Ionic Closet Purifier with Energy saving, plasma breeze technology

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Product Description

Eliminate odors from your closet or small rooms naturally. The Ionic Closet Purifier gently removes any lingering odors from your clothing, and neutralizes the air with a natural sanitizer. Compact, portable and lightweight, this item can be conveniently placed on your closet floor, shelf, or wall. Or use the special attachment (included) to hang the freshener on your closet rod. Uses 6 D batteries, lasts for six months Optional UL AC adapter (included) Use in bathrooms or small rooms

  • Utilizes advanced plasma breeze technology
  • Runs by automatic micro
  • Noiseless motor design
  • Energy saving, low power, Uses 6 D batteries, lasts for six months,Optional UL AC adapter (included)
  • Kills mold and effluvium, Freshens clothes, eliminating, disagreeable vapors
Customer Reviews:
  • Great Refreshner
    This is a great refreshner for my cloth sitting in my closet. Very pleased with this product....more info