Brothers-ALL-Natural Fuji Apple Crisps, 0.35-Ounce Bags (Pack of 24)

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Product Description

Fresh fruit is not always available for you and your family to eat. Whether people are at work, in the car, or traveling, they need to find a new alternative to get their daily fruits. Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps are the 100% freeze-dried fruit snack you want to be eating to achieve that goal. We start with the most luscious fruits from the greatest growing regions in the world and bring them to our state-of-the-art freeze drying facility. At our facilities, we gently remove over 95% of the water from the fruit which transforms the fruit into a light, flavorful, crisp fruit snack. Unlike other dried fruits, Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps retain all of the nutrients of the fresh fruit with absolutely no added sugar, preservatives, or dies. Our uniquely designed bags keep Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps fresh for up to 1 year. Brothers-All-Natural Fruit Crisps are peanut/tree nut free, gluten free, soy free, dairy free, vegan, and OU kosher certified. A bag of Brothers-All-Natural Fuji Apples contain approximately 1 ? apples and only 39 calories!!

  • 100% All Natural Freeze Dried Fuji Apple slices
  • Each bag contains 2 fruit servings
  • Up to a 1 year shelf-life
  • No additives, preservatives, dies, or added sugar
  • Allergen-Free product

Customer Reviews:

  • My wife loves the apple crisps
    My wife found these at Costco and can't get enough of them. She is a very careful eater and finds them a great snack food with great satisfaction and few carbs and calories. dls...more info
  • YUMM-O!
    To quote Rachel Ray, YUM-O! These are great! The flavor is terrific and I love the texture. They really taste like apples not styrafoam! I'm anxious to try other flavors like the peach and pear. This is a great snack when eating a fresh apple just isn't easy. And under 40 calories! Lots better than grabbing that candy bar or chips. Very satisfying!...more info
  • So much satisfaction and 0 points on Weight Watchers!
    These peeled, freeze dried apples are a wonderful low calorie snack. When you bite into one, it has a crunch but also has a melt in your mouth quality. The flavor is very mild, but I think the unique texture makes up for the lack of strong apple flavor. Great healthy alternative to chips....more info
  • Good but expensive
    I have a 17 month old who is allergic to peanuts and a 4 year old. Both love this snack. It is a very convenient alternative to crackers. My only complaint is that I find them expensive, particularly since I find the pouches small -- my kids typically want more than one as a snack. that is the only reason I give it 4 rather than 5 stars. I brought a box of apples and pears (which I got at my local Costco) to my son's preschool for snacktime, and the teacher said the kids liked them. There were 1 or 2 who weren't big fans, but I can't think of any snack that every kid would like. I have also brought them to playtime with my younger son -- the little ones there love them too and the moms are always asking where they can get them....more info
  • tasty/healthy snack
    These apple chips are so good. I've tasted a lot of different brands but these are by far the best and the healthiest with just pure apples....more info
  • Best Healthy Snack Ever
    So addictive and you won't feel guilty afterward! It tastes like REAL fuji apples. I just wish they came in larger package not just half a cup per bag....more info
  • oneg maven
    Thiis where it all started for me. Great snack and no weight watcher points.
    I carry these around with me when I feel I need to chew on something. Best tasting
    of all that I have tried...more info


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