gDiapers Flushable Refills, Medium/Large, 32-Count Bags (Pack of 4)

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Product Description

Use these flushable inserts with the gDiapers two-part system. Simply place inside the snap-in liner of a pair of "little g" pants. When the insert becomes soiled, remove and tear open the perforated sides to remove the absorbent interior, then dump into the toilet. Stir with a swishstick (included in the gDiapers Starter Kit) to break up the contents, toss in the exterior casing, and flush.

The gDiapers diapering system is an innovative, convenient, and "green" alternative to traditional disposable diapers. gDiapers consist of a "little g" pants reusable, washable outer layer, which is fitted with an absorbent, fully decomposable refill. The gDiapers Flushable Refill pack for Medium and Large sizes includes 32 refills. They are for use with medium- or large-sized "little g" pants, which fit children 13 to 28 pounds and 26 to 36 pounds, respectively.

gDiapers offer:
  • Flushable, decomposable diapers that offer an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposables
  • Breathable, non-plastic diapering system that keeps baby's skin healthier
  • Decomposable liners can be composted
Flushable, Decomposable Diapers
The gDiaper refills are completely decomposable. They're made from sustainably farmed wood fluff pulp, sodium polyacrylate (SAP), which provides absorbency, and cellulose rayon. And they can be flushed down the toilet, which has a couple of wonderful benefits. First, it eliminates the need to keep smelly diapers around in a diaper pail. Second, it keeps unnecessary waste out of the landfills. And finally, the entire contents of the diaper gets processed by sewage treatment plants, which return treated, completely sanitized solids to be converted into valuable fertilizer. It's recycling at its best!

If you're unable to flush the liners, they can still be thrown in the trash without guilt, since they will decompose in 50 to 150 days -- a much better turnaround than their plastic counterparts. And, if you're a gardener, you can simply throw the wet liners in your compost bin. (Note: for sanitary reasons, never put poopy diapers in the compost.)

As Easy As Traditional Disposables -- but Healthier
To use the gDiaper refills, simply fit the disposable refill into the "little g" pant's washable liner. Once the diaper is soiled, simply remove the refill from the liner and flush it.

The "little g pant" itself sports an adorable style and trim silhouette. With easy-to-use rear Velcro closures, it's just as easy to put on a baby as traditional disposable diapers -- no pins to deal with here. Plus, its breathable qualities help keep baby's skin healthier by minimizing diaper rash.

Tips for Successful gDiaper Use
Some plumbing systems may have problems with the flushable liners, including systems with tree-infested pipes; non-standard plumbing systems, including grinders or house traps; and septic tanks, which require close monitoring to make sure the outflow is clear. It is recommended that only poopy diapers be put into septic systems, and wet ones be composted.

But even if your plumbing system won't accept the gDiaper flushables, you can always simply throw them in the trash where they'll quickly decompose, making a much more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional disposable diapers.

What's in the Box
32 gDiaper Flushable Refills, Size Medium/Large.
Getting Started:

  • Pack of 4 gDiapers Flushable Refills, each with 32 refills, for "green" alternative to traditional disposable diapers (128 total diaper refills)
  • Flushable Refills for use with gDiaper "little g" pants
  • Contain no plastic components; completely decomposable and flushable
  • 32 diaper refills per bag
  • "Medium/Large" size for children 13 to 28 pounds or 26 to 36 pounds

Customer Reviews:

  • I love GBaby Diapers!
    GBaby diapering system is an awesome combo of cloth and disposables. We have been using them for several months now and they are easy to use and I feel much better about the environmental effects as opposed to regular disposables. I have tried many other cloth diapers and always had a problem with leakage and diaper rash.
    I have tried flushing the Gbaby inserts, and they flush well in the toilet, however I prefer just throwing them away in the garbage. I stuck one in my compost tumlber to see what happened and it did break down relatively quickly. Overall I am very satisfied with them....more info
  • Cheapest place I've found for gDiaper refills!
    By subscribing to Amazon's "subscribe and save" program, I've gotten the lowest price I've found for gDiaper refills. For those that don't know, gDiapers are AWESOME, but are more expensive than disposables. This makes it more affordable. I won't be participating any more, however, because I am switching to cloth inserts, which are even more affordable and way easier than I ever imagined. But for those using the flushies, this is the best deal you will find, period!...more info
  • Good tool to have in the arsenal of being greener...
    When I was pregnant I had planned on using cloth diapers. But my guy was so little, and my cloth diapers so big, that I was using disposables, which made me cringe. Then I discovered gDiapers. Best of bost worlds! The impact on water usage to clean these is minimal, nothing compared to bulky cloth diapers (CLEANING TIP: Soak with "Oxy" bleach to remove stains - chlorine bleach will ruin the liners); the inserts are biodegradable, which ROCKS; and I add the wet ones to my compost! How cool is that?! (No poop in the compost, please!)

    And yes, little ones' bums look SOOOO cute walking around in these... People will notice and stop to ask about the diaper...

    We use Seventh Generation disposables at night. I guess my guy pees a lot, because gDiapers just don't do it, even doubled up... We also use Seventh Gen at daycare - I was afraid the liners would get tossed, and there is that learning curve to get the right fit... (FIT TIP: Once the diaper is on, make sure a) the liner is not tucked into the waistband and b) the insert is all the way into the corners - especially in the front if you have a boy!)

    Life with a baby is a balancing act of green v. practical. gDiapers are a good tool to have in the arsenal of being greener......more info
  • Best of Both Diapering Worlds - Disposable & Cloth
    We have been using gDiapers for our 7.5 month old little girl since she was under a month old. Yes, there was a learning curve but once we became adapt at using the gDipes, it's been smooth sailing with minimal leaks even when she has blowouts, and no clogged toilets.

    We have more than the recommended number of gPants, per the gDiapers website and as such, always have a stack readily stuffed by her changing table. We like having the convenience of a disposable with the flushable. If we are unable to flush it, we can toss it and know that it will degrade unlike regular plastic disposable/chlorine-free diapers - we also compost her wet flushables. We do flush the poopy flushables and know of parents with septics tanks that also flush these.

    The cotton pants are just so adorable and you can get more colors and now, new designs directly from

    I will advise any parent that wants to give this a shot, to join the gDiaper yahoo group. There are tons of parents there and loads of advice and also used gPants for sale - another level of recycling !

    The Subscribe and Save via Amazon for the Flushables is the cheapest I have come across - even cheaper than getting them from a store and the convenience of auto shopping is priceless !...more info
  • gdiaper
    This is an absolutely wonderful product that is fully biodegradable and allows the baby's skin to breathe. There are minimal to no leaks at all and zero guilt. ...more info
  • Great for your baby and the enviornment!
    G Diapers are great! I had a problem with leaking when I first tried them because she was still too small. You need to wait until they have a little chub on their legs in order for them to fit.
    We are now up to a size medium, and we are still pleased. I LOVE that you can compost the wet ones or flush them. My husband appreciates being able to throw them away when needed. You can still feel good about that because they will break down.
    The starter kit is a great value! I buy that, 2 extra diapers, and 2 extra liners. Then you are good to go! The subscribe and save makes it cheaper and easier than ever. Thanks Amazon!...more info
  • Baby, mom, and Earth Friendly
    We use cloth diapers at home (which are very easy to launder)and were looking for something convenient for travel and outings. We selected G-Diapers since they are a nice compromise - disposable and biodegradable. The fit is great and clean-up is easy. Sometimes the liner does get soiled, but the cloth rarely does (and when it does it's my fault for not adjusting them correctly). I also keep a spare G-diaper with me just-in-case there is an accident. There is no perfect diaper. All diapers will leak at some point. We like these because they work and are easy on the environment. They are a bit pricey, but are worth money since they assuage my guilt. Ultimately, I can justify paying the price over leaving commercial disposable diapers in the landfill for 500 years....more info
  • G diapers are good...but pricey
    My daughter has been using G diapers for about 1 year. Here are my pros and cons.
    compostable in 50-180 days (no other disposable does this)
    absorbant (I use them at night time...for now)
    the G diapers starter kits are often on sale at my local Wholefoods, Fred Meyer, etc
    Easy to purchase at the mentioned stores
    Subscribe and Save on Amazon gets you a pretty big discount, and the diapers are delivered!
    They're compostable!!!!

    the wraps are expensive (when purchased individually)
    the refills are more costly than disposables (compared to other disposables, but there is no exact comparison b/c these compost and the other "cheaper" diapers do not)
    the snaps can leave marks on your baby (i know G is working on a fix to this, but I sewed little covers on the snaps on my DD liners, very easy)

    For now my family uses G diapers, I would like it if the refills were a little less expensive. However, b/c they don't stick around like every disposable diaper that has ever been created (even 7th generation)it is worth the extra money to me. By more expensive I am saying it is about 8 cents more (per diaper) than others. When considering these diapers please note, there is no side by side comparison b/c these diapers break down which is worth the extra money.
    Also, if you are just starting out, buy the starter kit b/c you get 2 wraps 4 liners and a bunch of refills for less than the price of 2 brainer.
    ~D...more info
  • gDiapers are excellent
    We use gDiapers for our 7 mo old son. We are having great success with them. It takes some time to learn to use them, but the gDiaper web-site and 800# are both very helpful. Using the Subscribe and Save option here on Amazon is the best price we have found for the disposable liners. We have 6 little g's and a lot of the snap in liners, probably 20. This gives us the ability to only have to wash the little gs when we wash the rest of our son's clothes. That's one thing that makes it easier then other cloth diapers. Flushing isn't always the most successful, but you can tear the diaper and flush the next time you use the toilet. I've found that soaking them helps. We live in Colorado and have low-flow toilets so that is one reason we have issues flushing. They are also compostable (just the wet ones) and that is another great option. ...more info
  • Great diaper product
    I love these diapers. Even with diarrhea bouts, the poo rarely escapes the liner. I'm glad not to be throwing more disposables into the landfill....more info
  • Awesome and no gilt!
    We have been using G diapers from the get go. We love them and the fact that we are not negatively affecting the environment with them. Our 7 month old has also never had diaper rash, not sure if that is really from using these diapers but we can't complain. Love them and the fact that amazon delivers them to the house every month. I don't even have to think!...more info
  • My Little One's Carbon Footprint reduced One Diaper @ a Time!
    I have been using this product since my little was almost 4 months old. She is now almost 10 months old. I love this product. It convenient. And it makes me happier to know I am doing more for my enviroment. Amazon, Ebay, and Craigslist have helped me keep the costs of these down. I also cloth diaper her as well. So I have only had to buy maybe a case of these every 3-4 months. This is an awesome product and for the price its a steal too! I am definately going to be using these till she's potty trained. ...more info
  • Green Alternative
    Very absorbent and you can double them up for nightime wear. I don't recommend flushing them but since they are biodegradable you don't have to worry about throwing them out like plastic diapers. The more people that use these the more the price will come down. ...more info
  • Great option for those who cloth diaper and need something for travel
    We cloth diaper our baby and have since birth. We were intrigued by the G-Diaper because it decomposed so quickly. We use these when we travel, or when we are expecting an extra messy diaper. They work great and we have rarely had leaks. The actual G-Diaper pant is very soft and the leg elastic won't leave red marks on your baby's legs.
    Personally we don't flush the diapers, but have occasionally and they do flush completely. I just worry about overloading our plumbing.
    I could also see a disposable diaper user being able to make the switch to the G-Diapers very easily. They are very little hassle....more info
  • Good for the planet. Great alternative to disposables!
    I am a recent convert from disposables to the gdiapers, and I love them! I currently use these flushables in my gdiapers, and I compost the pee ones and flush the poop ones (you can also just throw them away). There is a bit of a learning curve to these when you are used to disposables, but since I joined the gdiaper yahoo forum [...] and watched the videos on [...], I've had very few problems with leaks. Any problems are user error, and easily corrected with the proper fitting. Actually, since I've used them, I've had no poop explosions onto my daughters clothes like with disposables, and the only leaks were a little pee on the diaper cover. MUCH better than when I used disposables! Plus, this is a nice transition to cloth since the gdiaper covers can be used with cloth inserts as well. So many options, and you don't have millions of diapers sitting in a landfill for 500 years!...more info
  • I love these diapers!!
    I just love these diapers. Knowing that they are not contributing to the enormous diaper landfill pile-ups makes me so happy. Yes, when my daughter poops, I have to touch it to clean up the liners and diaper, but that's a small price to pay and she is MY kid. I recommend getting 3 gdiapers as a supply cause emergencies happen. Everyone should be using these! ...more info
  • 5 star product but just unaffordable for most
    i loved the idea of these. i used them for awhile they work great. It take a bit of time to figure out how to put in the insert right. it looks simple, in the begining not so. but you do figure out after awhile how to push it in there so it doesn't leak. Once i figured it out no problem. but really one question. why are these inserts so expensive? i use seventh generation now because i will spend alittle more for an earth friendly product but really i'm not going to spend that much. really i have a life, these must be the most expensive diapers on the market and it's not even a whole diaper. it's just an insert. i had no problem spending the money on the covers. i wish another company would make these inserts cheaper then i would defintly be a buyer. i love the covers they are constructed really well, very cute. i think this is the best idea i would use these anyday over disposables. but i am not spending that much money on these inserts. ...more info
  • Green, comfy and cute diapers!
    We switched from regular disposable diapers to gdiapers a few months ago and we love them. My daughter has very sensitive skin and used to get diaper rashes at the drop of a hat. No more. She used to stick her hands in the legs of her diapers all the time, but she stopped doing that once she started wearing gDiapers. She is so comfortable and cute in these diapers. We use cloth inserts at home and the flushies at daycare. Once I showed her caregivers how to put them on her properly they said it was actually easier than using a disposable. I really love that I can flush the flushies, compost them or throw them away knowing that they will degrade and not fill up a landfill. They are a flexible green alternative to disposables! The subscribe and save feature makes them just a little more expensive than disposables, but they are worth every penny....more info


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