Philips Sonicare R732 HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush

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Product Description

  • 3 brushing modes plus Smartimer: 2-min. timer helps to ensure recommended brushing
  • Quadpacer: Interval timer
  • ProResults brush head
  • 2 Contoured brush head sizes: Ideal for complete cleaning
  • Travel charger: Multi-voltage, compact travel charger

The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Toothbrush is proven to remove coffee, tea, and red wine stains, allowing the natural whiteness of your teeth to shine through. In just two weeks, you can have teeth up to two shades whiter. And you get all this without any messy chemicals or trays; with HealthyWhite, whitening is integrated into your daily brushing routine.

The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Toothbrush offers:
  • Whitening of teeth by removing tea, coffee, and other stains.
  • Sonic technology for effective removal of plaque.
  • Smartimer and Quadpacer to help you achieve optimal brushing.

The new ProResults brush head won't irritate your gums.

Achieve teeth up to two shades whiter in just two weeks. View larger.
Superior Cleaning and Whitening with One Toothbrush
HealthyWhite isn't just a whitening system, but a complete system to ensure the best oral health you can get. Sonicare is the Number 1 recommended brand by dental professionals and uses patented sonic technology to remove plaque and give you that feeling you get after you go to the dentist. The HealthyWhite is clinically proven to remove more plaque than Oral B Triumph, as well as the older Sonicare Essence.

The HealthyWhite R732 has mode settings for Clean, Sensitive, and Clean and White. Clean mode provides the standard sonic cleaning; Sensitive mode provides a gentle but thorough cleaning for sensitive gums and teeth; Clean and White mode provides two minutes of Clean mode and then an additional 30 seconds of White mode that focuses on your visible front teeth.

New ProResults Brush Heads
Sonicare's new ProResults brush head has contour fit bristles that help increase tooth coverage and is soft and gentle so it won't irritate your gums. Included are two brush head sizes: the standard size is ideal for a complete cleaning, while the compact one is perfect for precision cleaning targeting problematic areas.

The HealthyWhite is safe to use on orthodontics, dental work, veneers, implant material, and sensitive teeth. The HealthyWhite ensures a deep clean between teeth and along the gum line.

Smartimer and Quadpacer Technology
The Smartimer is a built-in two-minute timer that helps you keep to the recommended brushing times. The Quadpacer gives you notice every thirty seconds so that you can methodically brush each quadrant of your mouth thoroughly.

With a design that is 30 percent smaller and lighter than the Sonicare Essence, the HealthyWhite easily goes wherever you go. A travel case and detachable travel charger is included for your convenience. The Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite comes with a 2-year warranty.

What's in the Box
Sonicare toothbrush, 2 ProResults brush head (one compact, one standard), deluxe charger with cord wrap, brush head storage, two hygienic travel caps, one travel case.

  • Advanced toothbrush uses sonic technology for whitening teeth
  • SoniCare technology clinically proven to remove more plaque and can whiten teeth up to two shades
  • Quadpacer and Smartimer ensure a thorough cleaning every time
  • ProResults brush head provides increase coverage while remaining gentle on the gums
  • Deluxe charger and travel case included

Customer Reviews:

  • It's the White thing to do!
    This brush is everything it promised. Teeth are whiter and the brush gets to even the hard to reach spots well. We had an older Sonicare brush and compared to this model it was clunky. Definitely a good purchase....more info
  • Good Product, could use a few changes
    I have wanted a Sonicare for a long time. This product is great, although not perfect.

    It comes with a travel case and battery charge seems to last quite a while. While it is supposed to be a whitening toothbrush, I don't really notice much of a difference in that department. I don't think it can deal with anything but the most superficial stains. Smokers and coffee drinkers would have the most white to gain, and not the average user. That being said, my teeth have that just cleaned feeling and they feel cleaner for longer. The front teeth especially have that shiny smooth surface.

    Also included are 2 different brush heads (a regular sized one and a smaller one). While I like this, a bonus head would've been nice. But note that it does have coupons in the box. You'll need it, the brush heads are expensive!

    The pressure - I have had electric toothbrushes before, but this one is pretty intense. I wasn't really expecting it to feel so jack-hammer like on my teeth. It's a bit uncomfortable, but you do get used to it after a while. The worst is when you accidentally touch the hard plastic part (ie not the bristles) to your teeth. OUCH!

    I also don't like the on/off button. There are 3 settings, and if you are on the first setting, you have to go through the other 2 settings (ie, press the button 3 times) to get it to turn off. Kind of annoying. So it is a good product, just a few things I think could be better.
    ...more info
  • An excellent power toothbrush
    Using the Philips Sonicare Power Toothbrush is easy. Merely plug it into the base and charge it up. Once charged, I use it essentially like an ordinary toothbrush but with far superior results. The Sonicare is superb at cleaning gums, between teeth and removing the accumulated plaque and grunge that anyone who eats is forced to deal with. For those who find it difficult to floss, as I do, it will come as welcome news that the Sonicare is quite good at acting as a "super-flosser". It gets at those difficult to reach spots between teeth that often have you shredding dental floss and getting their ragged threads stuck in hard to remove places. The Sonicare is easy on sensitive teeth as well. I had many fewer episodes of "seeing stars" when inadvertantly scraping across a sensitive tooth or patch of gum. Quite a nice power toothbrush that I find easy to recommend....more info
  • Worth Every Penny!!!
    I've already had the 'Sonicare Elite' toothbrush for some time now, so I wasn't really sure what to expect from the new 'R732' as I couldn't imagine that there could've been that much of an improvement. HOLY SMELLY SUBSTANCE IN A BURNING BAG WAS I EVER SURPRISED!!! Not only is this new version every bit as good as the 'Elite' brush, but it really is better! As stated in the product info, this new brush is for "healthy whitening", and with myself being not only a smoker, but a coffee drinker as well you could say I'm a good judge when it comes to whitening. Not to say I've got a green, snaggly, rotten mouth, but I can see a difference. The only thing people may have issue with is the vibration from the tooth brush while in use. It really tickles on your teeth & used to make me kinda nausious (not to say the brush will make everyone nausited, that happens to me with anything that vibrates, don't know, I'm just weird). I was used to it within a couple days with my old 'Elite' & didn't have any problems at all with this one.

    Bottom line, if you're a coffee drinker, a tobacco user or even just someone who likes a clean mouth, YOU NEED THIS BRUSH!!! Don't waste your hard earned economically depressed money on phoney (spellcheck?), cheap knock-off, immitations or painful, damaging, whitening technics. Put your money on this product & know you're getting something of quality that'll last. I loved my 'Elite' & I know I'm gonna love this new brush just as much if not more. You get what you pay for, & trust me once you try yours you'll wish you'd gotten one years ago. Bite the bullet & buy this brush, you'll be glad you did & your mouth will thank you almost immidiately after...more info
  • Powerful - the King of Sonic brushes
    I have tried many sonic style toothbrushes including the Ultreo and Waterpik models. I can say, without reservation that this brush is the most powerful.

    There is a claim on the box that it makes your teeth whiter when used on the higher of two settings. I think this is probably true because the sonic vibrations can really clean your teeth well. There is also a lower setting if you are more sensitive, but I haven't used it.

    The brush comes with a regular sized head and a compact head - perfect for my wife. The stand / charging station is small and unobtrusive on the bathroom sink.

    If you've never used a sonic brush before, your in for a big surprise when you realize how clean you can get your teeth....more info
  • Highly recommend it. Especially love the improved design!
    I purchased my first Sonicare from my dentist about three years ago, and I've always loved how it made my teeth feel so much cleaner than after a manual brushing. I also liked that its timer reminded me to brush the full two minutes I know I should. With my new HealthyWhite model I get all of that plus a bonus whitening option and a "cleaner" design.

    With this model, I'm reminded to give an extra 30 seconds attention to my visible front teeth when I select the optional clean and white mode. In addition to the extra time, there's also a slight change in motion for the final 30 seconds in that mode. (There's also the regular two-minute clean mode if you don't have an extra 30 seconds to spare, and the sensitive option for those with sensitive teeth.) I use the clean and white mode because I want those whiter teeth it promises.

    I can't honestly say for sure that I now whiter teeth -- I just don't know how I could measure that -- but I keep looking and I think I am seeing a difference. I would like to suggest that the manufacturer include with purchase a little chart showing various shades of white, along with shades of stain, so the user can easily measure progress. I do think the extra attention is almost sure to result in whiter teeth.

    As to my love for the new "cleaner" design, if you also have an older model, you know what I mean. My previous model was very hard to keep clean and I hated that. This model doesn't have the big hole in the handle where the brush was inserted and which collected lime and slime that was hard to get out. Clean is the best word I can think of to describe this model's design. Without the crevices and cavities of previous models, this design is always clean and fresh with no more effort than the simple rinse with hot water that you would normally give a manual brush after use....more info
  • Benefits of Sonicare
    For those of you, who have never used a Sonicare toothbrush, I highly recommend it. I am old enough to have gum issues and using Sonicare halted degeneration and, in some cases, improved it. Aside from that, when you brush your teeth, it feels like you've just had a professional cleaning. Terrific!...more info
  • First Looks: High quality cleaning at home and on the move
    First Looks:
    The package comes with Sonicare toothbrush, 2 ProResults brush head (one compact for precision, one standard for normal use), deluxe charger with cord wrap (may need universal adapter for different countries, it works on 110V as well as 220 to 240V), brush head storage, two hygienic travel caps, one travel case (for travel use). One first thought is the cost of replacing the brushes (trick to save is you can order from Amazon, select the recurring order for discount and terminate anytime you want, even if you eventually just order 1 set). They are pretty expensive compared to conventional brushes. But when you use it with good whitening toothpaste like Colgate total protection with whitening, the results are good. After trying a few days, I see my teeth whiter. Perhaps I can cut down visit to the dentist. It's a luxury to have. You need not replace the batteries since it is rechargeable, help save the Earth. First time users will take a while to get used to it.

    First use: The packaging is a bit too tough to open and be careful as the plastic cuts may cut your skin. You may feel your mouth, hand and head vibrating, should get use to it. The clean and white mode is a bit harsh so you may see a little bleeding of the gum if you press too hard or if you are not careful. You can just use the default mode if you find it too harsh or even the sensitive mode for softer cleaning but less whitening effect. I find it able to reach out to most areas like visiting the dentist! As for whitening effects, I will update after 2 weeks of use or so....more info
  • The Best Sonicare Yet!
    It was time to replace my well-worn Sonicare Elite, so I was delighted to find this new whitening model. I've been using Sonicare electric toothbrushes for many years now, and have been very pleased with their cleaning (and my hygienist has commented on it, too).

    The HealthyWhite model outshines the others, right from the start, in terms of the sheer cleaning power. My teeth were noticeably cleaner from day one; within the first week two strangers commented on my "amazing" smile.

    I think the design of the actual brush will allow it to roll over too easily, getting toothpaste onto the counter, a definite step backwards from the Elite model. Each time you turn it on you must choose which setting you'd like. Minus one star for these shortcomings.

    All in all, I'd recommend the HealthyWhite for its proven Sonicare cleaning power. Whitening is a nice bonus, without any of the cost, tooth sensitivity, or gum irritation that accompany chemical whitening.
    ...more info
  • Not quite as advertised, but a great toothbrush
    I love my original Philips Sonicare toothbrush so was looking forward to seeing what the "Healthy White" version would do for my teeth. Sadly, although a great power toothbrush that certainly does a better job of cleaning your teeth than a manual type or even a regular cheap battery toothbrush, I couldn't tell much difference in the color of my teeth after over two weeks' use. This toothbrush is advertised to actually improve the whiteness of one's teeth so it fails in that; however as a power toothbrush, you can't do better than a Philips Sonicare so on that point alone, it succeeds. Just don't purchase this and expect any miracles....more info
  • The best one to buy!
    This is my 4th electric toothbrush and 3rd Sonicare toothbrush. Hands down it is the BEST one (2nd favorite is the 9600). Due to the power of the clean and white setting it feels like the bristles are effectively cleaning the gum line and getting in between some of my teeth whereas the other electric toothbrushes had not.The clean and white setting feels like a professional cleaning and believe it or not, it really did noticeably start whitening my teeth after about a week. I drink coffee, red wine and iced tea on a regular basis so it is wonderful to use the whitening strips less frequently. If you are new to using electric brushes, I suggest you start using it on the first level and as you become acclimated, go to the next level. In regards to price it's in the same price point range as other Sonicare products and competing brands. The real difference making this product superior and worth every dollar is this new clean and white setting which exceeds all others in cleaning ability. Truly it is amazing and will entice you to brush your teeth more frequently just for the pure pleasure of how your mouth will feel. Try it!...more info
  • Another great Philips power toothbrush
    With their new Sonicare HealthyWhite power toothbrush, Philips has managed to put a new spin on the teeth whitening trend that has taken off in recent years. What sets the HealthyWhite apart from the crowd is that the brush's whitening feature doesn't come from chemicals, special toothpaste, or any other product. Instead the brush is programmed with a special 30-second whitening session that focuses on the front teeth and is designed to better remove stains than the standard cycle. This is a neat idea, and it does work to some extent, though I recall experiencing a similar whitening effect when I switched from a manual toothbrush to the Philips Sonicare FlexCare brush a few months ago.

    The unit comes with a charging station (with a sturdy cover for home use), travel pouch, an extra brush head, and three colored rings that can be used to identify different brush heads. Another perk is that the battery charge lasts about two weeks, which means that even though the charger is compact, you don't even need to bring it with you on trips.

    I'm not totally convinced by the whitening feature, but the brush itself is leaps and bounds better than the old manual toothbrush, and the quality level is exactly what I've come to expect from Philips' line of power toothbrushes.
    ...more info
  • Does a great job!
    Not long ago, I asked my dentist about sonic toothbrushes. I half expected him to say that they were just a gimmick, or perhaps were more hype than reality. Instead, without a moment's thought, he said, "I'm a big fan." Then he proceeded to tell me just what a good job a good sonic toothbrush does - a good sonic toothbrush like the Philips Sonicare!

    This is a great toothbrush, with three basic modes - clean, sensitive and massage. I like the clean mode, of course, which give my teeth a great clean feeling (you won't believe this until you actually try a sonic toothbrush!), and I like the massage mode which does a great job of massaging my guns (very important for protecting your teeth).

    So, if you want to take proper care of your teeth, take your dentist's advice and get a sonic toothbrush. And if you want to get a great sonic toothbrush, then get the Philips Sonicare R732 HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush. My wife and I give it two thumbs up!...more info
  • A bit buzzy, but a nice, clean feeling
    Picking a toothbrush has become so complicated! But choices are usually a good thing, and I'll do what I can to describe my experiences with the hope that it will help you make a decision.

    [For those who want to get to the bottom line quickly, I like this product and recommend it. If that's all you're interested in, you can stop reading!]

    I switched to an electric toothbrush a few years ago. I started with the Braun 7000 series, and was amazed at how much better it worked than a manual toothbrush! My impression was confirmed after my first few dental checkups - I spent far less time spent in the dreaded dental chair.

    When Braun came out with the 9000 series I upgraded to that. Liked the new features, especially the wireless monitor. Yes, it's unnecessary, but it's a fun toy to keep track of how long you have been brushing. Also doubles as a digital clock for the bathroom counter.

    My main complaint about the Braun was that it's a bit rough on the gums. I have sensitive teeth and wimpy gums - a double whammy when it comes to brushing comfort. Switching to the ultra soft Braun head helped, but there was still some irritation.

    I bought the Ultreo as soon as it came out and was very, very pleased with it. Gentle as can be, was just as effective as the Braun and zero gum irritation. It also did a much better job in removing coffee stains from between my teeth. The downside is that the head is rather large and hard to maneuver - brushing behind my front lower teeth was quite difficult. So, I used the Ultreo as my main brush, and used the Braun a few times each week to make sure all the nooks and crannies were taken care of.

    The Sonicare HealthyWhite looked interesting, and I gave it a shot to see how it compared with the Braun and the Ultreo. I have to say I was not pleased at first - getting the package open was a nightmare! Took me several minutes, scissors, a knife and a lot of swearing. This is not a minor point -- while I have full mobility in my hands, a prime market for electric toothbrushes is people who have hand problems that make manual brushing difficult or painful. Seems that the product packaging team at Philips dropped the ball on this one by not taking that into consideration. It's important to give the consumer assurances that a personal care product is clean and unused, but that can be accomplished much better than the welded shut plastic cocoon in which this brush is ensconced.

    Fortunately, the product development people did a great job. This is a nicely designed product. Slim, easy to handle and best of all, a charger base that was designed with a toothbrush in mind (i.e., easy to clean the inevitable dribbles of toothpaste that will occur). I'd put the overall design slightly above that of the Ultreo and well above that of the Braun.

    The toothbrush action is a bit on the buzzy side. If you've used an Ultreo, you won't be surprised. If you've only used a Braun, however, the first few times it will feel like there's a bee in your mouth! Philips recognizes this, and programs in what they call their Easy-start feature. This slowly increases the power to the brush head over the first 14 brushes so you gradually get used to the brush action. I left it enabled for the first time, then cancelled it for the next brushing (just depress and hold the ON button while the brush is in the charger and it cancels). I'd recommend keeling it enabled for the first few brushes if you're new to this type of brush.

    It has three brushing modes: clean (which is the regular mode), Sensitive (which decreases the power a small amount) and Clean and White (which is the clean mode plus an additional 30 seconds so you can focus on your front teeth). The latter mode is great addition -- I usually brush for 2.5 min. The Ultreo shuts off after 2 min, which means you have to push the button again to continue (the Braun just keeps running until you turn it off). Having the extra 30 seconds built in saves a step.

    It has the customary 30 second alert timer so you know when to move to the next quadrant of your mouth. A nice feature is that if you press and hold the on button, it turns off but remembers where you left off. That way if you're in the middle of brushing and someone can't wait two minutes to talk to you, you can pause and then pick up where you left off.

    The Sonicare takes the Ultreo a step further by including a large AND a small brush head. This gives you the ability to choose the right size for your mouth, a feature not available on the Ultreo (but available on the Braun).

    Word of warning -- don't turn the brush on unless it is in your mouth unless you want to get a spray of toothpaste on you, the mirror, and the counter. I'd say this is the biggest downside of the Sonicare -- it can be messy until you get the hang of it.

    The brushing action feels fine -- gentle on the gums, and leaves a very clean feeling. Be careful not to hit your teeth with the brush head since the vibration can be unpleasant. This happened to be the first couple of times and it was a bit startling. By the third brushing I was better at using it and had no problems.

    I haven't been using it long enough to comment on the claim that it will whiten your teeth, but I don't doubt it -- the Ultreo makes the same claim and I've found it to be absolutely correct. I'll provide an update in a few weeks once I know how its working.

    I'll also cover the battery life in the update. I've not been thrilled with the battery life on my Braun -- it only lasts about a week. The Ultreo lasts much longer, which is a nice convenience. There's a battery charge indicator on the Philips based on a single LED (solid green for full, flashing green for under 50%). A more standard "gas gauge" like the Braun has would have been nice.

    Bottom line -- each of the major electric brushes has some good points. Braun gives you the greatest range of choices in brush heads (regular, soft, polishing, double action, and a few others) and has some nice "gadegty" stuff. But, it's large, bulky, and harder to clean than the others. The Ultreo is gentle on the gums, stylish, and very effective on stains. But, the heads are pricy and only come in one size. I think the HealthyWhite by Philips Sonicare is a great choice for those with sensitive teeth/gums who want more brush head flexibility than the Ultreo and a smaller, lighter, and more stylish design than the Braun. I'm very happy with this so far, and would recommend it.

    Happy brushing!...more info
  • Notes From an Electric Toothbrush Virgin
    I have zero experience with electric/electronic toothbrushes, so when I got this and unpacked it, I had no idea what to expect. Nor do I have any basis for comparing it to other similar products. Anyway, after charging it, I tried it out the next evening. The "tickling" sensation takes some getting used to, but I didn't experience any discomfort whatsoever. One cool feature is that the brush "pauses" if you press it too hard against your teeth or gums. When I finished the standard 2-minute cycle, I went to ask my wife if she noticed a difference (here I should note that my teeth tend to look "dingy") -- and she was shocked! She doesn't really curse, but she stared at my teeth and said, "That thing is f----- amazing!" So, that's about as solid as endorsement as you can get! Since then, I've been using it every other night and the results are pretty sweet. Definitely brightened up my teeth (not sure how many "shades" worth) and left them feeling nice....more info
  • I am Amazed by This Toothbrush
    About 10 years ago, at the suggestion of my wife, I bought two expensive electric toothbrushs: one for her and one for me. They were Rota-dents, and while pricey ($100.00), they did a good job. I still needed to my 6-month's cleaning, mainly because of ice tea stains, and I especially had some problems with two lower teeth, next to the lower eye-teeth, because they were slightly pushed back from the other teeth, and they didn't get brushed as thoroughly.

    Well, those toothbrushes, and their $17.00/each replacement brushes, finally bit the dust, and about two years ago, at my dentist' recommendation, I bought a Braun electric toothbrush for around $88.00, and it was slightly better in keeping my teeth clean (BTW, I brush at least twice, usually three, times a day). BUT, I still kept having trouble with those two bottom teeth getting yellow. So, last year, I had one of those expensive teeth whitening sessions at my dentist. Wow, afterwards, my teeth looked great. In fact, I cannot ever remember them looking so white; however, even with the monthly at-home retreatments, I found that those two bottom teeth started yellowing.

    This month through the Vine Program, I was able to get the Philips Sonicare HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush.

    This Philips Sonicare is the most unusual toothbrushe I've ever used. A previous dental hygienist I used to have used sonic waves to help clean my teeth a couple of years ago. At first, this is a little unnerving, but I remembered that it worked great at the dentist's office, so the "sonic" noise didn't bother me.

    In the literature provided, it says that you should expect your teeth to be two shades whiter in two weeks. I received the Philips Sonicare Healthywhite power toothbrush on Monday, and last night (Thursday), after not even four whole days of using it, those two bottom teeth are as white as my other teeth, which are already whiter, too. I'm a little apprehensive about this, but these results are so remarkable, I have posted two pictures of my teeth: one taken 11-2007 and one taken 07-2008. I wish I had a better "before" picture, but I have a feeling that I didn't smile as big before. Anyway, you can notice that the darker places where those two lower teeth are. In the 07-2008 picture, all the teeth look the same. I have noticed that there have been a couple of days this past week when those places were darker, only to be lightened-up after brushing. Those were days I drank quite a bit of iced tea, a Southern staple. NOTE: I haven't found a place to upload pictures for this product. I'll keep looking (7-3-2008).

    I am so excited about how good this product is, I did not want to wait two weeks to write my review. In fact, I don't know how my teeth can get any whiter. In fact, two days ago, I went to a Rotary dinner function, and I was kibitzing during a discussion two other men were having, when one said, they had to go to the dentist for tooth repair, and it was going to be costly because they had to match the repair to his other front teeth, of which three were fake teeth. I must have laughed or smiled at the prospect of this, and the other man said to me, "Yeah, you laugh. You've got pretty white teeth. When you get old like us (they are about 10 years older than I am), your teeth take a lot of work to keep-up." This was the first time in my life, and I'm 58, that anyone has said anything like this about my teeth.

    BTW, I don't know if this makes any difference, but I brush my teeth twice a day with the Sonicare and use Crest Vivid White and Crest Vivid White Night toothpaste. ...more info
  • The Best yet - very nice improvements!
    I have owned all the generations of the Sonicare Toothbrush. All the previous models would build up a slime inside in the handle with use and needed regular cleaning. Previous models requires a tedious cleaning routine. This product addresses that issue in that it has no cavities to build up a slime. It is sealed and cleaner to use and rinses clean easily.

    It does the best job cleaning ones teeth as well! The handle is the most comfortable yet! It just feels better in one's hand. I just love the fact that it is easier to keep clean.

    Highly recommended. !!!!...more info
  • Fabulous Dental Care... With Whitening, Too!
    When I got this toothbrush, I was not already a fan of Phillips toothbrushes, as I'd been more familiar with a different brand. While the elongated toothbrush head with its variegated bristles making a wave shape seemed odd to me at first, I have quickly learned to love how well this toothbrush works. I read through the instruction manual first, to make sure I knew how to correctly operate it, but this was hardly necessary, as a simple touch on the toothbrush button moves it from one mode to another, so it's possible to simply brush one's teeth... or to do so with the gentle setting... or to click through to the third setting and select tooth whitening.

    I'm thrilled with the Phillips Sonicare HealthyWhite whitening ability, as results are actually very obvious in just a couple days of use. The instruction manual suggests that results can be clearly seen in a week, but in the case of anyone whose teeth have yellowed a fair amount, it's likely that improvement will be very obvious in half that time.

    I love the timed beeps that indicate how long to brush each section of teeth... 30 seconds for the top outside, 30 seconds for the top inside, 30 seconds for the bottom outside, 30 seconds for the bottom inside, and then 15 seconds each for the top front and bottom front for whitening. It's marvelous to have the toothbrush indicate it's time to switch, and fun and easy, too!

    The only area that has room for improvement for this product is that there is no covered storage unit for brush heads provided on the toothbrush stand. This simply means that the brush head will be sitting out in open air, unless you've got another way to store it, such as in the Philips Sonicare toothbrush sanitizing unit, which I also highly recommend....more info
  • Smoking or Non-smoking?
    This toothbrush is similar to the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer in many ways:

    1. It gives you "dentist clean" with every brushing
    2. It breaks you in gently to the sonic cleaning experience
    3. You have a choice of two brushing heads with caps, and it uses the same brushes as the FlexCare.
    4. It's easy to set up and easy to use
    5. There's an indicator to tell you when it needs recharging
    6. It has a timer that lets you know when the recommended brushing time is up, with a thirty second indicator for switching your brushing zones
    7. It comes with a small charger for when you're traveling, and a case for the toothbrush and heads
    8. The base of the charger has a groove where you can tuck away some of the power cord so it doesn't dangle or tangle.

    The differences are:

    1. This one is geared towards tooth whitening, particularly for teeth stained by the usual suspects like coffee and tobacco
    2. There are three brushing modes (The FlexCare has three modes and two routines)
    i. Clean
    ii. Sensitive
    iii. Clean and White (Clean mode plus 30 seconds for whitening your front teeth)
    3. You can only switch between modes when the toothbrush is turned on, so if you want the Sensitive mode, you have to apply toothpaste and press the start button twice. It's better to do this with the toothbrush in your mouth if you don't want toothpaste all over the bathroom mirror and sink.
    4. The travel charger fits neatly in the base of the regular charger for storage, so you just have to take it out when needed.
    5. This model doesn't have the UV Sanitizer (sold separately) but has places for brush heads for two users. It comes with color rings for identification purposes.
    6. The travel case is made of sturdy white plastic with compartments for the brush and two heads.

    This one is recommended for the couple that smokes and/or drinks coffee, tea or red wine together, to make sure they stay together with white and healthy smiles. It's also pretty good for smokin' singles.

    Amanda Richards, July 3, 2008
    ...more info
  • Cleans really well between teeth!
    At first it was hard to get used to this toothbrush. I always used the regular toothbrushes. This is a really great change. It is better on your gums. I tend to brush hard. This really does the work for you. You just need to apply little pressure on work around your teeth. At the beginning the vibrating was to much for me. After two weeks I can say that I am used to the vibrating feeling. What is cool is that it has a timer and you brush in 4 sets. Every 30 seconds it pauses and notifies you to work on to the other side of your teeth. Overall I like this toothbrush. It cleans really well between your teeth and my gums look and feel better....more info
  • Teeth Whitening, Made Easy
    Whitening trays are uncomfortable and messy. Strips MAY work, but can cause tooth and gum sensitivity. "Paint-on" whiteners do nothing at all.

    Short of a professional bleaching, how can you get the pearly-whites you covet?

    Try the Healthy White Sonicare toothbrush. Here are the best features of the brush:

    1) comes with 2 brush heads (regular size and compact) to accomodate your mouth/preference.
    2) has a comfort grip handle, which is not slippery
    3) charges quickly
    4) has 3 brushing modes (Clean, Sensitive, and Clean and White)
    5) "Quadpacer" times your brushing, and indicates when you're done with a series of beeps/tones.
    6) "Easy start" gradually rotates up through the first 14 brushings so you get used to the experience.

    How easy is that? VERY! And the results? In one use, I noticed a distinct difference in how clean and smooth my teeth felt. After three uses, I saw a definite difference in stain removal (and I really didn't think I HAD any noticeable stains!)

    I'd say combine this with a good toothpaste, and you'll find teeth whitening has never been easier for you.
    ...more info
  • Smooth and clean teeth in two minutes
    It is a great product. I have nothing to say other than that I wish I had bought one years ago....more info
  • A great new upgrade to the Sonicare toothbrush
    I've used the e-series Sonicare Toothbrush for more than a year and have been very pleased with it, so I was excited to try the newest Sonicare power toothbrush with a whitening feature. It was easy to set up, but it was a little difficult for me to learn how to "program" the toothbrush to the "clean and whiten" setting. I've been using it for about a week so haven't seen too much difference, but it may take a bit longer to see a difference. However, there is nothing that will get your mouth cleaner (except a visit to the dental hygienist) than a power toothbrush. ...more info
  • Much better than older models!!!!

    I have had a Sonicare for years and I have been flakey in consistently using it. The older handle just seemed too big and the base while solid just seemed too bulky for my small bathroom.

    This new Sonicare has a smaller diameter handle that feels very comfortable to hold. I like the smaller brush size. The base can be stripped down to the travel size which provides a very small profile for a tight bathroom space.
    ...more info
  • Much easier to clean than older models, and works overseas.
    I was first introduced to Sonicare products about 1993. My dentist came back from a
    convention and told me that with my dental history (crowns, root canals, and one of the first dental implants) I HAD to have one of these. He set me up on a payment plan for the 250 dollar plus toothbrush. To start using it you had to put in bunch of rings. It tickled like crazy but I got used to it.
    Since then I have always had a Sonicare. I always loved them, EXCEPT for keeping them clean. This toothbrush finally addresses those issues.

    There is no longer a "ring" collar and a hollow portion in the handle where the magnetic portion of the brush would go. This always got full of gunk and had to be cleaned with a Q-tip. Gunk would also collect between the ring and the brush portion. This problem is eliminated with this new model. The brush head is completely different and simply sticks onto a "spike" that comes out of the top of the brush. There are no crevices for dirt and toothpaste to accumulate. The charging base is also now different, it no longer has an indentation to get dirty. The brush simply sits on a small spike on a flat surface. This, however, does make it easier to knock the toothbrush over, but I will take that for not having to clean out the charger with an old toothbrush.

    The toothbrush initially starts with a "ramp up" period, which allows you to get used to the vibrations in your mouth over a few weeks of brushing. If you already have used a Sonicare you can simply put the brush on the base, hold down the button and it will automatically go to full power, you can also reverse this process to re-initialize the toothbrush back to the ramp up mode. If you get the brush and it does not seem as powerful as your old one, you need to skip over this "getting used to it period" by resetting the toothbrush.

    The brush head itself is different from my current "Elite" model. This brushhead has a few longer bristles at the top which seem to vibrate faster and clean deeper. That took a little getting used to, I had to switch to the "sensitive" mode for a few of my teeth with extensive dental work. The handle feels more nimble in your hand and the brushhead smaller.

    Another great feature, the charger can now be used overseas without a voltage converter. You do need a plug so you can physically plug it in (so the prongs match the prongs in whatever country you are visiting) (like Lenmar AC5 World Travel Adapter/Converter Plug Set) but you do not need a transformer. They don't say this in the product description on Amazon, but it is spelled out in the manual.

    I am not sure how to determine if my teeth are whiter. I have been using the "clean and white" except on a few teeth. It would be neat if they included a chart in the box so you could test the "before" and "after". My teeth do not feel any cleaner than when I was using the Sonicare Elite, but my gums do seem to be bleeding less when I floss. I am not sure if that is due to the little extra length fibers on the brushhead or a different vibration pattern.

    If you have a more recent Sonicare I would not run out to get this one, but would seriously consider it once you have used up your brushheads. Or hand down your older
    model to your kids and upgrade. If you travel a lot, this is the one to get, you can use it without worrying about running out of charge. It is a lot easier to keep clean.

    Although I usually do not send in warranty cards I do for Sonicare. They are will send you coupons for money off new brushheads and I also once had one that quit after 7 months. I called them, they looked up my warranty and sent me a new one in the mail right away.

    ...more info
  • My Second Sonicare
    I was given a Sonicare Elite toothbrush as a gift about seven years ago. Whenever I needed a thorough cleaning of my teeth I would be sure to use it. Its battery finally gave out about a year and a half ago and I held off on getting another because of the cost. If not for the triple digit price tag, I probably would have purchased another.

    This week I was fortunate enough to get the latest and greatest Sonicare HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush through the Amazon Vine program. Good thing too, because the $110+ price tag would probably have deterred me from buying it on my own. But don't get me wrong, it is worth the money if within you budget. No manual or cheapo battery-powered regular toothbrush cleans as well as the Sonicare line. My wife says it is like being in the hands of a dental assistant -- the cleaning is that thorough and sensations very similar.

    The new HealthyWhite is definitely a step up in quality. I don't know if it will whiten my teeth by two shades in two weeks, but it sure feels like it will. The build quality is excellent and cleaning motions very powerful. I really like the built-in timer that pauses briefly to let you know to clean a different section of your mouth. Each segment is about 30 seconds, plenty of time with a brush this effective. There are three different modes; Clean, Sensitive, and Clean and White. The first is a standard 4 segment cleaning, the second is a more gentle mode for sensitive gums and teeth, and the third has an extra 30 seconds for focusing on your front teeth or even your tongue. Out of the three, I like the extra time of Clean and White mode the best. One thing to add is that you don't need as much toothpaste with this brush as it really foams up with a small amount.

    The travel case is nice, though I will probably just use a standard toothbrush when traveling. The base is compact and holds the brush two brush heads. The second smaller head is useful for getting hard to reach spots.

    Pros: Well, just read above. It was ready to go right out of the box. This is the most impressive Sonicare I have ever used and probably the most effective tooth cleaning experience outside a dentist's office.

    Cons: There are some but nothing severe enough to make me dislike this toothbrush.

    1. The cost is a bit high for your average Joe.
    2. They recommend replacing brush heads ever three months. A 3-pack is currently about $27 -- not cheap by any standard. At least you get a coupon in the box that is good towards a free brush head or $10 off a future brush purchase (good until the end of 2008).
    3. The shape of the brush head is a little strange ... it is taking some getting used to. It does work though.
    4. The vibration of the brush can be a bit intense for some people. I remember that it took me a while to get used to my first Sonicare. I did fairly quickly though and don't mind it a bit now.
    5. I wish there was a way to turn off the timer so that it would not automatically shut off after completing a brushing cycle.
    6. The tough interior clamshell packaging took a while to get open.

    The Sonicare HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush is a top of the line brush. Its initial cost and cost of the brush heads might scare off some, but if you want really clean and white teeth, you can't do much better than this. 4 1/2 stars....more info
  • Eases user into powerbrushing w/3 modes
    As I do not drink coffee or smoke (or want the bleached white of a tooth model), the whitening feature of the SONICARE HEALTHY WHITE toothbrush isn't really important to me. What I do value is the SENSITIVE mode setting for those with touchy teeth and gums. I have stayed away from eletric toothbrushes before this one for fear of the intensity of the experience. The 3 mode setting on this brush however is a great option for those of us with mildly sensitive teeth and or bleeding gums. The Easy start feature lets you ease into powerbrushing in 1 min long sessions for up to 3 weeks, and from my three days of use has gradually increased to a comfortable level. This brush requires little toothpaste as it makes it go further than a manual toothbrush and has heads that last for approx 3 months w/ regular use. The color coded rings attach to the heads for multiple users and the recharger unit winds up into the base for tidy storage. There is an included travel case with hygiene caps for the 2 included heads, (one smaller, one larger) Smaller and more gentle than previous versions this brush isn't just for those seeking to whiten their teeth, and a great option for those with extra sensitve teeth and gums....more info
  • Sonic Electric Toothbrush
    So far so good. I have only been using it for a week so I am not sure if it is whitening my teeth yet, but the feel of the toothbrush is amazing. I like it and I am glad I bought it. Also, in shipment my toothbrush never made it to me and Amazon was great about sending another one. No questions were asked they just sent it to me. What great customer service!

    ...more info
  • Love the feel of clean teeth!
    The Philips Sonicare is a great toothbrush. It comes with a rechargeable base, one standard-size and one mini-size brush head, and a plastic travel case. I like how it feels in my hand, just the right size, shape, and weight. It has three speeds: "Clean," "Sensitive," and "Watch Out!" (I mean "Clean and White.") It is recommended to use the "Clean and White" mode for two and a half minutes to get the full whitening benefit, but it's too powerful for me to use on a regular basis, although I may use it once in a while. (It's shakes so hard, it's hard to keep paste on the brush.)

    I enjoy using my Sonicare, so I probably brush longer than I did manually, my teeth feel very clean afterward, and it's quiet. Kudos to Philips!...more info
  • Like it slightly better than the Oral B system
    Having been a long-time user of the Oral B electrical toothbrush system, I wanted to try the Sonicare to see and feel if there was any difference. Here are my observations:

    The first difference I noticed was that the shape of the included brush heads was rectangular like a traditional toothbrush. The Oral B system features round brush heads and I've favored those because I felt they did a better job cleaning an entire tooth, and not just part of it which I feel is what rectangular brush heads tend to do (i.e. either along the gum line or more on the other end).

    Other than that, both systems have a similar feel, with the Sonicare HealthyWhite a bit lighter in weight.

    Brush Heads:
    What a difference when I actually began using the Sonicare! It feels very different from the Oral B, more of a vibrating, almost tickling sensation that actually feels quite pleasant. I have sensitive gums, and it seems to me that the Sonicare overall was a lot gentler than the Oral B. With the Oral B Triumph I actually had to use the extra-soft brush heads because the regular ones as well as the ones with the yellow plastic "flaps" (for lack of better word) irritated my gums to the point where it was uncomfortable. With the Sonicare HealthyWhite, I was able to use both brush heads it came with and have yet to experience any gum irritation - quite a plus in my eyes.

    The Promise Of Whiter Teeth:
    The Sonicare HW promises whiter teeth after two weeks of continuous use of the Clean & White mode, which is what I did. My two weeks are up now, and honestly I am not sure that I notice much of a difference. Except a crowned front tooth seems to look a bit brighter than before, so for now, my conclusion is that this seemed to have worked on the capped tooth better than on my natural teeth. I am unsure whether this is a good thing because it makes the cap stand out more. Then again, not so much that other people would necessarily notice. So for now, I am reserving judgement on this. But I am inclined to say that this is more ad hype than anything else...

    Clean Feel:
    My teeth feel very clean after using the Sonicare. Moving my tongue across, I don't think there is a difference between the two systems, i.e. the surfaces of my teeth feel just as clean after the Oral B cleaning than after using the Sonicare.

    But: I believe that the Sonicare HW does a significantly better job with removing plaque and sometimes food particles (sorry, but this is just a fact of life :-)) from in-between the teeth. I attribute this mainly to the shape of the brush head, which in addition to being rectangular is also raised in places, creating something like a "wave" pattern which enables the bristles to actually get in-between and do their job. Flossing after using the Sonicare HW seems cleaner and also subjectively I think my floss moves easier now.

    User Friendliness:
    Both systems have "quadrant notifications", i.e. the system makes the user aware to switch to a different section (quadarant) of their mouth after 30 seconds. Where they differ: The Sonicare HW stops brushing altogether after that time (or, in case of the Clean & White mode, after two additional rounds of 15 seconds each for the front teeth), whereas the Oral B keeps going. I personally prefer that the brush does not auto-shut off, so I like the Oral B better here, but this is just a preference of mine...

    I honestly think I can go both ways - stay with my Oral B Triumph or continue using the Sonicare HW. Both systems seem to do a great job at keeping teeth clean and healthy. But because I feel that the brush head of the Sonicare is overall doing a better job and is gentler, I am giving my vote to it. If Oral B came out with such a head, I might re-evaluate, but at this point I am favoring the Sonicare HW.

    Having now used the Sonicare HealthyWhite for about 2 1/2 months I would like to update my review. My capped front tooth became quite sensitive so that I switched to using the Sensitive mode. Still it was uncomfortable. I do attribute this to the Sonicare because this is not an old crown and I have not had any problems when using my Oral-B on it. So for now I have gone back to my Oral-B Triumph. It does not seem to aggravate the tooth like the Sonicare... Sad, but true.

    ...more info
  • Recommended by my dentist
    My dentist recommended the Sonicare toothbrush to me and I will admit that I was more than a bit skeptical. Such an expensive toothbrush seemed more like a gimmick to me. But when my dentist showed me where I was actually wearing away the enamel of my teeth because I was brushing "too aggressively" with a standard toothbrush, I was sold. Using a powered toothbrush like the Sonicare, "Takes the power away from you and gives it to the brush," my dentist told me. Therefore, the tendency to brush too aggressively is gone, and I don't damage my teeth anymore. I love the three mode settings on this toothbrush, as well as the Smartimer and Quadpacer features. This brush really does do everything for you except hold itself. The two different sized heads are also nice. It is also pretty compact and unobtrusive when sitting on the bathroom counter. I've been using the Sonicare R732 for about a week now, and I already notice my teeth being whiter and feeling more clean. I will never again doubt the benefits of a Sonicare toothbrush. My dentist was right! (And she should know, shouldn't she??) Highly recommended!!...more info
  • The perfect toothbrush.
    I have owned a Sonicare for almost a decade now, so I can attest to the product's quality and effectiveness. I am on my third one now (I broke the second one---no fault of the manufacturer). The Sonicare is awesome: quiet, very effective and long-lasting. I hope to be a customer for life....more info
  • The Best Power Toothbrush I ever used
    I got this one on Clearance for $64.98. I was very impressed after the first time use. You can tell it works. I bought it because of my dental hygienists recommendation. I am just glad that I did. It can brush way better than what I could have done with a regular toothbrush in hard to reach places (in the right way). I will highly recommend this product to everybody. ...more info
  • Just like other Sonicare toothbruses with extra 30 sec for teeth whitening.
    I have been using a Philips Sonicare for the last year Philips Sonicare Elite 9650 Power Toothbrush Custom Care System 2 Handles, 3 Brush Heads and have been very happy with it. This R732 is very similar to it except that it adds on an extra 30 seconds to the regular 2 minutes so that you can focus on the front teeth for extra whitening.

    Theoretically, you could just brush with any other Philips toothbrush for extra 30 seconds for the whitening process. I haven't noticed any difference in movement over the Philips Sonicare Elite 9650 Power Toothbrush Custom Care System 2 Handles, 3 Brush Heads that I use currently, in which you get 2 handles and 3 brush heads (2 regular, one small). The extra handle means both you and your partner can use it, charging it alternately in the charger, which makes it a better bargain. The R732 gives you only one handle and 1 regular and 1 small (for precision) brush head. It also comes with a travel case and a deluxe travel charger like most other Sonicare toothbrushes.

    If you've not used an electric toothbrush before, you'll be surprised by how intense it can feel. The bristles really move with "sonic" speed and give your teeth an intense power clean. You get cleaner teeth than ever before and no furry build up even after 18 hours. It's so much easier to brush your back teeth than with a normal toothbrush, the timer even times you by beeping after every 30 seconds for each quadrant and an extra 30 seconds for whitening. I've used other brands like Ultreo Ultrasound Toothbrush and did not get the same clean feeling or whiteness as with the Sonicare series.

    If you have used the Philips Sonicare Elite series before, you're already familiar with this brush. The good thing about this one over the Elite series is that it works on 110V as well as 220V so you can use it for international trips, the elite series works only on 110V. The design of the brush head has also changed slightly making the brush a little smaller and the brush head is easier to clean than the earlier screw-on brush heads.

    If you're looking for extra whitening action and can give another 30 sec to your brushing routine, the R732 makes it easy for you. ...more info
  • Just When You Thought Sonicare Could not Get Any Better . . .
    Clean and whiter? Clean for sure, but whiter? That's up for grabs, because to prove that your teeth are two shades whiter, you'll need a dentist's color chart.

    That said, there's lots to like about this Sonicare brush, whether it really brightens teeth up two shades or not.

    For starters, there are three speeds on the handle of the brush: Clean, Sensitive, and Clean and White. I started with the Clean and White, since I've used Sonicare for years. For the first two minutes, it's just about what you would expect. Every 30 seconds, there's a slight pause to let you know to move to another quadrant in your mouth. When that's over, you move to 30 seconds of "White." The motion feels a bit more "jiggly," less smooth than the regular clean. I would like to describe it better, it's not in the least unpleasant, but I think my description is inadequate for the particular change.

    I also tried Sensitive because it's just right for a nice gum massage. I got hooked on the gum massage (feels so good) using the Sonicare Flexcare, so I'm happy with the Sensitive cycle as well as Clean and White.

    Phillips must have been listening to users who were tired of wires all over the bathroom counters, because they developed an ingenious system of storing extra cord in the charger base. The base is also nice and heavy, so you don't have to worry about tipping it over.

    I did, however, have a little trouble keeping the extra brush on stand. I may simply store it in a cabinet, but I am delighted to have a choice of brush sizes. Too often, power brushes come with very large brush heads that are difficult to use in a small mouth.

    Phillips has included a travel case in the box, so you can easily pack this brush up and take it on vacation. My first Sonicare was hauled to Paris and used for five weeks straight without a charge, so I know this is easy to do.

    The Sonicare line of toothbrushes has always been tops on my list, and they've improved over time. This one has it all, and I highly recommend it.

    Five stars!

    ...more info
  • A great toothbrush
    This electric toothbrush offers to make your teeth two shades brighter in two weeks. I can't say it worked that way for me, but it was a good toothbrush. You have to be ready for something like this though. This was my first electric toothbrush since my Snoopy one in the third grade, and things have changed. This is somewhat akin to putting a jackhammer in your mouth. There are two different speed settings, but this isn't a "rotating bristles" kind of toothbrush. This is sort of like a full-frontal assault on your teeth. It'll take some getting used to if this is your first electric, but it can be done. The product is very well put together, and looks nice. It comes with two different bristle sizes to choose from (small and large), and there are different colored bands you can put on the brush heads to keep up with whose is whose. It also includes a travel box to hold everything in if you are taking it on the road....more info
  • Philips Sonicare R732 HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush
    I like the toothbrush. Teeth feel very clean. The charge light is just right ( not annoying like my former brush. ) It is much easier to keep clean also. ...more info
  • A very good toothbrush but not the best Sonicare available
    I have now used two electric toothbrushes, both Philips Sonicaare models and have been very pleased with each on. This toothbrush offers the quality of a Sonicare with the added feature of whitening (which is just a different 'pulse' of the toothbrush.

    I can not really verify the whitening claim or deny it either. It seems in order to really tell one would need a color chart from the dentist and see if there is an actual change or not.

    The other toothbrush I have tried is the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush without UV Sanitizer.

    In direct comparisson to this one. I like the Sonicare R910 better. For a couple of reasons.

    1 - It has a feature that you can select the cleaning mode before turing on the toothbrush. This takes away from guess work and pushing a button several times while trying to not spray toothpaste anywhere.

    2 - It has a On the Go mode, which means it's a quick version of the quadpacer timing for those times when you are in a hurry.

    Some things I like better about this particular model though.

    1 - The inclusion of the two brusk heads, regular and compact. This allows the user to find out which works best for them.

    2 - The travel case for this one is fantastic. The case for the R910 is a simple cloth pouch. The case for this one though is a hard plastic case that has spots for everything. Much, much nicer in my opinion.

    One word of caution though about this toothbrush. Have a saw handy, or some other super sharp object. The packaging for this is near impossible to penetrate, no joke I literally broke a scissors trying to get into it. Even my tin snips proved futile.

    Overall this is a good toothbrush, if they would have included a couple features from the R910 it would have been perfect. In the end I give the R910 a slight edge over this one. You can't go wrong with either though....more info
  • Tingling feelings
    Well, not only does it whiten, it leaves you feeling tingly! I can't agree it's all over, but my lips feel a little numb for about 10 minutes after I'm done brushing. But my teeth feel clean all day long - even when it's time to brush again - it's almost redundant but it works and they are definitely cleaner and whiter than ever before. Word of warning to gaggers, though - It may aggravate your gag reflex on bad days, but it's not so bad if you can just work through it. I'd definitely recommend it opposed to the icky whitening stickers....more info
  • Its the Flexcare only without the UV sanitizer
    Back in Sept 2007 I got my hands on the Philips Sonicare FlexCare Rechargeable Sonic Toothbrush with Sanitizer. I loved it!

    - two different size brushes depending on your mouth size
    - Timer to ensure you hit all 4 quadrants of your mouth in a 2 minute timeframe
    - additional travel charger
    - UV sanitizer to kill bacteria on the brush heads and it has a charger built into the stand
    - 3 Modes: Clean, Sensitive Teeth and Massage
    - 2 year warranty

    It's a great product for under $150 now on Amazon. Considering you could spend (with insurance ) $100 for a simple filling, this is a worthy investment.

    Now 10 months later arrives the Philips Sonicare R732 HealthyWhite Power Toothbrush.

    Everything is basically the same (2 brush heads, travel charger, etc.) . . .except . . . no UV Cleaner/charger and no Massage mode. Instead of Massage mode you get a "whitening mode.

    NOWHERE in the product description or the documentation can I find what the extra "whitening" feature is or does. From what I can tell, whitening mode an additional 30 seconds of cleaning of the front visible teeth after you've done the initial 2 minute Clean mode.

    Nothing other than a longer timer!
    You could easily just start the quadrant timer all over again if you wanted more brushing time and stop it when you've had enough.

    Both of these are great toothbrushes.
    If you don't want the UV Cleaner/Charger combo get the R732 model and save about $20. But for ONLY $20 more,you get the Flexcare, which in essence gives you two chargers. . .the one that sits on the counter with the UV cleaner and the travel charger.

    They both use the same brush head replacements.

    I would have given this a 3 star due to the blatant marketing ploy of the product. But because it is the best toothbrush I've ever experienced, it gets bumped to a 4 star.
    ...more info
  • Excellent, effective way to clean your teeth.
    My experience with electric tooth brushes is based mostly on lower end Braun Oral B, first the kind that took batteries then their entry level spin brush. While they both were solid items, they weren't as nearly effective as the Philips Sonicare R732. While this is a slight investment at $119, it comes with a carrying case, the base comes apart for a smaller version and it comes with two brush heads. Make sure you turn it off while it's still in your mouth or it might splash tooth paste on your clothes, something a Braun tooth brush never did as far as I recall.

    The noise and vibration it makes in your mouth takes some adjustment. It growls a bit like Chewbacca when you switch it into Tooth Whitening. The three settings is a great option. I mostly use it on tooth whitening, mainly because I do drink a lot of coffee which takes it's toll on my front teeth. After using the tooth brush for the 2 minutes or so, I feel like my teeth are quite clean. I'm quite happy with this tooth brush and would recommend it to my friends that want a well made powered tooth brush. ...more info
  • The best sonicare I have tried
    I am happy to see that sonicare is getting away from the big bulky replacement heads. I like that it has different speeds, the storage for the excess cord is very nice and this seems to take up much less room than some of the older models, no need to twist tie some of the cord like before. The travel pack is great to take it along with you. It does make your teeth whiter and brighter and cleans so much better than those other battery type brushes. The different size brush heads are a plus, I like the smaller sized ones myself and they would be good for children also.
    I reccommend this tooth brush, it cleans very good and is gentle. Just remember to use a very light touch with this, let the brush do the work for you....more info
  • I use Sonicare and this one Surprised Me
    I have been using Philips sonicare for over eight years, close as I can approximate. I just recently purchased a Philips Sonicare R732 HealthyWhite Toothbrush. I have owned two models prior to this one of which was the 'essence'. Reading some of the reviews I was hesitant to purchase this particular model. I disregarded some of the reviews and I'm very happy that I upgraded to this particular model. Sonicare, I can actually say based on my dentists queries has saved my gums and teeth over the past few years. I am exceedingly impressed with the capability, quality and power of this particular model under review; it's cleaning power far exceeds the prior model that I owned. This model is easier to hold with its slimmer handle, appears to have greater charge capacity and the new toothbrush design supersedes prior versions. I am exceedingly happy and satisfied with this model. As usual I am also happy with Amazon's service and shipment of anything that I order from their website. I will have to give Philips customer service a call because I am used to brushing my teeth in the shower (so much easier) and the prior versions were able to be used in the shower, and with this model I am not sure whether that still holds true. In summation this is the best sonicare I've owned to date and it's cleaning power far supersedes the predecessors I have owned over the past eight years or so....more info
  • Serious dental care
    I can't yet comment on the whitening claims of this toothbrush, but I can certainly say that it is a good, thorough, well designed toothbrush.
    There is a handle whcih charges itself while stored on a convenient base. There are two brush heads, and you can buy more, either to replace worn bristles or to allow family members to share the electric handle (color-coding rings are thoughtfully included for this purpose). There is a tidy travel case. Really, the design seems ideal for practical use.
    The brush was quite a new experience for me, and not entirely positive right off. This is a loud toothbrush, and the rapid vibration is not pleasant on the skin. Consider the extra wake-up a side benefit. Once I got the correct position down, I had no further problems with it. If you change the angle, the pitch of the buzzing will change. I don't know whether this is intentional, to help you get the angle right, or if it is a random side-effect. I took it seriously, though.
    Your mouth feels clean when you finish, and the brush is set for a two-minute brush time, so it's convenient and easy. ...more info
  • New Toothbrush of Choice
    This is my first Sonicare - I've been using a Braun/Oral-B electric toothbrush.

    I thought I was going to hurt myself trying to get it out of the tough plastic shell. But once I got it open it was easy to set up. I like the clean, white color and the minimalist look of the base. The travel case is awesome to take on vacation. I took the charger with me, but didn't need it even with two people using the toothbrush for 12 days.

    The Sonicare was difficult for me to get used to - the vibration is way more extreme than the Oral-B. It had me jumping out of my skin with ticklishness. It's fine now, but it took a while. The sensitive cycle helped me acclimate a little.

    It does a wonderful job of cleaning - I got it right after a trip to the dentist and my teeth still feel dentist-clean. I don't feel the need to bear down with too much pressure when it's on. I have also been using less toothpaste - it really foams it up. The quad timer is a nice feature. It stops after two minutes, and I'd rather it continue until I stopped it, but that's not a big deal.

    The unit and replacement brushes are more expensive than my other toothbrush, the packaging was a one-time pain, and the vibration took a lot of getting used to. But in spite of all that, I think this is my new electric toothbrush of choice - it works well and as a red wine drinker I'll be interested to see if it does keep my teeth whiter. ...more info


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