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  • Great seats
    I have twins so these seats are a great alternative to full size high chairs. My kids love them! They love to sit at the table with the family.The are easy to adjust and easy to clean....more info
  • Great Booster Seat
    We got this seat for our 15 month old and really love it. It is very easy to install, very easy to keep clean and very easy to take along with you if needed. You can easily use it with the tray or you can just pull it up to the table. ...more info
  • Perfect seat!!
    Love this product. We have been using it for my 20 mo old daughter since she was 6 months old.

    Why I love it:
    1. Easy to clean
    2. Lightweight and "compact" so it is easy to transport and use on vacation, eating out, etc.
    3. Inexpensive
    4. Easy to clean
    5. Daughter really enjoys using it
    6. Versatile - great for the beginning stages of feeding all the way up to use without the tray as a booster for the big kids' table
    7. Dual tray - if the top tray is not clean, serve on the lower tray
    8. Easy to clean
    9. Has a lid, which is nice if you're eating out - just throw the lid on when you're ready to leave the restaurant and save cleanup for when you get home
    10. Three height levels
    11. So far we haven't met a table it doesn't work with
    12. Did I say easy to clean?!

    The only downside that I have encountered so far is that it is made of plastic. Unfortunate considering the ease of plastic is what makes it so useful. I am hesitant to put hot/warm foods onto it for fear of chemicals leaching into the food. ...more info
  • Great Portable Practical Booster Seat
    Due to limited space and my demands for a easy-to-clean practical chair, we purchased this item verses purchasing a high chair. We were looking at the Svan High Chair. Wow, we saved ourselves some money, and space! Who would have thought FP could design such a practical chair. It is easy to clean. Great to take on trips such as to visit the grandparents and to go to restaurants. I love the idea that is strapped to one of our chairs so its not an additional piece of furniture. Our son feels like he's eating like us verses in a different chair. When we are not using it, it is hidden on our furniture. Initially, I was not too keen in purchasing it, because it is plastic. However (crossing fingers) there have not been any recalls. Members of our extended family purchased it, too. We are now expecting twins so we will be purchasing additional chairs. Thanks FP....more info
  • Very Pleased! Will be used lots!
    This seat is great. My baby has been using it since 5 months old and we have even moved the big bulky high chair out of the kitchen. This seat is super easy to clean, no hiding places for crumbs! Folds up just as easily as described. The tray is no hassle to deal with. I first opted for a cheaper Safety 1st seat that looked the same, but was not even close. After unsuccessfully trying to deal with that company to even get a tray that would actually attach to the seat I opted for this one and am so pleased! ...more info
  • Great value for its price
    I bought this product as a gift for my niece. The ability you have to carry it everywhere makes you free so you don't have to look for a chair in a restaurant or anywhere. You also know that the chair is hygienic and clean at the moment of eating because it's you who clean it not like the public chairs they place on Malls or Restaurants that anyone can use and are sometimes with spills or leftovers. It's very convenient and the price is low. The children are safe while they're eating and it's comfortable....more info
  • Must-have, long-lasting, doesn't disappoint!
    We bought this for our first child instead of a traditional high chair, and are now using it for our second. Very durable, very easy to clean - I just spray it with all-purpose cleaner, wipe and done. We usually leave this strapped onto one of our chairs at home, but it's convenient to take it on trips, to in-laws, to the babysitter.

    We lost the removable white tray with green cover when we moved, but are still using it with just the blue tray (I hand wash with regular dish soap). It has a lot of grow-with-me value, you can use this from first foods to a booster seat for a preschool-age child. After more than two years of continuous use and abuse, it still looks like the day we bought it.

    Highly recommend, and I would definitely buy it again!...more info
  • Used Daily for 2 1/2 years and still LOVING IT!
    We have 4 children ages 5 and under. We got this booster seat as a gift when I was pregnant with my 3rd child back in early 2002 and we have used everyday ever since. It is so easy to clean. It can go in the dishwasher. It is very easily adjustable. My 3 1/2 year old still fits in it. We take it if we go to friend's or family's houses for meal times. It is great because it compacts so easily and is very lightweight. We also take it when we go on vacation so the children have somewhere to sit. Our friends use it for their children when they come over too and are always saying how much they love it. I also use it to let the kids do crafts(play doh, coloring, etc) because the tray just wipes right off when they are finished. It is a great booster seat!...more info
  • Why Didn't I Think of This Earlier????
    I recently purchased this for my 15 month old daughter and I wish that I would have bought this much earlier!!! We had previously lugged our full-sized highchair to family member's houses and I wish that I would have had this. It is fantastic! It is portable, durable, and adjustable. It is convenient to keep in the trunk of my car so that I have it where ever I go. Highly recommended and a great gift idea for any new or expecting parent. A MUST HAVE!...more info
  • Great seat
    We love this booster seat! Our daughter is 8 months old, and we've been using it since her first experience with food around 4 months. It's very convenient and easy to clean by tossing the tray in the dishwasher. It's very secure when attached to our dining room chair, and if we have people over and need to use the chair for an adult it's easy to remove the seat and store it somewhere else. We have also removed the seat and simply put it on the ground if we're eating in a different room of the house or someone else's house and it's a very safe way to keep her secure while she's eating. ...more info
  • This seat is great!!!!
    My son loves this seat! He will carry it from room to room so he can have a seat. I love the fact that there are no crevices for crumbs to get stuck in. Wipes off easily, no sharp edges, dishwasher safe, space saving, easy to secure, very portable, great all around! I highly recommend this seat! This is the perfect color- even though it features red, the tones are muted, more neutral. No bright colors, so it dosen't stand out....more info
    I swear by this! I got it because I detested using the high chairs or boosters at restaurants (nasty dirty things). I did not have high expectations because it was so inexpensive but I thought I would give it a try. I am amazed at how sturdy and convenient it is. It is surprsingly well contstructed - especially for the price. I even use it instead of a high chair at home. Mine is @5 years old, has been used daily the entire time I have had it (I have 2 boys 6 and 2) and it is still in great shape. It is what I give at every babyshower. ...more info
  • Good purchase
    I was happy with my purchase of this booster seat. Easy to wipe and clean (however, food crumbs do get trapped in the slot for the safety belt in the center). The height is right...I don't use the food tray, but slide the chair up against our dining table so that our little one (2-1/2 yrs old) can eat with us. This move from highchair to booster seat did well for toddler. She can see better what we are eating and shows more interest. Good product for the price....more info
  • compact, portable, stable. Great booster seat
    As an apartment dweller in an urban area, space is always at a premium. This booster seat is small and can be folded up. (I don't know if the manual mentions it, but you can take the tray off and the seat back folds down flat for easy transport). We've taken this seat with us to a lot of places (like the grandparents house) and the small size and light weight are very much appreciated. Attaching it to a chair is a since, and we haven't had any problems with it coming loose or coming off. Also despite all the traveling we've done with it, there are no scratches or other damage. It's durable and easy to clean. The tray adjusts as your child grows. We love this seat - highly recommended. ...more info
  • my baby doesn't like to eat in this thing
    it is well made, but my baby doesn't like it. Maybe it is a little too small for her....more info
  • Nothing can beat this booster seat
    It is portable, dishwasher safe, perfectly fits any dining chair, and Kids love it.. what else you expect out of this price. Awesome product, I highly recommed it....more info
  • Love it!
    Have 14 month twins and what an awesome item to hv! I was hesitant in getting it bc of the crumb/food comment that was made but really don't agree with the crumbs falling into the space btwn the harness/belt and getting stuck in the chair. Maybe if you didnt clean the sitting chair portion out after use, if its even needed. We've now had it for close to a month and use it during every meal. It's a complete space savor as we replaced our bulky highchairs with these instead! Besides my girls are to proud sitting in them and especially at the table with us, it makes them feel like big girls. Love it and a must hv! ...more info
  • Love this chair
    I purchased this chair when my big 18 month old grandson didn't fit it an old high chair. He loves it! It allows him to sit higher while also giving him room on the sides, which is more like what the big people have. He takes the covers off himself until he gets to the blue tray. I leave the chair set up on a chair for his visits, but I'm sure it would be easy to take elsewhere and set up. ...more info
  • perfect for travel
    This has been one of the best investments for our twins. We have regular high chairs at home, but when we have needed to visit family this has worked great. It is very compact and light, and secures very well to chairs. I am not worried at all that they will fall out or that the booster seat will slide off the chair. Its also nice that the seat adjusts up and down and the tray has 3 different positions, so it will accomodate a growing child. The removable tray is easy to clean. I also like the fact that this will work as a booster seat after they graduate from the high chair. If I would have known about this seat before the twins were born, I would have forgone the traditional high chairs altogether. Great product for a great price....more info
  • I used this alot
    I bought this when my twins were 12months. I used it as a travel high chair several times a week. Now that they are 3 I use them as booster seats at home....more info
  • We LOVE this seat!
    This seat is on my list of MUST-HAVES. As a mom to one (and one on the way) and a nanny for years, I have yet to find a better seat.

    We also purchased this as a seat to travel with, but loved it so much, it ended up replacing the highchair. Our little girl (almost 3) doesn't seem to mind nor care that it's not plushy and padded.

    It pulls right up to the table, but I like it more than a traditional booster because this one is attached to the chair firmly so it doesnt wiggle-allowing her to get in and out by herself (as independent almost 3 year olds like to do!)

    It folds up so compactly, its hard to describe...its one of those things where you'll get it, fold it up for travel (it even has carry straps!) and you'll go "Where have you been all my child-rearing days?!?" We get total strangers asking us about the seat in resturants, and both sets of grandparents loved it so much, they just went and bought their own for when the kids visit. They are lightweight and store easy.

    They clean up great with the molded plastic.

    I really cannot say enough good things about this seat. There's not many products out there that could earn 5 stars from me. But with this one, you can't go wrong. You'll love it!...more info

    We purchased this chair for our grandson who was visiting us from Alaska for Xmas. Within minutes we assembled it, fastened it onto the chair and had our grandson comfortably installed in it. Does the manufacturer make any other grandparent friendly products? ...more info
  • Best purchase in a long time
    This booster seat is wonderful. It adjusts so the child can be closer to the table when they are smaller. The back folds down and the chair can move in under the table so no one even knows it is there until you pull the chair back out. Very sturdy. Straps on easily. My grandson and his mommy and daddy love it! And it will be around when his little sister is ready for it. You can't go wrong with this product....more info
  • exactly what we need
    This is exactly what we need. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of other booster seats or high chairs, which is great. Very easy to clean, light, easy to transport, safe, 3 different heights, and affordable....more info
  • beware of tray
    This is a great highchair just beware that the white and green covers that fit over the blue tray are popped off easily, my 11 month old had them off within seconds of putting her in the highchair for hte first time. The highchair works great, it is adjustable to fit shorter chairs and is very easy to clean. We don't even use the white tray and green cover, though it would be convenient for traveling....more info
  • Makes my life so much easier!!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this item! I am so glad I bought it, it has come in useful many times. I use it at restaurants, instead of using the high chairs they provide, and I think it's so much better to have an attached tray than have my baby have to be pulled up to the table where he can pull and grab things off the table. I have taken it to my in-laws' and my friend's houses and my baby can just sit at the table and eat with the rest of us. It stays in the trunk of my car and is so easy to transport in and out of places. Much nicer than trying to take a full-size high chair somewhere! I recommend this item 100%! I hope to be using it for at least another year, at least until my son is too big for it!...more info
  • My Chair at Grandma's
    Great solution to my high chair dilemna. My granddaughter visits once a week and I din't want a massive high chair in the kitchen all week. The Healthy Care Booster is fantastic! It fastens securely to my kitchen chairs, has plenty of adjustments, stores and cleans easily. My daughter liked it so much she has already replaced her bulky high chair with this booster seat and uses it daily....more info
  • Great chair!
    DID have a high chair. We gave it to our grandson's mother. This chair takes up far less room than the traditional high chair. As grandparents, we had our day of big bulky furniture. This is great. It's attaches to your typical chair and fits under our kitchen table when we are through with it. Easy to clean too. We highly recommend this product. ...more info
  • Going out to restaurants has never been easier
    This amazing booster/high chair lives in our trunk. When other parents are struggling with their toddlers at a restaurant, ours is happily playing and eating in her high chair, strapped in, with her own tray. She loves it. It also serves as a 2nd high chair when friends with kids come to visit. I give this chair at all baby showers now! ...more info
  • Liked it enough, we bought two
    We found it much easier, and more economical, to purchase and ship directly to our out-of-town relatives who we were going to visit. There are a number of babies in the family so it will get much use. Therefore, it was worth getting the 'middle-level' seat (the blue one) which has adjustable feat and tray. The lift-out washable tray and tray cover are helpful features....more info
  • She loves it!
    My daughter has adapted well to this and it blends in quite well with my furniture....more info
  • travels well
    we bought this travel booster seat to take to grandma's house and it works perfectly! It's easy to fold up, light-weight for carrying (even while holding a child) and attaches securely onto any chair....more info
  • Loved the booster seat
    This is the best. I am a grandmother and my grandson loves sitting in the seat and eating or playing. I can move it around to a different room if we are eating somewhere different. I have taken it on a trip with him and I love. The only bad thing is the detachable tray and cover were useless for me. My grandson figured out he could pull those off immeidately and they were not used anymore, but they would be great for a smaller child until they figured out how to get them off. Recommend it to all mothers and grandmothers, so easy to keep clean....more info
  • I love it!
    I love it, it's great and such a space saver instead of continuing to use the highchair in our small kitchen. I do wish there was more space between the chair and the tray. I think it sits a little low for my big guy, it is tight against his legs when I tried putting it on and it sits lower than looks convenient for eating off of. We always keep it pulled up to the kitchen table anyway and sometimes use the attached tray/plate on the table. ...more info
    I love this seat. It is so helpful with my grandson. It lets him sit, play, eat, everything I have needed so far. I take it to Church and it lets him sit up and look all around. It has been a Godsend! ...more info
  • Good booster seat
    I got this chair for my 18 months old son after he showed a lot of interest in sitting at the dinner table. I like that the seat is easily portable and has an adjustment height. I'm a little baffled about what to do with the trays because they seem redundant. The reason I want to use a booster is so that he can eat at the table, not out of a tray. Regardless, my son likes the trays sometimes and he prefers the booster over the high chair. Mostly because I think he likes to be part of the table and eat like adults. Unlike high chairs though, food often ends up in his lap when you don't use the tray because there's still a gap between him and the table. Overall I think this is a great booster and could even be an alternative to high chairs if you want to save space in your dining area....more info
  • perfect
    Fits the chair easily.. Easy to "install".. just buckle the clips. Tray comes on and off easily, cleans easy.. GREAT buy! My 2 year old fits great!...more info
  • Great for Restaurants
    This highchair is great! It's very portable, simply attaches to a dining chair, and my daughter loves sitting it. Also, it's a breeze to clean. A must have!...more info
  • Best traveling feeding chair
    I'm a Navy mom and always on the go with my 10 month old daughter. I keep this feeding chair on the floor of my Ford Escape. I mostly take it to restaurants. Instead of waiting for a restaurant high chair that may be broken, occupied, or filthy, I use mine. You can use it with any size chair (that I have seen) or even in a booth. I use it in the car during road trips and day outings. When I go to a friends house, I bring it in with me. When I have play dates, I bring it in for a second high chair. If your baby dirties the table, you can put the lid on to protect your car from stains. Then you can clean it later. If you forget to clean the lid and need to use it again, you can remove all the lids and use just the base. It could not be easier or more convenient. I love this high chair and so far it was the best purchase I have made to make my mommy life easy!!!...more info
  • Great seat, but low...
    Unlike the newer version of this seat, this one does not have a height control. So it's great for bigger kids... but if you have a little one, like me, you will have to stick to the tray that comes with the seat, your baby will not be able to seat at the table. But otherwise , great product....more info
  • Good buy, wanted to get it earlier.
    Good for my 2 year old. Wish to buy it earlier. space-saving boster, better than high-chair at this point. ...more info
  • so handy for my grandson
    This is so much easier than a high chair and you can take it along anywhere. ...more info
  • Very portable and durable
    Not only do we use the booster seat, but when we have guests with toddlers, this seat comes in handy. It's easy to clean and store. The tray comes with a second layer for quick cleaning. We liked it so much that we bought it as a baby gift for our niece!...more info
  • Cute little seat...
    I hadn't ventured out into buying a seat yet. Up until this point I had been feeding my baby boy in his car seat. I bought this chair first, and I'm so glad I did. It's easy to use. I can feed him on the floor, sit him next to me on the couch, or strap it into our dining room chairs. It's secure and easy to wipe down and use. I'm so happy that I never tried anything else first. Great buy!...more info
  • Granddaughter loved it!
    My granddaughter really enjoyed using this booster seat. It was easy to use and the extra top was a bonus. She has now grown out of it and the seat is waiting for the next granddaughter to grow into....more info
  • Excellent product for a good price
    I bought this highchair as I was traveling to my in-laws and they did not have a high chair. For the money, it is a great product. It is very light. It had multiple straps to anchor it to any chair you put it on. The height is adjustable. Also it has many different trays so you can clean one while your child stays in the seat and they still have something to rest their sippee cup, etc. on. Great stuff!...more info
  • child loves this seat!!
    My little girl (1yr old) that is very active loves this seat- she loves to sit in it even when she isn't eating. It is very easy to set up and to clean. I really like being able to pack it up when we go to friends houses, or even restaurants that don't have good high chairs. I wish I would have just bought this instead of also having a large high chair. When not in use It slides in under the table, out of our way....more info
    I've had this seat for 10 months now, about 6 months after my son was born. I love it. We throw it in to go to Grandmas, also took it to restaurants when he was too small for the high chairs there. Fits on all types of seats. Too many good things to list.
    Only bad thing, my son figured out how to pull up the 'inner tray' so we just don't use it anymore....more info
  • Best booster seat
    We carry this booster seat everywhere. Is easy to use and to clean.
    I don't even use the tray, is much easier just to carry the seat.
    All my friends have this product and they all love it. Highly recommended!
    ...more info
  • Best baby item!
    My baby just didn't want to sit in her hair chair anymore....and it seemed ridiculous feeding her in there when she likes to eat 'with' us. This booster seat is perfect...attaches securely with almost no adjustment to the straps, wipes down like a breeze, and adjusts to accommodate a big belly. The red complements my dining room decor too. Perfect solution if baby is just too big for the high chair....more info
  • booster seat
    We got the booster seat so our grandson could sit at the table with us at mealtime. It works great....more info
  • First and Last Booster Seat
    I love love love this product. I may be biased because this is my first booster seat purchase, but up until now, I've been using a regular high chair that was a hand-me-down. This booster seat is SO easy to use and manipulate; I didn't even need to read the manual to figure out how everything worked! I love how everything adjusts and grows with my baby, including the strap, back, tray, and height. I even store the cover under the seat because it fits under there perfectly....more info
  • Poor Quality
    I took the booster seat out of the box & put the strap over my should & the strap broke loose from the base. Looks like the thread used to seal the strap into the base broke free. I had to redo the strap & secure it.

    Poor quality to have it break 5 mins out of the box....more info
  • Highly Recommended
    I followed the advice of other reviews..great little seat...It was perfect for both the 6 month old & 18 month old! Swift response to the order and delivery. Thanks ...more info
  • Mom, Dad & baby love it!
    I don't have anything negative to say about this booster seat! Here are the high points:

    1) Goes well with our decor. We live in a small Brooklyn apartment where the dining room is part of the living room. The colors totally blend with the surroundings and our cherry wood dining set, so we don't have to deal with a glaring baby seat in the middle of everything. I can't believe there is such a well functioning booster out there is such adult-friendly colors. Fun for baby to see and nice for mom & dad's home. The red plastic is a bit more pink than what is pictured in the image, but it is still a nice deep, rich red. Still goes well with our deepest brick reds in the room.

    2) Great space saver. It was fast and easy to attach to one of our dining chairs and it is very stable. The chair still slides under the table when the booster is not in use. So great not to have an additional piece of furniture like a high chair in our small space!

    3) Easy to clean. Not only are there no seams for food to get stuck in, but the snack tray makes it an even easier clean up. When Isaac is done eating, we just do a quick once-over the chair with a washcloth and remove the snack tray for washing. Nice not to have to remove the whole tray which is more cumbersome to deal with in our small sink.

    4) Great fit for baby. When Isaac first started eating solids, he was on the small side (about 13.5 lbs). The tray and buckle straps were a perfect fit and he was clearly stable and comfortable. He loves meal time!!

    - Erin, mom to Isaac 6.5 mo...more info
  • Great seat
    We are very pleased with this seat. I love that it has 3 height adjustments. The white tray with the cupholder does come off easily when pulled on, which can be messy at times....more info


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