The FIRM 5-Pound Kettle Bell Kit with Transfirm Your Trouble Zones DVD

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Product Description

Tighten your abs and sculpt your entire body with todays most transforming cardio fitness tool. With The FIRM Master Instructor Kelsie Daniels, youll swing the 5 lb. Kettlebell like a pendulum for a workout you cant duplicate with regular weights. You get tight abs while you melt. Imported.

DVD Includes:

  • 45-minute Complete Workout
  • 20-minute Express Workout
  • Learn the Moves
    BONUS 8-Minute Core Workout: Strong Abs and Back

    EQUIPMENT: The FIRM 5 lb. Kettlebell, coated in rubber for a smooth grip and to protect floors and reduce noise

    The FIRM Methodology
    For more than 25 years The FIRM has combined weight training with cardio in a unique, effective way to help you develop the body youve always wanted. The FIRM method maximizes your ability to sculpt and shape your entire body, burning up to three times more fat than cardio alone.
  • Features:
    • Health-Club Quality Kettlebell
    • 2-pc. Set
    • Ideal For Total-Body Workout
    • 2 Toning Programs
    • Purple Cast Iron
    • Rubber Cover
    • Includes Exercise Video
    • 7"x 5"

    Customer Reviews:

    • Great workout!
      This is a really challenging workout. I love it, get a great sweat and can see my body transforming. I recommend this workout to everyone. Also, it cames within a few days of ordering it. ...more info
    • Back Problems?
      I workout often with an exercise ball and this was my first time to use a kettlebell. I am 50 years old but in great physical shape except for a car accident 3 years ago that hurt my back. The range of motion for the kettlebell is great, however, she does a sit-up that eventually is a sit-up to standing up, that is impossible to do if you have any sort of back or neck problems. When I read other reviews I thought this would be perfect but I can only do parts of it....more info
    • great workout
      I'm an exercise fanatic and own close to 100 different exercise DVD's.
      this is a great overall workout. The kettlebell adds another dimension. It's compact which makes it different than just a dumb bell hand weight....more info
    • Kelsie takes it HOME for the FIRM on this one!
      I love the firm - especially Kelsie's workout's. She has become one of my favorite instructors. I tried the kettle ball yesterday and this one today and absolutely have fallen in love again with the firm. I started slacking with my excercise routine and this is just what I need to get myself back in the zone for my January Cruise. Great cueing, great energy, no complicated routines and time suits me well. I have heard other critique that it could be longer but honestly I find 45 minutes a perfect workout - but that's just me. Great job FIRM! I am loving the kettle ball workout and the Pump, Jump & Jab!...more info
    • mom for the Firm
      This workout kicks butt--my butt. I love this workout. Kelsie Daniels is so inspirational and easy to follow. I have followed the Firm for years and this is my favorite of all the workouts. I would recommend this DVD to anyone wanting to get fit and feel great....more info
    • Love it, Love it, Love it
      This is a great addition to the FIRM series. I love that it has an express version that I can do during the week when my time is more limited and a full 45 minute version that I can use on the weekends or whenever time allows. The moves using the Kettlebell are a nice change from the use of dumbbells....more info
    • Hated It The First Time, But Now I Love It
      I have to admit that the first time I did the DVD, I hated every last grueling moment of it. I was out of breath... okay gasping for breath and felt like I was literally going to sweat every ounce I fluid in my body. But, I kept with it and it got easier. Two weeks later, I found myself 6 pounds lighter - of course the loss was a combination between the workouts and a 1200 calorie diet. You will workout hard with this, but you will also get results. I am a size smaller!

      I tried the Biggest Loser Workouts, specifically the 30 Day Shred and they don't even compare. I am a FIRM believer! Trust me, if you want results, this is the way to go. ...more info
    • Great video for my first intro to the KB
      I had seen various articles here and there about the kettlebell, but was trying to find something that would be easy enough for someone who had never used a KB, but difficult enough at the same time for someone who works out regularly, This video is it. I came across it when doing a search and decided to purchase this item based on the reviews that were already posted. I was not disappointed.

      The workout is easy enough to follow, but the next day I noticed that I was feeling sore in a good way. I will definitely keep this workout in my rotation. ...more info
    • Great Workout but.....
      This is a great full body workout - Would like the music a little stronger. I purchased this kit before I got my russian kettlebell certification. Lot of great basics and non-kettlebell moves.
      Workout great - Kettebell not so great! This small kettlebell needs a differnt type of handle. I do not have large hands and it is hard to work with. I went out and purchased a 10 lb kettlebell from Target. This one from Go Fit was much easier to work with. If you don't thnk you are ready for a 10 lb there is also 7 lb ones available. ...more info
    • kettle bell
      This is an awesome work out! i only wish the kettle bell was heavier, or that the frim sold a heaveier bell. gets you sweating!...more info
    • really liked it!
      It is my first Firm video with Kelsie Daniels and I already know it is not going to be the last. Her cuing is superb, she is friendly and encouraging.
      The moves are easy to learn and make you feel you worked your body from all angles.
      The only problem I had with this set was the KBs - I do not have particularly big hands but still during some transitions the grips were squishing my knuckles....more info
    • fitness
      This is a good fitness dvd. The trainer gives great instructions and there is a good mix of strenght and cardio. There is a long 45 minute workout and a shorter 20 minute one and a bonus abs work out so you can mix it up on days when you don't have a lot of time. The only move I have trouble with is the where you go from laying down to getting up, the trainer does break it down into 3 parts (however when you get up in age the knees and the back have there own)...more info
    • Used a few times, now
      I just got this and over all I like it. The cueing is very good, but I have difficulty with the kettleball. Although I know there is going to be some give with it, I'm having difficulty gripping and stabilizing it enough to not hurt myself. Once warmed up and perspiring a bit, it really slips, scraping my knuckles and banging my wrist-I'm pretty sure I could end up bruised. Tensing because of this takes some of the enjoyment of the workout out of it. Although if you have bigger hands, it may not be much of a problem.
      I see some have a coating on the handle and I think it might be a good idea to put something on the handle to improve grip during manufacture.
      But it is good work-out. All in all I would recommend this highly.

      ****I'm going to amend this**** All of the above still applies however I'm getting a bit discouraged. This has bruised my wrists & scraped my knuckles because I just can't seem to get enough of a grip on it it to stabilize it. Even the smoother moves bounce and rub on my wrists.
      I know these are the latest things going but I don't know that they are such a great idea, especially if you don't have larger sturdy hands. I'm kind of sorry at this point I bought it. I find working out with it rather fustrating as I'm tensed and bracing against the impact of the kettleball.It's hard to focus on the work-out when the accessory is causing pain.
      ...more info
    • Wonderful!
      I love this workout! I use it in combination with other DVDs. Kelsie is terrific and the workout is well-presented. A little sore the next day, but that's how you know it's good! ...more info
    • Addicted to the bell
      I am in love with the kettle bell. I hate lifting free weights or using machines, so anything that can give me similar results without the actual free weight/machine I love it and the kettle bell does that. It's challenging on my muscles but the movies are easy enough for me to do. Kelsie is a great instructor and explains the movies so that any one can do them and understand them.

      The only real complaint I have is about the actual bell and not the work out. For some moves when you have to hold by the bottom of the bell if your hands are sweaty it makes it really slick and slippery and hard to keep a good hold of. I've dropped it quite a few times when this happened. Other than that I find the bell easy to use and I think the five pounds is enough to keep my muscles working....more info
    • Don't be deceived
      by the light weight of the KB. Unless you're an experienced user of the KB this will give you an excellent workout. I have a lot of Firm DVDs and I think this one so far is my fave. The KB does seem a bit small to fit in your hands for some of the moves, some of the music is too frantic for my liking and I don't think I will ever master that Turkish move - but all in all a super workout DVD....more info
    • kettle bell
      This is an awesome work out! i only wish the kettle bell was heavier, or that the frim sold a heaveier bell. gets you sweating!...more info


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