DeLonghi DE500P Low Temperature Dehumidifier - 50 Pint with Pump

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Product Description

Save space with DeLonghi's newest dehumidifiers that allow you to position them against a wall thanks to their unique lateral grille design. The DE500 and DE500P 50-pint dehumidifiers are ideal for low temperature basement use down to 44 degrees F and offer a worry-free Tank Control System that prevent the overflow of water due to a full, missing or improperly positioned bucket or blocked connecter hose. Searching for a dehumidifier with a pump? The DE500P comes standard with a heavy-duty built in condensate pump system, so you can forget about emptying the bucket! These come complete with a digital display, 24-hour programmable timer and 3-foot drainage hose and washable air filters. They have a lateral intake/outtake grille that allows you to position the Delonghi DE500 and DE500P against a wall if desired. We give these dehumidifiers a 4 star - Very Good rating.

  • Removes up to 50 pt water per 24 hours for rooms up to 1000 sq ft
  • Energy Star rated for efficiency, cost savings, Electronic controls, digital LCD display shows C / F
  • Operates in low temperatures down to 44 degrees F and has an internal adjustable humidistat
  • 3 drain options: bucket, internal condensate pump with 16 ft. hose, gravity drain with 3 ft. hose
  • Worry free Tank Control System automatically shuts off unit if it detects that the bucket is full