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Product Description

The CLEAN & CLEAR Advantage Blackhead Eraser Exfoliating Cleanser is a water-resistant, battery-operated, hand-held applicator that reduces blackheads and helps prevent new ones from forming. The starter kit includes single use pads (20 Pads) that are lightly textured and formulated with our exclusive blackhead dissolving serum. The serum contains a breakthrough oil-dissolving technology.

Don't just treat blackheads--erase them for good with Clean and Clear's Blackhead Eraser Kit. This kit contains a compact, effective device that uses a non-irritating vibrating action and medicated pads to open up and deep clean your pores, letting fresh, clear skin emerge. Easy and pleasant to use, this eraser gives you a healthy and invigorating do-it-yourself facial in the privacy of your own home.

Strong medication penetrates pores, leaving you with healthier skin. View larger.

The blackhead eraser is easy to use. View larger.

This kit includes everything you need to get started.
Fight Blackheads Effectively and Comfortably
Caused by excess oils that have accumulated in sebaceous glands, blackheads can be stubborn to treat. The Eraser, however, is specially designed to target them with strong medicine that penetrates your skin's pores. It not only helps clear up the blackheads you have now, it also prevents new ones from forming. The result? Less blackheads today and tomorrow for a smoother, brighter skin.

Effective and Easy to Use
The Eraser features an ergonomic, user-friendly design that makes it easy to grab blackheads and start erasing. Simply reach for one of the included medicated pads (use a new one every time you wash), run it under some water, place it on the surface of the eraser, and twist to turn on. The Eraser gently vibrates to exfoliate dead surface skin and remove dirt and oil more effectively. The foaming medicated pads, containing Clean and Clear's exclusive blackhead dissolving serum with salicylic acid, ensure a deep clean so your skin will feel refreshed. For added convenience, the cordless Eraser runs on one "AA" battery (included).

Soft, Smooth Skin
The Eraser's foaming action can help clear up problem areas. It also makes it easier to focus on parts of you face where you're more likely to get blackheads--like on or around the nose, along the jawline, or on the chin. After only one use, your skin will feel softer and smoother. And as part of a healthy skin regimen, the Eraser lets you put your best face forward, each and every day.

About Clean and Clear
Part of Johnson and Johnson's family of health and personal care companies, Clean and Clear offers acne skin care products, treatments, and medications to leave skin looking healthy, clean, and radiant. Currently available in 46 counties, this innovative line combines careful research with quality ingredients to help women and men of all ages look their best.

What's in the Box
Eraser, pack of medicated pads, and one "AA" battery.

  • Instantly see fewer blackheads
  • Helps prevent new blackheads from forming

Customer Reviews:

  • Worked for Me - Worth Giving a Try!
    Before I decided to review this product, I used it as recommended which is 2-3 times a week. I have been using it for weeks now and I've noticed a dramatic change - my skin feels smoother and is cleaner. I've also only had one or two small pimples since using it and they cleared up in nearly 24hrs.

    In conclusion - you will see results with your first use, and your skin will continue to stay blackhead and acne free with continued use. Plus you get a facial massage while washing your face so what could be better? It worked for me, I would definitely say it is worth giving it a try!
    ...more info
  • Okay acne and blackhead prevention...from Clean & Clear.
    The Clean & Clear Advantage blackhead eraser is a battery-powered exfoliating tool. Like the competion, Neutrogena WAVE, the vibrating motion is designed to remove dirt and oil with it's foaming medicated pads. The Eraser Kit has a blackhead dissolving serum to reduce the number of blackheads. So, your skin does feel smoother and cleaner, just like Neutrogena's WAVE. The Eraser's shape is less ergonomic than the WAVE, but the pads are clearly medicated on the purple side with the Eraser. The gentle vibrating action is pretty similar and the price for pad refills is roughly the same for either product. Though regular applications the results are positive for older adults as well as teens.

    Although, probably obvious to people familiar with similar skin care products...the instructions for the Eraser Kit are pretty unclear on how to apply the product, how much water is needed, how to prep or what is needed for clean up. The kit, provides a "aa" battery that is placed beneath the "on" switch....more info
  • Thumbs up for this product!
    The name is a bit deceiving because this does not work like other Blackhead removers that literally pull the blackheads out of your skin. This works by exfoliating the skin and getting a solution in there to break up the blackhead and make it disappear. I didn't have a lot of blackheads but I did have a break out and one blackhead. After the initial use, my skin felt refreshed and cleaner than ever. I continued to use this and felt like it has helped my complexion and leaves my skin feeling soft and silky. I'm in my late 30's and don't have a big breakout or blackhead problem, so I'd be curious to know how it would work for say a 16 year old. ...more info
  • Suprisingly Good Product (B Grade)
    I was pleasantly surprised by this skin care product and after I had used it a few times, I found my face to feel much smoother and my acne less. This is perfect to use in the shower or for quick use as you go through your daily bathroom routine. The scrub pads given in the package really work and the kit has a nice pulsating feel to it as if you are receiving a massage on your face.
    This product may be a bit pricey for everyday use, but overall a pleasing way to clean your face and stop the outbreak of pimples and other face problems that arise.

    Katiebabs...more info
  • Great for cleaning, but where's the exfoliation?
    This product did a great job at cleaning my face, but I think it could have had more abrasive pads. I totally did not feel the exfoliation on my face. Also, you may have to wash your face with a gentle soap and water beforehand to really get any benefit out of this. I tried using it beforehand without doing so and the pads got too oily to do their work effectively. This is an OK product. I don't doubt the effectiveness of the forumlated pads, but perhaps they could improve this product by adding a little bit more of a scrubber-like surface to the pad or offer something to attach to it. Without it, those of us who have oily skin may not get as much out of it as we can....more info
  • Not bad, but very similar to an earlier product
    I don't have many blackheads these days, but they pop up enough that the Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit sounded appealing. After using it, however, I have a hard time noting any difference between this and a similar product (the Wave) for skin care from Neutrogena. They both have the same little battery-operated contraption and the same kind of pads that you attach to it. The result is the same, too, namely the feeling that your skin is smoother, cleaner, and more radiant. In fact, the little devices are interchangeable. Is the same true of the pads? It seems like it from here.

    If you already own the Wave, I would suggest skipping the Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit. If not, this might be worth the purchase.

    Brian W. Fairbanks...more info
  • refreshing but doesn't do the trick
    My girlfriend has used this product a few times now, so the review is all hers: This Clean & Clear product doesn't erase blackheads. The feeling it gives you after you use it is nice, it feels refreshing and clean, but temporary. I wouldn't say I have "problem skin", I have normal skin, and normal blemishes, and this just doesn't do what it says it does. I like using it because it makes my skin feel fresh like any face-scrub, but I wouldn't recommend spending too much money on it....more info
  • A good incentive to get your teen to wash their face more!
    Overall, this blackhead eraser cleans your face well and leaves it soft and smooth. The medicated pads are simple to attach (just like velcro), lather well, and contain an effective cleanser. For my older than teen skin, the cleanser was a little drying but not too much. I don't have many blackheads, just occasional ones and this eraser did the job of shrinking those down.
    The eraser device is little more than a vibrator that you spin in circles on your face. You need to control how much pressure you use to get the amount of cleaning you want. (You'll want to avoid too much pressure that can encourage your skin to produce more oils)
    I'd recommend that when you start to wash your face, you wet the pad and start lathering it in the palm of your hand. If you apply it directly to your face, water will run down your face - a little messy.
    I think this eraser is excellent for teens who need a little more encouragement to stick to a daily cleansing routine. The device adds a little more importance to face washing and feels pretty good - almost like a little massage. I'll be getting one for my stepdaughter - I think she'll love it....more info
  • Gimmicky, but useful.
    This is a decent product. Basically it's a hand-held motor that you slap a small face-cleaning pad on, and it vibrates on your face to clean blackheads out of your pores. Well, I don't know about removing blackheads, but it does slough all the dead skin off your face. I have sensitive skin, so it left me red and blotchy afterward, but my skin definitely felt a lot softer and smoother. And although it didn't actually remove any blackheads, I had an easier time removing them the old fashioned way (squeezing them).

    My biggest complaint with this product is that the pads they give you come in a sealed package. After opening the package, there is no way to seal it up again and the pads inevitably dry out, making them essentially worthless unless you put them in a zip lock bag. This may not be such a big deal though since the pads work with water to stir up into a foam, which aids greatly in cleaning.

    In the end, it leaves your skin feeling tingly, smooth and silky. So, it's a decent product....more info
  • Makes your skin feel clean
    Let me say that I was excited to see this product on Amazon Vine, and I actually like to use it. In my honest opinion, it is not a bad product for deep cleaning your skin a few times a week, but I didn't find that it erased any blackheads. After using the product, your skin will feel tingly clean, but I am not sure what the vibrating motion really does for the product. I think most of the benefit comes from the Salicylic Acid on the pad although the vibrating motion does make the pad foam up well. Although the vibration does make it feel like it is doing more, and makes your pores feel open, it seems like the motorized part is more superficial than beneficial. My skin felt very clean, but a little dry. Although it wasn't so drying that a moisturizer couldn't fix it. So if you are looking for something to make your skin feel clean, then this might be for you, but I don't know that it is a miracle product by any means. You might get the same benefits from a good face wash, although it is fairly reasonably priced as far as similar products go....more info
  • Doesn't Do What It Claims--Getting Rid of Blackheads
    This is a variation on another product I've tried through Amazon Vine put out by Neutrogena. It is a little battery operated vibrator with velcro on it. You put a one-use, disposable pad on it that is saturated with a facial cleansing soap, wet it, and rub it on your face.

    I don't like the design of the device, it is hard for me to hold onto, the shape is odd and it is slippery. Neutrogena did a better job with having a easier shape to hold onto. Twice I had a hard time shutting it off while in the shower when my hand and the device was wet. This could have been designed better.

    The box and materials make clear claims that the cleansing soap can penetrate blackheads and dissolve them. This did not happen with me at all. The blackheads that were there before I used the product remained right after.

    A very tingling sensation was on my face after using this, due probaby to the salacytic acid in the product.

    It did a good job exfoliating loose and dry skin.

    Although this part will vary by person due to the unique skin we all have, for me, this cleanser was good and did not dry out my skin. That was a plus for this product.

    My biggest issue is that the maker claims this dissolves and gets rid of blackheads as its main purpose and it doesn't do that. So between the false claim and the not so great design of the product itself, I'm rating this two stars....more info
  • Excellent!!
    I love this product..I do have acne prone skin....and now when I am pregnant too i get breakouts and can not use differin...So this was god sent for me...I love the fact that it foams up on use...which means deeper cleansing..and I did notice fewer blackheads..The only problem...It pads can get a bit rough on the skin..but not too rough either...since I for one have extremely sensitive skin...It leaves my face red..I think I am goin to stick to this product...

    Why i cancelled 1 star....The pads can be quite expensive and makes me use this product less frequently...i would like to use it more than twice a week...but i guess i have to stick to 2 times a week so I dun run out of the pads.

    Also the pads stick very well to the velcro without falling out..

    I love it....more info
  • Didn't work for me
    Blackheads have never been a big problem for me, per se, (you would have to get up close to see them) but I jumped at the chance to see how far Cosmetic Science had advanced since my teenage years.

    You see, as far as I am concerned, my whole generation had been lied to by the powerful Military/Industrial/Pimple Med Complex of the 80's, having been promised beautiful unblemished skin countless times by these companies. And even though we went along and spent lots of money on those foul smelling creams, not once did I ever see or hear about anyone ever successfully defeating a single pimple.

    Of course, that was a long time ago, and most of us got through adolescence relatively unscathed (unless you look real close) and I got to wondering if maybe enough time had passed for science to finally catch up to all those empty promises.

    So, once the package arrived, I eagerly opened up the package and followed the simple instructions. A few minutes later, I was happily applying the product all over my face. I really enjoyed the process itself, especially the whipping up of the rich lather, as well as the vibrating sensation from the included gadget (but let us not go there). After I had finished, my face actually felt a lot cleaner than it had in long time.

    A couple of hours later, I started to notice some furtive glances from people around me. Could it be my radiant complexion? This I had to see for myself! But when I looked into the first available mirror, I was startled to see my nose had turned a bright shade of (sunburned) red. I checked for blackheads and although they seemed to have disappeared, the pores left behind were HUGE and VERY noticeable.

    Even though, I didn't feel any actual discomfort, I thought it best to not use the product again. I suspect the reaction was due more to my weird skin type than to the product itself.

    Would you have the same reaction? Probably not, but I can not, in good faith, recommend this item without letting you know about the unfortunate side affects I had to put up with.

    So now you know.

    EDIT - it's been 10 days since I used the product, and my skin is back to normal, so there's no permanent damage to report (which is always a plus!)...more info
  • Works okay...
    I think that this works okay, but the design is kind of overkill - you could accomplish the same thing by just using a scrub or a loofah type of device. The battery operation doesn't really do anything extraordinary. It also seems like kind of a waste to use the little pads once and then throw away - you'd go through them pretty quickly. I also don't think that you could use this everyday, as it would probably make your skin pretty raw....more info
  • Wonderfully dissapointing
    I never had blackheads until I used this facial scrub. Granted, it made the ones that appeared a bit on the smaller side, but still this is awful....more info
  • A good exfoliator, nothing more
    As others have taken note, it exfoliates well enough, but just isn't very good at removing blackheads. Also true is that it does indeed leave scaly patches on mixed skin types (oily/dry).

    The price is right, but the product is an acceptable exfoliator, nothing more....more info
  • What does vibrating help with? Not much.
    It certainly didn't make my skin super smooth, and I didn't see much of a change in my blackheads. I believe the vibrating part of this product is just a gimmick. This is basically a little pad with medicated acne/blackhead treatment in it, and when you get it wet it foams a little. The first time I used it it was new and fun, but after that it dried out my face. I would definitely recommend a light oil-free moisturizer to be used after this. I didn't see any change in my blackheads after a few weeks of using this. I recommend products with alpha hydroxy acid in them, that will for sure help with blackheads and pore size.

    Fun to use.
    It has Salicylic acid in it, so it can help with acne somewhat.

    It dries out my face.
    My face is always a little oiler the next day whenever I use this product.
    I didn't see any change in my skin for the better.
    It didn't exfoliate very well.
    The vibrations didn't do anything....more info
  • Really improved appearance of my skin
    After using this "eraser" which doesn't really erase anything but exfoliates, brightens and lessens skin bumps, my face felt much smoother. My skin appears less bumpy which is about all anyone could wish for from an over-the-counter product. A new pad must be used every day. This product provides a wonderful and inexpensive do-it-yourself facial.

    My only negative comment is that I wish the directions had been printed in black on white because it is much more difficult to read white on blue print....more info
  • Exfoliates
    The idea is good enough; the kit does remove the top of the dead layer of skin. If you do it frequently over a long period of time (months) you will see old blackheads disappearing. That being said - there are many other products that exfoliate as well, and do not need a battery.

    The eraser seems to be effective; I can see slight difference after several uses. Unfortunately it's not easy to get to the corners around the nose. It leaves my skin dry and red, so I only use it in the evenings and apply moisturizer afterwards. Dryness is a common side effect of Salicylic Acid. I also make sure to use only non-comedogenic moisturizers, otherwise clean pores will get clogged again.

    ...more info
  • Not Any Better than Using Normal Acne Pads
    The Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser is more of a gimmick than anything else. Essentially it a salicylic acid pad attached to a vibrating face massager. You wet the pad to activate it and turn on the little machine and move it around your face. I can't see how this is any better than simply buying normal salicylic acid acne pads and just using your hand to move them around your face. I used this for about 3 applications and noticed that the blackheads on my nose went away immediately after using this product, yet they returned within a matter of a few hours (just like they do with normal acne pads).

    *** Plus Points Include:***

    - Small Size
    - Battery is included
    - 20 Pads are included (1 pad per use up to 3-4 times per week)

    *** Negative Points ***

    - Not any better than normal acne pads
    - Blackheads return after just a few hours
    - Expensive compared to normal salicylic pads without the massager
    - The pads are thick and fuzzy so they won't work well for males with a bit of stubble on their face.
    - Instructions should be located on 1 insert instead of spread out between the package and the inside box.

    The Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser is a silly marketing ploy to try and lock people into buying Clean and Clear Acne Pads made for this machine. It does not work any better than simply using normal acne pads alone. It would be worth considering for a couple of dollars more than normal pads but at a retail of $19.99 it really does not do anything to make it worth the extra money....more info
  • A gimmicky way to, supposedly, remove blackheads.
    The Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit consists of a small vibrating handheld applicator and 20 pads. The active ingredient in the pads is Salicylic Acid. My dermatologist told me a couple of years ago not to bother with products that contain Salicylic Acid, he recommended Benzoyl Peroxide, but I thought I'd give this a shot anyway. I don't currently have bad skin, but I do get acne flair-ups and blackheads occasionally.

    To use the Blackhead Eraser; first you wash your face normally and leave it damp, then you place a semi-moist pad onto the velcro-like top of the applicator, next wet the pad briefly and turn on the applicator to start the vibrations, then rub the applicator with pad on your face. Use the Blackhead Eraser once every two or three days. The applicator is water-resistant and can be used in the shower.

    The Blackhead Eraser is supposed to remove blackheads and prevent new ones. In theory it sounds nice. In practice, however, it does little, and caused more problems for me than not using it. Not only did it not remove my blackheads, but also the day after treatment I would notice a handful of small red bumps on my face, sort of like a pimple. The bumps would disappear by the afternoon, but when I did not use the Blackhead Eraser I did not get any bumps.

    All in all... does not seem to do much, try something else....more info
  • Refreshing Clean Feeling
    I don't have a lot of blackheads, but this cleaner really leaves my face feeling clean. I do have a lot of adult acne, and I feel this has helped a lot. It is easy to use and very refreshing. I recommend it....more info
  • Does about the same as any other acne product over the counter...
    I suppose when it comes to reviewing products, I do not mind being a guinea pig for skin products. I have always had slight problems with adne. Nothing severe, just enough to be annoying. So, even though I thought to myself, "Promises to erase blackheads... Yeah right." I still got it.

    It reminds me a lot of the Neutrogena Wave, same bsaic design, a vibrating base with a round pad attatched to the head. The design of this is just round rather than made to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand like the wave. However, where I found the Wave to be way to gentle on my skin, the "Clean and Clear Blackhead Eraser" although does not remove my blackheads (imagine my dismay after 3 weeks of trying my pores were still as clogged as ever) it did feel a bit more abrasive, which I like. Although it failed to unclog my poors anymore than my Dove disposable face wipes, it did seem to help clear up my normal acne a bit at least because of the abrasive pads.

    Overall, I would say this product is a lot like any other similar product on the market, but the nice thing about it for me was the abrasive pads, which for you may turn you away from this product.

    God Bless ~Amy...more info
  • Good for a mini facial
    Overall, I've enjoyed using this product. It gives a nice mini-facial, my skin has improved somewhat, and I don't break out as much. On the negative side, I still have blackheads, and it hasn't changed that aspect at all. The instructions need improvement, as they don't tell you how long to use it each time (1 minute? 5 minutes? 10?). I would like it to produce more foam, and had to find JUST the right amount of water to use so I could get it to foam without the medicine dripping off my face...
    The vibrating motion is nice, gives a good "scrubbing", and when I'm done using this product I do have a "refreshed" feel to my face. It does not over-dry (I do use a good facial lotion when I'm done). I just wish it actually got rid of blackheads like it promises! Otherwise, it's a nice facial cleanser....more info
  • Great idea in theory, terrible in application
    The Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser Kit looked promising from the description and packaging. It contains a battery-operated device that vibrates. On top of it you attach medicated pads. The idea is that the device vibrates while you rub the pads over the infected area, clearing away dead skin by use of exfoliation and thereby removing blackheads. I followed the instructions and tried it out for two weeks. I don't have many blackheads but do have a few. After two weeks, I noticed zero difference in my complexion, with the exception that my skin was slightly rougher on the areas I used it. The product warns you not to use it too much or this will happen, but I followed their usage guidelines exactly. I noticed no minimization in blackheads. And after thinking about it, I don't see how their product can make such claims.

    The medicated pads contain nothing more than salicylic acid, which is the basic ingredient found in all acne/blackhead products. The vibrating action didn't do anything I couldn't do myself by washing my face vigorously with my hands. The product was a mess after using it since soap was leaking all down the sides (although it was simple to clean), and my face smelled too "perfumy." Bottom line is that the pads are a bit expensive to replace, and this product won't work much better than a simple face-cleaning regimen....more info
  • Easy to use does a fair job
    I'm not a teen, I'm over 50. That said I get some breakouts around my nose and the mid face area. I use this product when I shower. It's easy to use does a really nice job of cleaning and giving a facial massage too. The gentle vibrations are to work the soap like product into the pores. Well it seems like it does that fairly well. In the week or so I've used it I have noticed a drop in "activity" on my face and a clean smooth feeling. I do like the results and will continue to use the device.
    ...more info
  • Jesus!
    It burns your eyes!

    Seriously though after months of use I see no improvement at all just look like a chick now. Enjoy....more info
  • the clean & clear blackhead eraser
    it worked great for me, don't expect a miracle or everything to disappear over night, but in 2 weeks my skin was clear again, so it worked for me, love it....more info
  • Better than expected!
    I bought this for my boyfriend because he is always complaining about blackheads and no scrubs or cleansers seem to work on them. I thought I would give it a try too and I love it so far. It makes your skin super smooth and makes your pores appear much less noticeable. It might not make all your blackheads magically disappear like some people seem to be expecting, but it does a much better job than other products I have tried. We are both pleasantly surprised with the results, even after the first use. I would not however recommend this product to people with really sensitive skin. It can make your skin a little dry, so use a good moisturizer afterward! ...more info
  • Quick and Easy Facial
    Using this gives a quick exfoliation and that "just had a facial" feeling. A bit of moisturizer after it and I am good to go with a great feeling face. This feeling lasts for a couple days, just like the hour long real facial does.

    I am not sure about the blackheads, since I don't have any, but the ease of use and clean feeling it gives makes me think it would also be valuable for teens to try as a part of their cleansing routines. ...more info
  • I wasn't thrilled
    The black head eliminated lather is effective; however, the product dries the face considerably. My face was so dry that moisturizer didn't help and for days my face was dry, cracked, and peeling following only a couple applications of the product....more info
  • Would not Recommend
    This product that I received from did not come with insrtuctions on how to use the black head eraser. All it said was how to attach the sponge to the little machine. Did not say how long to use for, how much pressure to apply, nothing! I used one time for about 2 minutes and I didn't notice a difference at all in the dissapearing of my black heads. So I then used it again for a long time, still didn't see the black heads dissapearing. All I noticed was my face was completely dried out! And then it made me break out! And I don't get a lot of pimples (white heads) so I know it was the black head eraser. I should have known. Clean & Clear products have never worked for me before, they always dried out my skin, so I should have learned my lesson back then....more info


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