YogaChair--The Perfect Computer Chair--For Those Who Seek Ultimate Comfort And Great Posture, YogaChair Is The Perfect Solution. Finally, An Affordable High-Quality Kneeling Chair Available In A Varie

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For those who seek ultimate comfort and great posture, The Original YogaChair? is the perfect solution. Finally, an affordable high-quality wooden kneeling chair available in a variety of colors! * A great office chair for work. * A super desk chair for your home office. * An awesome video gaming chair for the kids. * And the ultimate computer chair for everyone in the family. At THIS price, you'll want more than one! Why YogaChair feels so different and so good. As you sit in a regular chair your core muscles relax. Your spine and your shoulders collapse into your pelvis and put a strain on back muscles, especially your lower back muscles. Notice your posture and how you feel when sitting in a regular chair after only a very short period of time. Its probably not good; you certainly don't feel the expansiveness in your lower and mid-back area that you feel while sitting on the YogaChair. When sitting on YogaChair your spine naturally lifts out of your pelvis area. You can actually feel your spine comfortably extending from your pelvis without any effort. As your spine extends from your pelvis while sitting you can feel your lower, middle and upper back muscles relax. Your entire body, including your vital organs, are less constricted. The improved sitting position is healthier for your body and allows you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. Your body will find a natural sitting position, just from sitting on YogaChair. You can test this comparison on a regular chair. Sit on the end of your chair, feet flat on the floor with your back not touching the back of your chair. Feel how your spine extends out from your rear end. Unfortunately, it is difficult to undo years of repetition and we do not sit properly in a regular chair for more than a few moments In a YogaChair you do not have to think about sitting properly. The design of YogaChair accomplishes that and sitting is easy.


Customer Reviews:

  • Not returnable
    This chair is poorly made and did not fit. When I tried to return it I was told to donate it to charity. ...more info
  • Great chair
    I think this is a great chair. I've had it for 1 week and my upper back and shoulders have stopped having that pinched feeling while at the computer. The wood frame is sturdy, but I expect to have to recover the upholstery in the future. I used to have one of the "scissors" type kneeling chairs which never fit me and caused me some distress while sitting. I think this rocking design is the key ... it keeps you moving and adjusting and balancing. I'm 6'1" and 170 lbs ... fits perfect. Compare the price to the original Balans and you just cant go wrong. Buy one!...more info
  • Ridiculously overpriced
    Just got this from Alright chair, but the quality nowhere near justifies the price ($99). Should be $25 tops at any department store. It's reasonably comfortable, but I question its sturdiness for anyone over 200#. I'll likely send it back. ...more info
  • A Good Change from the Standard Office Chair
    To sum it up: (owned for 2 weeks):

    1) Stylish, looks good in front of the desk
    2) Easy to assemble
    3) Overall pretty sturdy
    4) 4 out of 5 stars for comfort, not perfect but a good change up from the standard office chair - padding is adequate
    5) Easy to move around and takes up less space than a normal office chair

    Overall I am happy with this product. Being 6'2" , this chair is a bit short for me. With my knees on the pads, my butt is on the end of the seat. I was looking for a different seating style. After sitting in a standard office chair at work for part of the day, it is nice to be able to sit in a different position at home. I have played games on this chair for a couple hours at a time and it is still comfortable. It provides good back support and I have not been sore or anything the next day. I would buy again if I had to do it all over.

    ...more info
  • Not what I expected
    Interesting design, and the package arrived on time. It was easy to assemble, and is pretty sturdy. However, the chair is far from being comfortable. I'm not convinced that this chair is good for your back at all. I've had back pains since I started using this chair. While it was fun to use for a bit, I think with extended use it is actually detrimental for your back. You're better off kneeling on the floor with some pads on each knee....more info
  • Expensive for what you get
    This chair is not worth the $99. The craftsmanship was really poor as many of the screws did not align correctly and so it took much longer than it should have to put the chair together. It also had a few nicks on it when I took it out of the package. I decided to keep it and it felt comfortable the first 30 minutes or so but became decidedly uncomfortable within the first hour. Its definitely a chair I will have to rotate with my regular chair. Altogether- not as comfortable as I thought it would be...more info
  • Poor design and craftsmanship
    Unfortunately the price of 99 is much too high for this product. I don't understand why the producer of this product did not spend another 10 bucks for two addition bracers below the seat and below the leg pads. Really simple. The current product has probably a value of 20$ so there would still be enough profit. Don^t buy this product if you are looking for reasonable quality. I bought some bracers in Home Depot to make the chair work and not fall apart.
    ...more info
  • Yoga Chair
    I found this chair to be somewhat unstable. The kneeling pads are too far apart....more info
  • WOW! I love the YOGACHAIR! AMAZING chair at an amazing price! Gr8 product and customer service!
    THIS CHAIR IS AMAZING! It's a beautiful deep purple, and the seat and kneepads are comfortable for LONG stretches at my desk. It's light and easy to carry. I often throw it in the car and take it to dinner with me. No kidding, it's perfect at the dinner table! Everyone who sees my Yogachair wants to sit on it just to check it out - their first thought is to sit backwards on it- then once they sit down and put their knees on the pads, they never want to give it back! Other than causing minor arguments, this chair might even offer more world peace cause it definitely takes the crankiness out of people! They relax, then the shoes come off, they put their feet on the pads...get this look of bliss, and then they know why I am addicted to it and ask me to give it to them! I will never give up my chair -- it's HIGH QUALITY (I couldn't believe it was only $99)and easy to assemble even for me. Truly an amazing value. I wish I could buy the Yogachair for all my friends, every doctor's waiting room, and for every office. It would change how everyone feels! We'd all be in bliss!!! ...more info
  • Great deal, great chair
    I got my office to buy me one of these and I LOVE it. Considering the best available alternative is the balans Variable, at a mere $500 (and that's if you can find one), the price is outstanding. I had no trouble at all assembling it - it comes with a hex key and screws and takes maybe 15 minutes for one person to put together. Maybe every couple of months I tighten the screws because it gets a little creaky. I'm very happy with my chair will be buying one to have at home. ...more info
  • AHHHHH...
    WOW! I got the chair and it was very easy to put together. It does take a little getting used too at the start, although, when you sit in it you can not help but to sit strait and tall.

    At the start, you may feel a little discomfort because your support has shifted and your legs are doing more work for you than before. After this starting period, you will feel fine.

    I recommend that after you sit in the chair, start out sitting in it for short periods of time and gradually start sitting for longer periods. If you start to feel discomfort of any kind, stand up, walk around and then sit back down. Don't try to sit for an hour right off the bat.

    I would have given this five stars but, THIS CHAIR DOES NOT COME WITH FREE SHIPPING! With shipping add $12.00 to the listed price....more info
  • Great if you're pregnant!
    I don't think this chair is good for people with serious back problems, ironically. Ask your doctor. But I LOVED this in my office when I was pregnant, especially those last three months. PHEW! An unusual but inspired baby shower gift for a working mom!...more info


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