Commanding Your Morning

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  • commanding your morning
    The paper back booklet was introduced to me during a very callenging time. Since then (Oct 2007), the activations and declarations have become a part of my daily walk with the Lord. I'm living in expectation of the fulfillment of all these and more that I've been releasing into the air!...more info
  • commanding Your Morning
    This book is for the young christian to help build them up in the Lord. It is also a good book for those of us who need to be reminded that our thoughts really do make a very big difference in how you feel about yourself, how you treat others and this book helps you to cast down the thoughts that would go against the word of God. I am not finish with it because there are other books I am reading, so I have given two as gifts and I pray that they truly are enjoying commanding Your Morning just as I am enjoying this book....more info
  • I'm Learning to Command
    This is definitely one of those books that go on my list of books that have changed my life. I bought the book thinking it was something else, but boy was I surprised. Through Cindy, God has helped me to start evaluating every word that comes from my mouth and made me realize that my words speak of destiny. I can't loan it out because I feel I need to read it 2 or 3 more times just to retain all of the information. It is definitely annointed!...more info
  • Awesome!!
    Commanding Your Morning is Awesome! I knew my authority in Christ but this book helped put it in a perspective that is so easy to understand that even a person new to the Lord can use God's word with authority and confidence, knowing that He is faithful to do as He has promised. I gave away 2 copies and both of my friends are using the precepts taught in this book. They are so excited and on fire! Thank you, Cindy Trimm!!...more info
  • Must Read!!!
    This book was very inspirational and motivational. Dr. Cindy Trimm is a very outstanding speaker as well as a writer. I enjoyed every page of her book and was inspired to "Command my mornings." I would highly recommend anyone who needs encouraging and motivation to definitely purchase this book. I really like that she gave examples at the end of her book to get anyone started on your path to connecting with the higher source....more info
  • Awesome
    Anybody who is interested in strategic prayer and spiritual warfare has got to have this book. This book and the application of its principles will literally catapult your life to another dimension in The Lord. You will experience new levels of success and prosperity as you apply the principles contained in this material. Excellent reading, Strategic commanding and proven results. Great Work Dr. Trimm and God bless you...more info
  • Excellent
    I have been truly blessed by "Commanding Your Morning" and the daily emails I receive from Dr. Cindy Trimm. This book has challenge me daily to pray more and to decree and declare the word of God. I am seeing the manifestation of God moving in my life right now, therefore I can't wait to see what God is going to do in 2009. I pray that God wil continue to move in Dr. Cindy Trimm's life as he continue to use her as his vessel. God is an awesome God he is worthy to be praise! If you don't have this book, please get it, you will be blessed. The book lines up with the word of God that is how you know it is from God. To God be the Glory! ...more info
  • eye opener
    It has enabled me to see myself in a different way than I have done before. I knew every day I was to renew my life and mind. I have grown in my walk with God, from this book.
    Praise God, and thank you, Cindy Trim. May the Lord keep blessing you as you walk into your God given destiny....more info
  • Watch your Words
    This book is a blessing. We really have to be careful of the words we allow to come out of our mouth. Those words speak into our future and the future of our family. Guard your words. Dr. Trimm's guidance in this book helped me to realize the power of the spoken word and how I can change the outcome of my own life....more info
  • Name it and claim it
    Cindy Trimm preaches a health and wealth kind of gospel, a name it and claim it religion, and promotes possibility thinking in a slightly new way. She believes thoughts are the building blocks of our lives. Most of us have not unleashed our creative potential. My success and prosperity hinges on what lies within my mind. I must change my thoughts about what God wants for me. He wants me to live a life of abundance. It is His desire to give me divine universal secrets to great success and prosperity. He holds the secret spiritual recipe for abundant living. I must say to myself, until this one fact becomes my conviction, "God wants me to live in abundance!" Trimm's take on St. Peter's words telling us we are a royal priesthood: You must manifest your royal anointing to decree blessings over your marriage, family, business, ministry and every other realm of your life. (P. 41)

    The peoples imagine a vain thing, said the psalmist.
    ...more info
  • Full Of Power!
    Commanding Your Morning, by Dr. Cindy Trimm is a book that is a MUST-HAVE for any born-again believer in Jesus Christ who is serious about setting the tone for their days and tearing down the enemy!!!!...more info
  • Phenomenal
    In this book Dr. Trimm gives you all the essential tools you need to turn things and matters of your life around full circle. This book gives you all the essential tools you need to start making a difference in your own life! This book is a must read! It has changed how I view things, circumstances etc.. Thank You Dr Trimm!!...more info
  • Definitely, one for the New York Times Best Sellers List
    Thought provoking, inspiring, scripturally accurate, revelatory and immensely profound.
    Dr. Trimm's adeptness and pedagogic ability is undeniably evident in her writing. This is a noteworthy work that elucidates the pathway to the manifestation of God's purpose in our lives.

    Every person in my sphere of influence will receive a copy of this book.

    I can't wait for the sequel!...more info
  • Princess
    I had a doctor's appointment today to review the results from a series of testing that I had done earlier this week. I know the Word but fear will try to do its job if the Word of God is not implemented fast. I took along Commanding Your Morning to my appointment so I could keep my mind on Jesus and confess the Word about my healing while I waited in the waiting room and/or patient's room. I did not think I would have a lot of time to decree and declare before my time to see the doctor. I was the only patient in the waiting room and Holy Spirit allowed me not to be disturbed until I had decreed and declared every declaration and my faith was built up. I did not mind the long wait because I needed the assurance that all was well. Well, Glory be to God when I had finished decreeing, declaring and praying in tongues the nurse called me back to see the doctor. My Praise Report: I had lost 13 pounds since my appointment the week before, my blood pressure was great, the ultrasound of my kidneys was fine and and my bloodwork was fine. I am now scheduled to have a needle biopsy of my kidney to investigate the presence of blood and protein in my urine, I am still on medications for now and I am scheduled to have followup bloodwork in two weeks but all is well. I know God has already flipped the script in my favor and He has worked everything out for my good and I am already healed. My Pastor and Dr. Trimm are the best of friends and we have so much respect for her at our church. I would like to encourage everyone reading my comment to purchase extra copies of this book and share with others. I also would like to encourage you to take Commanding Your Morning with you to the doctor's office, courtroom, work, prayer time, etc., and do not leave home without it. I take my copy everywhere I go including the bathroom to ensure I decree and declare. God honors His Word and the declarations in this book are all Word based and they are powerful. This book is the perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas, birthday, wedding, whatever list. Thank you Dr. Trimm for obeying God and for teaching us to walk in authority with the confidence that we know that God hears us when we pray.
    Princess (you signed my book Princess)...more info
  • AWESOME!!!
    Commanding Your Morning was one the most profound and revelatory books that I have ever read! Cindy Trimm speaks on every aspect of life. She explains how spoken words can hinder your blessings and cause you to be paralyzed in your journey through life, never reaching the destiny God has ordained for you.

    I could easily relate to this writing because so many of my life experiences were negative cycles beginning with ill spoken words and ending in roots of bitterness and hatred. After reading this "Food" and digesting it, I am now able to speak "Let there be Light" in every area that I'm lacking and literally watch God move!

    ...more info
  • I Ordered 14 More Copies! It's That Good!
    After reading this book, I ordered 14 copies of it and passed them out to family, co-workers, and friends. It's that good. My friends also plan to buy additional copies to pass out to those in their sphere of influence. Cindy Trimm does an excellent job of giving you tools that you can put into practice immediately that will yield the positive results you have been longing to experience. You don't have to wade through chapters and chapters of foundational material before you can actually start to reap the benefits of Commanding Your Morning. Even though this book is easy to read and one that you will want to read over and over, slow down and take your time reading it in order to get the maximum effect. It has become part of my daily arsenal. Commanding Your Morning will help you become acutely aware of your thoughts and any negative messages that may have become ingrained in your subconscious. Dr. Trimm will show you how to exchange those thoughts and unleash the power of God in your life. I and my friends have seen significant, positive changes not only in our lives but also in the lives of those in our sphere of influence by practicing the principles that Dr. Trimm teaches. I highly recommend this book. ...more info
  • Empowering Your Life
    Awesome Awesome Awesome Book! I initially purchased and read this book and after bragging how good this book was/is, my friend snatched the book and said thank you; so I purchased 3 more books gave two away and kept one for myself....more info
    This is great for men and women, but especially for women. It empowers you in ways you never thought. This woman of God has done all the seeking for you. The things that you are able to confess because God has already given it to her are just AWESOME! And I am a living witness that it works. The words of this book are so anointed, from cover to cover. The daily confession starting on page 120 is life changing when spoken in faith and without any reservation of whether or not it is going to work. I challenge you to read it in faith and speak the affirmations at the end for daily encouragement before anything else. You will command not just your morning, but your entire day!...more info
  • How about "trimming" the spiritual fat?
    When I saw this book, my first reaction was, "Who the heck is Cindy Trimm, and why do we need yet another lame devotional to learn to 'unleash the power of God' in our lives?"

    A more thoughtful reaction is this: God's power has _already_ been unleashed in the world and in our lives. It's the joint power of His Word and His Spirit, but most of us aren't willing to put our noses to the grindstone and "trimm" the spiritual fat from our souls by _cultivating a relationship with God_ through steadfast biblical meditation, prayer, and application to everyday living.

    A relationship with God, informed by Scripture, teaches us _nothing_ about "The Creative Power of Spoken Words" (ch. 3 in Trimm's book), nor does the Bible teach, as a Crossings Book Club advertisement expressed it, "spoken declarations that activate God's power in your life." A relationship with God is about relating to Him and learning from Him via the new covenant in His Son Jesus Christ. When we learn His word and put it into practice, then we learn how to pray with greater depth and clarity and according to God's agenda - and then we see an increasing pattern of answers to prayer.

    So in answer to the original question - "Who the heck is Cindy Trimm, and why do we need yet another lame devotional to learn to 'unleash the power of God' in our lives?" - the answer is that who Cindy Trimm is does not really matter, and we _don't_ need another of this kind of devotional. What we need is more _devotion_ toward God and His word, rather than following every load of tripe that comes our way....more info
  • Wake Up With Joy!
    "Commanding Your Morning" has had a major impact on my prayer life and renewed my sense of expectancy in the fulfillment of God's promises....more info
  • Take authority over your day and find peace, blessings & success
    But for real tho' my life was jacked up before I received this book. I was urged, implored rather, to purchase this book, then told to read and always "SPEAK" the confessions aloud so as to shake things up in the atmosphere. At the time I was a closet Christian. I didn't know how my family and friends would accept the way I believed so I kept as quiet as possible about it. A little shy and embarrassed, I would speak the declarations aloud when no one was around. But as I became more comfortable with decreeing and declaring what is true of God's word and how He works in my life I stopped caring and went full speed ahead. What Cindy Trimm shares will change your life by connecting the dots and making a way for the Holy Spirit to physically manifest the deepest desires of your heart. If you know the Word, then speak it back to Him and watch what you thought was impossible or unattainable manifest. Now that's something to shout about -- or speak in tongues if that's how you roll!...more info
  • Blessed
    The activation prayer is definitely on point and proficient. I've seen results in my life as well as family members. I recommend this book to anyone who is ready for a creative anointing (especially health and finances) in their life. This book ties in well with 3 John:2-3, " 2 Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers. 3 For I rejoiced greatly when brethren came and testified of the truth that is in you, just as you walk in the truth.

    ...more info
  • You need this
    I love this book. i have the older version of this book while my mother has this edition. either way, we both use them all the time. it is definitely a must read. i can definitely see a difference in my day when i command my morning. thank you Dr. Trimm - this really helped. God bless....more info
  • Walk in you DESTINY, GOD has for you!!!!
    A must have for the body of CHRIST!!!! This needs to be in the hands of every believer, that wants to walk in authority. This book will help you walk in the real power that the CHURCH is suppose to walk in, as the Body of CHRIST!!!!!!!...more info
  • Not revealed by Flesh and Blood!
    Flesh and Blood could not have revealed the myseries that are in this Book. It took my prayer life to a whole new level and I now share it with all of my prayer partners here in the Caribbean. I also recommend the Rules of Engagement which I obtained in 2006 when I was attacked under viscious witchraft attack. The amazing thing is that you are taught to pray using the word of God. Gte these two books not only for yourself but for every family member and in thirtu days you will see a tremendous shifting in your prayer life.

    Warren Cassell
    West Indies ...more info
  • Satan can't read your mind so tell him outloud who you are in Christ
    This book does an excellent job of explaining how to turn words into powerful weapons for good. ...more info
  • Empowering
    Using God's kingdom's principles, Dr. Trimm is like a "spirtual conductor" who guides you on a pathway of having a closer walk with God. Although not a new concept, but certainly a fresh message. These days our lives are filled with too many distraction;the daily hustle and bustle. She teaches you how to order your day. Using positive spiritual declarations. She "corrals" the scriptures in a very useful way. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is wants to unlock the real "secret" to spiritual peace but most of all, after you read the book, you can "rule" the day....more info
  • extraordinary .... Must read and apply to your life
    This book along with the Rules Of Engagement changed my prayer life. It is extraordinary *****...more info
  • Must Have Book
    This is a really great book to read. It makes you realize the power of thought and the power of the tongue. I have been taking my women's fellowship through this and the word has gotten out in the church how great the book is so I need to order more today! ...more info
  • Life Changing
    Commanding Your Morning is a life changing book. The biblical principles shared are from the Word of God and they work when you work the Word of God. I used Commanding Your Morning as a prayer guide for 30 days, and I experienced miracles in my spiritual life. Even now, when I feel unsettled about things, I pull out Commanding Your Morning and begin using the scriptures and affirmations to speak to my life and situations....more info


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