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Dead Space from EA is sure to please any action-adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle against deadly aliens. Dead Space for PC begins when a massive mining ship, the USG Ishimura, comes in contact with a mysterious alien artifact and suddenly loses its communications with Earth. Engineer Isaac Clarke is sent to repair

Deep Space pits Isaac Clarke against deadly aliens. View larger.

Zero-G game play allows you to walk on walls and the ceiling. View larger.

EA delivers an incredibly frightening experience with state-of-the-art graphics and effects. View larger.

Neutralize the attacking enemies with weapons and telekinetic powers. View larger.
the Ishimura's communications, but arrives to find a floating vessel that has become a complete bloodbath. The crew is mutilated and infected with an ancient alien scourge. Clarke's repair mission is transformed to one of survival as he fights to save himself and return the artifact to the planet at any cost.

Fight with Weapons and Telekinesis
The alien hordes are incredibly resilient. You'll have to find creative ways to neutralize the attacking enemies by shearing off limbs with powerful weapons. And when the ammo runs out you'll be thankful that you can use your telekinetic powers to pick up objects (even the aliens' own severed arms and legs) and hurl them at your advancing enemies.

Graphics, Effects, and Sound Increase the Horror
EA delivers an incredibly frightening experience with state-of-the-art graphics and effects, an audio system that will have you jumping out of your seat, and a truly horrific atmosphere that is permeated with death, mutilation, and despair. You'll have to be resilient to slash through the alien onslaught and stop this virulent scourge. As you explore the ship, the tragic story of the USG Ishimura will unfold in gory detail as you discover frantic logs from the hideously transformed crew in their final days.

True Zero-G Effects
You'll be able to take full advantage of zero gravity in Deep Space. Battling enemies and solving puzzles takes on new challenges and present ingenious opportunities with the Zero-G game play. You can use zero gravity to create your own path around obstacles by walking on walls and the ceiling. Leap across vast distances or change your perspective to gain a strategic advantage over your enemies.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System Microsoft Windows XP / Vista (with latest Service Packs)
CPU 2.8 GHz processor or faster
Memory 1 GB for Windows XP; 2 GB for Vista
Hard Drive Space 7 GB of free space
Graphics Hardware DirectX 9.0c compatible video card. Shader 3.0 required. Video card must have 256 MB or more memory and contain of these chipsets: NVIDIA GeForce 6800, ATI X1600 pro, or better
Sound DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

  • Dead Space for PC is sure to please any action, adventure gamer looking for a bloody battle against deadly aliens
  • Gameplay takes place on the USG Ishimura where the crew has been infected by an alien scourge
  • Neutralize the attacking enemies by shearing off limbs with powerful weapons
  • Telekinetic powers allow you to pick up objects (even the aliens own severed arms and legs) and hurl them at your advancing enemies
  • Battling enemies and solving puzzles takes on new challenges and present ingenious opportunities with the Zero-G gameplay

Customer Reviews:

  • Amazing atmosphere and a lot of fun
    A well-designed horror-sci-fi shooter with some remarkable Hitchcock-esque tension on a regular basis. It has been quite a while since a game has made me jump the way this one has. Even some of my favorites (System Shock 2, Bioshock) didn't do as good a job with the startling moments the way Dead Space does.

    Despite its very non-PC control scheme the game controls well once you get used to it. In fact it is probably the first time since Tomb Raider that I have felt like I could control a 3rd person character as well as a first-person.

    An exceptional game....more info
  • No to DRM
    I came close to purchasing this - but the draconian SecuROM / DRM protection makes it a non-starter....more info
  • For those with activation issues
    First off, ignore the star ratings in this review, as this doesn't effect anything. For those of you who have had issues activating your game, just simply e-mail EA and address the issue first. They may or should ask for your game/serial key. Give it to them and they should be able to extend your activation limit if they see that everything is under your name since I remember filling something out the first time I installed. I recently had to do this with Crysis: Warhead and once I got it extended, I could activate it and play. It's a frustrating process, but just try to patiently see it through....more info
  • EA did it again, BUY THE STEAM VERSION!!!
    I'll start by saying I love horror games and films, but EA knows how to ruin a great game. I'll start out with the good.

    This games is extremely fun, there is plenty of blood, dark rooms, and creatures popping out at the worst of times. Remember playing Doom 3, remember how scary it was walking through dark hallways just to have a demon pop out of nowhere? Well lets say this is Doom 3 but 10x scarier.

    What separates Dead Space from Doom three is its not a first person shooter, the scares are more random, and your not fighting demons. The hud has been replaced with nothing. All stats like health are shown on your suit. Your health is shown on the spine of your suit, ammo is shown on your guns, and objectives are holographic pictures shown on your suit. To make the game harder almost everything is shown in real time, for instance is you access your inventory you can still be attacked, The only pauses are when you enter a shop or upgrade station, or hit pause, making the game scarier.

    Now for the bad, this game has what any other EA pc games has, SECUROM. For those of you who does no know what that is, SECUROM is a program that is suppose to stop piracy. But if it stops piracy then whats so bad you may ask, well I won't go into detail, if you want more info go to It also has limited activations. If I'm right you can only install it 2-5 times.

    Now for the game, well there not much to say. Some people might find the game to scary, or hard and that's all. Oh and it's is a third person shooter so if you don't like third person shooters then this game is not for you, But to get the most out of this game you need a good pair of headphones and play it at night not during the day. Here's a link to a good pair of headphones that are perfect for this game. Logitech G35 7.1-Channel Surround Sound Headset

    ...more info
  • Yes securerom blows, but the game is a blast!
    First and foremost, the game is playable with either a mouse/keyboard or 360 controller scheme, but it is clear after playing it for a short while that the game was not optimised well for the m/k scheme. It's unfortunate, as I think it would have made the game more enjoyable for PC users who are acclimated to the m/k scheme. In the end, I've come to accept that some of the better games that started out as 360/PS3 games and were then ported to the PC absolutely require a gamepad. It's just the reality of the situation boys and girls. Once you get used to playing ports using a 360 gamepad (yes, an actual wired 360 pad that you can get for 15 bucks at the pawn shop will work perfectly with updated windows drivers), you'll realise that the game was intended with the pad in mind, and end up enjoying the game a heck of a lot more.

    Now that the control issue is out of the way, the game is really, really, fun. It's scary as s&!t and not for the faint of heart, but isn't that what folks who enjoy this genre are looking for? The change from the headshot always finishing the job is quite refreshing. Whoever thought up the idea that aliens might not bleed out from a simple headshot, and that cutting off all of the limbs would be the optimal way to remove the vital fluids, is a genius. Yes, I'm getting a bit graphic here, but anyone reading this is probably wanting to know what it's really like, and this is it. It's the goriest, most entertaining, adult horror game in recent history. When Undying came out many years ago, I thought it could never be topped. Well folks, I haven't gotten far enough to comment as to whether it tops Undying's story, but it's definitely giving it a run for its money so far.

    I do wish to comment regarding the Securerom issue (ANYONE AT EA LISTENING HERE???????), as it does absolutely NOTHING to prevent pirating. Rather, it does a great job at deterring literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of people from not buying your product. Do us all a favor by dropping the Securerom and finding a manageable way to protect your product without screwing up a good portion of honest folks' computers. Mine wasn't affected, by the way, but I always breathe a sigh of relief after the install of any game with Securerom or a similar unreliable anti-copy product doesn't cause irreparable damage to my 'puter.

    Last, but not least, do your due diligence and make sure your computer can run the game. I have an Intel Core Duo 2.67 with a 512 MB GeForce 9800GT and 2 GB of DDR2 RAM running at 1066 on a stock 1066 bus mobo (twinturbo mobos rock!). This does the trick nicely with everything on max settings and using my native resolution of 1440x900 (widescreen LCD), but I wouldn't want anything less, particularly if I absolutely had to run it with the mouse and keyboard scheme. Again, it's playable with some tweaking, but the 360 pad is definitely the way to go.


    Hagamus Maximus
    ...more info
  • Boring, plus SecuROM
    I played the game on the P3, it's an alright game in the beginning but gets boring, and you just do the same things over and over, a lot of repartition. There also so co-op pay or online game play. I would wait for Left 4 Dead in a month.

    It also has SecuROM, just having that virus included in the game means I would not gets it for the PC and you have limited installs and SecuROM creates a security hole in your computer, there are known virus that that will take advantage of the of this. SecuROM will also prevent some software and hardware on your computer from working. I have been though that and it's not fun. The last note is SecuROM, can not be un-installed even after un-installing the game. You have to reformat your drive and reload your OS to get rid of it.
    ...more info
  • A real shame for EA, and what a waste of money and time for me
    I thought I was smarter than the rest of the pc crowd out there. I installed the "dead space" game its trojan, DRM (SecuROM). My rock solid pc is dead. Having every antivirus and spy program, I was not worried. They all were awakend by this intrusive software, but I figured, hey, it comes with the game, it must be ok. Well, it is not. EA should remove DRM (SecuROM) from the games and give everyone a free copy. I feel cheated, like I missed out and also dumb. Dont do what I did, dont buy this game....more info
  • This game secretly installs malware
    Buyer beware - the product description does not describe some important
    aspects of the game:

    This game requires an Internet activation, so if you have no Internet
    connection you can't play.
    Also you have limited activations - so effectively you are not buying
    and owning a game, you are merely renting the game.

    This game secretly installs copy-protection software called SecuROM which can cause many problems for your computer, some of which are:

    1. When installing the game the user is not informed that SecuROM is being installed.

    2. SecuROM denies administrators full access to their PC, and blocks the
    administrator from editing certain parts of the registry.

    3. SecuROM can interfere with the operation of hardware, specifically disc drives.

    4. SecuROM can interfere with the proper operation of software.

    5. When the game is uninstalled SecuROM is not uninstalled - it remains
    permanently on your computer.

    6. The manner in which SecuROM runs on your computer is similar to that of malicious software called malware, and many people do indeed consider SecuROM to be malware.

    There have (at May 2009) been five class action lawsuits have been filed
    against Electronic Arts (EA) for their use of SecuROM.
    ...more info
  • No way EA! Keep your DRM Games Away!
    I have never pirated a game, DRM will not even stop pirates from getting this or any other game free! All DRM does is keep me from re-installing the game, using my firewall and anti-virus to the level I want and gets me treated like a low life thief when I am NOT!

    I will never buy a game that limits my installs. I have passed on 3 games that I have wanted now, Spore, Far Cry 2 and now Dead Space, but that is fine. Their are plenty of game companies that make great games that don't use DRM.

    And if it comes to a point that all games are DRM, then I am glad I really enjoy my board game collection and table top gaming! ...more info
  • Game runs great use avast or avg to get rid of securrom when your done.:)
    This game is great played it almost all the way through on 360(then lost time) and it was the most fun i've had with any kind of survival horror since Resident Evil 4 or Doom 3. Graphically yes it is far superior to those games but still is its own entity, actually reminds you more of the movie The Thing most of the time. Also the securom when your done can easily be removed with either Avast(prefered) or AVG, though with it, takes a little more tweaking. During the game i never had a single issue with slow downs, internet trouble or just anything in general about my computer didnt change. I have an ASUS G50 Republic Of Gamers Laptop and it runs great. Specs are 4 gigs or RAM, Nvidia Geforce GS 9800M 512mb RAM(supports up to 2 gigs), Intel Centrino 2 Core Duo, Windows Vista x64. So just download one of those anti-virus programs from or wherever and you'll have no problems what so ever. The only thing i would worry about is playing it on XP, the protection isnt near as good on it, so your a bit more vulnerable on it. Enjoy!

    Btw i know PC gaming is slowing dying, but play it on a system like this and watch how it blows PS3 and 360 totally out of the water. Up to 65 or 70fps, compared to 25 or 35:D...more info
  • This will sit on my shelf
    I pre-ordered this one and forgot about it; if I had known then what I know now about EA's practices, I would have cancelled the order. The computer on my desk is MINE, not yours. Until you figure that out, EA, I'm not putting your game on there....more info
  • Excellent Game....a must buy.. despite all the whiners.
    Excellent game, and SecuROM shouldn't bother your system whatsoever if you don't possess any pirated software....more info
  • Awesome game, but poor control and few graphical glitches
    I thought this game was simply amazing! The story is about as standard as they come. You are going to a mining ship that needs repair, then you get attacked by an unknown force. Your job is to survive and rescue your fellow mates and uncover the truth. The atmosphere, music, and overall presentation seem futuristic and scary as anything. The selling point, in my opinion, is the atmosphere. You will be scared all throughout and if you have good sounds, you're going to love this game (I have a SB X-Fi card with Headphones and I was scared as anything). If I had to compare this to a movie, I thought of Alien(1&2) gone high tech.

    There are a few problems with the game. The first one I noticed is some graphical issues with the game. I'm playing it everything on high at 1680x1050. Everything looked beautiful, except when there is flashing lights or fire (I'm running on a gtx260, w/9800gt for phys-x). It seems to "stutter" the screen a bit. If I turned on v-sync it fixes the problem, but presents a problem with the mouse which is the second problem with the game. Normally the mouse is fine, but if you were to aim at enemies, you'd find that the speed is impossibly slow. Not only that, if you turn on v-sync to fix some of the graphical glitches, it goes even slower to a point where you cannot use it.

    Overall though, the game is amazing. There are only a few places where there are strobe lights and such, so you can turn v-sync off to up your mouse speed (note that sensitivity doesn't fix it) and still enjoy a solid game. I know I did.
    ...more info
  • Dead Space
    Fantastic game! Much more than I ever expected. Interface is easy to use on the PC. Exciting!...more info
  • Survival Horror Heaven
    An astonishingly good game that can only have received an average of 2.5 stars because of the SecureCom issue, of which I never had any problem. My only gripe with the game is what I view as a major design flaw, and that is the perspective. 3rd person looking over Isaac's right shoulder. In theory a good idea as it allowed the developers to take the traditional HUD elements off screen and place them on Isaac's suit. Unfortunately Isaac takes up one full quarter of the lower left screen leaving us with poor visibility. A few minor mouse control issues also detract. Nevertheless the best game Ive played in a long time. Make it an FPS and fix the mouse problems and I will be the first one lining up for the sequel....more info
  • Immersive play makes this captivating
    First, for all the whining about DRM and SecureBlahBlahBlah, I have not had a single problem with install or running it. Of course, I haven't tried un-installing it yet, so who knows? :)

    But the game is AWESOME, it pulls you in like watching a movie, and the details as you explore the ship are well thought out. All the Decks have extensive unique details, and the holographic overlay when you review your inventory or get video messages is brilliant!

    If there is any complaint, the controls seemed to be sluggish, but I suspect that is by design since as your character gets weak, his aim degrades, he moves slower, and he starts gasping and bitching more.

    For the BEST experience, put on a pair of headphones when you play. The ambient sounds are excellent and there are some soft voices that you won't really understand without a headset.
    ...more info
  • Looks good, but no go due to DRM and SecuROM
    This game looks promising, but I am choosing not to purchase it due to the restrictive DRM and SecuROM. This game will join a long list of games I was going to buy but didn't because of SecuROM: Mass Effect, Spore, Red Alert 3, etc. Hey EA, that's $150 I would have sent your way had you made a realistic decision about SecuROM.

    Keep releasing games with this crippling trojan and I will continue to purchase games from other publishers. Imagine how it hurts EA and the developers if several thousand or more people who would have bought the game do not....more info
  • Decimating gory 3rd person alien kill-a-thon
    Dead Space is quite possibly the most violent video game ever made and I have met a few people who think it has one of the best end bosses of all time. I would have to somewhat agree on both counts. The question is not should you play Dead Space, it is can you play Dead Space and this has nothing to do with hardware (which is very demanding) but more about if you can hack it. It is extremely scary and ferocious. The aliens in this game kill you by ripping you apart and can only be killed by ripping them apart. Torso shots only slow them down. You need to use laser type weapons or saws to cut their limbs off. All of this while walking slowly around a damaged mining ship that is infested with these things. Strong story driven game with some amazing level designs that takes survival horror and gives it a fresh injection of dread.

    The sheer overwhelming horror of it all
    Alien attacks are very scary
    Defeating the aliens is heart pounding
    Good story
    End boss battle

    Some levels have backtracking
    There is a fair amount of repetition
    Securecom...more info
  • Crippled PC port.
    Looks like a fun game. I wouldn't know, as my experience with it has been solving one game crippling technical issue after the next. After manually enabling internet access for Deadspace in Norton antivirus I was able to actually load the game. The C++ crashes stopped when I removed my USB gamepad, and the mouse control glitches have been mostly resolved by forcing VSYNC in my Nvidia control panel, but I still can't really go through doors. Wish me luck with that one.

    Get it on 360 or PS3. This is a bad, bad port. There is no guarantee this product will even be playable for you....more info
  • Great game on consoles falls flat with Securom features
    I had rented this game for the xbox360 and was genuinely interested in getting the game for the PC as that is in my opinion a better format for personal customization, mods, and simply the fun factor. So I go down to my local store and just look at the cover and a store clerk immediately gave me a concerned look and said that Dead Space was something to avoid like the plague. I took that into account and went ahead and bought it a day later and popped the disk into my custom built rig only to find a whole lot of strings attached to this game. The way i use my computer (constantly upgrading and tweaking) I would have run through the allotted registrations in no time. Once I did get the game running it had its bugs some of which were unforgivable. I never really believed EA was out to make a terrible experience for PC gamers but this was the first game I bought from them and it was the last when I promptly returned it. You lost my business EA I have no problem looking elsewhere for publishers that treat their customers right. ...more info
    Dead Space is ripe with problems as are all other PC games now.But I will reminde all you PC gamers that a year agoe I TOLD YOU PC GAMES WERE GOING TO BE OBSOLETE.I did this in my review of COD AIRBORN.I recieved tons of negative comments for that remark but look who is CRYING NOW.I told you then to stop buying the CRAP thy were shoving on us and thy would start listening when there pocket books started hurting.I guess you are listening now. ...more info
  • Overpriced rental = no thanks
    I was gonna buy this game until I realized I would basically be overpaying for a rental. No thanks, EA. I prefer to own my games WHICH I PAY FOR for life....more info
  • What???????????
    Will not play for me and now I have a $50 game that I can not return. This extra copy protection is crashing my system! Why not make these games with out all the garbage????...more info
  • Sorry but not not buying this game!! Not even for the console
    Time to make EA learn from their mistakes by putting DRM in the PC games. Time to take down the Titan called EA!!!!...more info
  • EA f*$#ed up again - DRM - beware of the rootkit
    This is actually a GREAT GAME which I would otherwise give 4.5 stars but the damn Securom DRM messes with me. I don't appreciate EA installing malware on my system (especially when they don't disclose it up front). When will they learn. Take a clue from Stardock/Impulse where Sins of a Solar Empire SOLD over a million copies WITHOUT DRM. What's the trick? Real customer support and additional content updates for PAYING customers. OK OK - Dead Space. Love the game: great graphics, atmospherics, voice acting, level design, cool weapons and creatures. Superb! I'm 3/4 through the game and havin loads of fun. EA would have made big $$$ on this one but shot themselves in the foot AGAIN. Can you say Idiots... ...more info
  • Securom
    Securom DRM. Enough said. Save your money for a game company that wants to sell you a game, not rent you one.

    ...more info
  • Another EA securom game, another crash," Dead Space" is a good name!
    Should have listened to everyone here and returned this software/malware. I have purchased > 100 PC games over the years and it is rare for them to crash IMMEDIATELY upon trying to start up, and in most cases an available patch repaired the problem. No such luck with Dead Space. I installed Dead Space and sure enough as with another securom game I "own"(Ha!) this one crashes to the "DeadSpace.exe has stopped working" dialog and no amount of updating, task manager close downs, reinstallation/restarting will repair it. The EA site offers nothing that resolves this so this is a product defect as I have no problem with non-EA, non-securom "protected" games.Protected from whom? The purchaser? Dead Space is an apt name for this game, as that's all I've seen on my display since I installed it....more info
  • This is 5 games I count x 3 copies - No sale!
    When I look at all the games I went to put in my cart x 3 it was well over $500. My son's want Dead Space, Farcry2, CRisis Warhead. So many excellent games are made by EA. This is simply terrible. They could put just about any type of security they want. Just don't limit my installations. They just don't get that we install and play older games.

    EA and Activision, from Atari times. I sure hope Activision does not
    start adding this wonderful security hole virus to their software. I am looking forward to the new Call of Duty coming out early next month!
    ...more info
  • Great game plagued with poor controls.
    I'll steer clear from all the Securom talk and just focus on the game itself, but just to state that I didn't have any issues installing or running the game and the game hasn't crashed once.

    Dead Space is a very good game. The story line is really well done and the game play is done well too. It's pretty scary throughout the game and I never found it boring. There are some neat areas where they do things with zero gravity, and the ability to slow things down.

    Sadly though the game has some horrible controls. Maybe it'll be patched, but at the moment the mouse controls are just super sluggish. It seems like they did a really bad port of the console version. There are some work arounds by turning off VSYNC in the video options of the game and then maxing the mouse sensitivity. For the most part that fixes a lot of the mouse issues, but it's still a little sluggish in some areas like around corners.

    I chose to play the game on medium difficulty because of this. I didn't want to get overly frustrated with mouse aiming on a more challenging difficulty. It's been a lot of fun and since it's not on extra hard difficulty I don't have to try swinging around and hitting 10 mobs at a time which is good.

    The game also plays a lot like Bioshock in the ability to customize your character. You can upgrade your armor and weapons how you see fit (damage, capacity, armor, hitpoints, etc.) Another unique aspect is the ability to shoot the limbs off all the mobs. The game revolves around this (shooting legs out to slow enemies down, shooting heads off, etc.)

    Overall the game is fantastic. If I had known beforehand, I would have picked this up for the 360 or PS3, but even though the controls are lacking, I had a blast playing it and would recommend people to try it out....more info
  • DRM WTF?! Oh, well. Dead Space rules.
    So this game is packin' SecuRom. Guess what? So did Crysis, and I have both of these games. The result? No problems. Yet. So, instead, I'd write what I like about the game, not some stupid DRM scheme that dosen't work.

    As anyone well knows, the guys who made this game wanted to make one of the scariest experiences this side of RE. In some respects, they succeeded. What makes this game what it is might well change the face of Survival Horror games for a while. Case in point, no HUD. With no HUD in game, it keeps you immersed like no other has yet.

    The key to this game is dismemberment, which of course means avoiding the head, if you will. Instead, aim for everything else, then go for their head, or if you have the proper "tool", slice them in half.

    Another nice touch to this game, the weaponry, or lack thereof. In fact, the only true weapon you can buy is a Pulse Rifle. Every other weapon in the game could be considered a mining tool, from the (iconic) Plasma Cutter, Line Gun, or even the Force Gun.

    The only true downside of Dead Space on the PC (besides the aforementioned SecuRom) is the mouse control. Even on it's highest sensitivity, it is quite sluggish, except for the areas where you man the turret. However, Dead Space supports gamepads, such as the XUSB controller I have, and it works fine.

    If you want something that'll make you jump time and time again, pick up Dead Space. And also, give the story some time. It gets good, especially if you've seen the prequel stories. ...more info
  • DRM ruins yet another good game
    I was ready to buy this until I learned that I'm not allowed to buy it. EA's DRM effectively forces you to rent the game, taking away your rights and making it nearly impossible to exercise your first sale rights to sell it.

    EA claims this is to stop piracy, but it doesn't even slow piracy down. Their real reason for this is that they are trying to attack the perfectly legal resale market - piracy is a "think of the children" excuse in order to do this so they don't get sued for anti-competitive behavior.

    Until EA lets us buy their games again, I guess I won't be buying their games. It's a shame, as I was looking forward to this game. Avoid this game - you don't want SecuROM invading your system like a rootkit, and you don't want to discover when you replay this in the future that you have to call EA and plead with them to let you install it, or worse, find that the DRM activation server no longer exists and you have to download a pirated version just to play what you legally 'own'.
    ...more info
  • Sounds Like a Good Game - I too will regret not buying it because of SecuRom
    I really am disheartened by all the stories of SecuRom DRM protection used by EA. I too do not like being treated like a thief especially when it is a game that I will lawfully purchase. NO SALE here EA......more info
    Couldn't wait for X-Mass to buy Dead Space for my PC, but because of all the reviewers saying securom sucks I decided against it. EA listen up...YOUR LOSING CUSTOMERS!...more info
  • Alien meets Zombies!
    Dead Space has got atmosphere and then some! This is the perfect game to play with the lights low and the sound turned up. The use of event triggered music when an alien pops up on you will make you jump out of your seat. You'll start entering every room with your weapon drawn and move your head trying to look around the corner on the screen. They also use a subtle hearbeat which gets louder and faster the closer you get to death.

    There's an upgrade system for your suit, powers and weapons which sometimes makes you have to choose between doing more damage, shooting quicker, a larger clip or putting the upgrade toward more hit points for you.

    The aliens are gruesome and there's a decent variety, some requiring you to find what tactics work best to take them down quick.

    The variety of weapons is decent. You'll have to experiment with them to see what works for your play style. The only down side is that you have to buy any new weapons you want.

    The zero-g and vaccuum areas make for interesting game play. There's also a couple of mini-games you can play to get equipment rewards.

    The plot is decent for a survival horror game and there are a couple of twists in the story as you progress. Some will say it's short. It took me about 12 hours to go through on the medium difficulty and I'm one of those players that has to search everywhere possible. Once you finish, you get a lot of goodies to start your next difficulty on and you keep the equipment upgrades from your last play through.

    The *only* problem I had with the game was that it took a few minutes to work out the optimal mouse sensitivity. And even after doing that, there are a few parts where it's still slow to respond and in this game, a little slow will not end well for you....more info
  • DRM wacks an otherwise good game
    First I hate DRM that has more with snooping than fighting piracy. SecuROM and the EA implementation make this more of a rent-a-game than a purchase so it's up to you if you want to support this.

    The game has excellent graphics and an atmosphere that will make to jump out of your skin if you turn the lights out. I did get tired of the repetitive puzzles, simple as they are, but loved the storyline. There is a prequel anime you can buy that sets up the story even more.

    The game has 12 interesting chapters but after you are done there is really little replay value. ...more info
  • only 3 loads WTF?
    Like everyone else says it stinks that they put this spy wear on a product that you pay for. It says nowhere in description that there are only 3 downloads allowed for this product. They don't think that information is important? I feel betrayed by EA. I don't plan on buying their products even on consoles. If they keep treating PC users like second class citizens they are going to loose us forever....more info
  • deadspace is just about awesome
    I like the gameplay, the enemies, the weapons, and even the story, but since I got the PC version, the controls are a bit iffy. If you want a great game with great controls for PC, get Dead Space and a PC Xbox controler.Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller for Windows...more info
  • Death to DRM
    I really want to play this game because of all the good reviews. Then I found out about securom in the PC version. Why does EA persist in this crap? I am just going to wait till I buy a PS3 and purchase the console version instead....more info
  • poor
    the developers of dead space took the easy way and made the game challenging by making the player the dumbest, slowest and blindest character in game history. Once your visibility is poor, you ran as fast as a handicapped turtle, and it takes 10 seconds to switch weapons on an inventory system that takes away the little view you have left then of course the game becomes (maddening) challenging. This is akin to cheating in game programming. How about testing the player with puzzles, different enemy weaknesses etc? I give this 3 stars because the programmers devised a decent pathfinding gimmick (press B) saving the player from wasting useful playing time....more info
  • Well worth the cost. What's this talk about SecureROM?
    I'm not quite sure about the negative reviews this game has received over the SecureROM. I think that has something to do with buying the game and downloading it, then burning it do a DVD. Not sure, but anyway, I received my copy of Dead Space as a legit copy as a gift that one would buy at a local retail store. The game played flawlessly on my PC. The graphics were beautifully rendered, the gameplay controls were perfect as well (I used a wireless Xbox 360 controller with PC receiver to play it. The game automatically walks you through the gameplay depending on if you choose to play with the keyboard and mouse OR the Xbox 360 controller; it has a "learned" behavior in it). The creatures and characters are vividly horrifying, and the detail can at times almost be surreal. Some of the monsters, however, remind me of something I once saw in games like "The Thing" or "Run Like Hell". In spite of that, the game had the entertainment value all the way, and it even has great replay value. One full sweep of the game from beginning to end took me about 28hrs (not including the multiple times I died). I was able to run the game at its maximum settings with no lag whatsoever. Here are my PC specs to give an idea: Windows Vista x64 bit, Intel Core2 Q6600, 4GB PC2-8500 RAM, PNY 512MB Geforce 8800GTS video card. I never once received an error of any kind while playing this game. To sum it up, if you have a decent gaming PC, and you like to play sci-fi/horror games, this game is well worth adding to your collection....more info
  • Dead Space -A Real Heart-Thumper
    Dead Space is unique among FPS games. The 3rd person perspective takes some getting used to but provides the kind of immersive experience that other games of this genre lack. The enemies that you will encounter are wily and absolutely determined to attack and kill your avatar regardless of the odds against them. They will continue to attack until you literally dismember them. There is no place where you are safe (even elevators!)
    Some of the battles you will fight are heart-poundingly intense. Not for little kids!!!
    Dead Space is also a homage to some of the best games ever written for the PC, including the original System Shock (audio and video logs that further the back-story) and certainly Half Life.

    The game also ran faultlessly. No crashes, lock-ups, or other programming bugs that plague many games (i.e. FarCry2)
    Killer game!...more info
  • Played it for only an hour.
    I hate to pan this game because it has state of the art graphics and I know it took a ton of money to make. Unfortunately, it is a tour de force for the programmers and the player is ignored. Throughout many many hours of game play the player is forced to dismember every humanistic monster he comes across. The moster wriths in agony and the blood spurts. All game play is in minimally lit darkness. The puzzles were annoying to this experienced player because they just force you to cover ground repeatedly. The story elements are borrowed from older games. The third person perspective takes a ton of computer power and adds to the nausea as the lag in movement yanks your eyeballs to make sense of it all. You can check all this out on the numerous videos on you tube....more info
  • Whaaa !!!!
    Well, besides everybody crying about securom. I don't have any issues.
    My only complaint would be this game has way too many buttons to try and use effectively. The graphics are great. Lots to do and explore. You have to be really good with the buttons to creatively mangle your many foes in this game. Lack of music in the sound track is refreshing.
    THe beasties are really beastly also.
    I like this one much better then any of the DOOM series.
    I prefer 1st person shooters opposed the 3rd person shooters but this is still pretty cool....more info
  • More DRM Crap from EA - When will it stop?
    EA apparently will not learn. DRM what should be called Digital Restriction Management is a bad idea all around and it has failed in an epic manner. Yet the company refuses to stop the practice.

    Public complaints, bad reviews, community activism and civil disobedience are the way to make sure our voices are heard even if only a little. After some time the volume will build and the word will spread and slowly but surely it will get back to the financial markets and then to key investors and maybe just maybe that will lead to new management or the downfall of an evil empire.

    Here is a quote from a major Wall Street analyst:

    "EA's share price in after hours trading reflects that many investors have abandoned hope... management has demonstrated an uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the eyes of investors, and we think that these old habits will take a long time to die..."

    It appears EA cares about no one other than its top management. This is clearly illustrated with the recent layoff announcement of hundreds of staff and developers. I wonder how many are executives? Likely none to be honest. In my opinion it needs to change but sadly only the board can do that so we must make our voices loud and known everywhere and anywhere.

    Remember folks EA thinks that most of us are pirates (which is pure loaded language crap - the proper term should be infringers which we are not or we would not have any issues with DRM) and the rest are too stupid to understand anything. So for all the stupid people out there called gamers please go to the following sites to educate yourselves about the issues with DRM and then chose to act.

    Check out:

    Then vote with your wallet, your actions and your opinion!...more info
  • Just Say No to EA
    I have bought a couple of EA games in the past that have DRM. I was either unable to play them or had severe issues after installing them with their DRM/SecuRom scheme. I have since sworn off EA games altogether. Be may have problems playing this game and heaven help you if you have to call EA's tech support line for help since they charge you per minute for tech support....more info
  • Forget SecuROM, This is good!
    This game is spectacular in my opinion, most of these reviews are about SecuROM, I say install the game and enjoy it! It is a Masterpiece in gaming, it totally blew me away, I have a single core Athlon 64 3700 2.2 ghz proceessor, 3 Gbs of ram and 512mb graphic card, with Vista, surely this is not the best machine to run this game. but it plays very good, very smoth, no chopping. The graphics on Dead Space is like a video movie (when a video game cuts from play to a video scene) well, this game plays like a movie, it's that good. If your not sure if your computer can play this, you can google "can you run it" and find out before you buy it. The story is what really drives this game, it's quite good too say the least. It reminded me of that movie "Event Horizon" and the main character (Isaac) in Dead Space looks like the Destroyer from the Thor comic books. It is a shame that Dead Space got so many bad reviews, I understand why the use SecuROM, but they probably would sell more games without it, it gets ripped anyway, SecuROM is a turn-off for a lot of potential buyers. I had problems running Bioshock on my PC, I don't know if it was because it was the security add-ons or because it was imported from the X-Box console. I say check this game out. it's worth it ...more info
  • Not worth the time or money
    The controls are poorly executed, sluggish, clunky, and very annoying. The camera angle is maddening, it will literally drive you bonkers. The equipment and story line totally fail to live up to the standard of the movie. Graphics are OK, but nothing truly stands out. There really isn't a redeeming quality about this game. When you factor the much maligned DRM software into the equation, this "game" is best left to the console crowd. There it will suffer the user through one, at most two playthroughs before it becomes a dust collector or sold/traded....more info
  • The securom isn't that bad, and the game rocks -- read on.
    I've been staying away from securom stuff like the plague since it came out. I had the unpleasent experience of securom 3 messing up my system and swore I wouldn't try that again.

    To be honest, this is the first game i've actually bought in maybe... 8 years? When I play games, I usually download them because I only play maybe halfway through, get bored, and never go back. Don't think that means I'm not a gamer though - I play most major games, I just don't usually enjoy them lately.

    I did like survival horror long ago (beat all the ps1 classics: RE 1 and 2, dino crisis; alone in the dark 2 + 3 on the old 486); I read some reviews and got very excited about dead space. I knew it had securom 7 on it, but I know a great deal about computers (I'm an early 20's computer programmer / system analyst) and I'm planning to format soon anyhow.

    The game: Tons of fun, I really enjoyed playing through it. I've beat it through once, and might actually go through and play it again. It creeped me out tons of times, it's a game that really throws a lot at you. Congrats EA devteam!

    The protection: To be honest, it was transparent. I installed the game, putting in the serial key at the beginning of the install. It installed, ran (no dvd needed!), and I didn't have any issues. System remained stable, dvd drives didn't mess up, no issues to speak of. But wait, i thought, what about the nasty stuff it must have put on my computer? I didn't find much of anything! I ran a scan for hidden files (a la rootkit revealer) and found none. No weird services either. The only thing is a messed up registry key for securom that contains the unlock codes for the game, which I messed around with for fun (all they do is put an illegal character in the keys to mess with windows API) and probably blew another activation or two fooling with.

    That's probably the only downside I see - the 5 time activation limit. They *say* they'll give ya another one, but I've spent enough time on the phone to tech support in my time to know how long that takes. Then again, even if I play this game through 3 times (which for me would be unheard of) I still wouldn't blow through all 5 installs. Heck, I can make some money back selling it on craigslist when I'm done (sorry EA, I don't like ya that much: if I can sell a book I read, I should be able to sell a video game too).

    Anyhow, give it a chance....more info
  • Quality Survival Horror.
    Dead Space is a typical survival horror game of the 21st century; it combines the elements of multiple genres, focuses on atmosphere rather then mindless action, and looks like Pamela Anderson in her prime. It also has flaws all games nowadays seem to suffer from; a lack of originality and a lack of content - I completed the game in about fifteen hours.

    The storyline follows the efforts of Clark Isaac to find his ex-girlfriend Nicole, and to get off the doomed spacecraft. It also involves a variety of supporting characters that aren't very original, but work well in the context of the story. Not a breathtaking plot, but it ends with a quality twist that leaves the player pondering on what truly happened - Silent Hill style.

    Setting-wise, Dead Space might as well be a remake of System Shock 2. A haunted space ship - check, grotesque mutants - check, horror atmosphere - check, creepy logs - check, alien slime growing on the walls - check, RPG elements - check, etc. The only things missing are robots, cameras and SHODAN.

    Action is great. Shooting, punching, stomping and wrestling the myriad of abominations is impressive and unlike any game I've played. The monsters attack and are dispatched in short bursts of carnage and scary music, thus keeping the atmosphere oppressive without making it annoying. Add the weird camera positioning, the realistic logical problems and the holographic interface, and you'll feel like a protagonist in a high-budget horror movie. What more could you want from a survival horror game?

    I honestly don't get the huge amount of negative reviews. The complaints about the game's UI are ridiculous - it takes five minutes to figure out the commands/camera, and after that it's like second nature. Some people objected about bugs, but neither me nor my friends have experienced any glitches or inconsistencies, so as far as I'm concerned that's a moot point.

    That being said, Dead Space is a good game. It's not great - few people are going to be playing it a year from now, but nevertheless it's an above-average survival horror experience. I, for one, am looking forward to the sequel....more info
  • Awesome game of 2008
    I am huge horror-survival fan and played FEAR series, classic doom and DOOM-3 & ROE and alien vs predator. I liked them all and I like this even better. In every aspect it is really mind blowing.

    I never played any 3rd person shooter before, which caused me to feel odd in the begining of this game, but slowly got used to after first two chapters in this game. Every way the game was really creepier and scarier atleast for me. It was heart pounding and spine tinkling experience throught the way.

    I had glictches here and there in the game, but they were just little annoyances.

    I didnt have any problems with DRM, I dont even feel any effects on my computer. So i have to ask what it is really.

    I would whole heratedly suggest this game to any hardcore pc gamerwho loves horror survival game. Really best game of 2008 in my opinion.

    ...more info
  • A must for horror fans..
    what would sci-fi be if there wasn't just wee bit of horror involved and this one is full of it. Sure there are lots of peeps that have issues with the DRM/Securom but don't let that be the only reason to not try this game. I recently bought it at a discount and installed with no problem(did not register the game) and its a hoot to play. Doom in space, except in third person. Takes a bit to get used to, looking over the shoulder, but once u get past that its fun and creepy.....more info
    Yes yes we've all been informed about the DRM issues for all of the various games coming out and EA/etc. will lose a lot of the full price buyers as a result, that will send the message more than anything to the WAY TOO MANY lawyers at the firm. And as a gamer it is insulting to be forced to put something that amounts to a virus on your computer so they can pretend it's making much of a difference when the only difference is the legal buyers are being pissed off immensely and the pirates are laughing, although not to the bank.

    It would be nice if you are going to pull the rating down, and thus the price, if you could just give it the single star and just type in DRM or something shorter, not a long whiny ballad about your woes we don't want to read or see!

    So this game is pretty beautiful to look at, I have 1680x1050 all on high. Pretty fun playing and of course the third person view is a nice change. This is one of those games like HL2, Bioshock and others that has such an atmosphere of doom to it, it's wonderful to play this in the dark! The sound is just chilling, the whispering voices and jarring machinery as well as the creatures themselves. The various mechanical, electrical and other machinery is pretty cool to just look at as well, like Doom 3 had. Although I'm only on chapter 4 it seems to be a lot like Doom 3 storywise as well as the old standby Alien movies.

    The holographic interfaces are just awesome and seem like something that would be there in the distant future. The upgrades are great to see and are useful as well. This has a little bit of Prey in it as well with the zero-g wall hopping but the nausea factor is much less. The melee combat is pretty brutal and visceral with all the blood and guts and the shear violence of it. Not sure why the player has a mask on, maybe that will be resolved in the story later on and his mysterious female friend who sends him messages throughout the game.

    What I don't like is the mouse lag, but that's obviously built in to be more realistic and can probably be changed in the settings. Another thing is that the story, SO FAR, seems to be standard stuff we've all either seen or played before. Another thing is I just don't think this will be more than a single play through for me, since it's pretty linear go here do this with intermittent combat it just doesn't have much to offer the second time around so that's a strike against the value in my book. The more freedom you have the more value you get.

    All that being said the strengths are the atmosphere and the beautiful backdrops as well as the futuristic interfaces, so if you can put up with taking the risk of DRM/securom then I recommend it.

    XFX 8800GT
    Intel CD E5200
    4GB RAM...more info


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