Austin Air HealthMate 400 Air Purifier

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Free Shipping! Authorized Austin Air Dealer. Recommended For: Smoke, Mold, Mildew and Fungi, Asthma triggering irritants, Allergens Germs, Viruses and Bacteria, Chemicals, Gases and Odors Used In: Entire homes, Schools or Offices Coverage Area: 1500 Sq ft Filter Type: Carbon, HEPA Designed for powerful residential use, the Austin Air HealthMate 400 Air Purifier removes everyday odors, allergens, and chemicals over an impressive coverage area of 1500 square feet. With 15 Pounds of active chemicals, the HealthMate 400 efficiently removes general odors, chemicals, and allergens with an active carbon and zeolite compound and a filter that only requires replacement approximately every five years. To facilitate maximum removal of impurities, the HealthMate 400 is housed in perforated steel for 360 degrees of air intake into the motor. The matching filters included. It is available in black, white, sandstone and silver colors.