Air Oasis 1000 Air Purifier

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Free Shipping! Authorized Air Oasis Dealer. Recommended For: Asthma, Allergies, Bacteria, Viruses, VOCs, Multiple chemical sensitivity Used In: Entire homes Coverage Area: 1000 Sq ft Filter Type: Ozone , UV This 25-percent-off sale lasts until Mothers Day! The Air Oasis 1000 Air Purifier is ideal for combating harmful contaminants in smaller living areas and are great for personal office spaces to protect you from being exposed to illnesses while away from home. The Air Oasis 1000 will kill bacteria and viruses on contact, giving you peace of mind during the cold and flu season. It utilizes the AHPCO cell technology covering up to 1000 square feet. The casing is made of anodized brushed metal and not cheap plastic. The whisper quiet guaranteed Air Purifier coverts ozone to friendly oxidizers and is not considered ozone generators. It reduces odors, bacteria, and viruses, and can reduce mold and yeast up to 90% or more. It only costs pennies a day to operate. This will not cause black wall syndrome and will neutralize chemicals quickly. Air exchange rate and CADR are not applicable for Air Oasis technology, which releases five different ions to cover the entire area as long as the unit is running. Therefore the cleansing power is constant, both throughout the air and on surfaces....