KETTLER Sprint Balance Bike (Princess)

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Product Description

Kettler Prinzessin Balance BikeThere's no better or safer way to get your child into cycling? The Kettler Prinzessin Balance Bike is safe and easy to ride for children from 2 to 6 years old. With a scoot of their feet, this unique training bike helps a child build the skills needed later to ride a bicycle without training wheels. Your child's confidence will grow while their sense of balance improves from the hours of riding without the pedals getting in their way! With a child's natural tendency to want to move around combined with a fun way to exercise, the Prinzessin Balance Bike helps promote a healthy lifestyle and better posture that can last through to adulthood.

A safe and fun way to learn to bike, the Kettler Sprint Princess Kids 12-Inch Bike allows your child to glide and balance without training wheels. Pedals are eliminated in this "coast" bike so that kids can focus on the fundamental balance skills required for biking, and learn to steer and brake. This exciting learning bike comes with a feminine princess theme that will delight your little girl.

The Sprint Princess Kids 12-Inch Bike is safe way to teach your child to bike without getting stuck in the training wheels rut. With a low, step-through frame even very small children can easily mount the bike. Kids can simply propel the bike by scooting their feet, gradually learning to steer and then balance as the bike moves forward. The a limited turning radius helps prevent spills by helping maintain a steady course.

The Sprint Princess Kids 12-Inch Bike has an adjustable padded seat so that the bike can grow with your child, and so that multiple children can ride the same bike. A kickstand and rear handbrake are included with the bike, and the bike features a handlebar cushion and fat tires for added stability. The Kettler Spring Princess Bike will help your child develop confidence as she scoots along and gains balance, and learns to operate a bike.

Manufacturer's Warranty
3-year residential, 1-year institutional

  • Teaches balance and coordination
  • Limited turn radius to help prevent tipping
  • 12 - Inch tubeless air tires on sealed ball bearings
  • Height adjustable, Padded saddle.
  • Low step through frame design

Customer Reviews:

  • Affordable & rugged alterative to like-a-bike
    This really is a cool, pedal-free bike. We got it for our three-and-a-half-year-old, and he really likes it. Friends of ours (with more disposable income) bought their daughter a Like-a-bike, which is about twice the price. I have yet to discover any big difference in performance. The Like-a-bike is certainly nice-looking, if a bit precious, since it is constructed primarily out of wood. The Kettler looks fine, however--more like a "real" bike, in fact, and less like a museum piece.

    The only reasons I wouldn't give the Kettler five stars are:

    1. you need to assemble it, and the instructions are not great (my husband, who is generally a handy guy, managed to get it together, but not without some swearing)

    2. the wheel covers make it hard to inflate the tires

    ...more info
  • Can't really tell yet...
    I bought this for my son at two and a half years age, and even with the seat all the way down, his feet barely make the ground and he looks intimidated. He's too young. His big brother, age seven, thought it was a hoot, and wheeled around confidently, but he's too big. Quality and construction are excellent, assembly was easy. The orange wheelcovers come off so you can get at the valve stems to put air in the tires. We also have a Kettler trike and they're terrific, too. Get the trike at age 2-3. Get this at age 3-4. Spoil them rotten....more info
  • Best Buy Ever
    We bought this bike for our bike mad son when he was 1! My hubby had to take the seat off so that he could totter around on it. By the time he was 2 he was literally racing around on it, gathering up speed and then picking his feet up and cruising along for ages. Needless to say he was cycling on a proper bike shortly before his 3rd Birthday.(He just got on the bike for the first time and cycled off) His sister is now nearly 2 and is already following ing his footsteps. Dont just think about it , buy it. And the sooner the better. Other friends have bulkier versions but the kids cant handle them like this one. And forget the versions with brakes, the kids should only go as fast as they can handle....more info
  • Kettler sprint bike.
    I think this was a cool fun idea. My little girl didn't go for it. My son would have loved it,if I had one at the time . Well made....more info
  • Worth getting
    I bought this for my almost two year old. He's not quite tall enough for it but will be soon. I read that it was supposed to make you ride a two wheeler without training wheels sooner. What happened is that my 5 year old wanted to try it. (He still was riding his bike with training wheels.) He and our neighbor's kids (4 year old twins) tried it for one whole day and then they ALL decided that they wanted their training wheels off the next day. We took them off and they have never looked back. It seemed to put the 'idea' in their head that they no longer needed the training wheels. Now they still play with it sometimes, but it usually sits in our garage waiting for my younger son. I am very glad I bought it, but I only gave it 4 stars as the seat is tricky to tighten and loosen, which is what you must do to raise and lower it. It would be great to have a quick-release instead. For the money, though, it is worth it....more info
  • Excellent starter bike
    We bought this bike for our 4-year old son, and are frankly amazed at how quickly he learned to cruise and balance himself on it. He will have no problems switching to a real bike, and probably won't need training wheels.

    The only thing I wish was a little better was the maximum height of the seat, as our son is fairly tall for his age....more info
  • Great bike!
    Love, love, love this bike. My son (now 3 1/2) is no gifted athlete and we had lots of trouble teaching him to pedal a tricycle. He got this bike the xmas after he turned 3 and he jumped on it right away and took off. He goes so fast on it now and is so confident that he only wants to ride the bike now. My German nephew (these bikes are the norm in Germany now) went straight from riding this bike to a real bike without training wheels - no problem. Great quality, fun colors, haven't found a downside yet....more info
  • awesome product
    We got this for my son's second b-day. He's of average (or a bit below) height and with the seat all the way down it was a bit too big. He was still able to walk with it and within a month or two had grown tall enough to use the seat. After 2+ months of riding, he's got the concept down and my husband has to jog to keep up. He absolutely loves it!! It's a great way to tire out an active toddler!! I highly recommend this product. I can't wait to see how much it helps him when he tries a real bike...I wouldn't be surprised if we skip the training wheels altogether. I would have given it 5 stars but my husband (who worked in a bike shop) says his only complaint is that it could be constructed better (i.e., better quality materials). ...more info
  • Makes learning to ride look like fun
    Got the Kettler Sprint three weeks ago. Our three year old son has taken to it quickly and is now coasting both feet of the ground for short distances at least. As he's got more confident he's got a little wilder on the steering but the bike geometry seems tolerant and forgiving of that. He's begun to get more daring with small slopes too and the odd tumble or two has resulted, but he's never come up other than with a broad smile on his face. Seems like a great way to learn.

    Adjustments would make sense to anyone familiar with full size bikes.

    Reasons for picking this were that it's a lot cheaper than LikeABike. Actually got a Skuut first off which was cheaper still but poorly made with half an inch side to side wobble on both wheels - sent that back without even assembling it. The Sprint is better made and looks better. Not sure how well it would work for a two year old - this is heavier (14.5lb) than a Skuut (11.2lb) or the aluminum model of LikeABike (7.5lb) which is the closest match and over twice the price. The seat is large but quite adjustable.

    Update in June'08: The boy can now go for a 4 mile ride on this. Coasts down hills feet off the ground (on safe trails at a local park). Learnt to make sharp turns naturally leaning the bike through his own instincts - how could you do that with training wheels!

    The photos on Amazon now show an updated model from what we got in March. Now has exposed spokes (easier for tire inflation) and a rear brake. Would be interested to hear how well the brake works - and whether kids get the concept - or can control it with small hands!...more info
  • best 'learn to ride' bike
    This bike gives a child the opportunity to learn balance and steering. It is so close to the ground that there are few to no falls. When the child advances to a larger bike, no training wheels are needed. My grandson loves it. He was on the bike for 10 minutes when he started to balance himself with no coaching....more info
  • Our son LOVES it!
    This bike came today. (I think the shipping took forever). Since my husband is deployed, I had to put it together by myself. I dreaded it due to the reviews. True, the directions were in a foreign language. True, what a pain in the butt to put together. Don't try to decipher the directions. Just look at the box picture and the other pictures to figure it out. It took me about 30 minutes to do with the little guy all over it. Patience!!!! You will need one screwdriver for the kickstand, but all the tools are supplied in the box. Our son is two and will be three in a few months. He jumped right on it and took off. He started out slowly, but within 10 minutes, he was running with it and lifting his legs up to coast. I think the only drwback aside from the lovely directions, would be that when he runs with it using his feet, the back of his ankles/legs end up hitting the back bars/tire area and it makes the rear of the bike "kick out"? The back of his ankles/legs are all red. He hasn't complained though! ...more info
  • This bike rocks!
    This bike has been a huge hit since the UPS man brought it a month ago. It has been ridden everywhere. There is no more walking outside with my 3 year old son begging me to carry him. He rides. He can even balance while coasting down hills. We have a farm and are constantly going from building to building and out to fields, and this bike has freed up my hands for things other then children. He gets excited to do daily chores because he can ride his bike. It was hard to assemble. The instructions were barely acceptable. We had to take it apart and reassemble it a couple of times before we figured it out. I am glad we chose this bike. The learning curve is non existant,and it is durable enough to withstand mud, rain, rocks, and little boys....more info
  • Best Ride On for 3+ year old!
    Our large 3 year old was outgrowing ride ons (too large - but he tried!) and did not pedal. We finally got him this bike and he has been whizzing around ever since. It was the best purchase. We finally got him a bike with training wheels and they confused him, so we took the training wheels off and he is riding a regular bike at 4. The balance bike is the best idea!...more info
  • Great bike!
    My four year old daughter loves this bike! The size is perfect for her, and she had an easy time adjusting to using it. She is now cruising for long stretches with her feet off the ground, and I think that she'll be ready to try pedaling a two wheeler in the near future. Easy assembly....more info
  • It works!
    This summer, we got one for my son, who was struggling to learn to ride a two-wheeler, mostly because we live in the country with no sidewalks so he didn't get to practice much. But after just one week on the balance bike, he was able to ride a two-wheeler on his first try....more info
  • The Perfect First Bicycle!
    We bought this for my son's second birthday. He was a little short and had a difficult time getting around at first, but, within a couple months he was a pro. Now, we take him on walks and can't keep up with him! He's never had a fall and is balancing like a pro. Our son is still not quite 2 1/2 years old. I'm excited to see him ride knowing that when he's ready for pedals, he won't need training wheels! We've had no real issues with the bike except that the front wheel and handlebars can become off-centered and shift. Otherwise, for the price, this is a great starter. I would have loved to buy him one of the beautiful wooden run bikes, but they're way too expensive + this one has a padded seat....more info
  • Great purchase!
    My great grandson received it for Christmas. It was delivered right on time and in good condition!
    Thanks you!
    Shy...more info
  • A super way to learn to balance and steer a two-wheeler
    I wish I'd bought this before he got a regular bike with training wheels, but we didn't know about balance bikes back then. After three months of using the balance bike, he asked me to take the training wheels off his two-wheeler bike. He jumped on and off he went.

    Here's the story: We got a regular bike with training wheels when Joe was 3 and he learned to ride it by the time he was 31/2 -- but he didn't learn to balance. He learned how to go really fast on his regular bike with training wheels but couldn't do corners fast because the bike wouldn't lean. A year later, at age 4, he loved riding his bike with training wheels, but absolutely refused to let us take the training wheels off. He would ride with us on paved paths, but he couldn't go off -road because of the training wheels.

    So we bough him this Kettler balance bike. The first day, I took him to the park, with some grassy hills, and showed him how to balance on it while riding down the hill. He loved rolling downhill while balancing. Next, we took it home and he practiced scooting around the block and down driveways.

    He practiced with his balance bike for a couple fo months. During this time, he still used his bike with training wheels on some days. After a couple of months, he asked me to take the training wheels off his two wheeled bike. It was that simple.

    I'd rate it 5 stars for durability and design. My son is very rough on toys and this looks almost like new. And the handle bars turn only 45 degrees, so it's more stable than a regular bike....more info
  • Promising bike, but lacks the envy factor
    COMMENTS AT AGE 3 1/2: My suspicion is that if my son would get on this bike and try for a few minutes, he'd love it and give it 5 stars. We gave this bike to our son at age 3 1/2. He's on the small side, and I think the height, lack of pedals and the fact it didn't look like other bikes scared him. In his mind, bikes must have pedals. I find it hard to believe that many two year old children could mount this tippy little guy.

    UPDATE at 4 1/2 (Bump rating up to FOUR stars!):
    Now that our son is 4 1/2, he finally loves it. He wheels around pridefully like a little daredevil. (Helmet recommended!)

    As a parent, I was sold on the idea that the child could learn to balance while very young, and I still believe that is achievable with this tempting product. I think what's missing is peer modeling. There are no bikes like this in our neighborhood. Naturally, whatever the other kids have my kid instantly wants. Without that, an important piece of motivation was missing. However, when he was REALLY READY, he took off on his own volition. If you want to speed up your kid's acceptance, get a daring six year old to model the bike for him. Now that my son is riding it, my 2 1/2 year old daughter is quite interested, too and has tried it with some limited success....more info
  • Wonderful Bike!!
    Our family absolutely loves this bike. We bought it for our son for Christmas. Within two days he was zooming around like a pro. He was 5 months shy of his 3rd birday!! Now our daughter who is almost two and a half is now beginning to learn. The best thing about this bike is that the kids transition from tricycle to bicycle without the use of training wheels. (our son only used the training wheels on his new bike for a week then he asked us to take them off.)I would highly recommend this bike. It's well built. Adusts to fit. I put it together,with the help of my kids, ha, ha. Helps build selfestem. And we now have great family dvd's of the kids riding a big kid bike....more info
  • good concept, overpriced for quality
    The concept is good. I think my 3 y/o will easily be able to ride a 2-wheeler thanks to it. But for over $100, I'm not impressed. The quality is so-so and the directions to put it together were the absolute worst--it comes w/ a manual of pictures and warnings in 5 different languages, but only 2 or 3 sentences on how to put the silly thing together. Very vexing. The seat ahdn handlebar adjustments aren't as sturdy as they could be, either. If Kettler is a German product, perhaps the exchange rate is the issue, because I seriously don't think this bike is worth more than $50. Get a balance bike, but if you want to save money, try another brand....more info
  • good for curiouse little boys
    My son is not even 3 years old yet but he has to get his finger into every mechanism that presents itself to him, so when his cousin got a bike the first thing he did was to check out the chain and pedals and how they work. His Greatgrandma kept getting worried he might hurt himself and greatgrandpa was telling stories about cut off fingers because of such curiousity. So when it got time to get a bike we went with a balance bike which eliminated that issue for us. My Mother-in-law keeps saying he should ride a real bike because he needs to learn how to paddle but i can assure you that they learn the paddeling quicker than the balance. Usually you have a tricycle around first anyways which they use too.

    So why did i give only 4 stars? Because when i saw reviews about kids taking off with the bike immediatly i expected mine to do so too, mine wouldn't do that. We've had it for about 1 month and he is still very slow on it but he learned how to stear and keeps his balance pretty good so I think i just have to have a little patience...more info
  • You'll be amazed at what your kids can do!
    We bought this balance bike for our 3 and a half year old son at Christmas time. We were a little disappointed that he didn't just whizz right off like some kids do on bikes with training wheels. I had to remember that balance is a much more difficult skill to learn than pedaling. Now that he is closer to 4 (and it is spring time) he really has been practicing and loving every minute. He has a strong sense of accomplishment, because he really is figuring out how to do this by himself. Falling down hasn't been a big issue because his feet are right there to catch him. We've had no major bumps, bruises or scraps yet! Flat surfaces are best for getting started, but taking them to an area that has a slight hill really gives them the hang of picking up their feet for coasting. Also, the seat height makes a big difference. If it is too low then they can't pick up their feet easily. Most parents that I run it to say if they had known about balance bikes that they would have opted for this route. ...more info
  • Works amazingly well for learning to balance; hand brake too hard for tiny hands
    Our 2 year old twins love theirs (one princess, one frog :-)). It took them a few outings to get good at gliding with their feet off the ground, and they love it.

    Installation and seat adjustment are wretched.

    The hand-brake, while certainly necessary, is too hard to operate by tiny hands....more info
  • Worth the money!
    Our 5 year old hated riding her bike with training wheels because she felt like it was too tippy and we wondered if she would ever figure it out. Then we found this one & got it for her for Christmas and she *loves* it. After 3 months she can now ride a traditional bike with NO training wheels and she was the youngest on the block to do so. It is all due to this bike. I never would have believed it since she was *petrified* of riding a bike WITH training wheels before. And when the other girls on the block took off their training wheels, there were lots of tears & they screamed for their training wheels back! And their parents had to run along side them for days trying to teach them how to balance but our daughter just took off and we didn't even have to help her.

    Now we are loaning out the Scoot so the other kids can learn to balance too! In fact I just ordered our 3 year old a bike with pedals & I'm pretty sure he can ride without the training wheels too, the way that he speeds around on the Scoot! It was well worth the purchase....more info


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