Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Extreme 3D LED Lantern

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Product Description

4W, Sportsman Extreme LED Lantern, 300 Lumens, 3 Light Settings, Convenient Tent Hook, Water Resistant, Runs 150 Hours On Low, 72 Hours on High, Uses 3 Alkaline Batteries, No Bulbs To Replace.

  • Rayovac Sportsman Extreme 3D LED Lantern features 3-watts and 300-lumens of run time
  • Use it for 72-hours on high and 150-hours on low; powered by 3 "D" batteries, not included
  • Water resistant, made from durable rubber and ABS construction, with rubberized handle and folding tent hanger
  • Includes 3 light modes: high, low, and strobe
  • 6-pounds; lifetime warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Rayovac LED lantern
    I used to be in the dark & burned candles; not anymore. These LED lights are Fantastic! 300 lumens is super. Everyone should have these lanterns; preverably several. They make great gifts also. If you got a house (or a tent) you need some of these....more info
  • Lightful and Compact and sturdy Lantern!
    Had this lantern for a few months now to replace a lantern/flashlight combo that went out. The light output is impressive and it takes up less space than the behemoth 4 and 8 D lanterns. Also, the lanter itself reels sturdy and the option to hang it upside-down for more direct light is a plus. This would make a great addition to your camping and emergency gear and should last a long time....more info
  • Best LED latern period!!!
    Rayovac SE3DLN Sportsman Extreme 3D LED LanternThis lantern is extremely bright with two settings. It last 24 hours a day for 10 days straight. The best lantern I have purchased out of 8 in the few years. It also has different variations for placement from standing to hanging and all in between....more info
  • Excellent Light - Very Bright
    Excellent Light, Compact and can be hung upside down by the hook in the bottom. Alot of light for its size and weight....more info
  • Stinkin' Cute
    Ok, people. If ever a lantern could be called cute, this one's it. Stinkin' cute. Best of all, though, it's super bright, lightweight, and has a nice rubber base and comfortable handle. This is a great deal. ...more info
  • Solid, bright, good battery life
    I've fallen in love with this little lantern in the couple of months I've had it. It's a bright, white light that pierces the darkness. The plastic is very solid and thick and should stand up well to packing, traveling, storing, etc. I love that the cover around the light twists right off so you have a "high beams" opportunity if you really need it. It takes 3 C batteries but puts out twice the light my larger, heavier, flimsier non-LED Coleman lantern that takes 4 D batteries. Plus the hook on the bottom makes hanging in the camper easy. I keep one in the garage for power outtages. Highly recommended, good value. ...more info
  • Best Buy
    This is the best light for the money. My brother and I bought one and we are bough very pleased. Very bright light....more info
  • Lantern
    This has to be the best LED Lantern I have seen. The 3D batteries last a long time and the Lantern outputs allot of light. Well worth the price....more info
  • great light
    This ism a very bright light for the money. The quality is there. I highly recommend...more info
  • A real piece of garbage
    This flashlight is nearly impossible to close once you change the batteries. The twist bottom doesn't align properly and it takes several tries to succeed. I never had that much difficulties to replace batteries in a flashlight.

    As for the light it is quite bright. Unfortunately the problem with the bottom cap closure makes this product totally undesirable. ...more info
  • A highly versatile LED lantern
    I was a bit skeptical when I opened the box and saw the size of this lantern. It fooled me though because this is probably the best LED lantern I've ever seen. First of all, it's very bright. The switch allows two lighting levels plus a strobing light. Additionally with a bottom mounted hook and the ability to remove the diffuser top, you can effectively turn this into a hanging bare bulb lamp offering not only 360 degree lighting but downward light as well. The whole top just twists right off for this purpose. The whole unit is very sturdy feeling and well put together. The base and part of the top are rubberized to protect and for non-slip purposes. These will be great for emergency lighting for power outages.

    I want to say again, this is a bright LED light.

    The only negative thing I would have to say is the bottom battery cover was a little tricky to get back on. But if the battery life is good, then I won't need to go through this very often.

    I'm getting ready to buy two more to keep in my RV camper!...more info
  • Very bright
    This lantern is quite bright. I was looking for the brightest LED lantern and I think this is it. I bought it for power outages, which I haven't had since I bought it, but I have used it to do some electrical work since I had to turn off the electricity to the area in order to do the work, and the lantern works great....more info
  • A very bright lantern for the money
    I agree with all other superlative reviews. This lantern IS bright. However, as another reviewer said, its best configuration is with the diffuser off, and hanging upside down form a high point. That configuration seems to nearly double the illumination. ...more info
  • camp lantern
    I am pleasantly surprised at the versatility and functions of this lantern. A recommended purchase....more info
  • Better than what I expected
    After reading the reviews, I bought it. It's bright. Compare with 160 lumens Coleman lantern, I think it realy got 300 lumens. Quality is great. It is not difficult to close the battery cover. The bettery life is not as long as what the ad said. I use 3 2000mAh AA batteris and D cell adapters. It works for 2.5 hours, than start to dim. I think that the currence is about 800mA, so the power of the LED is around 3W. 1000 lumens/watt, it is very efficient, I think....more info
  • Overall Great, With a Few Quibbles
    Basically in agreement with the positive reviews, with a few quibbles. (1)Changing the batteries is a clumsy operation. The base twists off to load the batteries. Putting back the base however requires a tricky alignment of the contacts. The base has two sections. The section with the contacts rotate freely about the section that you grip. Maybe I'm just clumsy, took me six tries. (2)Overall rugged materials and construction, with the exception of the tent hook. Cheap plastic, probably would break if dropped. Folds flat into the base. But held in place only by friction fit. If you use it enough, it will probably wear and no longer stay folded in place. If you don't fold and unfold the hook often, not a problem. (3)Even when the power is off, one LED flashes every couple of seconds (like a smoke detector). This is a "finder beacon" to allow you to locate the lantern in a dark tent or room. I keep it around for emergencies. I don't know whether this causes any significant drain on the battery. When I have time, I'll check with the manufacturer. Still, it's one of the few units that run on a few (3)D-Cells. Many run on AA cells or then jump to 8-D-Cells. AA cells don't last as long, of course, but 8 D-Cells by themselves weigh a ton. Good unit for the price. Another example of Amazon's quirky pricing,though. Seems to vary from $26 - $30 on a daily basis. Still, Amazon's shipping and customer service is amazing....more info


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