Newpoint International 200-Thread Count Cotton Waterproof Twin Mattress Pad

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Our Price: $18.42

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  • Twin-sized mattress pad adds supreme comfort
  • Quiet, durable polyurethane layer protects your mattress
  • 200-thread-count, 100 percent combed cotton construction; hypoallergenic polyester fiber fill
  • Expandable grip skirt fits mattresses up to 22 inches thick
  • Machine washable for easy care; made in China

Customer Reviews:

  • Awesome!
    I love this mattress pad. You would never know it is waterproof... it is so soft and fluffy. The other morning my son put it to the test and sure enough it worked. I will definately use this product when my next child moves to a bed....more info
  • Not so waterproof pad
    This did not even work on day one.Would never buy again.My sons new mattress is now stained....more info
  • not worth it
    the thread count is perhaps not what it says. it does not hold in the dust from the feathers. ...more info
  • "melted" in the wash
    This product seemed excellent until i washed it according to the directions. the whole thing stuck to itself; unable to peel it apart and i had to return it....more info
  • Newpoint Waterproof Twin Mattress Pad
    I cannot highly enough recommend this product. BUY THIS PRODUCT! You would NEVER know this is waterproof until it proves itself that it is. We bought my daughter a pricey new mattress, therefore wanted a waterproof pad and when this came, I first thought they sent the wrong one. It doesn't even feel like a waterproof mattress pad. It's cushiony and soft. It's GREAT. I wanted one for OUR bed, just because it's so soft! Well, the first time she spilled a glass of water on it and sure enough, it's waterproof, I was VERY impressed! VERY high quality. Washes and dries like a dream....more info
  • Not quite Waterproof - Unfortunately.
    I was very happy to find this type product in Twin XL size. Why Twin XL bedding is so difficult to find is beyond me. Now back to the review.

    I was very pleased with the design and apparent quality of this mattress pad. It fit on the mattress like a fitted sheet would and then we did put a fitted sheet over the pad. The mattress for this bed is the special Temper-Pedic memory foam which unfortunately costs approximately $2,000 for the mattress and being a foam-like material, it REALLY soaks up liquids. The cost of the mattress pad was reasonable and the mattress pad itself was soft and did not make any crinkling noises such as plastic would do.

    The first time the older adult experienced urinary incontinence during the night, he slept through the "accident" and when he woke up later and informed me of the accident, I immediately went to his room at 3:00 AM and stripped the sheet and the mattress pad. I was very disappointed to find that liquid from the accident soaked through the top sheet and this waterproof mattress pad and had wet a fairly large portion of the foam mattress under the sheet AND the "waterproof" mattress pad. I immediately stripped the bedding off of the bed, however, the mattress could not be used until I could clean and dry it (an all-day job).

    The older gentleman who had the accident has an enlarged prostate and normally does not pass a large quantity of urine at one time plus he was wearing underwear and sweatpants at the time of the accident. I was very disappointed that even with all of that, the mattress got wet.

    We washed the mattress pad in cold/warm water on the gentle cycle and used Woolite as a detergent - in order to protect the mattress pad as much as possible when washing it on the gentle cycle too. After two hours in the dryer on the air fluff setting, the mattress pad survived the washing and drying with no visible damage. This mattress pad was back on the mattress that night - complete with a fitted top sheet again. Until we can figure out a better solution, we bought some adult incontinence underwear-type shorts to wear to bed - in addition to the above. We consider the addition of the incontinence underwear a temporary solution as we know it caused the older gentleman much embarrassment and another blow to his dignity. I am on today searching for something else to use in combination with this "waterproof" mattress pad.

    I have considered buying another of these waterproof mattress pads and using two of them at a time, however, since the single waterproof pad allowed so much liquid to reach the mattress, I think I will be searching for something that is absolutely waterproof to use under this "waterproof" mattress pad and a fitted bottom sheet. I am hoping to find something that is definitely waterproof to put under this mattress pad that does not make any sound and will stay in place.

    Knowing that someday my wife or I could find ourselves in this type of situation, we are more concerned with preserving the dignity of the older gentleman (as much as possible) by finding a workable solution that would eliminate the need of the incontinence underwear (which we know robbed the gentleman of much more of his already compromised dignity. We must save the mattress as he needs it for other health concerns and we cannot afford to buy a $2,000 mattress should this one become ruined.

    Bottom line, the waterproof mattress pad did not prove to be waterproof for us. A large cold beverage was spilled on the bed with this waterproof mattress pad and a fitted bottom sheet. Being there when this happened, I quickly threw a towel on the spill and stripped the bed of its fitted sheet and waterproof mattress pad as fast as humanly possible. Luckily the mattress was not wet, but I could feel a slight dampness on the mattress after removing all of the bedding. From the spill to completely stripping the bed took less than two minutes - yet the mattress did get slightly damp in that short amount of time. That, to me, is not "waterproof". You might want to keep our experiences with this waterproof mattress pad in mind when looking for a similar solution to the problem the older gentleman we care for in our house.

    ...more info
  • No crinkling
    We just bought a brand new, expensive mattress and I wanted to get something good to protect it. We have about a 4 inch pillow top and this pad does nothing to take away from the softness of that. I was a little worried about getting a waterproof one, but there's no crinkling -- makes me wonder about the waterproof-ness, which we never tested (hence the "4 star").

    It fit our 20 in deep mattress just fine. We didn't attempt washing it....more info
  • mattress cover
    I purchased this for my grandson, he says his bed feels better to sleep on....more info
  • Pretty Good, But Not Quite 5 Star!
    After decades of using other methods to keep my mattress/memory foam nice and new looking, I decided to give this mattress pad a try. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I do! It IS totally quiet, stays mostly in place (I wish the sides held tighter), is so waterproof I have to reposition and spin it twice in the washer to extract all the water and it washes up pretty nice, with only a very little shrinkage, if you follow directions. I DO wish the fabric on the underside and the sides was thicker or sturdier. But, since I am using it under another mattress pad, over my memory foam, I don't plan on washing it as often as if it were the only mattress pad on my bed. I liked it enough to order another one (I've NEVER liked a waterproof mattress pad before). It would fit a mattress much taller than my 12" one. Pretty good!...more info
  • Not good
    Not all that waterproof. Doesn't stay on the bed, slides like crazy. Melted on lowest setting in the dryer....more info
  • nice product
    i received them alot sooner than they said i would. nice product. one was perfect when putting them on the bed. the other didn t lay as perfectly on the bed but was no big deal. it still fit. the children say they are not noisy like the plastic i had on there before....more info
  • No Problems
    Everything went fine: which is always nice when making purchases online. This is not always the case.
    The quality was average considering the price for the mattress pad and the cost of shipping.
    There really weren't a lot of choices and we were just happy to have found the hard to find size.
    Extra long twins supplies are Not readily available in stores and we could have wasted valuable time searching.
    I will continue to make the majority of my purchases online unless my local retailers offer great sales prices and it makes sense.
    I'm sure that there will always be a market for this item since college dorms supply extra long twin beds....more info


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