IonFlow 50S Air Purifier

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Leave it to the Swedes to make an air purifier look cool. Removing all aspects of nerd-factor, the IonFlow 50S Air Purifier is an energy-efficient and quiet machine that removes airborne pollutants without producing any ozone. The IonFlow 50S is especially effective in removing the smallest particles, which are often the greatest cause of discomfort and irritation. As a room is cleared of dust, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, mold and other allergens, these pollutants will collect on the outside of the unit's aluminum ring. When you see it needs to be cleaned, turn off the unit and wash the ring with soap and water. Tests on the 50S were conducted by the Swedish National Testing and Research Institute; for maximum efficiency, one IonFlow should be used for every 540 square feet of space. A light at the base of the unit can be switched on or off at any time. IonFlow complies with the EU ROHS directive, which bans electronic equipment containing higher than agreed levels of cadmium, me ...