Mosquito Barrier - Liquid Spray Repellent - 1 Quart

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Product Description

"100% Garlic Extract Mosquito Control - Kills: Moquitoes and Larvae on Contact - Repels: Ticks, Fleas, Gnats, Field Mice, Rabbits, Armadillos, Deer and Geese - Creates a repellent barrier where solution is applied - Treats 1.25 acres (54,450 sq ft)"

  • Volume: 1 Quart
  • Kills mosquitoes. Repels ticks, fleas, gnats, and other soft-bodied insects.
  • Creates a long-lasting barrier on sprayed surfaces.
  • Not harmful to plants, humans, pets, and bees.
  • Garlic odor is undetectable to humans within minutes of being sprayed.

Customer Reviews:

  • Works great - non toxic - easy to use!
    We live in Central PA, and while we really don't have any mosquitos to speak of, we do have ticks, fleas and gnats. I have two dogs, and a large organic vegetable garden, and this stuff is great! We spray our grassy areas, fence, and vegetables without worrying about toxic chemicals. If you use this product regularly and as directed, it will work like a charm! Our primary reason for trying this product was that we do not treat our dogs with harmful "spot" type insecticides. We spray our dogs down with "Dirty & Hairy" (another great product), and treat our yard religiously with Mosquito Barrier, every two weeks. No ticks, no fleas, no gnats. I do find that it is more effective with the gnat population if you use it "straight", without the addition of soap and oil. Also, invest in a backpack sprayer - they're easier to use than the smaller pump sprayers, and get the job done in half the time. ...more info
  • No more ticks
    I have used this for the past two summers. I live in WI in a very wooded area so there are a lot ticks and mosquitoes. We have a cat and a child so using a natural product is very important to us. One bottle will last me most of the summer and I have seen a reduction in mosquitoes and absolutely no ticks! My main concern are the ticks. Many kids in our area have had Lyme Disease so I am concerned for my own child's health. I always add canola oil and dish soap to help the product stick better and last longer. I do use another product to repel mosquitoes when we have activities outdoors in the evening, but overall I am happy with this product. The only real downside is the price. ...more info
  • Doesn't work
    Suburbs north of DC - lots of Asian tiger mosquitoes. Mosquito Barrier when applied as directed had absolutely no effect....more info
  • Mosquito No More
    If you are a serious camper, this is a must have item. You can never know when those bothersome pests will be present. BE PREPARED! We got to the Colorado river late one night and got ate up until we put insect repellant on. We still were getting nailed until we got inside the tent for the night. I'm thinking that this was going to be early to bed and no night fishing. The next morning, I loaded the sprayer and sprayed the area down thoroughly. It smells at first but goes away after about an hour. The next night there was hardly a mosquito to be heard. Just a light repellant spray and I fished all night. AHHHH!...more info
  • Hallelujiah, we can play in the yard!
    For years we have avoided going outside in our Central Virginia yard due to mosquitos swarming around is. With a toddler and a new baby, I needed to be able to play at home more, so we gave this a try. It worked wonderfully. For the first few days it was eerily completely mosquito free, and gradually a few returned at peak times. I would def. recommend trying this product....more info
  • no impact!
    We have a pretty bad mosquito problem in our yard in the summer - no standing water in our yard but there is a water inlet about 3 blocks away which has tide water, I assume they must come from there. I used a pump sprayer and followed directions on the bottle. It was quite humid when I did the first treatment and so I repeated it just a few days after the first trial - I am sorry to say - I saw absolutely no visible improvement of the mosquito problem in our yard. Maybe it works on SOME types of mosquitos, we have the "tiger" type, black/white stripes which bite at any time of the day, not just at dusk and again, this product did not work for us at all....more info
  • Not so sure
    I sprayed this product in my backyard, and heavily around my patio. The scent was not as strong as I had expected, and quickly faded. For the first day, it seemed to have worked - the mosquitos that would hover around my dogs in a little cloud while they waited to be let in had disappeared. The next morning, however, the mosquitos were back, in about the same concentrations. Although I have seen many anecdotal stories about the effectiveness of this product, I did not have such an experience. This was a waste of my money. I would strongly advise potential buyers to think twice before shelling out $30....more info
  • It Works!
    I live in California, and I know that mosquitos are not as bad here as they are in much of the country. That being said, I had basically quit using my patio because I was tired of bites and risk of West Nile. I also dislike using nasty chemicals that eradicate all life from my yard. I sprayed my yard (10K sqft) with Mosquito Barrier two weeks ago, and have not seen a single mosquito since. I'm sold!...more info