Luster Leaf 1820 Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter

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Product Description

Rapitest, Moisture Meter, With Probe On Flexible Cord, Instantly Tells You When To Water Plants, & Prevents Over Underwatering Of Your Plants.

  • Informs you whenever your house plant needs to be watered
  • Includes chart to help you indicate how much water your plant needs to prevent overwatering
  • Meter provides accurate, easy to read results
  • Moisture probe is separate from meter so you can even monitor hanging plants
  • The handy flexible cord allows you to hold the meter while you insert the probe

Customer Reviews:

  • works better than my finger for sure!
    Quit guessing... and you don't even need batteries. It is no more expensive than the last 3 plants you killed by over/under watering!!!...more info
  • For the price, this soil moisture meter can not be beat
    For the price, this is the best and most practical moisture meter I've used. The detached probe makes readings easy for hanging baskets and larger plants....more info
  • Soil Moisture mete
    The Luster Leaf Moisture Meter is just what I was looking for.
    It lets me know when to water (or not water) my inside and outside
    plants. Very pleased...more info
  • Works perfectly!
    Not a whole lot to say here other than it works perfectly and does exactly what it's supposed to. Great value in my opinion. My office plants are happy and healthy because I bought this thing. No more guessing (which I wasn't great at...)...more info
  • Gives confidence
    So far so good. My plants look way better than a month ago and most importantly I regained to confidence lost after previously murdering a couple of dracaenas. Over all: well worth the investment....more info
  • No guessing and no dirty fingernails!
    This product works great! It tells me exactly when to water, so there is no more guessing and no more over- or under-watering. And now my fingernails stay clean, too!...more info
  • Very handy and low priced
    Last year I planted a tree and didn't know if I was giving it too much or too little water. This year I have this handy device to help me. The directions say it's for house plants, but it's working great for my newly planted trees. I can finally tell when they need water and can avoid over watering....more info
  • Versatile, effective, and inexpensive
    Luster Leaf Rapitest Soil Moisture Meter #1820. Effective, versatile, accurate and inexpensive water meter. Convenient flexible cord permits holding meter in hand while probe placed in soil. Can be used inside for house plants and outside for larger plants and new shrubs. Cheaper if ordered from Denny and Kathy Ace on same page with Amazon direct order. Make nice and appreciated gift to people with garden interests....more info
  • Great Service
    Product arrived promptly and in good condition;price was at least $9 below that charged by local vendors. Product is a great time saver when watering large numbers of plants. Determines level of moisture at the level of the roots in the soil....more info
  • Excellent
    It works as advertised.
    I'm very happy with this product, now I wont kill my cactus.
    Reading seem to be very accurate....more info
  • Great product
    This is a great little product for testing light and soil moisture. Comes with a list of recommendations for many houseplants. The probe on a wire takes a bit of getting used to but is a better solution than having the probes hardmounted to the meter. I was overwatering some plants according to the recommendations so have cut back...we'll see....more info
  • works ... sort of
    A full glass of water only reads half way on this. Moist soil barely reads anything on this device. Soon to join my growing pile of useless electronic junk. Look for something else....more info
  • Only half works!
    Rapitest Soil Light & Moisture MeterThe moisture part is amazing and very accurate from houseplant to houseplant, BUT the light meter part does not react at all to any stimulus. The accompanying chart is helpful to decide how much and whether or not to water. It is also interesting that the reading sometimes changes when the meter is inserted into different parts of the same pot, so that it indicates that some parts are more moist than others of the same plant, and so you can adjust your watering to insure even amounts reach all of the soil.
    ...more info
  • How not to drown your plants!
    Years and years ago, my mother gave me one of these moisture meters to save me from over watering my house plants and ruining my floors and my furniture.
    It finally died (probably after over 25 years!) so I purchased this one. What I like about this moisture meter is that it has a wand separate from the meter itself, which you can stick into the dirt. It makes it much easier to read than the temporary replacement moisture meter I purchased at my local garden supply store that has the wand extending from the bottom of the meter. I have hanging house plants and simply could not read the meter that way. So I highly recommend this one, which also comes with a guide that indicates how much to water a variety of plants. No more checking the top of the soil with my finger, thinking the plant needed water, and killing it with over-watering....more info