Alen T300 Tower Air Purifier Two-Pack

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Free Shipping! Authorized Alen Dealer. Recommended For: Smoke, Pollen, Dust, Animal dander, Dust mites, Molds, Bacteria and Viruses Used In: Large rooms Coverage Area: 300 Sq ft, 225 Sq ft for Optimal performance Filter Type: Carbon, HEPA, Ionic In a compact unit, the Alen T300 Tower Air Purifier Two-Pack delivers style and performance. Unlike many other tower designs, the T300 Tower Air Purifier Two-Pack is a true HEPA air purifier with advanced features such as a UV lamp for bacterial control and activated carbon filter for enhanced odor removal. It has affordable replacement filters that are easy to change, eliminating the need to come in contact with the very particles you want to avoid. With ionic-type tower units, you come in contact with those particles with each cleaning. It effectively removes smoke, pollen, dust, animal dander, dust mites, molds, bacteria and viruses. The T300 Tower Air Purifier Two-Pack features four fan speed settings, 12 hour timer, built-in ionizer that minimizes pollutants and produces no ozone, filter replacement indicator, and digital display with simple, intuitive touch-button controls. It also has unique safety feature with power auto-off protection when cover removed. It consumes 65 Watts of energy and it covers room size up to 300 square feet and 225 square feet for optimal performance. This T300 Tower Air Purifier Two-Pack is a great choice for those who want a sleek design without sacrificing performance