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Product Description

Perfect for a range of cooling applications including rooms, garages, and even computer server rooms, portable air conditioners are a cost-effective, trouble-free way to beat the summer heat. Because a portable AC requires no permanent installation, includes casters for mobility, and is generally easy to maintain, a portable air conditioner is also great for providing spot or supplemental cooling to areas that cannot accommodate traditional air cooling systems such as apartments or homes with difficultly-shaped windows. With that in mind, the NewAir ACP-1300H is one of the most advanced portable air conditioners available today. Compact, easy to maneuver, and offering both cooling and heating functions, this portable air conditioners offer powerful cooling in the summer and will also keep you warm in the winter. When purchasing a portable air conditioner, choosing the right sized unit is integral to efficient cooling, so be wary of manufacturers who overstate the BTU ratings of their units. However, the NewAir ACP-1300H has been tested and verified to provide an amazing 13,000 BTUs of both cooling and heating ? making it one of the most powerful portable ACs in its class! In addition to offering portable cooling and heating, the NewAir ACP-1300H is multi-functional in that it can be used as a fan and dehumidifier separately from the temperature controls. In fact, the ACP-1300H portable AC has a 2 liter water tank with the ability to dehumidify up to 120 pints of water per day. Maintenance is also a snap: patented auto-evaporative technology means you?ll never have to empty a water tank again, while the washable air filter eliminates larger airborne particles. Additional features include a built-in ionizer and carbon filter for comprehensive air purification, a 12-hour programmable timer, large VFD display screen, and remote-controlled operation. Therefore, when you want a portable air conditioner that can pro

  • Multi-Functional - Provides both air conditioning and cooling in one unit!
  • Compact size and easy to maneuver with rolling casters
  • Activated Carbon filter adsorbs pesky household odors
  • Built-in ionizer safely and efficiently removes airborne particles
  • Dehumidifies up to 120 pints of water per day