USB Mini Vacuum Cleaner w/ Retractable Cable

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Product Description

Power ON/OFF, LED ON/OFF switch USB powered. No need for extra battery power. LED function to light your cleaning area. Motor working: normal stage (DC + 4V at 18,000 RPM) Turbo Stage (DC + 5V at 24,000 RPM) Retractable cable length: 10-100 cm System Requirement: Computer with USB port

  • Help maintain your laptop PC anywhere.
  • Portable USB cleaner.
  • Compliant with USB 1.1 and 2.0.
  • Retractable Brush holder.
  • Features turbo mode which increases the power by 2 times

 Customer Reviews:

  • Neat features squandered by an ineffective vacuum
    I (as I'm sure several others) bought this with the mindset that my days of shelling out cash on a consistent basis for keyboard air-clearners were soon numbered. Sadly, it appears that I was a tad too hasty in my assumptions. For one, let me just start off by stating that the features the Connectland USB Mini Vacuum harness are fairly neat for the most part. It contains a retractable USB cablewheel, retractable brush, led-light mechanic (to help easier locate dust on the keyboard/notebook) and turbo mode switch (for higher vacuum efficiency). The problem here is that all of these gadgets are pretty much wasted on a useless vacuum (the core for using the entire thing).

    The vacuum hardly picks up any dust at all. Even in turbo-mode (which you must have it's button pressed down the entire time during use) the vacuum appeared to excrete more air than it should have absorbed dust. I actually experimented the vacuum on a tiny strand of hair (on a flat surface) and it could hardly even pick it up. When the retractable brush is doing a more robust job of removing dust from the keyboard than the actual vacuum itself, then you know there are definitely some issues.

    In summation, the Connectland USB Mini Vacuum could have been an instant recommendation at it's price (with it's nifty features). However, since it's vacuum hardly picks up any dust at all, I'd suggest skipping over this one and simply invest in a keyboard air-cleaner instead (or continue searching for a better mini vacuum). Since this just didn't cut it....more info