NewAir AF-350 Turbo Swamp Cooler FREE SHIPPING

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Product Description

NewAir AF-350 Turbo Swamp Cooler FREE SHIPPING


One of nature?s most efficient ways of cooling an environment is through evaporation of water. Swamp coolers (also known as evaporative coolers) harness this simple, natural cooling method by drawing warm exterior air into water-soaked pads. This air is then cooled by evaporation and as a result, cooling comfort is circulated into your home. Because this entire process is relatively low-tech, swamp coolers are the perfect cost-effective cooling solution for hot, arid climates, and the NewAir AF-350, with its exceptionally powerful motor and improved cooling pad design, is no exception.

Similar to the NewAir AF-400 but larger and more powerful, the NewAir AF-350 is truly one of the most advanced portable swamp coolers on the market today.  The key to efficient evaporative cooling relies on two important characteristics

  • Electronic controls and remote-controlled operation
  • Features 200 watts of cooling power
  • Large 20-liter water tank
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to maneuver
  • Ionizer removes harmful airborne particles three selection speeds

 Customer Reviews:

  • does not cool
    paid over $200 for newair AF-350 evaporative cooler. got it a week or so before our july heat wave, so I did not start using it right away.
    when I did start using it, it did not blow cold air when I put unit on "cool". Read owner's instructions and said I may need to put in a teaspoon of dishwater soap or fabric softner for the wick to start absorbing water.

    I did this just this past Friday with the dishwater soap and it started working like a champ for that evening and part of saturday. Then it stopped
    spewing cold air. added another teaspoon of dish soap, no luck. Took out all filters, wick is very wet. Emptied unit, refilled with some dish soap, still no luck.

    contacted newair company, they have not tech support, so I need to fill out a return form (wonder how much that is going to cost me) for a replacement unit.

    as just a plain fan, it puts out alot of air.

    Don't but this unit....more info