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2008 debut album from the singer/songwriter. Citing her influences as diverse as Etta James, Jill Scott, Bjork, Dusty Springfield, Billy Bragg, Billie Holiday, Jeff Buckley, The Cure and Peggy Lee, Adele is a truly unique new artist. With her mix up of R&B and Soul served up with a healthy dash of feisty London attitude, she spins beautiful dark stories of loves won and lost and sometimes just daydreamed about. 12 tracks. XL.

Customer Reviews:

  • Style Reminds me of Amy Winehouse
    VERY UNIQUE and promising singer, she will go far!
    Love her music and extremely talented!!...more info
  • Modern take on a retro style
    I purchased this CD after seeing her on 'Ellen' and have listened to it several times. Like an interesting and intricate movie, the more you listen the more you hear. The pieces that first appear simple become multi-dimensional - first because of her clear and sweet-yet-gutsy voice - but also because you can't put a name to her style. She is a definite throwback to the mid 60s a la Petula Clark, but close your eyes and she's got soulful and earthy qualities. Hard to describe but whatever it is, it is a joy to listen to. She doesn't over-play her strong voice, she doesn't push notes out or put unnecessary edges or endings in her work - the trademark of someone confident in her gift and knows who she is as a singer. Take yourself out of these days of screaming vocalists and 120 piece orchestras and Elvis-endings and go back to a time when a beautiful voice, originality and easiness on the eyes was enough. ...more info
  • beautiful voice and so much better than Amy
    I first saw Adele on CBS Sunday Morning and immediately had to find more of her music. I absolutely love her voice. This cd has entered my small library of albums that can be played in full without skipping a song. I can't wait for her to tour here so i can see her in person....more info
  • She's fantastic!
    This is a special CD with all but one track being written by Adele. She has a magical voice and I'm looking forward to more music from her. ...more info
  • Great Listening
    I really like her style. Somewhat like Sara Bareilles. She has a beautiful, pure voice and I love the musicians in the band. We have tickets to see her in concert - can't wait. ...more info
    Each and every song stands on its own merit. Thoughtful, mature voice with a bluesy feel.Loved it!...more info
  • Great songs... poor quality...
    My partner's and my love affair with Adele was a slow-starter. We first heard her on SNL. As we heard "Chasing Pavements" every now and then, we'd say to one another, "I think I like that song, " then "I'm really starting to love that song," then "We have to buy that CD."

    Well we bought the CD at Christmas time. I have got to say we love all the songs. LOVE THEM. We are the kind of people who will listen to something over and over until we are sick. The back buttons on all our CD players are worn from repeatedly listening to the same tracks over and over.

    It would be the same with 19 if the quality of the recording wasn't so damn poor! It's horribly distorted and difficult to listen to unless the equalizer is set to flat. I thought it was our stereo at first, then perhaps that the CD was damaged but I have seen a few other comments on the web about the quality of the recording. It's a shame because it really distracts from the pleasure of listening to the album and robs her great voice of its depth....more info
  • Great artist
    In a day and age where all the British music artists sound like Amy whinehouse, Adele seems to break the mold and try something new. I heard alot about her on the grammy's so I was def. up for listening to her CD. I was pleasently surprised at how much i recognized some of her stuff. She's a great music artist, and she really tries to be true to the singer song writer feel. Chasing Pavements is really my favorite song on the album. I really liked the first couple of tracks compared to the last. She's really going to be around for a while and very respected. She's a good mix between Amy Winhouse and Sarah McLocklan....more info
  • Amazing voice, uneven songwriting
    What a voice. Adele's use of tonal color, inflection, and embellishment in her singing delivers impressive emotional power. I suspect that I am like many of her fans here in the States who first heard her on Saturday Night Live and were instantly mesmerized by her voice and then endeared by her seemingly genuine personality. This comparison will reveal my ignorance, but Adele's singing draws me in with the same immediacy as, say, Billie Holliday. I was shocked when I learned that "19" was actually her age when she recorded the album. I doubt that many people have such control over their singing voices at that age.

    The writing and composing, unfortunately, is patchy. "Chasing Pavements," the most famous track, is very catchy and gets stuck in one's head easily - but, when one thinks about the lyrics, they seem to be an only vaguely coherent collection of phrases that sound good. Listening to the album a few times through reveals that several of the songs' lyrics don't make much sense either. That is disappointing for a short, 40-odd minute CD. Sometimes, the form and orchestration of her pieces can falter, either following tired pop formulas or combining them abruptly with anachronistic departures.

    There are indeed some wonderful songs on here - wistful, sad love songs ("First Love"), hurt, angry love songs ("Cold Shoulder"), giddy, happy love songs ("My Same") - come to think of it, all of the good songs are love songs. It seems Adele has had an impressively turbulent love life for her age. But her age still shows: I was sad to see the last track, "Hometown Glory," the only song on this album not about a real or imagined boyfriend, fall flat. It starts with a haunting recollection of a conversation on the street: "Is there anything I can do for you, dear? // Is there anyone I can call? / No, and thank you, please, Madame // I ain't lost, just wandering." Then it descends into a bunch of unconvincing, disjointed platitudes about the city.

    I really hope that Adele manages to avoid the influences of money-grubbing industrialists and personal vices that ruin so many singers. With a few more years carefully developing her composing and poetry and experiencing new material for good songs, I think she will be turning out classics....more info
  • Love this
    I was so supprised by the wonderful tracks on this CD, if you like Natasha or Buffy you will love this one....more info
  • "Pure" Pleasure
    Adele's voice is so "pure" and real. It is just like it would sound in concert or in a club. I can't get enough of this CD. It is so refreshing to not have to fight through all the instruments, music, and tecnology to hear a song. What a great voice....more info
  • Pretty Good
    I purchased the Adele CD because so many people compared her to Amy Winehouse and after her performance on the Award show (can't remember which but she sang with the lady from Sugarland), I was curious. I am pleased enough with the purchase although the comparison was way off.

    Adele has a sound very much like that of R&B artist Chrisette Michelle just not as powerful. I have to say that I absolutely love track 3, Chasing Pavement and a close second for me is track 9, Make You Feel My Love..... Adele's got talent for sure so I hope she sticks around long enough to be able to hear her music mature some....more info
  • amazing adele
    i had only heard 2 songs off of the cd before purchasing. i bought it as a birthday present for my sister mid-november and she hasn't stopped listening to it yet. i can honestly say i enjoy every single song. the vocals are extraordinary. ...more info
  • 19
    CD arrived in a timely manner. It's a gift for Christmas, so haven't listened to it, but cover arrived cracked....more info
  • Amazing!
    This entire CD is amazing....Adele has talent well beyond her years and a voice that will blow you away! Very Blues bent with a contemporary twist...more info
  • Different than expected
    As young as she is and after hearing her song Chasing Pavements on the radio, I thought I had figured out what her 'sound' would be. I was surprised at first, but quickly grew to like the album all the way through. She exhibits a maturity that belies her few years and her ease at being a bit experimental is admirable if not always playing in her favor.

    Overall, this CD is one of my favorites for the year ending 2008. Give it a listen and be a little patient- it will surely be worth your time. ...more info
  • Review from a Professional Musician
    I'm a classical musician w/ graduate degrees in music performance. Even with the very high level of musical critique that happens naturally when I listen to any type of music, I still managed to thoroughly enjoy this CD.
    To be quite honest, I don't enjoy very many "artists" in popular music...either because they don't have a good command of the fundamentals, or they don't respect music as an art form.
    Like Alanis Morrisette, Adele is one of those people in popular music whom I actually regard as a musician. I love the influence of the great jazz singers of yesteryear, in her singing.
    For a musician's standpoint, it is very refreshing to hear an actual accomplished musician in popular music. She has an excellent understanding of the fundamentals...this isn't exactly a basic fundamental, but she "bends" notes really well:) To hear someone in this realm of music actually understand what she's doing is very special. She'd be a shoe-in for a grammy, if winning a grammy was based on quality of musicianship.
    In my opinion, she (by far) surpasses most of the very seasoned entertainers in popular music. I'd put her next to actual musicians, like Mariah Carey, Kathleen Battle, Alanis Morrisette, or even a Renee Fleming....more info
  • Fresh New Talent
    Adele won the Grammy as Best New Artist and the album doesn't disappoint. She has a fresh voice and wrote or co-wrote most of the songs on the album. She isn't particularly physically attractive but her vocal talent is clear. She has quite a range of styles and matches her voice well with a range of instrumentation. It will be interesting to see what trajectory her career takes whenever her sophomore release comes out. ...more info
  • Adele is AWESOME!
    After seeing Adele perform and win on the Grammy's, I just had to order her C.D. It is wonderful. Her voice is just beautiful,and her songwriting is just as beautiful. I love EVERY song on the C.D.

    I can hardly wait til her new one or if she ever has a concert near or in Alabama!

    ...more info
  • Cafe soul
    The cafe soul voice of Adele is amazing. "19" was on the best CDs released in 2008, and rightfully won two Grammys. Adele is one of the best and I hope she stays around for a long time....more info
  • 19
    I thoroughly enjoy this cd! Adele has amazing vocals and she touches me deep inside with her lyrics. Her pain, her funny personality, and just life in general. I can't wait to see her perform at the Hollywood Bowl this summer. Great CD! I highly recommend it. ...more info
  • incredible music
    What an amazing voice from such a young person. Adele has a very bright future. Welcome to America!!...more info
  • outstanding, an exciting new talent
    Adele is ridiculously talented and gifted with a set of pipes that would make Aretha do a double take. She puts it all on show on "19". Both the original compositions and Dylan cover showcase her range and, mature beyond her years, emotional depth. The comparisons to Amy Winehouse are inappropriate; I don't think the two are after the same sound. Winehouse is all about mining the girl group doo wap of the Supremes, et al. to accompany her frank, sometimes debauched lyrics. (I suppose she thinks she's being gritty) Adele doesn't dwell on the base with her lyrics mostly of love, requited and not. The album is made up of ballads and jazz-like numbers that are punctuated by heavy bass. The instrumentation is often spare - all the better to highlight her outstanding voice, which is an instrument in itself. If this is what she can do at age 19, I can't wait to see what the future holds for her and the listening public. ...more info
  • music lover
    The entire CD is eclectic and filled with rich round layered sound. Modern in vocal interpretation with well thought out layered tones. A must have if you have a good sound system to enjoy it from....more info
  • Awesome
    Adele has such an amazing voice that no matter what your mood... your in the mood for more Adele. Can't wait for next album!...more info
  • Why all the hype?
    I really don't understand why everyone likes this album so much - there are a few good songs but overall it is just a repeat of a style of music that has been so overdone. I really am not into this CD at all....more info
  • unusual new release
    I saw her on an episode of Saturday Night Live, and thought her sound had a familiar, yet unique sound. I wanted to hear more. I found her CD on Amazon and decided to give it a try. Her songs are great, but a lot of her vocals are the same. Nothing really exceptional, but very entertaining. A cross between Amy Winehouse, and Norah Jones....more info
  • Loved it! Fresh & Unique!
    My husband gave this Adele 19 CD for Valentines. I love it. My favorite is the "pavement" song and the Garth Brooks song "Make you feel my love".
    I have only listen thru the CD twice but I am sure this will be one of my favortes. Looking forward to her next album....more info
  • Great New Star on the Rise
    Heard Adele on Saturday Night Live a couple of weeks ago. Loved her voice and decided to get her CD, Adele 19. Amazing that she is so young and yet so talented and accomplished.
    Chasing Pavement is destined to be a big hit. The more I listen, the more I love this CD. I'll be waiting eagerly for her next album!...more info
  • Adele is another word for amazing! <3
    I love Adele!!!! She is so amazing and talented! I have followed her from the days when she only had a few demos on her MySpace! So to see her grow this much and become more and more famous makes me so happy! This album is spectacular and one of my favorites for sure!

    Bottom Line: Buy this amazing album and discover the amazingly talented and beautiful Adele!!! :)...more info
  • Adele 19 cd
    Spectacular!! A wonderful cd and it's hard to believe that Adele Atkins was 19 when she recorded this album!! A great voice that is very mature yet very sweet at the same time!! I enjoyed it so much that I bought more for family members as well. a 21 year old niece and a 52 year old brother!!!...more info
  • FABU
  • Pleasant but slightly overrated first effort
    Adele's debut album is a solid outing, a cohesive collection of some good songs and of course offering the interesting vocals of Adele. The lead single "Chasing Pavements" clearly outshines all other tracks and unfortunately everything else seems to fall slightly flat by comparison. Adele has a singular voice, however she has neither the ability nor the range at this time to hit some of the vocal gymnastics that she's aiming for and often comes across as overconfident. I'm not sure that she's grown into her own voice entirely and some of her performances have too many affectations which can almost hit a level of annoyance. I think of the magnificent Alison Moyet at times here, and Adele is certainly no Moyet...yet. Another small problem with the album is the writing, which can jump from terrific to questionable. Frankly I'm surprised that some of the tracks made the final cut. All in all, Adele is an artist to watch, shows great promise, and this is an enjoyable if not slightly disappointing first effort....more info
  • adele
    Every song was fantastic...a very fresh, soulful voice with a little country. I'm a Jazz man but loved this album!!!...more info
  • Fantastic!
    Adele has this wonderful quality to her voice that reminds me of smoke in a jazz club. It's fantastic.

    It's very rare to find a CD that I can listen to each and every song without having to skip a single track. Wonderfully done!...more info
  • The best among the newest singers
    Adele has something many of todays young stars are missing: ACTUAL TALENT! Adele at the ripe old age of 20 is not only a singer, she's a songwriter and performer. I saw Adele perform on the Grammy awards this year and was immediately out buying her CD. I am so glad I did. She has a jazzy feel to her voice and she knows how to tell a story with her vocal style. An art that's missing in modern music. Do yourself a favor a pick this Cd up....more info
  • Raw talent
    Probably 4-5 stars for Adele and 0 stars for everything else about the CD.

    I first saw Adele on CBS Sunday Morning a few weeks ago. She has an incredible voice with a nicely matured, edgy sound to it. Her vocal control and ability to do almost anything with a note is a joy to listen to. So I went out and bought the only CD she has available - Adele 19. BEWARE: The voice is still wonderful. She writes great songs. BUT the background "music" will drive most musical listeners crazy. It is irritating and a horrible sound. Bad use of electronic stuff - drums and bass or at least people who sound electronic. Really poor orchestrations featuring way too much going on at one time. The result is that it becomes better NOT to listen to Adele than to wade through all that stuff. She is also very young and inexperienced and needs someone to provide her with some direction both in her own approach and especially someone who knows how best to showcase her voice. But as good as Adele may be, it is not good enough to overcome the poor aspects of this production. ...more info
  • CD not as good as live performance
    I bought this CD based on the Adele's performance on SNL, which was very good. I didn't find this cd to be nearly as good, and I am a bit disappointed. I guess I would describe her voice on the CD as too pitchy. Her SNL performance was good, and hopefully her future CDs reflect the quality of her voice....more info
  • non stop on repeat
    I play this album in full at least twice a day and a few songs individually in other playlists. I can't wait for the next album....more info
  • great cd
    This CD is fantastic. Out of the whole CD, there is only one song that I don't like. I haven't taken it out of my CD player in weeks. ...more info
  • Amazing Album
    Adele has amazing talent! I absolutely love this album! It is fresh, poignant, and simply the best album I've bought this year....more info
  • Find myself listening again and again and ...
    I bought this after I saw Adele's performance on SNL. I also bought Amy Winehouse at the same time. It's Adele that I find myself going back to over and over again. I like it more every time I listen. ...more info
    Adele has a wonderfully and richly textured voice and vibe. She is reminiscent of the mod-style of 1960's couple with a very current sensiblity. I highly recomend 19!...more info
  • Excellent!
    This is one of those albums that you enjoy from beginning to end. Just great!...more info
  • adele 19
    takes you back to the hoarsey velvety throat sounding singers of yesteryear..i absoulutely love this cd especially her rendition of garths brooks song to make you feel my love........more info
  • wonderful voice
    I'm so glad I bought this CD. Even though she's young, Adele sounds like she's been singing forever. Her voice is unique and her range is impressive. The songs range from bluesy to jazzy to soulful. The first time I saw her sing on television, it stopped me in my tracks. Some voices have the power to touch your heart. Adele's is one of those voices. Her version of "Make You Feel My Love" is particularly lovely. This CD will make you smile and cry....more info
  • Unique talent, extraordinary vocals
    Chasing pavements heard on Gammies first time.. bought album next day. Rare and unusual lyrics combined with voice of range and possibilities. A fun and surprising album, risky and rewarding. Glad I bought the album for the variety....more info
  • A nice album to relax to
    Adele has such a pure voice, most of the songs she has written herself and most of the tracks are is also either playing the guitar or playing the piano. She has quite a lot of talent. Most of the songs only have her singing and one or two mucsical accompiant. This is a great album, and if you like contemporary jazz or soul type songs, you should enjoy this album. ...more info
  • Her voice only sounds of smoke and brandy
    I love this album. I usually don't listen to new pop music, however I just so happened to see her perform on Conan O'Brien one night and was blown away. She sang Crazy for You and it was just her voice and guitar, that's all she needed. She has so much depth and soul. I wouldn't compare her to Amy Winehouse or even Duffy, one's too crazy and the latter is too nasal. Adele is the perfect medium. This girl can sing, I only hope she doesn't get sucked into or disappear from the music biz. Let the Big girl sing!!...more info
  • just okay
    I was moved by her version of "Make you feel my love" but that was about it. I listened to the entire CD several times and it was... okay. I wasn't blown away by it, but she does have a unique voice. Make sure you preview the songs before you decide to buy....more info