Bill Blanks Taebo: T3 Total Transformation Training

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  • Health-Club Quality
  • 3-pc. Set
  • Ideal For Total-Body Workout
  • High-Impact Workout
  • Red Steel
  • Vinyl Cover
  • Features Vinyl-Coated Steel
  • Includes Exercise Video
  • 5" x 3"

Customer Reviews:

  • Gluteus Maximus Will Surely Become Gluteus Minimus!
    Billy does it again! This dvd will surely work your legs! It is a very intense workout and I would suggest that those new to Tae Bo try other workouts before they use this dvd. A great workout for weight loss but extremely intense and mostly working your legs and core area!...more info
  • You will need your knees
    I have done several Tae Bo series and enjoy them very much. I'm not in shape (my fault for lack of consistency) but I keep coming back to Tae Bo because it's so convenient and so much fun.

    The main differences in this series compared to the others is the weights - which are very well designed - and the focus on what Billy calls the 'core' workout. It basically means taking a deep horse stance or cat stance while doing the upper body moves. This effectively combines strength training and cardio simultaneously and is great for glute and thigh muscle development. However, if you are subject to knee twinges (like me) you will have to be careful or you may get some knee pains that will last a couple of days (like I did).

    Be aware of your limitations and avoid injury.
    ...more info
  • Billy makes me work hard.
    This is a really good workout. Billy has done it again! Great energy and great music....more info
  • Tae Bo T3
    If you are a Tae Bo fan, then you will really enjoy this DVD. There are different tapes that get harder as you progress to the next one. The hand weights are a great addition, and he has come up with some new moves to challenge you. The only down side is that the DVD starts with the intro and once you have seen it, you have to fast forward to get to the workout each time. I wish that they had a separate DVD then you wouldn't have to do that, otherwise I really like it. It is also nice to see the old faces that we have grown to love, like his daughter Shelly, the trainers and some new ones. Billy is as energetic as he has always been. I Love the workout....more info
  • Best Tae Bo Ever!
    Awesome. Really. You do have to fast forward past the instruction part, but if you have a "next" button on your dvd player, you should be able to skip that part entirely and go right to the workout. Second the workout itself is really good. He teaches you good form, so that you don't flail your arms around mindlessly. You may have to modify (ie: shorten the range of motion), but if you at least try to keep up, you'll get the benefit. He has better cuing and is not as "dyslexic" as in previous taebo's. You really feel like he is talking to you! Third, the weights feel good in your hands. They don't "cook" your palms like gloved-weights, and they are designed perfectly for these excercises. Fourth, I like this series better than Get Ripped because here Billy concentrates on form and function. Fifth, Jillian who appeared in get ripped looks great, and Shelley his daughter is radiant as always. ...more info
  • Awesome
    I absolutely love this DVD set. Billy Blanks is awesome. My husband and I have doing the workout 5 times a week and I see the results. I recommend this set. You will see the transformation, also listen to the words that Billy speaks, refreshing. ...more info
  • this really works
    T3 for me has been a wonderful turn around. I used Billy Blanks back in 98 it took 6 months of workouts to drop 45 pounds. I looked okay. But NOW WOW I have been lazy and this T3 workout after one month of watching what I eat, still snacking but smarter. I have managed to drop 13 pounds in one month. No special pills or really counting calories, just getting up in the mornings and working out two days on and one day off. I am still just on the Ignition express and first cd but the difference is amazing. My mind, my spirit and my weight have changed. If you are not sure what to do, try it. He does explain every move prior to each workout and for me that is just fine. Do the moves correctly and just pay attention to what you eat, don't starve yourself and you too can see a difference in a short time. Good Luck, I love it....40 pounds to go still that is my goal. Whats yours? :)...more info
  • FIVE STARS Better than I originally thought
    I have many TaeBo videos and I love the fact that they start off with a warmup, then workout, then cool down. Billy's new videos do not do this immediately. He introduces the moves and the form on the first disk and then each of the other 3 workout disks start out with lengthy reviews of the moves and talking. At first I didn't realize you could skip through all the talking and review of the moves and go straight to the workout portion. I thought that the "Express" workout was the entire workout, but it turns out this is similar to previous TaeBo 8 minute workouts. There is a good full 35 minutes of each workout.

    What I really like about these videos is the use of weights (even though they are way too big for my little hands and when you sweat even a little they get very slippery), and the fact that it is not impossible to do these workouts. Previous Billy Blank's videos have made my hips and knees pop and crunch - some of the moves I have never been able to do! These videos are more friendly for my nearing-40 joints. But there are still some moves that it is difficult to do properly when he speeds them up.

    Unlike previous TaeBo videos, there is not one workout of these 3 that leaves me completely out of breath. BUT I am always sore the next day, and I think that the cardio keep my heart rate up in the target range most of the time. Even after only doing the workouts for 2 weeks, I see some changes in my deltoids, triceps, and glutes. I think that these are the best Taebo workouts yet....more info
  • Great workout
    I love these dvds unfortunately i hate the 15 minute warmup. I wish all of the dvds included the full workout. But worth the money....more info
  • Good exercise program
    I think Billy Blanks' TaeBo is the best exercise program out there. I have had many of his videos. Frankly, I do not stick with the program consistently and go for stretches without exercising, but I blame that on me not the program. I always get back with it. It DOES work IF you stick with it.

    Billy Blanks has a great way of encouraging you. It is as if he is talking right to you, and you don't like to let him down! A reviewer below does not like all the talking. I do. He talks more than he does in his early videos, and I get inspiration and motivation from it.

    Thank you Billy Blanks!...more info
  • A little too much talking.
    I love Billy Blanks but I found all the starting and stopping very distracting. He actually tells you to stop and listen to him. I would have liked it better if it was just a solid workout....more info
  • Too hard
    The workout is great for someone who is already in shape and is under 30. I am well over 30 and I though that I could do this. No way! I got 20 min. into the routine and had to stop. Mr. Blank is a good motivator.I wish he would do a routine geared for the rest of us who may not be in rock hard condition but want to be toned and healthy.
    ...more info
  • Seems like a great workout, but not for beginners
    I really love Billy Blanks and think he is an inspiration to those wanting to be fit. I've had this DVD set for a few weeks and haven't really gotten past the first one yet. It seems like a good workout once you know the moves, but I have a hard time following since I'm not familiar with Tae Bo. Even in the first workout, the moves are very fast paced, and I notice I tend to get sloppy and not do the movement correctly trying to keep up. It's also hard to try to mimic the movement because facing the screen you are doing everything on the opposite side, and I find myself trying to move in the same direction as the people on the TV. I was hoping that this set would be a good introduction to Tae Bo, but feel it would be better if the first workout was slower and focused more on correct form rather than speed. ...more info
  • Awesome Workout!
    It's a powerful, super fat-blasting workout. Be sure to go through each dvd so that you will build your strength for the next level. I love it! I worked up a good sweat. Although, Billy makes you wanna kick in the TV while he's "motivating" you during the exercise, you will feel so rewarded when the results begin to show. I recommend it to any and everyone!...more info
  • So much talking!
    So I just got this set in the mail and I tried the first two DVDs: The Ignition one with all that other stuff on it and the Dedication one. There is just way too much talking I was so annoyed throughout the video. I understand that he wants you to get the form right but he doesn't need to tell you to stop so many times. It just drops your heart rate down, and a lot of the time you're just standing there listening to him spouting his annoying workout philosophy to you. I wish he would just do it, we're not idiots we can mirror what he's doing. Yes I did sweat, but I didn't get as much of a cardio workout as I would have wanted in these first two DVDs. I fastforwarded a lot of it and by the time I finished, two hours had gone by and I still felt I didn't get a good workout. I don't have the time to listen to him rant; less talking and more doing. I hope the other two DVDs are more intense with more movement rather than Billy telling you to stop so we can listen to his verbose explanations. On a side note, there's a girl who is always yelling and screaming in the video (I think it's his daughter). It's another annoying thing that I have to put up with while working out. ...more info


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