CamelBak 0.75 Liter Insulated Bottle Carrier
CamelBak 0.75 Liter Insulated Bottle Carrier

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Product Description

Keep it cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the Camelbak Insulated Bottle Carrier. BOTTLE NOT INCLUDED.

  • Fits the .75L Better and Classic bottles
  • Insulated sleeve keeps liquid cooler or warmer
  • Neoprene reduces bottle condensation and keeps hands dry.
  • Side Grip Strap makes bottle easier to carry and hold
  • integral attachment strap can clip to any pack, stroller, treadmill, etc.

Customer Reviews:

  • awsome
    I brought a CamelBak 0.75 Liter Insulated bottle carrier this product was great. The water keeps cold for over 4 hours. I love it. ...more info
  • So so product
    This insulator just doesn't keep my liquids cool for as long as I expected it should. It might be I have too high expectations, given that it is just neoprene and not all that thick but my drinks seem to warm up just about as fast as if I had no sleeve at all....more info
  • great bottle
    My daughter loves this bottle, just the right size for carrying to school and just enough amount of water for the day....more info
  • Works beautifully!
    Bought this because I hated the camelback sweating, plus to make it easier to carry with me. It works beautifully -- keeps the moisture down enough I can tote my camelback with ice water in my purse! The material breathes, so it doesn't look like it will develop mold issues inside. Very easy to get it on and off the bottle. Overall, VERY happy with this purchase. ...more info
  • Great Water bottle
    This is a nice water bottle the colors are great and once you get used to biting down on the straw to drink it performs great. I recommend if you use ice in your bottle to get some kind of jacket/koozie for it they do sweat. I have a water bottle by Home Presence that has a straw, is insulated so it doesn't sweat and was half the price. I tend to use my Home Presence water bottle more often since the water comes out easy, it is insulated so it does not sweat. I found mine at Target but Albertsons grocery stores carries them too....more info
  • has been to India and
    I have used and tried many different things for carrying around my water(ok I will admit it, sometimes water Plus..hehe) and they all seemed to fall just a bit short in one area or another. The biggest things that I did not like, was long straps(did not need to have one more thing around my neck) and wrap over tops. So my quest for the 'perfect' travel combo continued. Glory!!! I may have found 'The ONE'. This is the best combo by far. The thing that makes this a bit better then the other holders out there, is the strap and snap and open top, with no flap in the way of the top. This allows me to wrap-n-snap it to my carry-on pull luggage, try having a water bottle that is insulated and accessible at the same time while traipsing through airports. Then what do you do when you get on the plane?? Why you wrap-n-snap it around the upright tray on the side bar that extends from the seat, so all during the flight, you can get it quick and easy, and you don't have to worry about it when you sleep. Along with my quick flip bottle combo from Nalgene "Everyday OTG Tritan Water Bottle - 22 oz" that allows me to easily add ice and any liquid during the trip(remember I said something about not having a top flap to get in the way of the top), I have not found a better combo, and this also allowed me to use my UV-c pen purifier/filter(this thing is sooo cool 'Steri-Pen UV Light Water Purifier') in India with this combo. The bottom line is that I even now use this everywhere I go daily, even local, it is my go to-travel anywhere combo, what more can I say??...more info
  • Nice addition
    I bought this to go with the BPA-free water bottle. Awesome, keeps ice water cold during the school day. ...more info
  • great for the summer
    I really like to camelbak bottles and this is a nice carrier so that you are not drinking warm water in the summer....more info
  • Keeps water cool and protects the bottle from scratches!!!
    Keeps water cool for longer and its handle makes it easy to carry. It is nice looking and protective so even if you drop your bottle it wont get scratched. ...more info
  • fits Nalgene OTG bottle
    I purchased this bottle insulator for my Nalgene OTG water bottle, and it fits great. I have used it a few time already but the true test will come this summer to see if this will help keep my water cool in the hot and humid Florida summer. My one negative comment about this product is that the snap is not as secure as I had hoped. After a few uses already and it doesn't stay snapped always. ...more info
  • Great insulator
    I use this primarily in the summer to keep my water chilled and to absorb condensation. My children also use these for sailing in the summer. Great product....more info
  • Goodbye Sweaty Waterbottle!
    I would definitely recommend this to anyone who has the 0.75 Liter Camelbak water bottle. I actually bought this and the water bottle at the same time. The bottle shipped sooner than the sleeve and I was using it for a couple of days on it's own. I was really happy when the sleeve came because, like most people said, the bottle sweats like crazy. I would definitely buy it again. Eight dollars is a small price to pay to avoid cleaning those liquid circles every time you take a sip. ...more info
  • Gives the bottle a handle
    Does not insulate the cold in at all. Water got warm just as fast as before I wasted my money...more info
  • Son Loves it!!
    I bought this for my son (11 years old) this Christmas. He loves it! It's the perfect size and comes in so many great colors. He uses it every day. It's very study and I can see it lasting for many years....more info
  • Insulates, Protects, Absorbs Condensation & Is Attractive To Boot!
    I purchased this khaki insulated bottle carrier for my red Camelbak BPA Free Better Bottle. I love this color combination - I think it is quite attractive! I carry ice water to school each day in it.

    Furthermore, this is a very functional item. Its positives include:
    - Insulation - keeps water cold longer. By the end of 6 hours indoors, the ice has melted in my ice water, but the water is still nice and cool.
    - Protection - protects the bottle itself from scratches & scuff marks.
    - Absorption - soaks up condensation from the bottle & allows it to evaporate in a more controlled manner such that it does not collect around the bottom of the bottle, forming a ring on tables, etc.
    - Transportation - the elastic nylon strap that forms a loop at the top of the carrier & then snaps back to its side provides a more comfortable place than the rigid plastic loop on the bottle itself to slip a finger through to carry the bottle when full.

    All in all, I am very pleased with this purchase & would recommend this carrier to anyone who carries around a 0.75L Camelbak bottle.
    ...more info


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