gDiapers Starter Kit, Small
gDiapers Starter Kit, Small

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Product Description

gDiapers Starter Kit Earth-friendly hybrid diaper. Flush, compost or toss. Not cloth. Not disposable. The new earth-friendly hybrid diaper you can flush, compost or toss. gDiapers consist of a washable, breathable cloth outer pant -- a ‘little g’ -- and a plastic-free refill you can flush, compost or toss. Getting started with gDiapers gDiapers Starter Kit contains everything you need to try gDiapers: 2 pairs of 'little g' pants (golden orange & genuine vanilla bean), and 10 flushable refills. Why are gDiapers good for the planet? No landfill required. 50 million disposable diapers enter the landfill every day, where they sit for up to 500 years. gDiapers are plastic-free, so they break down in 50-150 days. gDiapers are cradle to cradle certified which means that everything that goes into making the refill is reabsorbed by the planet in a neutral or helpful way.

A baby in disposable diapers puts an average of 6,000 diapers into the landfills by the time he or she is potty trained. Plastic-based diapers take about 500 years to decompose. What's an environmentally conscious parent to do? With gDiapers, you can have the convenience of disposable diapers and avoid doing damage to the planet. In fact, gDiapers even help the environment. Get started with this gDiapers Starter Kit which can be used on babies 8 to 14 pounds in weight.

gDiapers offer:
  • Flushable, decomposable diapers for an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposables
  • Breathable, non-plastic diapering system that's healthier for baby's skin
  • Starter Kit that contains everything you need to begin using gDiapers
Flushable, Decomposable Diapers
The gDiaper consists of a machine-washable, reusable cotton "little g pant" and a snap-in, reusable waterproof liner, which contains the diaper refill. These refills are decomposable. Containing no plastic products, they're made from sustainably farmed wood fluff pulp, sodium polyacrylate (SAP), which provides absorbency, and cellulose rayon. And they can be flushed down the toilet, which has a couple of wonderful benefits. First, it eliminates the need to keep smelly diapers around in a diaper pail. Second, it keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfills. And finally, the entire contents of the diaper gets processed by sewage treatment plants, which return treated, completely sanitized solids to be converted into valuable fertilizer. It's recycling at its best!

If you're unable to flush the liners, they can still be thrown in the trash without guilt, since they will decompose in 50 to 150 days -- a much better turnaround than their plastic counterparts. And, if you're a gardener, you can simply throw the wet liners in your compost bin. (Note: for sanitary reasons, never put poopy diapers in the compost.)

As Easy As Traditional Disposables -- but Healthier
The "little g pant" itself sports an adorable style and trim silhouette, and it's available in several cool colors. With easy-to-use rear Velcro closures, the little g pant is just as easy to put on a baby as traditional disposable diapers -- no pins to deal with here. Plus, its breathable qualities help keep baby's skin healthier by minimizing diaper rash.

Get Started!
Everything you need to get started is included in the handy Starter Kit: two little g pants in trendy "Great Orange" and "Vanilla Bean" colors, suitable for boys or girls, each with two snap-in liners; 10 flushable diaper refills; a "swishstick" to aid with flushing; and a Handy User's Guide (H.U.G). The "Small" Starter Kit is for babies 8 to 14 pounds in weight; larger sizes are available for bigger children, so you can start with gDiapers in any stage of your child's pre-potty-training life.
Starter kits come in three sizes:
Tips for Successful gDiaper Use
Some plumbing systems may have problems with the flushable liners, including systems with tree-infested pipes; non-standard plumbing systems, including grinders or house traps; and septic tanks, which require close monitoring to make sure the outflow is clear. It is recommended that only poopy diapers be put into septic systems, and wet ones be composted.

But even if your plumbing system won't accept the gDiaper flushables, you can always simply throw them in the trash where they'll quickly decompose, making a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers.

Stock up on flushable diaper refills:
What's in the Box
Two pairs of small-sized 'little g' pants (Great Orange and Genuine Vanilla Bean), 10 flushable diaper refills, swishstick, and Handy User's Guide (H.U.G.).

  • gDiapers Starter Kit, Small, offers convenient, "green" alternative to traditional disposable diapers
  • Decomposable diaper liners are completely flushable
  • Contain no plastic components; breathable "little g" pants keep baby's skin healthier
  • Starter Kit contains 2 "little g" pants; 10 liners
  • "Small" size for babies 8 to 14 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • Green Trend An Excuse for Poor Product Development
    Be wary about using this product. Lots of hype, good in concept - poor in execution. Requires a lot of adaptation and work from the consumer. Would not consider using again until a G Diaper 3.0 comes out.

    * Shell gets stained on occassion (1 out of 4 washes)
    * Liner gets stained often, and requires washing and drying. 2 out of 3 uses requires washing.
    * Tear-and-flush leaves a mess of hydrogel powder - difficult to clean
    * Time and work intensive - requires 2 flushes per insert; even more onerous if you have to get rid of more than 1 at a time; "loading" insert into liner is a pain - only way around this is to have several "pre-loaded".
    ...more info
  • Create less waste
    I've been using these gdiapers for about a month now. Makes us feel better that we are creating less waste for the landfill. You can compost wet ones and toss or flush soiled ones. We choose to toss to conserve water usage. These diapers actually break down unlike regular disposable diapers....more info
  • love item, but WAY over priced here.
    This product is great but im wondering why this starter kit is so way over prized?! It has the exact same stuff as the large size but the small size costs 100 dollars more. You can buy the started kit in size small directly from the gDiapers web page for under 30 dollars. Seller might want to double check their prizing. I took this item off my baby shower register because of its over price....more info
  • leaked on my newborn
    I had to do way too much laundry while using this product. We abandoned them in favor of Natures Babycare, Earth's Best, and Seventh Generation disposables. I wish g diapers would have worked for us. ...more info
  • The Gateway Diaper
    I, like most people, initially purchased this kit convincing myself that this was the green alternative to disposable diapers. And I totally understand the concept and applaud the company for presenting an alternative, or an in-between to the disposable vs. cloth diaper world. My newborn baby boy wore these about 4 times using the flushable inserts and they, more or less, did the job, but some leakage and a little poop did manage to escape the waterproof liner 2 out of the 4 times. But while experimenting with the G Diaper and researching G Diaper fixes on the web, I stumbled into the world of cloth diapers, which has a huge support group and presence online. Within days I found custom reusable inserts for the G Diaper, which unfortunately, I also experienced some leaking with. The leakage seems to be due to the size of g Diaper's waterproof liner, which doesn't offer enough coverage around my baby's bottom. I've since then, have converted full time, to cloth diapers, with the occasional biodegradable disposable diaper for road trips. I'm happy to say that cloth diapers are SO easy to use, I only wish more parents would make the extra effort to do the same. But, I do owe many thanks to the g Diaper, which for me, turned out to be the gateway diaper....more info
  • Cloth Diaper Wrap Alternative
    Taking the cue from some of the other reviewers here, I decided to try these as a cloth diaper wrap. This review is specifically about using these for that purpose as I have not tried the flushables yet.

    1. Cheaper than most cloth diaper wraps. Others are closer to twenty bucks a pop and this is only $13 per wrap if you purchase the starter kits.
    2. Removable liner (this might be a con later...). When stool goes out the side, the removable liner catches it most of the time and you can simply wash those instead of the whole cover. This makes it so you can buy less of the covers (again making it cheaper than most other wrap options) and just wash the liners.
    3. These are pretty cute. They look bulkier with the cloth inserts in but they are still cute and they are nice and soft for baby.

    1. I don't know about other cloth wraps but the stools often do go off the prefold onto the liner. This means that most of the time, you have an extra step in the changing process - removing the liner and rinsing it out and either hanging it to dry or putting it in the hamper for cleaning. This is sorta wierd because it requires you to leave baby while you go to the sink. For younger babies that are pooping many times a day, this may not be desireable. Not sure if other cloth wraps have the same problem.

    All in all, we have been pleased with this set-up. It is a little extra work but we will commit to it to help the environment. Another side note for those considering using these for cloth wraps: The weight limits are for using these with the flushables which are about half as think as a prefold. If you are close to the weight limit, you might go ahead and buy the next size up because you have to fit a larger prefold in there which makes the fit more snug.

    ...more info
  • Wonderful diapers! Worth the cost!
    As a mother of 5 kids I have used both disposables and cloth over my 11 years of diapering...and now gdiapers! I love that gdiapers are biodegradable and better for the earth than disposables. I love that I don't have to wash a seperate load of laundry just for diapers! I especially love that I can flush away the messes and not have a diaper pail full of festering diapers! I have not had one single leak with these diapers (including overnight!) and they are so much cuter than disposables! I was also amazed at how trim they are! They are a bit thicker than disposables, but not by a lot. All of her clothes still fit easily over the gdiaper. When cleaning up a poopy diaper, I wipe her with flushable wipes (I love the Huggies flushables) and flush the wipes right with the diaper! I haven't had a clog yet!

    The only downside to these diapers are the cost of the flushable liners. They are significantly more expensive than disposable diapers and it's been really hard for me to live with that extra cost! Daily I search online diaper forums looking for good deals...people who bought too many and are selling off their leftovers cheap. Also, Amazon offers 15% off if you sign up for regular devlieries. My baby is about to grow out of the small size, so I don't want to order 160 refills, but I will probably sign up for it once she is in mediums. Using Amazon's 15% off, small refills are 27.6 cents each. A little more expensive than disposables but not too outragous!

    The bottom line is that I love these diapers. They are the best of both worlds! I wish they had been invented years ago so I could have used them with more than just my last child!! I recommend everyone gives them a try. The starter pack is reasonably priced and gives you everything you need to give it a good try. If it turns out that you don't like the system, sell the pants on Craigslist (or ebay or diaperswappers) and you will just about make your money back! The risk to you is very little with the starter pack! Happy diapering!...more info
  • gdiapers not that great
    excited to try were a BIG disappointment. The diaper is 3 parts 1 outer cloth covering 2 inner waterproof liner and 3 flushable disposable diaper lining. The liner itself was soiled each diaper change (have a nursing 9 wk old), The stater kit comes with only 4 liners so didn't even make it through a day without having to wash them. Also, the disposable "flushable" liners clogged up our pipes.....Also lots of the gel they use as the absorbent in the diaper liners came out in what seemed like an unnecessary amount. I guess if you were using pure cloth and washing all the time anyway, you might like them for an element of convenience. If you are used to using disposables, the convenience will not be the your $$$$$$ ...more info
  • gdiapers
    I had seen these online and figured that since we are trying to go more green that we would give them a try. We have been really pleased. They are really simple to use and better yet NO MORE STINK in the house. The only thing is I wish they would come up with a flushable and biodegradable wipe. Because you can flush the gdiaper insert but then you are still left with a dirty wipe to throw away....more info
  • great for my 3 month old
    I love gDiapers. I have 2 boys one starting to potty train and another who is 3 months old. I only wish I found out about these with my first son. It is helpful to go to the gDiapers website to view the instructional video ( This shows you how to properly set up the diaper and put it on your baby to avoid leaks. I have had no problems with leaks from a BM or urine. gDiapers have worked great for me and I feel so much better about them biodegrading in 50-150 days (if I can't flush them) opposed to 500 years in a landfill....more info


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