Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Complete System

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Authorized Germ Guardian Dealer. Recommended For: Asthma, Allergies, Odors, Bacteria, Dust, Pollen, Tobacco smoke Used In: Bedrooms or Nurseries Coverage Area: 144 Sq ft Filter Type: HEPA, Charcoal, PCO, Ionic This Germ Guardian Hygia 6.0 Complete System offers six stages of air purification to help clean the air in your home while destroying germs and odors. A dust sensor analyzes the air quality by detecting dust, smoke, pollens and small particles and automatically adjusts to provide an optimal level of purification. The six layers of air purification include Pre-filter:- for larger particles like pet hair and lint. Charcoal (Active Carbon) filter:- removes odors, including smoke HEPA filter:- captures 99.97% of allergens including dust mites, mold spores, pollen and pet dander PCO filter:- destroys micro-organisms such as bacteria, mold and fungi UV light tube:- kills viruses, bacteria and mold that are exposed to the UV light energy Ionizer:- emits small amount of negative ions to freshen the air...