to bed and even after it had shut off, it still had some water in the tank when I got up.
      Oh yeah, and the remote comes in very handy. The only button missing on the remote is to turn on the air purifier aspect, but that's ok....more info